Jessica’s Dream Ch. 07

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Chapter 7 The Weekend is Here

Jessica called Lilly around 8 in the morning and told her about her dreams and the nightmare she had the night before. She told her about the people coming to the party, the line up of guys outside her bedroom door waiting to do her, and then about her walking around her home in the later months as her belly grew and expanded, and her baby was growing inside her. Then, she laughed as she retold the part of her dream when her children, a few years older by then, were running around the home, having loads of fun. Later, she recounted her nightmare of the handsome, dark skinned man with the huge dick.

“Lilly! This guy had an enormous tool between his legs. It almost looked like a bore tool. I imagined in my dream that he was going to ream a large hole in me, thus ripping apart and widening my vagina and then boring a hole right through my cervix. It was massive. Can a guy actually have a penis that large?” she asked Lilly.

“How big was this bore tool of his, my dear Jessica? You are obviously still frightened by penises penetrating your precious vagina. You shouldn’t worry.” Lilly tried to reassure her best friend.

“In my dream, I was lying on my bed, nude with my legs up and spread open. My pussy was fully exposed, vulnerable and ready to be filled with a penis. In front of me was this tall handsome man, standing about 6 feet tall. He came up to me as he primed and readied his penis, ah, bore tool. Sticking out was this huge monster of a penis, which measured 4″ in diameter, around 12.6″ in circumference and a massive 13″ in length. It was wider than a coke can.” Jessica recounted her nightmare.

“Wow! That was a massive penis. What a nightmare! I certainly have never encountered a dick that size.” Lilly told Jessica.

“It was quite frightening. I awoke from my nightmare, panting. Can a dick actually be that thick and long?” Jessica asked Lilly.

“There have been stories and some reports of penises actually being as long as 12″, but they are very rare. More, commonly they are between 6″ and 7″ in length, and usually much thinner, between 1″ and 1.5″ in diameter and between 3.2″ and 4.75″ in circumference; usually, more pencil thin than coke can thick. My boyfriend’s penis is much like that, long and thin.” she told Lilly.

“Whew! What a relief. I certainly would not want to be repeatedly reamed with a tool like that.” Jessica said.

“Worry not, my dear Jessica. You will enjoy the feeling of having a penis inside your lovely vagina, especially as its walls enclose and surround the shaft, much like a hand in a glove. It is a beautiful experience, especially when the vagina envelops the entire shaft from top to the base of the penis. It is particularly intense when the head of the penis touches and tickles the cervix as he moves the penis inside. It is absolute heaven and it will drive you out of your mind. Your body will quiver as electricity streams through your body and up your spine. And as he pumps his tool inside you, you feel the flow of blood rushing through your entire body and you feel a rush of warmth. There is nothing like it.” Lilly tried to describe the feeling to Jessica.

“Lilly! I guess I will experience these pleasures and pains quite soon. Today is the day! The weekend has finally arrived. I will see you soon.” Jessica said over the phone, just before she hung up.

The morning, Jessica was waiting for and dreaming about, has finally arrived. This is Friday, the first day of a four-day bonging event, over the New Year’s weekend. After several weeks of planning and arranging the details, and after much worrying and wondering, the time has finally come for the New Year’s Big Bang Event. She is planning to bring the New Year in a big way; this would be no normal New Year’s Eve celebration.

Jessica wandered about her home and checked for the last minute details. She checked that she had enough blankets and covers for the guests to use, in case they themselves got busy. She moved her kitchen table more in the centre of the dining room. That way, the guests could stand around the table and enjoy the delicious food which would surround Jessica as she lay on her back on the table in the middle of the table, naked and coated in a sticky glistening liquid, with her hands and legs tied together and her holes stuffed with apples. She would be presented on the table as a centerpiece surrounded by delicious food, and appear as if she were a roasted stuffed pig, basted with oils and barbecue sauce.

Her inaugural screw, when the lucky guy would take her cherry, would occur on this table, and her first few fucks would occur too while she is lying on the table. The apple would be removed from her stuffed pussy and the guys would enjoy their first of 25 screws on the table, while the other guests watched the action and ate the food. The table was ready now. All Jessica had to do was put the pizza on the table when it arrived. She would also put some of the dishes in the refrigerator on the table later.

