Libertine Adventures Ch. 01

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It has been a while since I have posted anything and this story has been in the back of my mind for a while so here it is.

All people are over the age of 18.

Please vote at the end, using the stars. Any comments are welcome as well. Thanks and enjoy.


Arkansas, Donna

It was Labor Day weekend of 1980, and I was back at Dad’s hometown in Arkansas. It was a sweltering weekend, highs in the 90’s medium to high humidity, just hot enough to make your shirt darken and stick to your skin.

To be clear, there isn’t shit to do in Newport Arkansas. Maybe go fishing, maybe mudding if your truck survived the previous weekend. One of my uncle’s, Uncle Ash, promised that there indeed were things to do, but Friday afternoon held not much to hold one’s interest for long.

I had been at Grandma and Grandpa’s house repairing and painting the porch for them while they were at work and Dad was off seeing some friends. After finishing, I showered and headed off to my favorite cousin’s house. She was two weeks older than me and we went through most of the milestones of little kids together. You know, like first steps, first word and such. Because of all that she was my closest friend; and, truth be told the first girl I fell in love with.

It was a four mile hike to Terry’s place from Grandpa’s and less than a half mile from the house I pulled my tee shirt off and walked along Highway 14 West toward Amagon where Terry lived. Sweat was streaming down my back, arms and legs. Long before I arrived my blond hair darkened with moisture and I regretted not wearing a hat, or at least sunglasses..

When I arrived, Terry’s pinto wasn’t there but her best friend’s S-10 was. Part of me was a little pissed, Terry had promised that we would spend the afternoon together. Pushing that aside, I wondered briefly what Donna was up to lately, having graduated in May. She was a year older than Terry and I, but had no specific plans that I knew of. They had been best friend’s since kindergarten, much like their mothers.

I let myself into the small house and grabbed a Dr Pepper, draining it in one long drink. The house was quiet. Tossing my tee shirt, now a wrinkled mess, onto the back of a chair, I turned to the fridge, or ice box as grandma called it.

Grabbing another Dr Pepper, I went out the back door to see if Donna was outside. Clearing the house I saw a raven haired woman laying face down, tight firm ass pointed up. Her legs were parted giving me a view of her vagina tightly clad by the bright red bikini bottom. My eyes traveled up and down her legs then I saw the tell tale scar that was uniquely Donna’s.

She had gotten it when she, Terry, and I were swimming in the Cache River a couple years ago. The three of us had been goofing around with each other and showing off with stunts coming off the river bank and trees. Donna had jumped off a thick branch that overhung the river and landed in a loose ball of barbed wire that tangled up around her left leg.

She was flailing in the water and screaming in pain and panic which caused me to jump in after her. I pulled her to the river bank and slowly peeled the barbed wire off her leg, layer by layer while Terry went to get Donna’s truck.

After we got her to the hospital mom picked me up and we went home and hadn’t seen Donna since. Every time I talked to Terry since then if Donna was around she called me “Hero”, despite, or maybe because of, my objections.

During my reminiscing my eyes focused on her pear shaped ass and unbeknownst to me I reacted and my cock started to get hard. A voice much deeper and rougher than I remembered said, “Hey Donna.”

She pushed herself up and spun around, screeching, “HERO.”. She launched herself into the air and slammed into me, wrapping her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck as I staggered back a step or two. It was a moment before I realized I could see her red bikini top on the lounger and that her bare, perky tits were smashed against me. Right after that I felt my cock pinned between her pussy and my canlı bahis hips.

I dropped my Dr Pepper onto the grass next to the patio as I wrapped my arms around her to hold her up. A low moan escaped my throat; her skin was warm, inordinately so I thought and her nipples were drilling a set of holes into my chest. It was the first time I had skin to skin contact with a girl, and it so happened to be my second favorite girl in the world.

Amusement and something I didn’t recognize flashed in Donna’s eyes as she asked, “Why Hero, do you like what you see out here?’

Before I could give as eloquent a grunt as I could, Donna ran her hand down my back and then up my arm. “When did you get all muscular?”

That was a safe answer, “Football the last couple years. My school has a great gym.”. Truth of the matter is that I had been playing football for almost ten years by that point. I was an odd size, too slow to play wide receiver, too small to play right end, and not quick enough to play running back. All of which led me to play safety and special teams. Special teams I loved. Receiving punts and kickoffs was a thrill for me and my size didn’t matter as much.

She gave my triceps a squeeze and playfully said, “Well a muscular hero is an amazing hero.”

“Donna, I really don’t like that nickname.”

She lowered herself to the ground where she stood against me. Her nipples furrowing molten lines in my chest as she descended. Turning her head up she pulled my face down to hers by the back of my neck. Her eyes no longer laughing were filled with a seriousness I had never seen in her before. “Dave, you saved my life. You are my hero.”

