Katie Takes Her Test

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Katie was up early on a warm April morning. The sun was shining and she felt good about herself. She had turned 19 a week earlier and today was her big day – her driving test. She had taken 10 lessons and had picked it up well and was feeling confident, she just hoped she would get a good examiner. Her friend Nathalie had had a really miserable bloke who had failed her on the teensiest thing. She didn’t want that to happen, she wanted to give it her best shot and pass first time. She so wanted to pass – she could go and visit her friends whenever she wanted without having to ask her Mum – it would be so cool. It would open up so many new horizons.

Two miles away Stephen was preparing for his first test of the day. He was now spending less time on his private tuition and had been pursuing another career as a driving instructor for nearly six months. It was a rewarding and at times demanding job and he had taken a special driving course to become an examiner. He was doing it part time and that meant he had time to look after some of his maths students in the afternoon and at weekends. With his new job he met different people of all ages, men and women. He always liked it when they were young ladies and often fanaticised about his ‘naughty driving instructor’ scenario with one of them but had never dared or had the nerve to carry it out – it was just too risky. Despite his active and adventurous sex life, seducing a driving candidate seemed implausible and dodgy – he could lose his job, at the very least. “Maybe one day”, he thought as he set off that morning for the driving centre.

Katie, fresh out of the shower, dressed quickly; had a small breakfast and took the short bus ride to the centre. She looked good today and she knew it. Her light purple blouse was tied at the waist. She wore black tights and a short denim skirt and black ankle-length boots. When she arrived at the centre the receptionist showed her to a waiting room where a couple of nervous looking young men were waiting. She wasn’t nervous, she would pass come what may. She just hoped there would be no stupid tractors pulling out in front of her if they went along the ‘country route’ as she called it, like on her first lesson. “No they wouldn’t go that way on a test”, she reassured herself.

She had only been in the waiting room for five minutes when Stephen entered with his clip board.

“Katie Holmes?” He looked at the girl who he assumed must be the one and she stood up and smiled. Stephen looked at her breasts a little too obviously and then down at her legs. Katie glanced down nervously and coughed.

“Hmm, very, very nice” Stephen thought to himself as he handed her they keys to the car.

‘Hi Miss Holmes, I’m Mr Andrews, we just need to go into this room and do a short theory test and we can hit the road.’

‘OK cool’, said Katie.

Stephen sat the girl down at a small desk and he went through a few points on the highway code – stopping distances and the like. She had clearly done her homework and appeared to know all the road signs and markings inerrantly. Stephen was impressed.

‘Great that’s OK then, just come outside and read this number plate for me please.’

Stephen pointed to a grey Ford Orion.

‘1 – 8 P – U – 5 – S – Y’

‘Excellent’, said Stephen, ‘We can go.’

The two got in to the car, and Katie started it up. When they were in Stephen noticed her perfume. It was a lovely Estee Lauder and suited her perfectly. Stephen would have all on, concentrating on his izmir escort bayan job today as her already short skirt was now even shorter in her sitting position and the perfume just made things worse.

‘OK, when you’re ready go down Ayr road and take a left at the end.’

Katie, remembered all the things she had been taught. Mirrors, signals, speed limit. And after ten minutes the test was going well. She performed the reverse manoeuvre to perfection and her emergency stop was spot on. Katie was feeling confident. She knew she just needed to keep her nerve and with half a chance she would be home and dry.

They were approaching the last bit of the test when she negotiated a traffic island and a car pulled out in front of her. She had to brake quite hard and lost her cool, shouting at the driver and ended up in the wrong lane. She went red.

‘Sorry about that’, she said – caught me by surprise.’

However she recovered her composure well and without further ado they were back at the centre a few minutes later. Stephen was confident of her driving and despite the last minute hiccup knew she had passed, but it was enough of an excuse to germinate a small naughty thought in his mind.

“What if?”, he thought. He looked down at Katie’s legs and her top and then into her lovely brown eyes. If there was anybody he would like to have his scenario with, it was this girl. It was over an hour till his next candidate, so he was in no rush.

