Joe in the Dorm Room Ch. 04

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My days were a bit of a blur. I had experienced more in the past few weeks in that good old dorm than I would have ever imagined. It was such a rush exploring my sexuality with Tom. And I was far from finished!

I found myself walking around in a perpetual semi hard state from the flashbacks of Tom’s hard cock, and the showers of cum I had received from giving my first blowjob to Jack. It was during one of these states that I encountered my next adventure.

I had been making the rounds as an RA in the small dorm when I saw two guys laughing coming out of the bathroom.

“What’s up guys?” I asked with my friendly smile.

“Dude, it’s steam room night,” answered Bill with a grin.

Now, let me explain how things were back then in the dorm. We had small rooms with a sink, closet, desks, and beds. But the restrooms and showers were down the hall in a communal room. Each bathroom served fifteen rooms. The stalls, urinals, and sinks were on one side, with a doorway leading to the shower stalls. We had six stalls in each shower – with tile dividers between each stall. But no curtains. It was no big deal, we saw each other naked as we went in and out of the stalls. No one ever thought anything about it.

The thing that these guys had figured out was that if you hung a sheet over the doorway to the showers, you could turn on the hot water and it would transform the room into a sauna. Technically it was probably against the rules, but only if your RA made a fuss, and I was the RA, so what the hell!

I had heard about the steam room nights, but had never joined in. Why not? I decided to grab my towel and check it out.

I walked into the bathroom and heard the voices behind the sheet. Bill’s deep voice was relating a story about this crazy girl on the dance floor. I was wearing only a towel, and I pulled back the sheet to be greeted with a billow of steam from the room. It wa so thick that it blinded me.

“Joe!” called a voice. “Glad you could join us.”

“Um, thanks,” I stammered trying to make out anything in the thick, white steam.

“Better leave the towel outside unless you want it to get soaked,” came a familiar voice.

I hung my towel on a hook outside the room, and reentered totally naked. I turned to see Tom sitting in a folding chair in the hazy steam. He smiled up at me as if he were totally relaxed. Judging by the sight of his loose balls draped over the side of the seat, I figured he was indeed relaxed!

Bill was also seated in a chair, totally spread eagle as the steam enveloped his body. As I entered, one guy stood up, “Hey man, you can have my chair. I’m gonna crash.”

Thanking him, I took his seat which was conveniently next to Tom.

We were all seated along the wall opposite the showers. Only three were running with scalding hot water, which immediately turned to steam. The shower in the middle was running cold, and was presently occupied by Gus, the guy who gave me his casino siteleri seat. This was the cool down stall, necessary due to the incredible heat generated by the steam. It was much more intense than any sauna I had ever been in.

I sat looking discretely at Gus as he showered in front of us. He was a bit chubby, with dark pubic hair rolling around his thick, limp penis. I am always appreciative of the sight of any dick however, and I studied his as he stood rinsing his hair. It was much too hairy for my taste, but I enjoyed watching it swing as the water cascaded down his nude body.

This was a unique situation, I realized. Unlike the normal showers, here we were able – as much as possible with the steam – to see each other naked in a shower. Normally, guys had their back turned as they washed, or were hurrying out to retrieve towels. But now guys were unabashedly nude, and we were seated facing them as they stood in the cool water.

I glanced at Tom, seeing him watching me for my reaction. I grinned a knowing smile at him and flashed a thumb’s up at the situation.

He laughed and held up six fingers, rating Gus on a scale of ten. I smiled, and held up seven fingers. He had a nice dick!

We laughed and sat back to relax. Soon Gus exited, and Bill stood up to cool off in the center shower. I could not see to the left of the room beyond Tom. In fact I could barely see Tom, there was so much heavy steam coming from that side.

It was an otherworldly experience, all the steam and murmuring voices. Occasionally I could hear someone else in the room, at other times the steam seemed to take away both vision and sound. It was very relaxing and I just lay back naked and enjoyed the sensation. I closed my eyes and wondered if any of the guys were watching me.

“Did you guys catch the Bears game last week?” Bill asked. He continued to drone on about the season, and how good the team was doing.

I opened my eyes to look at Bill’s body in the cold shower stall. Bill had a farmer’s tan, with dark arms up to the point where his t-shirt covered his chest. There he was pale as a ghost. His dick was hanging limply between his legs. It was long and lean, but swung with a mesmerizing motion. It was like a hypnotist’s watch, and it held my gaze.

I glanced at Tom, but could hardly see him through the building steam. I felt myself growing erect and had a bit of panic. I certainly didn’t want to be the guy with a hard on in the showers!

Just then I felt a hand on my cock!

Bill was going on about the football season, and someone was stroking my dick! I knew it had to be Tom, and I marvelled at his boldness! It felt great, his hand lightly stroking my hardening dick as I sat back in the steam. I glanced up at Bill in the cold shower and focused on his cock, appearing in and out of the mist.

“They will definitely beat the fucking Patriots,” Bill predicted. I barely heard him ramble as my cock was now canlı casino fully hard and being stroked with such skill!

