Jess Ch. 01

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Jess looked down at the paperwork, away from the door, on the first glimpse of Alan striding through it. He was born and bred in Hong Kong and looked as though he owned the place. The girls in the office forgave any hint of arrogance seeing it as his right to a confidence he deserved. His shoulders tapered down to a slim waist and a nice muscular bottom.

Jess didn’t have to look to know this for she had seen him often enough and the girls would soon chatter about what he was wearing. It wasn’t just his body that was impressive his mind was sharp too. Hence promotion to office manager while only twenty-five.

Jess was twenty-three but less confident and less experienced and less everything compared to him. She looked away knowing her face would redden with embarrassment if he caught her staring. In a whirlwind of activity he came and went. A collective sigh followed him as the girls let go of chests held out. Jess wondered at their audacity, even the married women eyed him up, though less obviously.

“He’s gone, you can relax Jess,” Dora giggled. “He was wearing that Italian suit, the sharp one that shows off his long legs and cute bottom,” she sighed.

The exaggerated sigh was all show, or at least Jess hoped it was for the girl was engaged. “Are you sure I can’t introduce you to my cousin? He’s good looking but not as handsome as Alan,” she cooed. They teased her a little but soon gave up on her as a lost cause.

Jess was shy but even despite that there wasn’t the slightest chance he would notice her. She could dance on the desk and he would probably just turn away to talk business with someone. She respected that. He was building a career not a social network or a harem. She coughed covering up a silly giggle from the very idea of it — he had a harem right here in the office. She wondered if he was aware of their infatuation and just knew he would be shocked over their rude comments.

Some of the girls were outrageous. Surely they didn’t do such bad things even with a husband. Perhaps they were just shocking her.

“Here Jess, a banana for lunch,” Dora said, pushing one onto the desk.

Jess felt hot from a blush of bright pink to her cheeks. From a previous conversation she knew what they were getting at. She had revealed a complete lack of knowledge about such things. “No thank you, I’m on a diet,” she said. She dare not be offensive as they were good friends, usually.

“If you can’t manage it I’ll try it,” Dora teased her. She proceeded to unzip the banana and eat it in a suggestive manner.

“Stop it some one will see,” Jess hissed at her.

“I need the practice for when I get married,” Dora said and winked.

“You won’t really do that will you?” Jess asked and wished she hadn’t.

“If it keeps him happy, why not, I don’t want him straying. You know what men are like, oh! No! You don’t,” she giggled.

“Don’t be so annoying!” Jess scolded her.

“You’re five years older than me yet you know nothing, why?” Dora asked.

“There’s nothing wrong with me if that’s what you mean,” she stated and turned back to her work, in a huff.

Jess had a perfect smooth youthful complexion with dark shining long hair. In the office she kept it up but outside would let it down almost to her slim waist. Her tummy was kept firm and flat from budgeting rather than dieting. Eating frugally and walking part way to the office kept her trim and toned without a workout at an expensive gym.

She too had sacrificed the time needed to build relationships, preferring to dedicate herself to building a career. She came to Hong Kong to university from Macau and simply stayed after getting this job. Looking after parents had set her back, but even so it would be difficult to catch up with the likes of Alan. She knew she was inexperienced but there was plenty of time for that sort of thing.

The morning dragged on and she worked through lunch. Jess was looking forward to a night out with the girls. Instead of making her way back across the island to her apartment she changed at a friends place.

“You can’t wear that!” Dora exclaimed.

“Why not? What’s wrong?” she asked with a look of dismay. It was bad enough changing in front of her, what now?

“You’ve worn it before and it’s too old fashioned. Here try this,” she said, smiling with confidence.

Despite protests it had to be tried on. Unfortunately it fit but she didn’t feel confident like her friend at all. “It’s too short, too tight,” Jess complained.

“It’s perfect! You look better in it than me,” Dora said, with a petulant look. “You have to wear it I won’t take no for an answer,” she told her.

In that dress Jess had to wear a thong, which was uncomfortable, but she had to admit it did something for her. She felt sexy! Unfortunately that would evaporate as soon as they stepped outside where she would feel self-conscious.