“Right then Miss Holmes, you have done quite well and on the whole that was a steady performance. However, the roundabout incident was quite serious and for that I’m afraid I have to fail you.’

Katie looked horrified.

‘Oh but it was his stupid fault, oh please Mr Andrews I was so good – oh flip I can’t believe this.’

Stephen felt genuine compassion for her and began to have second thoughts, but in her aeriated state, she just looked even sexier.

‘I understand Miss Holmes, but I wouldn’t be doing my job to pass you now.’

‘Oh frick!’

Katie thumped the steering wheel.

‘That fricking car!!! I don’t believe it.’

Katie had gone red. She was really pissed off. Now Stephen made his move.

‘You really want to pass don’t you?’

‘Of course, I know I went a bit wrong but…’

Stephen put his hand on her shoulder and turned to her.

‘I really should fail you but, well if you really want to pass – maybe you could let me see how much you want it.’

For a few seconds there was silence as Katie’s brain processed this remark.

‘I’m not sure I know what you mean’, said Katie.

Stephen looked at her and put his hand on her thigh and stroked it gently.

‘Oh I’m sure you do’, he said.

Katie looked down nervously, she thought Stephen was quite a nice man but wasn’t sure her test was quite that important. Katie felt boxed in. What did she do?

‘I think you’re gorgeous Katie, you’ve got beautiful eyes and lovely hair. Maybe if you were really nice to me I could overlook the error at the island.’

She looked at him, not knowing what to say or think. Was she really prepared to pass on any terms? She could report him for this but she wanted to pass and if he passed her she would be so happy.

‘What’s your first name?’ she enquired.

‘Stephen, Stephen Andrews.’

‘If I’m good you’ll pass me?’


Katie felt nervous.

‘OK, if that’s what you want then.’

As she spoke she began to unbutton the top of her escort izmir blouse, one button at a time.

‘Erm not here!’ said Stephen, there’s too many people about, let’s go somewhere quieter.’

‘OK, where then?’

‘Do you know Orchard road, where the grain silos are? We could be there in under 10 minutes.’ Stephen’s voice was trembling a little as he looked down and could just see a dark pink nipple inside her blouse. She had quite small but pert, perfectly formed breasts. She smiled at him and drove off.

Stephen looked at her all the time as she drove to the spot he had suggested. He had the beginnings of an erection as he thought about the treat he might receive.

‘Why are you looking at me like that?’

‘Because you’re sexy and just well… hot.’

Katie smiled, she was beginning to warm to Stephen.

They arrived at a small secluded avenue. There were some derelict allotments on one side and a series of fields and the stark, silver silos on the other. She switched off the engine and unfastened her belt.

Stephen unbuckled his belt also and he turned to the girl. She looked at him sexily. Katie had lost her initial trepidation. She was beginning to enjoy her morning and felt excited. Maybe she could really turn on the heat.

‘Give me your hand Stephen.’

She took his hand and guided it into her blouse and pressed it against her left breast. Stephen shuddered as he felt her warm soft flesh. Her nipple became erect at his touch.

‘That’s lovely, you’ve got nice soft boobs, I like them like that. Can I feel the other on?’

He spent a minute or two fondling her tits, caressing her nipples so that they were firm and sensitive. Katie looked down at his trousers and could see his erection through his jeans.

‘I think you better let him out, and see what I can do with him.’

Stephen licked his lips and felt himself becoming really hot as he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers. Katie reached down and placed her hands inside his boxers.

‘Ooh that’s stiff, feels like you’ve got quite a nice one there, let’s see it then.’

Stephen’s cock was now really hard and he eased his dick out of his pants and it throbbed as Katie wrapped her hand around it.

‘Mmm, there’s only one thing a girl can do with one as hard as that Are you ready?’

The words were no sooner out of her mouth as she leant over and put her lips around his cock and began to suck him off, jerking him gently at the same time.

She was good, really good. She turned him on all the more with her exaggerated slurping and appreciative ‘Hmm’ noises as she gave him head. She paused a second and looked up at him.

‘Oooh you’ve got a nice knob, this is turning me on. Touch me down there if you like.’