“Yeah, man,” came a voice from the far right side of the room. “The Pat’s suck!”

With a start, I realized whose voice that was – Tom! So, if Tom had moved over to the right side in the mist, then who the hell was fondling my cock?

I turned and peered through the mist to my left to see my new friend. I could barely see because the steam was so much stronger on that side. I thought it might have been Tim, another guy from our hall, but all I could really see was that he had dark hair. As I leaned over to the side, he leaned back to conceal himself. At the same time he slid his hand off my dick and left me wanting more!

“Dude, I gotta sit down,” said Bill, crossing in front of me to the previously occupied seat on my left. He sat down and let his legs splay out wide in front of him.

Okay, what the fuck was happening here? I knew that someone was sitting right there just a second ago! I mean, he was stroking my dick for Christ’s sake! Or had I imagined it?

I couldn’t stand because I had an erection, which I casually tried to cover with my hand. But I was in the center of the room, so whoever was on my left would have to cross by me to exit. Sooner or later!

Just then Tom took the center shower to cool off. His wonderful cock swayed in the cool water, and I felt myself growing hard under my palm. Bill was totally relaxed, perhaps asleep, and Tom was only visible to me as he stood naked in the stream. He glanced at me as he rubbed his hand over his penis, tossing it up lightly with a tease.

I was becoming more aroused and I knew I wanted to follow Tom to his room for blowjob action, but I simply had to know who had stroked my cock!

I decided to make my move. Covering my dick as if I were shy, I stood up and turned to my left. I slowly walked into the wall of steam coming from that side. It was completely blinding, and hot as hell.

“Looking for more heat, Joe?” came a quiet voice from the steam. I didn’t recognize the voice, but I was sure that this was my suspect.

“Yes,” I whispered. It was as if we had entered into a whole new world of steam. I sensed his presence in the steam. I made my way over, feeling the wall as I walked forward. Eventually I bumped into a set of legs seated in a chair. I stood against the wall and leaned back next to the guy in the chair. I only caught a hazy glimpse of his black hair below me. His head was turned and he was apparently looking at my dick which was semi erect in a state of anticipation and nervousness.

I felt his hand touch my lower leg beside him. He lightly brushed upwards, sending sensations up my body. I reached out and lay a hand on his strong shoulders, massaging him gently. Neither of us spoke, we just caressed each other in the steam.

Just then another hand brushed against my right side! Someone was leaning kaçak casino against the wall beside me, and again I had no idea who it might be. I kept my left hand on my seated friend’s back as he worked his hand upward towards my balls. The guy on my right pushed his nude body next to me and I allowed my hand to fall to his leg.

Now I had two mysterious hands exploring my body in the steam. I was similarly rubbing their bodies as i grew more erect. My left hand moved up his leg as my seated friend moved his upward on my leg. The hand on my left moved up to rub my chest, playing lightly with my sensitive nipples.

Just as I felt the hand on my left reach my balls, I moved my right hand up to cup a fantastic set of heavy balls! They were smooth and drooping in the heat. I tensed my grip on the guy’s neck on my left as he massaged my balls.

On the right side he moved his hand slowly down to touch the tip of my cock. It was electric as he lightly wrapped his hand around my sensitive tip and slid me into his palm. At the same time my friend on the left was still massaging my balls. I moved my hand up to rub all the way up his cock.

Suddenly the guy seated beside me shifted and stood up, sliding his chair away into the spray of hot water. Now little droplets of scalding spray were occasionally striking our naked bodies, and I felt all three of us tense up even more with excitement.

The lyrics of the Steve Miller song came into my head, “Everything’s better when wet!” We were certainly in jungle love!

Now that he was standing, I reached down to grab the hard dick of my dark haired friend on my left. His hand moved up to join my other mysterious friends as together they jacked off my rock hard pole.

We fell into a rhythm, all of us stroking each other as we basked in the heat. I had two cocks in my hands and two hands on my cock!

I just leaned back and followed their lead, stroking both wet cocks as we neared climax.

Suddenly the edge was right there. I could not stop, and I thrust my dick forward as my orgasm crashed on my body! I shot a huge load of cum out into the hot steam. This had a trigger effect on my partners, as they both came at the same time!

We didn’t make any vocal sounds, but we were all clenching our jaws to keep from moaning ans screaming as we shot steams of cum into the mist!

Soon, we were all relaxed, rubbing each others dicks as we softened up. It was still an intense feeling as we all leaned back against the wall. We slowed until our hands were just comfortably resting on our cocks.

I was about to slide down the wall when my partner on the left pushed forward and crossed across me to exit. He trailed his hand on my dick as he left. I considered going after him for a second to discover who it was, but I was so spent and relaxed that I just allowed him to disappear in the steam.

“Thanks Joe,” whispered my remaining partner. As I suspected it was Tom. I was pretty sure that was his familiar dick in my hand.

He moved away to leave me alone in the steam room. I smiled at the thought of my mysterious encounter. To this day, I still don’t know who that dark haired friend was in the showers that night.

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