She stretched up on her tippy toes and kissed me gently, “And I can never thank you enough for that.”. I cannot adequately describe the feeling as her lips pressed against mine. The erection I had been trying to fight off blossomed into a raging hard on.

I don’t know what came over me. Instinct? Desire? Whatever it was I grabbed her by the ass and neck and pulled her hard against me as I returned the kiss feverishly, and frankly ineptly. Honestly, she was a much better kisser than I and her skill probably saved that from being the worst kiss in Arkansas history. After a moment Donna broke the kiss and whispered, “Let’s go inside.”

I nodded numbly and followed Donna into the house, my eyes fixated on her cute ass and the gentle way it swayed with each step. We passed through the small kitchen to the first bedroom, which was Terry’s. “She is going to be mad if we are in here, isn’t she?’ I asked.

Donna snuggled up against me trailing a finger along my abs and whispered, “No. For two years I have wanted to do this with you, and she knows it.”

Pulling me along, Donna backed up toward Terry’s bed, a twin covered in pink and purple sheets and pillows, my eyes now glued onto her pear sized breasts. As we arrived at the bed Donna spun us around and pushed me gently onto the small bed, then knelt between my legs.

My mouth went dry and I am sure my eyes were as big as saucers when her hands pressed my knees apart. She looked up into my eyes and breathed out, “My Hero, allow me to make you a man.”

I sat there my mind frozen, mouth unable to form any sort of words. Her face was ernest a half smile hanging beautifully. Her tits rose and fell with each breath, her nipples small and erect almost begging me to do something, anything, with them, if I only knew what.

Donna leaned in and kissed the inside of my left knee and a fire of pleasure roared from my knee to my testicles. I flopped back against the wall with a low rumbling, “Fuuckk yessss,” escaping me.

I felt her hands at the waistband of my shorts and Donna ordered, “Lift.”

As my hips thrust up, Donna began tugging the shorts and underwear down. As my cock sprang free, Donna hissed, “Damn, that’s big.”

Off to my left I heard, “No, that’s a fucking king cobra.” My head snapped to the left and there standing in all of her perfection was Terry.

Terry was 5’2″ and all of 100 pounds, red hair and bahis siteleri green eyes. Her eyes were locked into my cock as she stepped forward and slowly closed the door behind her.

“Terry,” I began. She cut me off saying, “You will let Donna do whatever she wants. She has been waiting for this for two years and you are going to give that long thick fucking snake to her, or I am going to tell Grandma you showed me your dick.”

I gulped loudly, the thought of Grandma finding out about this terrified me on a primal level. Nodding my head I heard myself say, “Okay.”

Donna chose that moment to say, “Terry, sit next to him on the bed.”

Terry nodded slowly, almost thoughtfully, and then she was thrust from my mind as Donna wrapped her fingers around my cock and slowly stroked it up and down. My whole body stiffened and I sucked in a deep breath. Her hand felt like heaven. Soft and firm at the same time and my legs started to shake.

The bed moved and Terry settled next to me. My perfect cousin, the woman I loved, but shouldn’t was sitting next to me, thigh to thigh, as her best friend slowly stroked my length. The new source of heat, Terry, almost overwhelmed me.

Donna leaned forward and kissed the top of my cock, just below the piss slit on the bottom and the world turned dark for a moment. I struggled with my control trying not to spray so soon. Thank all that is holy under the sun, but Donna let go of my dick and sat back a moment, as I huffed and puffed trying to gain control of myself.

After a few minutes I had calmed down, no longer on the edge of an orgasm. I looked first at Terry then at Donna, then nodded.

Terry laid her hand on my thigh, so high that if she extended her pinky she would lift my nut sack. I trembled at her soft touch, and began to quiver as Donna kissed up my other thigh with slow wet kisses and licks.

Donna grabbed my dick and pulled it down toward her mouth and she sucked the head into her mouth. My hips fired up in desire or surprise and Terry squeezed my thigh while whispering, “Relax, she is really good at this.”

Though it would be hours before I wondered how Terry knew, the very next moment proved my cousin right.

Donna swirled the tip of her tongue around the head of my cock and she double fisted the shaft, one hand going up, the other going down, then reversed to meet in the middle. My entire body pulsed and vibrated in the pleasure of a sensation I did not know exosted. Donna twisted her hands and sucked mightily, and unexpectedly I lost control.

My vision dimmed then went black as my balls erupted. I would love to say I filled her mouth to overflowing but I don’t know. My mind shut down and I think I blacked out by the third spurt.

When I woke up, I was lengthwise on the bed, Donna between my legs stroking my cock back into hardness. I was sitting up leaning against Terry, her D cups on each side of my head.