She continued to suck him as Stephen allowed his hand to wander inside her skirt. She had nice firm thighs, but he moved his hand up further and stroked her between the legs. He could feel himself building up, when Katie stopped abruptly.

‘I think I should turn this a little to my advantage’, she said.

‘Lets get out of the car and get more comfortable.’

Stephen wasn’t expecting this and hesitated briefly but put his penis away the best he could and they both got out and locked the car.

‘Let’s go through there’, said Katie pointing to a gap in the hedge, ‘There’s some nice grass and a fence, we’ll be nice and private.’

‘What are you doing?’ asked Stephen.

‘I’m going to make this a day izmir escort to remember. Sucking your dick has really turned me on.’

Stephen suddenly felt his heart racing – he couldn’t believe his luck!

Katie turned round to face him and unzipped her skirt at the side and then guided his hand inside her tights. Stephen could now see that she was wearing no knickers. His index and middle finger found her pussy; it was moist and sticky.

‘Oh Katie, you really want it don’t you?’

‘Oh yes please, I want fucking like a naughty girl.’

She pushed his fingers deeper inside her quim. She was hot, like a bowl of molten honey.

‘OK let’s do it’, she said. She rolled down her tights and bent over holding onto the fence. Stephen pulled his boxers down and took his cock, which was again rock hard and guided it towards Katie’s juicy flesh. Her lips were red and puffy. He eased himself into her vagina. She was young and tight and that first stroke of his dick into her cunt was indescribable.

‘Oh Katie, you sweet darling. Oh fuck, oh yes, I’m gonna fuck you so nice.’

She closed her eyes, waiting for him to do his job.

He wanted to tease her and eased himself in and out as he fondled her breasts, the breeze making her nipples beautifully firm.

Stephen started slowly and then quickly built up his rhythm, gripping her hips for support as he thrust his dick into her a little harder. Katie began to moan softly.

‘OK baby hold on’ and he drilled his cock into her harder and faster. Katie shrieked with pleasure.

‘Aaiiiya yes, oh Stephen , yes give it to me! Fuck me. Fuck me you bastard!’

Stephen pumped at her as hard as he could, as he felt her pussy get wetter and wetter. Katie felt her vagina spasm with a wave of orgasm and she squealed loudly as Stephen pounded her with everything he could muster. Her sex box tightened around his cock as she orgasmed, giving him wondrously intense feelings. He suddenly felt his whole body tense as a pre orgasmic wave ran through his body.

Katie was panting now as she felt herself begin to have multiple orgasms, and Stephen bit his lip, trying to hold off as long as possible. But it was so good he couldn’t hold back any longer and as Katie whimpered with delight, he pulled out and a massive load of cum shot over her bum in two spurts.

Katie collapsed to her knees; breathless. He knelt behind her and kissed her head and stroked her hair.

‘Oh frick, that was awesome, Have I passed now?!’

‘Yes, you’ve passed. I bet you’re glad I failed you now eh?’

She turned round and gave him a big kiss on the lips.

‘Oh yes mister. Yes!’

Katie stood up and began to put her clothes back on.

‘Hang on darling let me get a tissue, you’ve got spunk all over you bottom.’

‘Oh right.’ She giggled. ‘I never thought.’

Stephen got a handkerchief from his jeans and wiped her clean and they both got dressed.

‘We better get back now, I’ve got another candidate in 15 minutes.’

‘Oh OK, do you mind driving Stephen I’m a bit shaky after that.’

‘No, OK I’ll drive, no probs.’

Stephen took them back to the centre and marked the bottom of the paper – “PASSED”, and handed the sheet to Katie to take to the reception.

She beamed at him.

‘Oh thanks so much, you don’t know what this means to me and don’t worry this is a secret I’ll keep between us.’

‘Good, I hope so.’

‘I’m a little vixen. Once I get going there’s no stopping me. You were lucky.’

‘OK. Drive safely.’

Katie twitched her nose and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

‘Thanks for giving me a special day.’

Stephen nodded and she walked off with a spring in her step. Her L-plates were off!

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