Karen’s Adventure Ch. 2

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The bedroom had a large bed, ready to accommodate the four of us. And I said ” You ladies start without me, I wanna watch first”. The three ladies now kneeling on top of the bed started to kiss one another, licking and sucking tongues. Karen even tasted her own juices off Joyce’s face, but she doesn’t mind a bit. Joyce and Susan gently laid down Karen on her back and quickly went between her widely spread legs. Sharing my wife’s pussy with each other. Susan then goes under and tongues Karen’s ass hole. These went on for a long time, and finally Karen’s lifts her ass on air.

“Ahhhhhhh” was all she could say as she climaxed. I was now on my boxer short and undershirt when I said-” Give Karen a taste of your sweet pussies”. The two girls are now on there back, Karen pulled both there white panties and got down on Joyce. Karen sucks hard. Karen gives the best blowjob in the world but I was surprised that she eats pussy real well too. Joyce and Susan exchanges hard kisses while my casino oyna wife continues to suck on Joyce’s cunt. After a while, Karen gives Susan the same attention, licking Susan’s clit to her delight. Karen’s face was now all wet with pussy juices. I was now stroking my 8 inch cock when Joyce went to me and without saying a word, sucks my cock all the way. I was being sucked while watching my wife eat pussy. “This is great” I told myself. Susan now pulls Karen unto her and once again are entangled in a kiss. The two girls positioned themselves into a 69 with Karen at the bottom. They continue to eat pussy while Joyce continues to suck my dick. If not for the scotch, I would have come by now. I pulled up Joyce and told her to join the two, she obeys.

The trio now forms a triangle, each having a pussy to eat. This went on until the three climaxed. Karen took Susan by the hand and both ladies kneels before me. Sucking my dick alternately. Karen sucks my shaft while Susan licks and canlı casino sucks my balls. “Ohhh” was all I can say. Joyce was busy playing with her own pussy while watching the action up front. I pulled up the two ladies and led them to the bed. “Who wants it first”, I asked. Without any hesitation the ladies moved into position. Karen lied down on the bed, Susan starts to eat her. I was to fuck Susan first from behind, so I did. Joyce stood up on the bed with her pussy in my face, soon I was eating her wet pussy.

The three ladies were moaning hard, the room smelled like “hot sex” by now and we loved it. After a while, Susan climaxed into satisfaction. Susan and Joyce traded places, Karen gets her pussy eaten once more, this time by Joyce. I am now fucking Joyce, she had a tight pussy and Karen is now licking Susan’s wet pussy. Soon after, Joyce came as she collapsed into Karen’s body. Finally I get to fuck Karen. I was getting tired so I laid down unto the bed, Karen rode my kaçak casino cock with all intensity. Susan now sits on my face and I obliged and eat her more. Joyce stood in front of Karen with her pussy facing Karen’s face. Joyce won’t be denied, as Karen sticks her tongue into Joyce’s pussy while squeezing her ass. Karen climaxed for the third time, I think.

I can’t hold it anymore. I said- ” I want to come in your mouths”. I stood up as the three faces awaits my explosion. Tongues sticking out, I came hard, a large load of cum into Karen’s tongue, then into Joyce and a few to Susan. Joyce then sucks my cock dry, sucking and licking until the last drop. Susan exchanges kisses with Karen, sucking Karen’s tongue to get some of my cum. I collapsed in bed and fell asleep while the three ladies slept into each others arm. I woke up next morning and breakfast was ready, The three ladies were all dressed up with big grins on their faces. We went home, and after a few days, the two ladies headed back to the West Coast. Karen and I can’t wait until there next visit.

I think I created a monster in Karen. These would not be the last time she would have a lesbian adventure. BUT THAT’S ANOTHER STORY.

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