Her tanned legs were splayed out on either side of me, and heaven help me, despite the fact that Donna was stroking my cock and now licking the head, all I wanted was to roll over and have my first fuck be with Terry.

I was still processing the situation and Donna smiled, “I think those tits of yours has his attention.”

Terry wrapped her arms around me and kissed the top of my head, “Then make him focus on you.”

A Cheshire like grin split her face as Donna released my cock and slinked her way up my body. Our mouths met in a less fevered kiss than the first and as she gripped my cock, Donna lowered herself into me.

I don’t know what I had imagined what sex would be like but this certainly wasn’t it. As the tip of my cock split her opening I felt juices flowing down my shaft and listened to Donna moan, “Fffffffuuuuuuuucccckkk.”

Down a little then back up, Donna worked her way down my cock. It felt like either I would split her in two or she would crush my cock like it was carbon into a diamond. I lolled my head back into Terry’s shoulder panting. Terry kissed my forehead wetly and whispered, bahis şirketleri “Donna, focus on Donna.”

I looked up into Terry’s eyes and nodded.

My hands made their way up to Donna’s pear sized tits and my hands engulfed them, squeezing as if I were checking their ripeness. The sensation of her tits in my hand, her tight pussy slowly working up and down my length and Terry’s bare torso presses against my back was incredible and may I die a horrible death before I forget how it felt.

Both women sucked in air as I mauled Donna’s small tits while she rode me slowly. After a minute Terry said, “Not so hard all the time. At least not at first.”. I glanced up at her quizzically and she said, “Let me show you. Relax your hands.”

For the next couple minutes Terry painted a masterpiece on Donna’s tits using my hands as her brush. Once I got the hang of what she was trying to show me, I took over. Caressing, stroking, pinching, kneading and yes mauling Donna’s perkiness.

Donna began panting and moaning my cock slid in and out of her more easily. She was still tight as hell, but at least now it no longer hurt. She muttered, “Take me Hero. Fuck me.”

I wasn’t sure exactly what she meant until Terry gave me a small shove, and with her still wrapped around me I maneuvered us into a position where I could press her down on the mattress.

Her head wound up pressed against Terry’s clothed pussy, my legs dangled off the end of the bed. I pulled my hips back and slid back forward filling Donna up. She grunted, and sounded frustrated. “What?” I asked.

“Harder,” was all Donna said.

Terry expounded on that saying, “She wants you to fuck her as hard as you can. If it hurts she will let you know but it probably won’t hurt for long.”

As much as I wanted to ask if she was sure, I didn’t. I began thrusting back and forth with increasing speed then power. I was thrusting so hard Terry’s D (DD?) tits began swaying and flopping around. I was mesmerized by the sight. The glorious sight of her tits reacting to my every thrust was heady, intoxicating. It also kept me from losing my shit too quickly. Part of me appreciated Donna for what she was giving me, but a larger part wanted to throw her aside for Terry.

I leaned forward and kissed Donna, my tongue thrusting into her mouth in time of my hips. I could feel Terry’s tight stomach with the top of my head as I kissed Donna.

I raised up a little and tried to kiss or bite or any action that would let my mouth latch onto Terry’s tits but she fended me off and the closest I got was one lick, which was almost enough to make me explode.

I raised up more and somehow one hand was on Donna’s throat while the other clasped Terry’s thigh. Donna began wailing and I felt her juices begin to flow out of her vagina coating my lower abdomen, thighs and cock.

I began fucking even harder, unaware that I could, and not completely sure in my mind who. After another minute she screamed, tensed up, then turned to jelly beneath me. Her hands were against my chest and she weakly muttered, “No more, enough.”

I groaned in frustration as my balls were screaming for relief. I was so close to cumming I could feel the pressure in my shaft. I looked at Donna and she was clearly out of commission for a while. I groaned and pulled out of her, a loud pop filling the room.

I sat on the side of the bed and heard whispering between the two women. The next thing I knew, Terry was clambering out of the bed and walking in front of me.

I looked at her, hopefully, and asked, “What?”

She knelt between my legs, taking my cock in her hand she said, “Someone has to milk this cobra, and if she can’t or won’t that leaves me.”

Despite all of the hopes, dreams and fantasies, I never held any real hope that Terry and I would ever be able to make love.

She cupped my balls with her left hand, her middle finger pressed against my asshole. Leaning forward she kissed my cock and stroked it while pressing her finger against my ass.

I lost it.

My cock exploded, spraying her face, coating it in my white ‘venom’. She kept stroking me, milking my cock of it’s cum pointing it at her perfect tits. I sat utterly transfixed, unable to look at anything but my cum on her deeply tanned skin.

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