The university girls were going out celebrating a full year since leaving. Two from the office would be there including Dora. There would be safety in numbers canlı bahis and she didn’t drink so relaxed, a little. “OK! Thanks, its nice,” she admitted.

The little black dress was a classic and looked a perfect fit hugging the contours of her body as though made for her. Dora was about to tell her she looked very sexy but knew it would only put her off.

They made their way to a bar to meet up and forced Jess to drink a cocktail. “Just relax for once Jess,” they chorused. Another bar and another cocktail left Jess ready to go back to her apartment. They couldn’t let her go home alone so dragged her along to a Karaoke bar. She was happy to sit and watch them make fools of themselves enjoying the pleasant atmosphere of friends laughing together over old times.

Jess gave a start almost falling from the stool.

“Hi everyone, you having fun?” Alan asked. Alan put has hand on her bare shoulder sending fizzing pleasure through her entire body.

The girls giggled and gathered around him almost shoving her off the stool again but he gripped her shoulder. They laughed at his jokes each getting a little attention which seemed to satisfy their egos. Unlike Jess they knew how far to flirt and respond to his smiles and naughty patter. She hadn’t seen him like this he seemed so alive and vital.

“Careful!” he exclaimed. Alan grabbed a hold of Jess when someone almost knocked her off the stool yet again. “It’s you, Jess, how you doing?”

She was flattered he recognised and remembered her name. Of course he did, he knew everyone. Not just the girls but the business partners, customers, employees and even suppliers. He networked constantly to build a career.

“I’m fine,” she stammered.

“She’s had two drinks and is ready for home,” Dora told him.

“The night has just begun!” he scolded her playfully.

“I have to prepare a report tomorrow, I need to keep a clear head,” she explained.

“Good! Very good,” he smiled. “It’s a pity the others don’t treat their work so seriously as you, Jess,” he spoke quietly to her.

He still gripped her arm and it felt as warm and strong as his voice. The others had turned away at the mention of work expecting he would too.

“Do you really want to go home?” he asked.

The serious concern in his voice touched her but all she could do was nod. She was already shy in his presence and now he was standing so close it was overwhelming. Two girls from the office were looking at them talking close and quietly, excluding the others. She realised they had envious looks on their faces. It was that which made her nod when he offered to escort her home.

He held onto an arm leading her out to a taxi. How was it he could get a taxi so easily? Did everything come to him so effortlessly? Once in the taxi she realised it was going to be embarrassing giving the address to the driver. She lived in a small one room apartment on a block that prostitutes used. That was why it was so cheap, meaning she could save more.

He didn’t say a word or show the slightest indication of distaste when she gave the driver the destination. She hoped he would ask to be dropped off somewhere but kept her chatting with questions about her past and ambitions for the future. They arrived all too soon and she expected him to stay in the taxi.

It was a surprise when he helped her out of the taxi. She had to say something besides thanks for the ride and goodnight. “Would you like a cup of tea,” she asked. He seemed amused and wondered if he was laughing at her.

“That would be very nice, Jess,” he said.

The way he said her name made her shiver. He put an arm around her as though it was a cold night but even the river air was warm. It was her apartment but he guided her up the stairs which were ill lit, the lights still not fixed. Though she knew every step she leaned on him feeling his strong arm holding her, feeling his firm body guiding her.

It may have been a cheap one room apartment but she kept it clean and tidy and had decorated it with posters of far away exotic places; discards from travel agencies. She wished she had spent some precious savings on richer decorations. The bed was an offending item, large, unavoidably dominating the room.

He sat on a chair, her chair, and she felt privileged that he was there. She held out a cup, the best cup, of fine bone china. His hand touched hers sending a little thrill through her entire body. It was stupid to be so effected but she was moved, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

“That dress suits you, you look ravishing,” Alan told her.

“Thank you,” she said, lowering her eyes in embarrassment. She stood there before him with a cup in her hand feeling silly for there was nowhere to sit.

He stood up and took the cup from her hand placing it on the table. He lifted her chin with a hand forcing her to look at him. “You look good enough to eat,” he told her, with an intense seriousness.

She didn’t know what to say. It would be stupid to say thank you again. She smiled instead hoping bahis siteleri it would be enough.