Lilly came at casino siteleri 9:30 to give Jessica a hand before the first guests arrive. Jessica arranged for them to start coming over at 11:00am, the time for the festivities to begin. Both women busily finished the final preparations and waited for the pizza man to arrive with the pizza order. At 10:15, Jessica greeted the man at the door with the huge pizza order. He smiled when he left, and Jessica wondered why he had such a huge grin on his face.

Jessica then went into her bedroom for a few minutes. She closed the door and readied herself for the big event. She sat at the foot of the bed and looked at her legs and between her legs. She then raised her dress and looked at her nude vagina. She played with and massaged her pussy and the hair around it.

She started talking to it. “Today will be the beginning of a new life for you, my pussy. You will no longer be the young virgin vagina I know and lived with all my life. One lucky guy will pop the cherry in you. Then, you will be attacked, massaged, stretched and penetrated like never before; you will have more dicks of various shapes and sizes inserted in you than you can possibly imagine. You will see more dicks and be fucked more than most women ever will in their lives. You will not be the same pussy that I am so eager to have altered. Are you ready?”

She massaged and played with it some more. Thoughts of numerous fucks, with penises of differing lengths and sizes, both fascinated and frightened her still.

“Get over it, Jessica! You are going to be fucked today. This is what you wanted for so long. You wished and dreamt about for a long time. After all, I never wanted you to be a virgin vagina forever.” she told her pussy as she continued to look at her vagina.

After a few minutes, Jessica rose off the bed. She was ready and determined to achieve her goal and change her life. She removed her dress and walked into the bathroom, where she admired her nude body in the mirror. She loved the way she looked: beautiful curves, a great rack of breasts and no flab anywhere on her body. A fine healthy female specimen who no man would want to avoid and who should have no problem reproducing.

Next, she sat on the toilet and relieved herself. After she pee-ed, she called Lilly to come into the bathroom. Lilly may as well see Jessica in the nude now, she thought; just not while she did nature’s business. It was a necessary part of life, just not a very pretty sight, no matter how beautiful the women is.

Jessica needed Lilly’s help. While she could, and had many times in the past, shave her pubic hair herself she could not do a very good job further down toward her a-hole. Lilly heard her friend calling and came to the bathroom door.

“Everything all right, Jessica?” she asked.

“Oh yes! Everything is all right; in fact, everything is wonderful! This is the first day of a new me. But, I need your help in doing something, Lilly!” she told Lilly.

Lilly opened the door and was a little surprised to see her best friend all nude and sitting on the toilet.

“Wow! What a beautiful sight! I have never seen you nude, Jessica! You are even more attractive naked, could that be? Excuse me for being a little surprised and perhaps staring a little too long.” Lilly told Jessica.

“It is alright! Quite a view, I know! I hope I didn’t shock you. Lilly, I need you to shave me around the pussy and toward my asshole. I can’t do a very good job back there. I want no hair anywhere around my pussy and asshole this weekend. I want to be completely nude, even there. Would you help me?” she asked Lilly.

Lilly said she was happy to do it. She had special knack for shaving pubic hair. She took a razor, replaced the blades with new ones, and then started cutting Jessica’s pubic hair. She did it very gently and lovingly. She made a pattern as she removed the hair; first shaving it in a heart shaped pattern.

“This heart pattern represents the love and respect I have for you. You are my best friend.” Lilly told Jessica.

Then, she removed all of the hair around her pussy. Next, she spread Jessica’s legs wide and continued shaving her, moving toward her asshole and occasionally stopping briefly to play with Jessica’s clitoris and vagina lips. Lilly was quite enjoying shaving Jessica’s pubic area. She liked the sight of her vaginal lips too. They were much bigger and longer than her own, and stuck out further. She admired the bare pussy. She had never shaved another woman before and thought she did a wonderful job.

Lilly then asked if Jessica would shave her. It had been a long time since Lilly shaved herself down there. The last time was before she went on a Caribbean vacation. She didn’t want any hair showing out of her bikini while wearing it on a Caribbean beach. She also didn’t want to be troubled with pubic hair when having sex with some guy, tourist or native, she might have encountered while there. One of Lilly’s goals in the Caribbean was to have wild sex with some canlı casino stranger on a Caribbean beach.

