Just Another Day In The Office Ch. 02

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It had been just a couple of days since my night time rendezvous and the realisation of what I was embarking on was ever present in my mind. The thought of the sexual encounter was tinged with the mixed emotion of doubts over my orientation.

Did the enjoyment of that encounter mean I was gay? I had no inclination or overt attraction to men, other than I liked having the sex contact, I didn’t fancy them and I could never see myself falling for a guy.

It was the uncomplicated sex that was the attraction, the being able to say and do as you liked, without pretence.

Was this cheating? Was I embarking on affairs, the matter weighed heavily?

I rationalised that I wasn’t gay for I still was attracted to the female form, I didn’t think of guys that way. Was I cheating, honestly the answer had to be yes but was it ever going to lead to more, doubtful, in my mind.

I spent my days in the office doing partly work and partly surfing, the surfing now was more looking at gay porn, why, because I wanted to know if I was attracted to it. Yes and no I suppose, yes, as in the acts were exciting and no as to it didn’t excite me in the same way, I wasn’t ogling cocks, great bodies but looking at sexual practices that I might want to try.

I came to the conclusion that the act of sex with a guy wasn’t in the same league of cheating as it would be with the emotional side that would come with sex with a woman, I knew also that I wanted to try another fling and again I supposed I pushed the cheating thoughts aside to achieve this, after all, surely if I kept them to one offs no one would know.

In my draw were the six condoms I had brought to use in that first encounter, I knew that I had been both stupid and irresponsible to engage in sex without using them and this I would never do again.

With resolve gathered from talking myself into it I started surfing for a meet, I didn’t want to revisit the couple I had been with as this would be a continuation and in my mind that would be an affair, so I looked for other possibilities.

The swinging site I had started with offered little else, there were the usual array of guys seeking what seemed to be anything to get off, those that pretended to be bi in order to gain access to the woman in a couple, those that obviously only wanted the thrill of online sex, and the myriad of cock wankers that just wanted someone to watch them jerk off.

I thought the only way I’m gong to find new partners for a sex only encounter was to join a gay site and this I did. The world opened up. There were 100s of guys seeking sex and to be honest the first few days of looking through the site was a bit overwhelming, so many men. I did wonder if this was for real and who on earth would advertise for sex like this, the thought also occurred that I was one of these.

Late one morning I stumbled upon an advert for a third to join, I had restricted my search to an area far enough away from the office so as, hopefully, not meet anyone I knew and close enough that I could drive there in under an hour. This advert was asking for a third to make up a threesome. I replied. The location for this meet was 35 minutes away and the time for the casino oyna meet was now. Could I pop out of the office, have sex and come back, like going for a long lunch, well there was no one to stop me. So I agreed to the meet, said I would be about an hour and sat there again a little shell shocked that I could be so brazen.

My heart was pounding, the excitement of the sheer illicitness of all this and the mixture of sexual desire were nearly too much, I was nervous, excited and a little scared. What if these were people luring unsuspecting people to some terrible end, what if they ……. The what ifs just seemed to add to the excitement, but I’m not completely stupid, I knew I was taking a huge risk, with myself, my job, marriage and how others view me. The excitement won, it was like being on a roller coaster that you like and hate at the same time. I was going to go through with it.

I drove the relatively short distance to the address I’d been give, the house was rather nice, new and there was a BMW parked outside. Funny how your mind works, I thought if I park a few doors down then my car couldn’t be associated with this house, as if it mattered, outside or two doors away, but at the time it did to me. I walked up to the front door and rang the bell.

The guy who opened it was, tall, well built and fit looking. He was 30-35 in age, short very well cut hair and seemed normal. He smiled and asked me inside. Once inside the house was beautiful, the cliché of gay guys having taste seemed true, it was tastefully furnished, very well kept and had expensive looking art work on the walls.

There was another guy there, sitting on the sofa, it became instantly apparent that these two had just met, this was a very different set up to my last encounter, here we were all strangers.

I was offered tea or coffee, which I declined, and for a short while we sat in relative discomfort making idyll chat. The host was Michael, the other guy Paul. Michael owned his own hairdressing business, a rather up market salon in the city while Paul was a freelance something or other who worked from home, Michael was gay, Paul was, or so he said married but bi. After about 10 minutes of this chat, which although gave some information to each other definitely was closed and guarded,

Michael said, and it took me aback a little with the bluntness “shall we do it then?”.

Why it took me aback I’m not sure, it was after all the purpose we were there, I guess it was the matter of fact way it was said, that and the still unfamiliarity of all this.

We agreed, it was time to do it and were invited upstairs to the bedroom, again a tastefully furnished room with a huge king size bed. Without further ado we stripped off.

Michael revealed the biggest cock I have ever seen, now as I said it isn’t the appendage that attracts me but this thing was truly magnificent, it must have been 12 inches long and as think as my wrist, I have never before or sadly since seen anything like it. Paul was in all ways average and slightly over weight. I looked at Paul and he at I and then we both looked at this cock attached to Michael, I could read his mind and I’m sure he could read mine, “no way canlı casino was that going to be put in me, it would split me apart” I was thinking.

