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2016: My mother passed away suddenly at the age of 92. She had always wanted to go quickly and not linger like my father did 8 years earlier. The service had been sparsely attended as she had outlived most of her friends and we didn’t have a large family. I was an only child and so was Mom. I held a reception for those who attended at a nearby restaurant. A petite, elderly woman approached me to say that she and my mother had reconnected after not seeing each other for many years and that my mother’s friendship meant a great deal to her. I thanked her and she gave me a sly grin and said, “Tom, don’t you remember me?” I looked into her large green eyes and immediately recognized her even though I hadn’t seen her in 45 years.

September 1971: I had just quit my summer job with one week left before I had to leave for my freshman year in college. I was planning to hit the beach with some friends when my mother asked me to deliver something to a friend of hers on my way. She told me that her friend, Louise Holden, was going through a bad divorce and Mom wanted to send her a little gift. Mrs. Holden and my mother belonged to the same bridge club and had become quite close even though my mother was at least a decade older. Everyone in our small Connecticut town knew that Tom Holden, son of the richest man in town, had left his wife and was somewhere in the Caribbean with his 22 year old secretary.

I heard a voice yell “come in”, as I rang the doorbell. “I’m in the kitchen.” I wandered to the back of the house and was rather startled to see Mrs. Holden wearing a loose house coat which was partially open with only a slip on underneath. She was about 5-1 with dark brown hair and the most striking green eyes I had ever seen. Mrs. Holden was nearing 40 but looked at least 7 years younger. That she had been crying was obvious and, despite it only being around noon, she had a half finished bottle of wine on the table. She smiled sadly, if such a thing is possible, and told me how thoughtful my mother was. Most of the people in her social circle had abandoned her when her husband did. They didn’t want to offend the powerful Holden family by associating with a cast-off wife. Mrs. Holden was from somewhere in the South and had met casino oyna her husband when she was an undergraduate student on scholarship and he was an MBA student at the same university.

I was immediately aware of how lovely she was, despite her somewhat disheveled appearance. She walked over to me and hugged me and said, “I must look awfully old to someone who just graduated from high school.” I assured her that she did not and that I thought she was very pretty. “Do you really think so? That is so sweet.” She shocked me by letting her house coat fall to the floor. Her black slip clung to her curves – she had a very nice ass and firm, perky breasts. My penis immediately responded to the sight of this lovely woman standing before me in her underwear. I tried to adjust my stance to hide my growing erection but she noticed it. “My, my, you must like what you see. Do you really find me sexy, Tom?” I nodded my head and my jaw almost hit the floor when she pulled the slip over her head revealing those lovely breasts which would not have looked out of place on a 20 year old.

What she did next nearly floored me. She reached out and rubbed my penis through my surfer bathing suit. “Mmmm, you are awfully big for such a young man.” I was speechless. Before I could fully process what was happening, Mrs. Holden knelt in front of me and pulled my trunks down to my ankles. She held my penis in her hand and began to lick it like an ice cream cone. I could not believe what was happening. The farthest I had gone with any girl before was to get a hand job and here was a lovely older woman enthusiastically sucking my cock. Being 18 and experiencing my first blow job, it did not take me long to feel an orgasm beginning. I warned her that I was about to cum and she just smiled and sucked harder. My cock erupted with cum and Mrs. Holden did not miss a drop.

“My God, Mrs. Holden. I never, that was incredible, I ummm,” was all I managed to say.

She chuckled a bit and said, “under the circumstances, shouldn’t you call me Louise”. She then took my hand and led me to the bedroom where she pulled my tee shirt off and slipped out of her panties. “I am going to teach you how to pleasure a woman” she said while climbing onto the bed, lying canlı casino back, opening her legs and spreading the lips of her vagina apart. She pointed to her clitoris and told me that it was where I should start licking. I followed her instructions and licked and sucked that little button for all it was worth. She taught me to fold the sides of my tongue together and wrap it around her pleasure center. Evidently I was a good student because she soon began to tremble and then screamed as her orgasm took over. I was a little startled by how loud she was.

I held her in my arms as she came down from her high. “That was so wonderful,” she said, “and it has been so long since anyone made me feel that way. Now you are going to make love to me exactly the way I tell you.” I slowly entered a hot pussy for the first tine. My cock experienced that indescribable feeling of being enveloped by a soft, wet vagina. She gently instructed me on how to move to maximize her pleasure. She told me how to hold back so I would not cum too soon. I pushed deep inside her and slowly pulled back so only the tip of my cock would still be in her vagina, then I would slam it back inside. I sucked on her lovely breasts and caressed them, running my tongue lightly over her puffy nipples. Under her tutelage, I was able to bring her to another orgasm before I shot a second huge load.

Afterwards, I held her in my arms and gently kissed her on the lips, the cheeks, the forehead, and worked my way down to her breasts and stomach. She pushed my head down and I went to work on her pussy again. At first I was a little put off by the presence my own cum but I got over that quickly enough and brought her to another orgasm.

We made love again and it was even more enjoyable than the first time. I explored every inch of her beautiful body and she returned the favor. I was learning a great deal about how to please a woman, lessons for which I would be eternally grateful.

Louise told me how wonderful it was to have a man want her since her husband had been pretty much ignored her for the past 6 months. She told me that she knew something was wrong with their marriage but kept hoping things would get better. She informed me that as soon as the divorce was kaçak casino finalized, and she was expecting a nice settlement, she would move away. Meanwhile, she knew I was leaving for college soon but she asked me how I would feel about meeting her again before I had to leave.

Louise arranged for us to meet 3 more times over the next week. She selected a motel 15 miles out of town to avoid small town gossipers. As far as I could tell, no one suspected our affair. For our final night together, I told my parents I was going camping. I camped out in a motel room with Louise. We made love 4 times that night and twice more in the morning before we had to finally part. I learned several new positions and longed to be able to keep our secret relationship going. Louise was wiser, however. She needed a mature adult not a teen ager and I needed to date girls my own age. She gently declined my invitation to visit me at college and told me we probably wouldn’t see each other again because she would be leaving town before I came home for the Thanksgiving break.

I was heartbroken but, deep down, I understood it was the best thing for both of us. I was glad to have helped her through a difficult time and thrilled to have had an advanced course in lovemaking. I learned skills which soon made me very popular with the women at college and long after. Over the years, I often thought about her and wondered how her life had turned out. I sincerely wished the best for her and I never forgot our week of passion.

2016: “Louise, I have thought about you frequently over the years and I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you again and to see you looking so good.” She told me that she married again several years after she left town and her second marriage was a great success. Unfortunately her husband had passed away 5 years ago and she ended up in the same Florida retirement community as my mother. They reconnected and rekindled a friendship that had been interrupted for 40 years. “That’s funny,” I said, “Mom never mentioned that you were here.”

Nothing could have prepared me for her response. “Oh, that is probably because she suspected what was going on between us before I left town. She asked me point blank one evening shortly after we had reconnected if I had been screwing her son.” It turns out my prim and proper mother had thought an affair with an older woman would be a great experience for me. Well, it certainly was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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