Lilly disrobed too, and both women were now standing in the bathroom, both totally nude. Jessica admired Lilly for a few minutes. Then, she shaved Lilly down below.

“Wow! We are both beautiful specimens. Why have we hesitated showing each other our nude bodies until now? We have taken numerous showers before, while at the gym? Never, have we ever allowed ourselves to be seen by the other in the nude. Quite a shame, isn’t it?” Jessica said to Lilly.

“Yes, it is! I guess we were worried that it would change or threaten our friendship.” Lilly answered.

Well, this was certainly the beginning of new things for Jessica and Lilly. They then showered together. They washed each other from head to toe and took time to play with each other’s parts. It took longer to shower this morning, as they explored every part of their bodies. Jessica felt energized, excited and very pleased. She experienced new sensations that morning. She had never showered with anyone before, especially a woman, and she never allowed anyone to play with her body.

“Thank you, Lilly! That was absolutely wonderful. Normally, I am in and out of the shower in under 2 minutes. I believe I have never felt so alive and so sexy this morning. That was exhilarating! You have awaked something in me. I am a new woman now! Thank you!” she told Lilly.

Lilly was pleased that Jessica enjoyed the shower and body play. Both women were quite excited by each other. Jessica felt the warm blood rush through her body and something like electricity coursing through her body from toes to head. She never felt so alive and energized. Lilly dressed again while Jessica merely put a bathrobe around her. She planned to laze about in her bathrobe for the rest of the morning until the time came for the bonking action.

Jessica prepared some breakfast for Lilly and herself. She had some cereal and some fruit. Later, she made a cup of coffee. The 2 women sat in the kitchen and ate their breakfast. After breakfast, they put the remainder of the foods on the table.

Jessica went back into kitchen and pulled the honey jar out of the cupboard. From the refrigerator, she pulled out the tomato sauce and barbecue sauce. In a large bowl, she poured both the tomato sauce and the barbecue; then she added the honey. She mixed it all together and then left the bowl on the kitchen counter.

It was nearly 11am and it was time for Jessica to become the centerpiece on the kitchen table. The first group of 20 guys, with their women, would be arriving shortly. Lilly took the mixture from the kitchen and brought it to the kitchen table. Jessica let her bathrobe fall and climbed onto the table.

“Sorry Jessica! You really look quite attractive in the nude. I can not help but look at and admire your body. I tell you that, if we were not expecting guests shortly, I would take you right now and make love to you in the bedroom.” Lilly told Jessica.

“But Lilly, you are a woman and I am not sure whether I tend that way.” she told Lilly. It excited and shocked Jessica at the same time. She never thought of Lilly as a sexual being and never thought of having sex with a woman.

Jessica was lying in the middle of the table now with her hands down by her vagina and her legs up in the air. Lilly tied Jessica’s hands together and placed them between her legs. Then she tied her thighs to her legs, which were up in the air, bent at the knee and touching her thighs. Next, she took a basting brush from the kitchen drawer and began coating Jessica with the mixture. The tomato and barbecue sauces gave a cooked meat appearance to Jessica, and the honey allowed the sauces to stick to her flesh. Lastly, Lilly stuffed an apple in Jessica’s mouth, an apple in her vagina and one in her anus. The anus was the hardest and most painful hole of Jessica’s to stuff. It took the longest time to stuff the apple up Jessica’s ass because Lilly had to first stretch open the anus to accommodate the apple. Eventually, all 3 of her holes were stuffed. Her friend now looked like a well roasted piece of meat, like a stuffed pig. Jessica lay there and felt like a well roasted piece of meat. She was ready for the arrival of the first group of 20 men.

The first 20 guys had all arrived at the party by 11:30. They brought 10 of the invited women too. Guy number 45 was also there. He would perform the inaugural fuck soon and pop Jessica’s cherry.

The guests were quite excited, as they entered the room, to see a beautiful Jessica, nude and lying as a centrepiece on the table.

They came up closer to the table to take a better look and to pick up their “Screw My Pussy” cards, lying next to Jessica.

“What a gorgeous babe!” they all said.

