Jonna and the Gladiator

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Jonna looked around the strange room her father had left her in. The room was small and dark with dim lighting from a small window. The dank musty smell began to succumb to her as the door abruptly opened; a heavily armor-clad man quickly entered. Jonna stood frozen in the corner of the room, watching as the man shook out his honey brown hair before advancing towards a cabinet. Having not noticed her, he squatted down to the lowest cabinet and drew out a silver metal helmet.

Jonna sharply drew in a breath, he was a convict! A gladiator who was to fight in today’s death game! The man stood up and turned towards the sound, clearly seeing her for the first time. Terrified, his discomforting face instilled a prickly fear inside of her. He had large piercing blue eyes that kept her frozen in place. But what was most discomforting, were the horrible scars across his face. He had clearly gotten clawed by a vicious animal. There were four horrible jagged sear lines that stretched from the top of his left temple, roughly across his nose and to the middle of his lip.

Despite this, the man was still considerably attractive with boyish pink cheeks and full lips. His inquisitive piercing gaze remained on her as he quickly barked, “What the hell are you doing here?”

Jonna could feel tears start to well in her eyes. “My dad left me here, he said this room wasn’t being used by anyone. I”m sorry,” she stammered as a tear flowed down her cheek.

The man’s cold stare softened as he cocked his head to the side, “Who’s your father?” he demanded.

“Murray Ellis, he looks after the animals,” she replied, still frozen. The man stared at her a few seconds more before putting on his helmet and hastily walking out of the room. Jonna noticed how there was now a guard who stood outside of the doorway. Without noticing her, he closed and bolted the door. She then heard him walk away.

Oh no, she thought, what if the gladiator never came back…and her father was unable to get her out? The guard didn’t think anyone was inhabiting the room. Sorrowfully, she walked towards the large hay cot which stood in the center of the room. She sat down and sulked, when would she be able to leave? Would the gladiator come back?…alive? Would he be angered to find her still there? Weighed down with worry, she laid down on the cot.

2 Hours Later

Hearing a strange sound and with an aching back, Jonna awoke from her light sleep. She looked up, astonished to find the gladiator posed above her stroking his cock. She gasped and backed away from him only to be met by the hard wall. He was very very dirty, his honey hair was mussed, and he smelled of sweat and sun. He scooted closer, taking in her white cotton dress, and her frightened face. Although she wasn’t a flat out beauty, she was daintily pretty and cute in a disturbingly innocent way. She had a pale face with huge brown eyes, long thick black lashes, fairly faint freckles across the bridge of her nose, and full feminine red lips. Thick long black wavy doll hair framed her heart shaped face, and rested loosely along the shoulders and chest of her gown. casino siteleri The scared childish look on her face only made him want to dominate her more.

Frozen and with eyes welled with tears, she lied with a timid stillness beneath him. She had never seen a naked man before, or been so close to one. She felt not only fear, but a sinister desire for him. Her nipples hardened under her dress, and her pussy began to feel sensitive and even wet.

“How old are you?” He inquired.

“Just eighteen…” she stammered. The man’s jaw shifted some, “Mmmm, young…unbutton your dress.” Hesitantly Jonna brought her hands to the small pearl buttons on her dress, and began to undo them; choking back more tears and a sob. After undoing the tenth button, he seized her shoulders and roughly yanked her dress down, exposing her breasts. Her modest brown colored nipples stood erect, begging to be sucked. She lightly began to shake as he lowered himself over her, taking a hardened nipple into his warm wet mouth. Her breath became labored, she had never felt anything like this before.

As he continued to tentatively suckle her breasts, she heard the sound of ripping cloth as his rough hands tore off her panties. He then pulled away, gathering her dress and pulling it up gently over her head. He tossed the dress to the side and scooted his hips closer to her face. Feeling vulnerable with her nakedness revealed to him, she anxiously stared at the thick long rod positioned in front of her face, it was so big!

“Touch it,” he demanded. Jonna looked up with her timid childish eyes, and hesitantly, began to stroke his dick the way he had done so before.

“Ah…yes…” he moaned. He watched her small feminine hands work along his shaft. “Suck it,” he now commanded as he grasped her head and pushed it towards his cock. Not wanting to upset him, she opened her mouth and closed her lips around the large head of his penis.

“Oh fuck…” he groaned beginning to move her head further along his length. When she began to gag, he moved her head back, and then forward again. Having grown bored of the pace, he held her head in place and began to ram his dick forcefully down her throat.

“Oh fuck yes…” he snarled. He face-fucked her hard, his balls slapping against her chin. The young girl at his hips was choking and had began to sob.

“Take it, you little bitch,” he gasped. Frenzied, he began to pump his cock harder down her throat. Jonna’s face was red, her eyes were closed, and tears streamed down her cheeks.

“Yes, yes, ah, ah, ah,” he grunted as he pulled out of her mouth. He seized her chin, and stroking himself, began to spurt jizz upon her face. He moaned loud guttural sounds as he continued to milk his cock.

Feeling degraded and further turned on, Jonna allowed him to smear his fuck juices across her face.

“Eighteen and already a whore,” he muttered clenching her chin yet again and forcibly beginning to kiss her. Forcing his tongue into her mouth, she submissively allowed entrance, and massaged his tongue with hers. She liked the feel of their intermingling tongues, canlı casino it felt so sexual.

