Kelly after the Christmas Party

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My stories are based in reality and on real experiences. So let me start by describing my wife, Kelly. At 5’8″, she has a very attractive build with great 36C breasts and curves in all of the right places. Her figure is very womanly and attractive, and although she won’t be modeling on a runway anytime soon, she looks great in sexy attire. She has medium length dark hair, sometimes tinted auburn or red, and very sexy, full lips. I’m not going to say she’s a Penthouse Pet, but Kelly is a very good-looking woman and gets compliments from all my friends.

One winter evening a few years ago, Kelly and I were attending my work Christmas party. My boss had rented out part of a bar where we could hang out with some live music and have dinner and

beers. It was an okay time, but not really all that exciting. Still, we were enjoying ourselves nonetheless. I think a fair amount of drinking might be partially responsible for that. And as those who’ve read my other stories know, alcohol gets Kelly to act in ways she might not otherwise act.

That was very true this night as my girlfriend (we didn’t get married until about a year later) leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Let’s go back to your place. I’m bored and I think we can have more fun alone.” She took my hand and ran it along her thigh letting me feel the fishnet nylons she was wearing under her skirt.

Being no fool, I quickly made my goodbyes and headed outside. Unfortunately we had driven separately because back then I lived on the other side of the city from her. But, we were on my side of town and my apartment was only about ten minutes away – normally. Kelly was probably too drunk to drive, but I didn’t realize that until she shot by me going about 50 in a 30 with the stereo so loud I could hear it through rolled up windows. I got a little nervous, and I sure wasn’t going to buca escort bayan go that fast. At any rate, we made it back to my place just fine; she beat me by a couple of minutes, of course. She already had a key to the apartment by that point, so she was inside waiting for me with fresh drinks. And she was smoking.

At this point in our relationship we’d been together around 3 months. It had taken me a while to get comfortable telling her that I thought it was sexy seeing a hot woman smoking, but I had done so several weeks earlier. Actually it kind of came out a little unintentionally; not a real smoker, Kelly was living with a girl Sarah who was. Sarah was Kelly’s party friend and all around bad influence, and Kelly had gotten in the habit of occasional cigarettes with and sometimes without Sarah. So I’d seen her smoking before, and I think she started to notice the extra attention she got when she was doing so. She had somewhat obviously asked me to buy her cigarettes one night when we were on a fancy date and make a point of smoking several times that evening.

Another night I’m fairly sure she was testing me when she randomly came downstairs at her house with a freshly lit cigarette of Sarah’s and gave me a big french kiss. Somewhere around there, I confessed. However, up to this point in our relationship she had never used it in a sexual way before.

Kelly came up to me as I opened my door and handed me a beer. Then she put her arms around my neck and gave me a teasing, open mouthed kiss. “You like kissing me when I’m smoking,” she teased, turning away. She sort of backed into me and started grinding her ass gently against my crotch and running her hands up and down my legs and across her own clothed breasts. The whole time, she was whispering sexy things to me and smoking. I can’t remember exactly escort buca what she was saying, but I was getting awfully turned on as she worked on me. Then she did something that I think is so sexy, even though it’s very simple. Still standing in front of me, facing away, she turned her face to the right so she was half looking back at me. She reached behind her head with one arm, hooking it around the back of my head, and pulled me in for a smoldering french kiss that lasted close to 60 seconds. Something about that position was so erotic it left me stunned!

She led me over to my couch and pushed me down onto it. Then, without bothering to turn on any music, she started doing a sort of sensual strip tease. She was really just moving her hips a little and running her hands across her own body, but it was very sexy to watch her slowly unzip her mid-thigh length skirt from the back and drop it to the floor, revealing those beautiful fishnet clad legs. She was wearing lacy panties that I could make out under them and spent the next couple minutes rubbing herself through them until I could see her fingers moistening with her own wetness that had seeped through the fabric. Next she slowly took off the tight black DKNY T-shirt she was wearing, to reveal a black lace bra that matched her underwear.

She rubbed and squeezed her breasts through the bra for a minute, and I could see her nipples hardening and pressing against the sheer fabric. She pulled amd twisted them lightly to make them even harder, then turned her attention to me. I was still wearing my jeans and a tight shirt from the party, and she quickly yanked the shirt over my head and pulled down my jeans. Then, standing in front of me while I sat on the couch, she started aggressively stroking my cock while rubbing her clit with her hand under her panties.

If buca escort I hadn’t been quite hard already, I sure got there quickly. Kelly swiftly pulled off her nylons and panties and sat in my lap. I could feel her moist cunt pressing against my cock. She reached down and rubbed me across her slit several times to lubricate me, then guided me into her tight smooth tunnel. I tried to reach up and cup her bra covered tits, but she stopped me and told me to let her be in charge. Then she kissed me again, hungrily. I was loving the feeling of her smoky tongue in my mouth while her slick pussy slid up and down my shaft when she stopped suddenly and pulled off.

I was about to ask what was wrong when she knelt in front of me and began licking and sucking my cock. She made an obvious point of tongue bathing my entire shaft to lick off her own vaginal secretions. I was so turned on by her lewdness – and looking back, I know she must have been downright wasted, because in the years since she usually doesn’t like going down on me after I’ve been inside her. This night though she went after it with abandon. She climbed back on and shoved my rod back up her cunt and started fucking me again. This time when she kissed me though, I could taste her cunt flavor on her lips and smell the aroma of her pussy on her face. She asked if I liked tasting pussy on her mouth and I moaned my “yes”.

She did this several more times, once even shoving three fingers into herself and licking her juices off a few times and then kissing me with the musk still fresh on her tongue. I’ve never before or since had a woman do this and it was fabulous. Eventually I could no longer stand it and Kelly started jacking me off until I came all over her bra and tits (she never did take it off during all this). Of course, even by this early point in our relationship she’d become accustomed to my cunt-licking skill, so she had me finish her off orally, while she lay on my carpet in front of me. She was so hot herself that it only took me about 3 minutes of intense clitoral licking before she was bucking her hips and gasping. And thus ended a wonderful evening…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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