Lilly got everyone’s attention as the guests milled about. “Let’s get the party started. There is food on the table for you to eat and enjoy, all around the piece of meat centrepiece from which you can taste the coating, made kaçak casino with sauce and honey. Pretend you are taking and tasting a piece of her as you can scrape the coating off with a knife and spread it on your food. Just don’t cut her, please! Later, you guys will be fucking this beautiful hunk of meat. Enjoy yourselves!” Lilly said.

Jessica found it strangely intriguing to be referred to as a piece of or hunk of meat. She knew she was much more than that; however, it was just part of the party fun. The guests milled about the table and sampled the food. She felt it on her flesh as they were using their fingers and knives to scrape off some of the sauce covering. She hoped that none of them would cut her skin.

After everyone had eaten something, the men started to undress and the 10 gorgeous women followed. Clothing was thrown all over the place. It was amazing that anyone would be able to find his or her own clothing later. Guy 5 was the first man to be completely nude. An attractive man with a long penis was ready and primed to have his prize.

He walked up to the table with Jessica lying there still and looked at his prize with excitement. Lilly followed with her writing supplies and measuring tape. She measured him and recorded the information in the book. He primed and sheathed his rock hard cock, and then removed the apple from Jessica’s pussy. All of the guests came and watched the action, as guy 5 was about to pork this lovely hunk of meat for the very first time and pop her cherry.

A carpenter by trade, he took his well worn hand and positioned his 8″ long cock, with a girth of 6 ½”, at the mouth of the Jessica’s vagina. It was a long penis with an average girth, but it should fit quite nicely inside Jessica. He was gentle with her. First, he stroked Jessica’s vagina opening and clitoris with his penis head. Then he moved his penis around the mouth of the vagina, then inside the mouth. Jessica was getting more excited and her vagina was beginning to glisten more as her juices started to flow. Jessica had a wonderful smile on her face as he continued to play with her vagina and as her ever more glistening vagina excreted more and more juices. She thought she had a mini flood between her legs.

Then he inserted his member into her, slowly at first. He moved it around just inside her vaginal opening. Then, he slid it in and out several times. Each entry meant his dick was going a little deeper inside Jessica. She felt herself loosening up as he worked his member deeper and deeper inside her. It was accepting his member quite readily. He continued to move it deeper and deeper, much like a bore tool, down her vaginal canal until she felt it hit a restriction. There was a brief moment of hesitation. Then, he pushed a couple of times more and Jessica thought she felt a pop. He now burst her hymen. He indeed popped her cherry and took her virginity at this point. She became a different woman now and it was a wonderful moment for Jessica. He wasted no time when he realized that he popped her and his penis was now free to penetrate deeper. He was thrusting faster and deeper now. He continued to bore deeper until she felt the tip of his dick coming up to her cervix. The guy continued to pump his dick further and further. Jessica thought there was no end to his deepening inward motion. She was becoming a little worried about him bursting her open. It certainly felt as if he were going to bore right through her. At the same time, Jessica was quite pleasantly surprised that a penis could penetrate so far.

At this time, he was moaning too. He was on the verge of coming. She could see his face flushed with red. Then there was a huge sigh. His penis had just exploded his load. He removed his cock from Jessica and Lilly measured the amount of semen in the condom. The condom held 3 ½ teaspoons of semen. Lilly recorded the amount in the book and then put the semen in a large glass collection bowl. It would be saved for future use as more semen from all of the guys was collected in the bowl. That was a huge amount of semen. Lilly was quite surprised.

Guy 5 then walked away from the table, holding and caressing his recently pussy-kissed dick while showing it to the other party goers. He was sort of a celebrity at the party now. He was the lucky one who took Jessica’s virginity, and he had a long dick which the women liked and desired. They were also quite impressive with the amount of semen that he exploded. In no time whatsoever, he had numerous offers to fuck the 10 invited women. They were very eager to have his long sausage inside them. In time, he would screw each one of them; after all, he had lots of time and he still had Jessica to screw 25 times.

Jessica was still lying on the table with the food surrounding her. She was quite a sight. People were milling about, talking to each other, and occasionally walking up to the table to sample some more food and the sauce and honey on Jessica. They enjoyed the view of Jessica on table as well. Jessica found it a little weird at times to feel numerous knives scraping the sauce and honey off her body and many hands caressing her body. They did not neglect her beautiful mounds of breasts, both naturally round and plump, and natural too.

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