“Don’t you ever relax? I’ve never heard you laugh, do you know that?” he told her. “We can sit there both of us, or should I sit on the floor?” he laughed.

He wasn’t laughing at her or the apartment, he seemed to understand. He sat down with her and she felt guilty they were sitting on her bed. He wrapped an arm around her thin body pulling tight. She closed her eyes just as firmly. This was wrong she didn’t know him well enough! She hadn’t expected this but wanted it, wanted him.

He kissed her and she kissed him back. Her hands were all over him wrapping her arms around him pulling him close as though in deep water and might drown without him. The floodwaters of her need, held back for so long had broken free, swamping the remaining reticence. She reacted to his every touch and he knew where to touch.

Unaware he had lifted the little dress he leaned between her legs and pulled her panties to one side. She felt his mouth on her pussy and cried out. She was looking at his penis for he had managed to caress her and remove his trousers; she remembered helping strip them off and gasped at the audacity of it.

It was all happening so quickly she her mind couldn’t keep up. They were laying side by side head to toe, how did that happen?

He was freeing such a deep need her body was moving from his guidance without consulting her conscience, bypassing a strict moral code altogether. His cock was in her face! She moved her face onto his cock nuzzling it. Only half aware of what she was doing she kissed it then sucked it into her mouth.

He was already sucking her pussy entirely into his mouth so she sucked him in too. It was too big! Dora hadn’t explained what to do in detail and Jess did like details. Oh! How she liked what he was doing to her.

“Yes! Oh! Yes!” she exclaimed. She began to climax. She tightened her legs needing to close them about his head and capture that wicked tongue delving in so delightfully. He held her legs apart while working on her swollen labia, sucking it in then rubbing her clit with a finger. Her whole body was driven by a climax of sensations driving her on to squirm in ecstasy while he gripped her tight.

He kept on driving her wild. She wanted more, wanted to be filled, wanted him to fuck her. He moved her whole body around while she was helpless, on the cusp of another orgasm. She felt his cock nudge her sex. “No! Please! I’m not on the pill,” she wailed.

He got up and went to the fridge. All she could do was lay there hoping she hadn’t spoilt it, hadn’t disappointed him. She was still shaking ready to orgasm at the slightest provocation. It was as though she were waiting for permission; his slightest touch would set her off.

She felt a cold sensation on her bottom spreading between her cheeks over her pussy. What was he doing? It was good and she trusted his experience. The contrast between her heat and this cold substance emphasised her sex, enhanced the sensations of his fingers massaging her down there. She saw the wrapping paper and realised he was rubbing her with cold cooking fat. She didn’t know what it meant but it felt good with a more sensitive touch of those wonderful cold fingers.

One hand spread her cheeks while a finger pushed at her asshole with a thumb rubbing her clit. The feelings were intense.

“Relax little honey pot,” he whispered in her ear.

How could she relax while spread out bottom up over the bed with her legs splayed for him to see everything! The intensity of sensations kept her on the edge. She needed to cum. “Make me cum, please. Oh! Please let me cum,” she begged. The disgrace of this dire pleading brought her closer though she was completely unaware that humiliation heated her up.

A finger entered her asshole and she tightened up immediately but he was patient, ready to teach her. There was no choice for he kept her on the edge for so long she would do anything to reach an orgasm.

He moved up her back with tongue and lips gently caressing, all the time fingers massaged around her anus and into that dark passage. She felt something bigger push at her little hole.

“Relax, let me in and you can cum, my little virgin,” he whispered in her ear.

She moaned in turmoil. “I need to cum, please,” she wailed. She couldn’t let him have her pussy. She was letting him down after he had given her so much pleasure. She didn’t think she could let him do that to her either. Not even the girls in the office had mentioned this! Not even as a joke had they mentioned letting a man bugger them.

She moaned from his manipulation of her clit and that devil of a finger. The head of his cock pushed at her greased asshole and she wailed painfully. It was in! The sensation of pain was so close to the pain of desperation they blurred into one. She felt his hardness slide up inside, ever so slowly.

“That’s it my lovely virgin ass. You are so tight, grip me hard, that’s it!” he grimaced the words bahis şirketleri directly into her ear.

