Lisette’s Education Ch. 06

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The most remarkable night of my life had arrived. The kinky education I had received from Cindy and my boyfriend Max in the last couple of days seemed like a coffee morning at the local bible reading club in comparison to what I was subjected to that night at the Ultimate Club. My initiation had begun with public humiliation at the hands of a statuesque black woman, her blonde, masked slave girl, and a string of large anal beads. When the black dominatrix had finished with me she led her slave away to sit down with the rest of the audience.

Mrs Caitlyn, who along with her husband hosted and presided over the Club’s meetings, turned to the three women standing over me as I lay, a chain secured to the collar around my neck, on the hard, cold stone floor.

“Would you ladies like to use the slut before I hand her over to the gentlemen?” she enquired, pulling me to my feel with the chain.

All three wore the masks many of the club members had on which covered their eyes, but left their mouths free. They were dressed conservatively, and all seemed to be in early middle age. One of them stepped forward and took the chain. She came close to my face. I smelt cigarettes on her breath.

“Yes,” she said, “I will use her.”

Her eyes sparkled behind the mask. There was something about her voice I recognised, but before I had time to dwell on that I was ordered to get on all fours. The woman was undressing swiftly, putting her clothes on a chair.

“On all fours, slut.”

I knelt; still wearing the white underwear, which made me stand out so much in this basement filled with people all dressed- whether in underwear or full leathers- in black.

I saw that the woman who had undressed had a lean, muscular body. Her breasts were on the small side, tipped with tiny brown nipples. As I watched she stepped into a leather harness, which allowed her to fit a frighteningly large flesh coloured dildo to her pelvis. I thought of how Cindy had fucked me with her strap-on, how hard I had come, how much had changed since then. Here I was submitting to depraved acts in front of a room full of strangers, allowing myself to be used and abused. And worst of all I was enjoying it. My pussy tingled and I could feel the wetness on my thighs.

The woman stood behind me. I could feel her eyes burning into me. With a sudden motion she grabbed the g-string I wore and ripped it from me. She stuffed the torn white fabric into my mouth.

“Shoulders on the floor; reach back and spread your ass like a good slut,” she ordered.

I obeyed and canlı bahis heard murmurs of approval from the audience.

I heard and felt her spit on my exposed anus, and then I felt the rubber of her ‘cock’ being rubbed against my dripping labia.

“So, now that your asshole has been prepared lets see how you can take a proper butt fucking.”

She brought the tip of the dildo up to my bum and slowly but firmly began pressing it into me. After the golf ball sized beads I had taken the dildo was something I thought I could accommodate without too much pain. I was grateful that my new mistress took her time though, and was able to relax myself completely as she steadily slid the length of the dildo into me.

I moaned involuntarily. It felt so exquisitely naughty and good. I spread my buttocks wider and arched my back, offering my anus up to her.

She read the signal and immediately began working her ‘cock’ in me, sliding it all the way out until the tip was just touching my anus and then driving it back in until I felt her pubic none press against the small of my back. She was crouching on her haunches so she could get the right angle, but now she pushed me forwards until I was almost flat on the floor and she was half lying along my back. She began to fuck my anus harder, pumping me relentlessly with a steady rhythm. She had her mouth pressed to my ear and I could hear her breathing get more ragged.

“Good slut…yeah…take that cock in your ass…you fucking bitch…ah yes,” she panted into my ear. She paused for an instant and fiddled with something and then suddenly the cock in my anus began to vibrate. She resumed her violation of me and almost immediately began to come, arching her back and gritting her teeth and thrashing her hips so the dildo pumped in and out of my bum like a piston.

I had thought she might stop but it seemed to energise her and the ass fucking continued. To shouts of encouragement she stepped up the pace, driving into me again and again. The vibrations on each full stroke were extremely arousing, as was the feel of the cold stone floor against my engorged pussy lips.

I noticed that Mrs Caitlyn was holding a small video camera, which had a lead attached to it. She was moving around me, getting various angles. With dozens watching me already I was past caring.

Suddenly, the dildo still buried in me, I was turned over onto my back. I marvelled at the wiry strength of this woman.

She was fucking my anus so hard now my breath was forced out of me with each thrust. She pushed my knees up onto my bahis siteleri chest and incredibly it felt like she was working her ‘cock’ deeper than ever into me. She pulled the gag out of my mouth and kissed me passionately, biting at my lips, all the while relentlessly, mercilessly fucking me. She slowed for an instant and lifted herself up, supporting herself with her toned arms. I saw over her shoulder that there was a large plasma screen on the wall behind her. The images from Mrs Caitlyn’s camera were clearly displayed there. As I looked I saw to my utter fascination a close up of the flesh coloured dildo plunging into my violated anus.

I do not know how long it went on for. It could have been half an hour but eventually she came again, harder, more explosively than before. She withdrew her cock. On the screen I saw that my anus gaped wide open. The camera panned up and I saw my own face on the screen.

“Good girl,” the woman who had just fucked me said, her body sheened with sweat.

“Clean this like the slut you are,” she said and fed the dildo into my mouth.

She gave me a gentle stroke on my face, looking into my eyes, and then moved out of my view. I thought again how I was sure I recognised that voice.

The second middle-aged woman came into my field of view. I was not sure I could take another fucking like that. I lay on my back, panting, my knees still raised onto my chest.

The second woman was heavier built, her hair streaked with grey, her mouth a cruel thin line.

“Lick me, slut, and make it good.”

She hitched up her heavy wool skirt to reveal that she was not wearing underwear. She had a hairy pussy which she simply pressed onto my mouth, grunting in satisfaction as my tongue found her clit.

I licked busily, struggling to breathe as she ground harder onto my face. Watching my prolonged butt fucking had clearly aroused her enormously because she came twice in quick succession with a rush of creamy wetness.

“Now my asshole, you dirty slut.”

I obliged, searching through the thick pubic hair with my tongue until I found her puckered anus.

I felt her bear down, opening her anus a little on my tongue. For a horrifying moment I thought she was going to shit on me, but instead she just ordered me to put my tongue right up her.

She came again, and immediately eased off my mouth.

“Now drink it you filthy fucking whore,” she rasped and let go with a stream of piss, which splashed all over my face.

The audience applauded again as I struggled to drink the piss bahis şirketleri flooding my mouth. At the same time I felt fingers on my pussy, roughly spreading my lips. Then I felt someone kneeling between my legs and the extraordinary sensation of fingers sliding into my stretched anus.

The woman who had just pissed on me stood up, smoothing her skirt down and I saw that the last woman, naked now, was between my spread legs using both hands to work on my pussy and ass.

This last tormentor had black hair, and pale skin. She was in fantastic shape for a woman of her age, and I found myself admiring her large breasts which were clearly the product of expensive plastic surgery, even as she forced a third finger into my anus.

She swivelled around, her hands still busy in my crotch, and lowered a perfectly trimmed pussy onto my tongue. I got to work, eagerly slurping at her, frantically aroused by this, even though she was cruelly stretching me.

She was moaning, her hips writhing as she let her slippery wet pussy slide around and over my mouth. She also came quickly, with a small startled little cry. She eased her clit away from my busy tongue and pushed her incredibly tight anus onto my mouth. I kissed and licked her, gently probing with the tip of my tongue and then suddenly felt her slide a fourth finger into my ass. I cried out in surprise and pain. She ignored me and to my horror I felt her force a fourth finger into my pussy. I had never felt so stretched. My breath caught in my throat. I dared not move my hips for fear I would split. Then I felt her tongue on my clit, velvety, warm, softly circling me. Through the pain I felt an orgasm rising in me. A huge, shattering wave of pleasure swept me up and made my back arch.

“Dear God almighty, fuck, yes, shit, oh yes,” I cried out and came as hard as I have ever come in my life.

Gently the fingers were withdrawn from my pussy and ass. The trimmed pussy was positioned over my mouth again, and with renewed enthusiasm I licked and slurped and kissed until the raven-haired woman came for a second time.

She recovered her breath and then disentangled herself from me, as the audience applauded.

“We will have a short intermission now, “ Mrs Caitlyn said as I looked at myself on the big plasma screen, my face wet, flushed with arousal. I got unsteadily to my feet and found that Mr Caitlyn was offering me a glass of water.

“You’re doing very well,” he said giving me a pat on my bare bottom. I still had the white half-cup bra on which felt ridiculous. I unclipped it and as I did so my eyes met Cindy’s, sitting in the audience. She gave me a big smile and blew me a kiss. I wondered what would happen after the intermission. As I gulped down the water all around me men were undressing.

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