Gently, he removed his mouth from hers, sat back, and in one swift motion, gripped her thighs and raised her pussy up to the level of his mouth. With just her neck and head on the bed, she looked up, startled as he began to sniff her womanhood. Feeling embarrassed, she closed her eyes. She then began to feel an unbelievably pleasurable wet sensation, she locked her knees onto his shoulders, and began to moan.

She opened her eyes, and was startled to find him watching her as he lasciviously delved his tongue into her pussy folds. Surely this wasn’t a very civil thing to do! She began to try to wriggle herself from him, but he only tightened his grip on her hips.

Hardening his grip on her with one hand, he took the other and began to finger fuck her tight cunt hole.

“Oh!” She convulsed, locking her knees onto his shoulders once again. It might not be civil, she thought, but it felt so good! With his feverish fingering and grazing, Jonna soon fell into a trance of climaxing pleasure.

“Oh, oh, oh, mmmm…” she moaned as she drove her hips in rhythm with his caresses.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she began to shout, squeezing her ass and thrusting her hips into him as she reached her climax. “Ohhhh!” she groaned, her body spasming, revelling in the ecstasy. She clenched her fists as the electric pulse of ravishment ran through her body. Slowly, as she began to still, the man laid her down.

And just as she was beginning to come back to her senses, just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore, she felt him lower his strong body onto hers. She gasped as his strong satisfying weight helplessly pinned her down. Soon, she felt the pressing of his large cock against her swollen wet beef curtains. Slowly, he lodged the head inside of her. Oh my, she thought, I don’t think his giant cock will fit! Surely it cannot fit!

It was just too big for her tight pussy. But with a sudden thrust, the full length of his dick slid into her tight womb.

“Oh!” She wheezed, tightening her legs around his waist and grasping his back. It was so big! She choked back some of her tears; how could something hurt so much and feel so good all at once? He began thrusting his hips into her, his face buried in her neck, kissing her.

Oh, he’s so strong she thought, this big beautiful man is destroying my little pussy with his fuck meat. Oh, how good his powerful thrusts feel!

Relieving her of some of his weight, he lifted onto his palms and hungrily watched her tits wildly bounce before him. With his torso lifted above her, Jonna got a wonderful view of his cock savagely propelling in and out of her honey pot.

Jonna moaned in pleasure as she felt him once again lower his solid body onto hers. She then wrapped her arms around his neck as the mother of all orgasmic trances came over her. Succumbing to his powerful thrusts, she began to move her hips in sync with his. She moaned, touching the small of his back, and burrowed her heel into his ass cheeks.

The sounds she made were high pitched kaçak casino and feminine; he liked hearing them and began to pummel her tight bleeding cooch even harder.

“Are you going to cum? Hmmm? Are you going to cum you little bitch?” he growled into her ear.

“Oh! Mmmmm…” she moaned beneath him, beginning to spasm yet again. Her breathing turned heavy and quick, she began to jerk. He lifted his face above hers. He wanted to see her eyes when she came, he wanted to see the innocence leave her.

Jonna felt her body tighten as mass euphoria and ecstasy overcame her. She stared into the man’s eyes as her pussy and anus contracted, tears filling her eyes and spilling down her face. Even though she didn’t know the man, at that moment she loved him more than anything she’d ever loved before. At that moment, she felt them coalesce into one.

Still lightly convulsing beneath him, he began to push into her even harder. His breaths turned strenuous and heavy as he began to reach his own climax of bliss. He moaned with labored pleasure as he grasped her face close to his. She felt him empty his love sauce inside of her as he shook and slowed his thrusts. She delved her heel further into his butt, and kissed him as he shook atop her. His shaking was soon done, and restlessly, he laid unmoving on top of her.

After a few minutes of quietly laying together, sudden hard knocking at the door jolted them.

“Jonna? Jonna honey? Are you in there?”

Jonna gasped, her father was at the door. The man atop her analyzed her face conspicuously with his algid blue eyes. He then lifted off of her, and tended to the pile of clothes that lay in a pile at the foot of the bed. Jonna watched the beautiful naked individual dress as she called out, “Yes daddy, I’m in here!”

“Oh, thank the lord! I’m sorry sweetie, can you open the door, do you think?”

Just as she about to reply, the gladiator now clothed, advanced towards the door. He opened it a mere few inches, Jonna heard her father gasp.

“Crixus?! Congratulations on your victory, sir, but surely you weren’t in there with my daughter all the while afterwards?”

“I appreciate your courtesy, your daughter will be out in a few minutes time.” Crixus then abruptly shut the door, sending a waft of air from room unto Mr. Ellis. The room reeked of sex.

Jonna got up from the bed, and grasped her white cotton dress from the floor. “Your name is Crixus,” she said quietly.

“Yes,” he replied leaning against and wall and watching her dress.

“How old are you?” She then asked, realizing she couldn’t tell from his weathered boyish face.

“Twenty seven,” he replied bluntly.

“Will I ever see you again?” She asked buttoning her pearl clasps.

“Perhaps…but I wouldn’t bet on it.”

Jonna smiled and moved upon him one last time. “Thank you for your sweet love,” she said and gave him a final kiss. She then rushed to the door and opened it.

“Daddy!” She said, as she rushed to give her father a big hug.

“Jonna…!” Her father replied. His daughter had looked the same yet…changed. Embracing his daughter, he spied the ripped pair of panties on the floor, and Crixus who stood stiffly against the wall. His daughter had changed, there was no doubt about it. He knew his precious little girl was gone forever.

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