Being buggered was a great humiliation but she was turned on by it just a little. It was easy to ignore the action while pretending to endure it. Not for long though. She felt a mixture of shame, fear, pain and excitement all rolled into one sensational arousal! It was also a relief that he was enjoying her body. He was taking her! She was a virgin again for Alan to break! This man who could have anyone of her friends was taking her, making love to her.

She pretended it was her vagina not wanting to believe he was buggering her. “Fuck me, Alan, fuck me, make me cum,” she panted. She didn’t need to grip him as it was so tight he had to move slowly or break her in two. “I must cum, please fuck me,” she begged him. She needed it to be over yet wanted to feel him cum inside her body.

She at last felt him stiffen inside as well as his legs spasm and push hard. She braced her body then felt a spurt and he was pumping his seed into her. A wave of pain flushed her but it was soon forgotten with another orgasm. She lay panting. With every gush of breath she told him. “I’ve cum! I’ve cum!”

He collapsed on her back pushing her into the covers. She wanted to feel his weight on her but more than that she wanted to wrap her arms around him to feel his body in a tight embrace. He slid to her side and pulled her on top of him wrapping her frail body in his. She trembled from the after shock of multiple orgasms.


Jess awoke in his arms not daring to stir in-case she disturbed him. She watched his face memorising its shape and texture. He looked serene, at peace. She shifted her hips to a more comfortable position after feeling a pain in her bottom. He had taken her virgin ass and despite the misgivings felt it belonged to him. The idea her body was his was powerful but it was a worry what he would do with it.

After what she had let him do would he find her unsuitable and reject her? After so easily taking her surely he would think she was too easy and therefore unworthy. He must think she was terrible for letting him bugger her. Even thinking that word made her wince with fright and something more, not just pain or distaste. Why didn’t it disgust her?

Alan stirred and stretched awake. She dare not look at him. With eyes averted she spoke. “Would you like a cup of tea?” she asked.

As she tried to slip away he grabbed an arm to pull her face close, kissing her lips roughly. It felt as though he was just helping himself to her body and she loved it. She opened her mouth letting him explore; she felt he was taking her again. Feeling strong hands on her breasts she pushed onto them for him to squeeze and pinch both nipples.

“Do you want me or the tea?” she giggled.

“Both! Everything! I want all of you, your mind and body both,” he laughed.

Jess was jubilant. It was clear he was not about to abandon her as a one night stand. He said he wanted her and it left a giddy happiness embracing her very being. She would find out what he liked and do it, whatever it was. The girls were right there wasn’t anything too shameful to contemplate when in love.

She fed him what meagre rations were to hand, not wanting to leave his side to stock up the fridge. He too wouldn’t leave, not even to buy condoms. She didn’t say anything but hoped he wouldn’t expect her to have sex without the pill or any sort of protection. She wondered if the will to resist was available when he had the experience to work her up into such a frenzy of desire.

Seeming to read her thoughts he held her tight and whispered in an ear. “Don’t look worried I’ll look after you. My little virgin asshole is broken now, is it sore?” he asked.

“Yes a little,” she said. It seemed so outrageous to be discussing her bottom with a man from the office, yet it was possible with him, after being so intimate. They were both naked on the bed having eaten and drank their fill. She could see he was ready and felt it hard against a thigh.

She watched him walk toward the fridge with a large pole leading the way. It bounced as he took each step. It was fascinating. Even when he turned back with a cold can she brazenly watched it approach, closer and closer, unable to avert her eyes. Like the leaning Tower of Pisa it hung over her dominating her whole being. He shook it by wiggling his hips and she gasped.

He was looking at her expression – mesmerised by the sight of his cock – enjoying the attention. He knew it was large, for he had been told it was, but never experienced this reaction before. She seemed overwhelmed, couldn’t take her eyes off it. A big smile took over his face which couldn’t be wiped away. It turned to a frown on remembering how frightened she had been when he was close to entering her pussy. Other things added up to become clear, she was a virgin, or very inexperienced.

Of course it was to be expected she was afraid when he took her ass for there were few women with experience and fewer still enjoyed it. To be a complete virgin at her age was unusual so maybe she was just inexperienced. It worried him for a moment but then the thought of guiding her along the path he enjoyed overrode concerns for her sensitivity.

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