Jen’s Birthday Pt. 03

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Jen texted Jill the day after Jen and Jack had spent that incredible night with Jeff and Jill.

“We had such a good time the other night! Can hardly wait to see you both again. xoxoxox”

A few moments later Jen had Jill’s response.

“Us too. We have hardly stopped talking about it. Let’s get together again soon. xxxxx”

Unfortunately arranging a get together again proved difficult with work and family commitments. Nearly two months went by and despite several attempts to arrange another tryst with Jeff and Jill they had not managed to make it happen. Jen was again becoming frustrated. Her sex drive was greater than she had ever experienced. Even though she and Jack made love several times a week she found that her clit was tingly and ached for attention nearly all the time and particularly when she let her mind wander to Jeff and Jill. The fact that she rarely found time to masturbate added to her frustration.

Jen typically worked until 3 o’clock and then picked up the girls from school and brought them to some after school activity or another, but on this particular Friday the girls had gone over their friend’s house for a playdate and she did not have to pick them up until 5:30. So Jen found herself sitting alone in her kitchen at 3:15 sipping a cup of tea. She wished Jack could have managed to get out of work early so he could fuck her, but he was not likely to get home before 5 at the earliest she figured. That would not provide them enough time to have sex before she had to go get the girls she calculated. She needed a good hard fuck she thought, or at least someone to lick her clit with wild abandoned.

She let her mind linger on that possibility for a few seconds. Yes, a good pussy licking is what she needed she mused, as she squirmed a little in her chair. She considered who she wanted to lick her. First, she thought of Jack, but her mind traveled quickly to Jill. Oh how amazing it would be if Jill were here right now she thought. She’d probably kiss me and rub her gorgeous soft tits against me. And then she would ravage me with her tongue and make me cum over and over again in her mouth Jen fantasized. Jen decided to go upstairs and masturbate. I have plenty of time for that she thought.

When she arrived in her bedroom upstairs she closed the door, quickly stripped out of her clothes, and settled into the arm chair by the window near the foot of their king size bed. The afternoon sun was shining brightly through the window and felt like a warm embrace on her naked body. She began lightly playing with her nipples and spread her legs. Yes, if Jill were here she would take care of my needs she thought.

And then she thought, I want to be sexier for Jill. I want her to want to devour me. And Jen quickly rose and walked to her closet and began searching through her small collection of “sexy” shoes. After a short deliberation she decided Jill might like to see her in her black strappy 2 ½ inch heeled sandals and she put them on. She paused briefly in front of the full length mirror on the opposite closet door and made a quick appraisal – yes, she thought, looking at her erect nipples poking out from her small breasts, her swollen pink pussy lips emerging from her blond pubic hair, her long legs, and sexy shoes, Jill would definitely want to fuck me. She felt very sexy. Jen spun around and retrieved her large dildo and her favorite vibrator from her bedside table before returning to her arm chair.

Again the warm sun pouring through the window felt wonderful and she again played with her nipples and thought about Jill. She ached to see Jill’s lovely soft round breasts. