Life of Mick Ch. 11

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Life of Mick — CH 11

Monique and Misty had gone to spend the weekend with Alyson in the big city. I worried about their safety. Sam and I had a weekend alone and we were enjoying each other often and everywhere in the house. Everything was perfect. Then everything went off the rails when the doorbell rang and it was, of all people in the world, Rita, my first wife, whom I hadn’t seen in twenty-two years. I hadn’t been keeping track and I took a moment to calculate it.

Rita had her twenty-one-year-old daughter with her and I was shocked to discover that her daughter, Mariah, worked for me in Kay’s secretarial pool. Kay had already included Mariah in one of our sexual encounters only days before. I was even more shocked to discover that Mariah was my biological daughter. Rita had come with DNA proof which shut down the angry exchanges between Sam and Rita. Sam and I were on the same page as we both surmised that Rita was here claiming that her daughter was also my daughter as a scam to extort money from me.

After scanning the DNA documents for results and authenticity, it was certain that I had unknowingly fucked my daughter in my office only days ago. This fact was not devastating. I’d been having sex with my step-daughters for months. The fact that Mariah was my real daughter didn’t seem to have a distinction. Mariah certainly wasn’t crushed by the discovery that she had fucked her father and Sam had winked at me as she welcomed her to the family.

Rita and Sam had already had sex in a sixty-nine position before things got ugly. Now that everything was settled, Rita and Sam hugged and Rita said, “Where were we?” and suddenly we were back on track again. Mariah and I stripped off our clothes and climbed up on the bed to Sam and Rita’s hugs and kisses.

It was strange kissing Rita after all this time. From the look on her face, she felt the same way. In my nervousness, I said to Rita, “What about Stephen?”

She grinned at me and said, “He doesn’t have to know. I’ll invite him next time.” My mind seized on the words, ‘next time’. I had a feeling that I didn’t know what I was getting into. Sam and Mariah ignored us and were engaged in a long passionate kiss. I knew that I still had some explaining to do but only because I hadn’t told Sam about exactly what happened the day that she had called Kay to have her come take care of my erection. Kay had added Mariah to the mix without Sam’s knowledge and also without mine until Mariah was sucking on my cock while I ate Kay’s pussy.

All that was in the past. Right now, Rita was jerking me off as we both knelt on the bed beside Sam and Mariah, who had maneuvered into a side-by-side sixty-nine. Rita came up on her knees to kiss me again as her right hand flailed up and down my fatty. She broke the embrace and whispered, “I had almost forgotten how big your cock is. I loved this cock when it was mine.” She giggled and I smiled. I had forgotten what Rita was like in bed and I was anxious to revisit that memory.

Rita’s lips pursed and she kissed me again and then lowered herself to my hardness and screwed her lips onto my glans. I groaned from the sensation. She swirled her lips around the knob and worked the ‘spot’ with her tongue before pushing her lips down my shaft. I groaned again as she moaned around my cock. She worked a short blow job before she pulled off and raised her face to mine and whispered, “I want that cock inside me. I’ve thought about this cock since I decided that you should meet your daughter.” She gave me a quick peck on the lips and then laid back to her elbows on her back and closed her legs and patted her neatly trimmed patch of red pubic hair and grinned at me.

I leaned forward so I was on my hands and knees and walked my knees along the outside of her legs until my hard-on was slapping up and down on that small patch of red hair. She dropped her right hand over my knob and moved it toward her vagina. We were staring into each other’s eyes as I gently caressed her tits. They were much larger than when we were husband and wife. Either John or Stephen had purchased them. They looked great and she responded with a long moan as I ran my fingers around the contours and rolled her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers. She was getting anxious and I wanted to tease her a little in payment for everything she put me through. She raised her hips to improve the angle. I held back and finally, she said, “Jesus Michael. Please give me that cock. I’m sorry that I hurt you.”

I jabbed my cock into her vagina and she groaned and whimpered, “Oh God. Yes. Yes. Fuck me, Mick.” I smiled as I finally got a ‘Mick’ out of her instead of the formal ‘Michael’. She had always called me ‘Mick’ ever since grade school and she called me ‘Mick’ the night she walked out. I eased my cock deeper into her pussy. She was cautious with the depth. I figured that she wasn’t certain that I wouldn’t just push my cock hard against her cervix as further canlı bahis payback. She smiled when I eased up to her depth and then we were fucking each other just like the old days.

Her eyes glazed over and she fell from her elbows and arched her back to raise her tits and her hips. She was in a constant groan as I jackhammered my cock into her. Without warning, she burst into a strong orgasm and screamed as it grabbed her body in strong spasms. Her pussy grabbed my cock in a rhythm that synced with her pulses. Her hands came up to my face and I saw that she was looking up at me. Tears had flooded her eyes and rolled down her face to her ears and neck. I bent forward and kissed the tears from each side and then gently kissed her lips. That brought up the emotions and she started sobbing uncontrollably. That brought the attention of Sam and Mariah.

Mariah pulled her face from Sam’s thighs and rolled over to her mother. Rita saw her coming and turned to accept a kiss. Rita lifted an arm around her daughter and hugged her and kissed her again. I sat back with my raging erection still engaged in Rita’s pussy. It was still clenching. I just held my position and looked down at mother and daughter, former wife and unknown daughter. Rita said to Mariah, “Your father was always a great fuck.”

Mariah giggled and said, “I know.” They both laughed. I chuckled as Sam came up on her knees behind me and looked down over my shoulders and said, “And now he’s my great fuck.” We all burst out laughing.

Sam wasted no time as she pulled me back dragging my cock from Rita’s pussy. The moment my back fell to the bed, Sam threw her leg across me like she was pulling herself up into a saddle and sat down on top of my hard gooey cock trapping it to my stomach. She dangled her boobs over me and I gently caressed them. She rolled her hips forward and back dragging her sex along the underside of my cock. She groaned hard as my fat knob dragged across her clitoris. I looked up at her beautiful face that had morphed into a look of pure lust. I lifted my head to see what Rita and Mariah were doing. They were just watching Sam and me but they were caressing each other tits. I smiled and thought, ‘They will fit right in with the rest of us.’

Sam squirmed her sex around on my hard cock until she got what she was looking for. A huge orgasm before she even put it in her. Mariah and Rita were aroused further by Sam’s orgasm and they were finger-fucking each other. When Sam could control her body, she lifted herself as high as she could and screeched as she dropped herself down my cock to her depth. Mariah and Rita were watching my cock getting vigorously fucked by Sam’s arched-back thrusts and slow retreats.

Mariah had had enough and she pulled her fingers from her mother’s pussy and crawled around and straddled my face and my tongue found her wetness as she gasped and moaned. Rita wasn’t going to be left out and she stood up on the bed and straddled my chest and pulled Sam’s face to her pussy. It took a few moments for Sam to get in a rhythm that satisfied Rita and herself. She wasn’t done with me yet. She knew she could have several orgasms before I had one. Sam grabbed Rita’s ass-cheeks and pulled her to her lips. Rita groaned hard as Sam worked her tongue through her sex.

Mariah was humping my face as she leaned forward and grabbed the footboard of the bed and twerked her hips on my face. Her pubic mound was grinding hard on my nose and I tilted my head back to escape her vigorous motion. Mariah blew into an orgasm first and her entire body shuddered as it coursed through her. I couldn’t see what contortions her face was going through but I could imagine. She fell to the side and curled up in a fetal position, still shuddering.

I added motion to fucking Sam. She was losing her rhythm as she worked her tongue in Rita’s pussy. Sam groaned hard when I started thrusting my hips up at her. A tremor ran through her and I knew she was very close. I reached up and fondled Sam’s tits. Sam’s body gave a sudden lurch forward and her orgasm took control of her after that. She was desperate to get an orgasm from Rita but even her tongue was being spastically controlled by her climax. She clenched on my cock as I continued to fuck her. My climax was clawing its way to the top of the building tsunami. I gritted my teeth to pull it to the crest and when it did, I let out a loud groan, “UUUNNNGGG. OH GAAAWWWDDDD,” as I fired my hips upward. I didn’t collide with her cervix. I’ve learned that a woman’s vagina lengthens during sex as she gets more aroused. Sam was definitely aroused as she sat down hard on it and screamed into another orgasm. Her spastic motion pulled her off my cock and her face away from Rita’s pussy. She was frantic to get me back inside her but she fell off my hips to the bed.

Rita was still straddling my waist as cum rocketed up toward her. She saw the pearly white trail of jizz coming at her and she leaned down trying to catch it bahis siteleri in her mouth. She captured some but most of it splattered across her face and tits. She was better prepared for the next shot. Then she turned around to face me and dropped to her knees and quickly maneuvered herself in a cowgirl position onto the tip of my cock and pushed down with a groan. She got covered in cum in the process.

Rita grinned down at my face as I heaved up my hips to drive my spewing cock into her sex. She leaned forward to put her hands on my shoulders. She dragged her fake tits across my chest as she started thrusting her hips forward and back. She groaned out, “Oh fuck, Michael. I’ve missed this cock. John and Stephen together never matched this co …” Her statement was cut short as she burst into the orgasm that Sam had been trying to pull out of her. I looked up and her mouth hung open in a silent scream. Her eyes were open and wild with lust. She slammed her sex on my cock as I was finishing my orgasm. Hers went on for nearly a minute. Mariah mouthed the word, “Wow!” to Sam who smiled and looked down at my face. Her smile turned into a grin.

Rita was gasping so hard and fast that I thought she might hyperventilate as she slumped forward over me. I eased her down into my arms and held her there. As she started to recover, she started sobbing uncontrollably. I pulled her closer, but that didn’t help. My cock was deflating in her vagina. I kissed her right ear. That didn’t help either.

It took Mariah to come over to console her mother before the sobs stopped. Sam pulled my softening cock from Rita’s sex and pushed her lips over the tip and then down to my balls. Her tongue was swirling around the shaft cleaning Rita’s juices from it. She released it and it flopped down over my balls. She came around to the opposite side from Mariah and cuddled up in the foursome. I turned my head and kissed Sam’s offered lips. Mariah pulled herself in to get a kiss too.

We laid like that for ten minutes before Rita pulled herself up off my chest and said, “Come on Mariah. We should go. This is the last thing I thought would happen tonight.” She looked down at Sam’s face on my right shoulder and sent an air-kiss. Sam sent one back. Rita giggled and playfully said, “It was Samantha’s fault. If she hadn’t leaned over in the car and kissed me… Well … I would have kissed her.”

Sam laughed and said, “I guess things were getting steamy. I couldn’t help myself.”

Rita laughed and said, “Me neither.” Rita moved her face across my chest and she and Sam kissed passionately. I was going to need some explanation from Sam when we were alone.

Mariah leaned forward and kissed me and then continued forward to join her mother and Sam in a steamy embrace. Her tits were in my face and I couldn’t resist dragging my tongue across her closest nipple. Mariah moaned and held her position to indulge me. She looked at Rita, who was watching me suckle on her daughter’s, our daughter’s tit. Mariah said, “Mom, we can’t go yet. I haven’t had my turn.” She put a pout on her lips and Rita laughed.

Rita said to Mariah, “I think you are getting a little old to pull out that pouting look to get what you want. Don’t you?” Mariah grinned and nodded. Her pout disappeared. “Can we stay the night?”

Rita looked at Sam and me and said, “That’s not for me to decide.” It wasn’t for me to decide either. I turned and everyone was looking at Sam. She looked from my face to Rita’s to Mariah’s and then burst out laughing at the goofy looks of hope on everyone’s faces.

She said, “We’ve had four people in this bed before. Why not?” Mariah’s and Rita’s faces turned from hopeful expressions to grins as mother and daughter kissed passionately. I watched their kiss and turned back to Sam. She was watching too and she whispered, “They’re going to fit right in.” I chuckled and kissed her just as passionately as Mariah and Rita were.

Four people in the shower were a tight fit but we did it. Everyone’s passion was right on the surface but there was time. I was a little surprised that, with three beautiful and naked women surrounding me that my cock wasn’t pointing at the ceiling. It wasn’t. It was still pointing at the floor. It looked like I was going to need the time.

I crawled in under the covers and scooted toward the middle. Sam slid in next to me and took control of my limp dick. Rita and Mariah went around to the other side of the bed and then argued over who was going to slide in first. Mariah won but I could tell that Rita was not happy about it. She slid in last. Sam reached back and turned off the table lamp and there was total darkness as Mariah tried to wrestle Sam for control of my cock. They settled for sharing, with Mariah holding the bottom half and Sam gripping the top half and glans. My cock didn’t respond but I could feel that familiar tingle in my groin. I doubted that we would make it to daylight before we were at it again.

It wasn’t bahis şirketleri long before Rita drifted off into deep sleep. Her soft purring noises took me back twenty-plus years. Sam was doing her ‘poofing’ sounds, which she only does when she’s in REM sleep. Her hand had relinquished total control of my cock to Mariah who took advantage and randomly squeezed my cock in hopes of an erection.

I drifted off too. I was in the middle of a horny dream. I had a huge hard-on in the dream and Monique, Misty, and Mariah were fighting over it. Sam was there with a stopwatch. To settle the fight, each of my girls would get twenty seconds with my cock, as timed by Sam. They had already played Roshambo to determine who was first and second. Sam clicked the stopwatch and Monique grabbed my cock and stuffed my cock to her mouth like she was in one of those fourth of July hot-dog eating contests. She struggled with the size but finally succeeded. She furiously bobbed her head up and down my cock until Sam clicked the stopwatch and said, “Stop”. Monique reluctantly pulled her lips off my cock and sat back. Sam said, “Mariah. You’re next. Go.”

Mariah immediately straddled my thighs and then pulled herself over my hips as high as she could and guided my cock to her pussy. She was on the clock and she wasted no time. She plunged herself down my shaft and yelped when she hit bottom. She pulled herself back and then furiously began fucking me in a cowgirl position. The dream felt so real. My cock was so hard. Mariah pulled herself up my shaft and started fucking my knob. My hands went to her breasts and she held them there.

I started to come awake and I wasn’t sure if I was still in the dream. The details were so vivid. I opened my eyes to the dark room with illumination from the stars and underwater pool lights. Mariah was squatting over my hips with her pussy gripping my knob. She started bobbing up and down on it, just like in my dream. What I thought was a dream had melded with reality. I reached for her tits which were a bit more than a fistful. She placed her hands over mine and guided them where she wanted them. I knew she would tire quickly using her thighs to drive herself up and down on my knob. She let herself go and gravity pushed her down my shaft. She groaned as quietly as she could. She repositioned her feet behind her and dropped to her knees and started thrusting herself on and off my cock. I let out a soft groan in reaction and pushed my hips up. She leaned forward and put her hands on my chest. She arched her back and her hips jackhammered her pussy on my cock. Nothing else moved except her hips. She quietly muttered, “Oh my ggawwdd, Mick … Dad … Daddy?”

Hearing her say “Dad” and “Daddy” sounded so wrong coming from her. It seemed like she was just trying them out to see how she felt about using them. I hoped that she settled on just ‘Mick’. I put the whole topic aside as her hips vibrated the whole bed, which woke Sam and Rita. Nothing was said but both of them leaned over and kissed me and then watched Mariah’s furious fucking motion. She was gasping for air now that she knew everyone was awake.

Sam looked at Rita up on her elbow and said, “You go next, and then I’ll finish him off. Okay?

Rita’s nod was barely visible in the dark. Then Rita chuckled and said, “The years have improved the stamina. I remember coming home from the Prom and he ejaculated the moment that I touched his cock.” It was true but I didn’t appreciate her running commentary on my life.

Mariah was delirious as she fucked me at a pace, I wasn’t sure I could keep up with. I just let her go and fondled her tits. She suddenly slowed and seemed to luxuriate in the sensation of my big cock sliding in and out of her. Then she stopped and her body began to tremble and she started again. Moments later, she groaned hard, “Oh fuck, Mom. I’m gonna cum. How could you ever leave this cock behind?” Her hips lurched and she lost her rhythm as her orgasm crushed her. Her entire body was spasming on my cock and I took over and established my own rhythm as she throbbed. This continued for thirty seconds or so before she pulled herself up and off my cock and rolled onto her mother’s body, who had moved closer to me when she woke up. Mariah came to rest in Rita’s original spot.

Rita grabbed my gooey hard cock and used it as the horn of a saddle to pull herself onto my upper thighs. She moved forward to drag her sex along my shaft. She groaned as her clitoris dragged across my knob. Sam sat up and leaned forward to suck on Rita’s big tits. Rita circled Sam’s head with her arm to hold her there while she continued to dry hump on my cock.

Rita lifted her hips above my cock and then rolled her hips forward and pushed herself down my shaft. We both groaned as her mouth dropped open. She found her depth. It was deeper than before. She rocked her body back and forth at a slow speed like she was savoring every second. The room was suddenly bathed in light as Mariah turned on the bedside lamp on her side. Rita was oblivious. Her eyes were closed and her mouth open as she continued to grind her sex on my cock. My orgasm grew and I pushed it back as best I could.

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