We all got on the bed and started touching what ever came to hand, I was fascinated with this huge cock, I wanted to hold it, suck on it and generally enjoy the thing. I did have the usual male anxiety over size, this thing made me look very small, are many guys like this? Paul was also fixated on this cock, and Michael well he seemed not to really care.

This was not going to be the same pattern as last time, there wasn’t the care or the feeling as I felt from the gay couple this was going to be fast, get what you want out of it sex.

Michael pushed me backwards and took my cock into his mouth, he was sucking long and slowly on it while knelling over me, Paul wanted to get his cock into Michael, I was starting to think Paul just wanted to hump something and he didn’t particular care what it was, he had already put a condom on this dick, no mucking about with this guy he just wanted a fuck.

Paul had gotten some lube from the bedside table and was applying it to Michael’s up turned arse, then without another word he rammed himself into Michael.

Michael stopped sucking on me to push backwards onto Paul’s every stroke, I took this opportunity to sidle under Michael and take his huge cock in my mouth, it was like trying to get a pool ball in your mouth, the end was so large. I had to open my mouth as wide as it would go to accommodate it, but accommodate it I did. There was no sign of pleasure from Michael, rather, a sad feeling I got from him.

Here he was, being sucked off and butt fucked, but he gave the impression he was being used, and maybe, I thought, this was what he wanted.

There was little sign that he was enjoying being sucked, although I must admit I was enjoying doing it. He grunted occasionally as Paul thrust into him, nothing gentle going on back there, Paul was humping for all he was worth. I could see, from my position underneath Michael the cock sliding in and out of him, although it was often hidden behind this enormous cock of his. Paul quickly shot his load, and just rolled off and lay there. I felt kind of strange this was just a fuck, no mutual satisfaction just a guy getting what he wanted, and I had the thought, is this the way some women perceive us, users?

Michael pulled his cock from my mouth and started to turn around so that his arse was open to me, it was obvious that he wanted me to fuck him too. I really wanted more than this, a fuck is a fuck, I suppose but I wanted more. Still who am I to say what another wants, so I rolled on one of the condoms I had, and placed my cock at the entrance to Michael’s eager arse, I swear his arse sucked me in, it wasn’t tight, it felt like a pussy, warm and accommodating. I didn’t move my hips Michael rocked back and forward instead, I just kept pointing my dick forward he did the rest, it was like being wanked by an arse.

I tried to reach under Michael to take his cock but he pushed my hand away, he was bucking faster and it wasn’t going to be long before I came.

I must admit I had mixed emotions, the feeling on my cock was kaçak casino great, the feeling that this guy with a wonderful cock and wasn’t bothered with it was a little odd though tinged the moment.

Why wasn’t he reveling in his god given thing? But rather he was seemingly submissive and wanted to be used. With a grunt I came into him, but I felt little satisfaction, to be honest a good wank would have achieved the same.

I wanted to know why he was like this, why he didn’t seem to want his cock to be satisfied.

I withdrew from Michael, and again tried to grab his still hard but unwilling cock, he just rolled over and we all lay there for a bit.

Paul was the first one to say “Time to go.” and with that got up dressed and left with the immortal words “See ya guys!”.

I now had a chance to talk to Michael, we lay on the bed naked, my cock now flaccid but his still hard. I wondered how to broach the subject, after all it is really none of my business, I had come here for sex not to counsel, but I needed to know.

I reached over and took his cock in my hand again and started rubbing it slowly, he just lay there. So I thought might as well come straight out with it, he can only tell you to go if he doesn’t want to talk.

“Michael, excuse me for asking but you seem to not appreciate this thing you have here” I said while still slowly running my hand up and down the mighty shaft.

He smiled, rather sadly.

“You know a big cock is not all it’s cracked up to be” he said softly.

Now as a guy a big cock is the thing you want, the bigger the better you always think, so I pressed him further

“Why do you say that? I would have thought having one this size made you king amongst men” trying to put some humour in it.

We chatted for a while, he explained that he felt his cock was a bit of a curse, most people say, and exactly what I had though when I first saw it,” There is no way your putting that in me!”.

This had been the words Michael had heard many times, he has always been gay, but has seldom used his magnificent cock for which it was intended. So he has sort of resigned himself that he never will. I felt in that moment very sorry for Michael, I continued to rub his cock while we chatted and again I took it in my mouth and sucked on it, I was determined to make him come, he lay back, this rather beautiful man with so much going for him in others eyes but he was unhappy. He eventually came, not in my mouth but in my hand, he did so with a whimper.

We dressed had coffee and I left. I returned to the office and thought of Michael, not in a lustful way but in a sad way. I hadn’t expected to get involved, not on a emotional level, this was another experience. I felt for the man. I spent the rest of the day feeling quite down, and although I knew there was nothing I could do, I felt a little deflated.

I never returned to Michael’s house or had any sexual contact with him again, I do see him occasionally around town and we exchange a smile or an odd word, he still looks sad to me.

This encounter hadn’t put me off my clandestine meetings but it had made me come to realise I was dealing with people not objects and to tread very carefully. I also considered what I wanted out of these meetings, would it be time to try a one on one, was that a good idea, or riskier still, I would come to learn the answer soon.

To be continued.

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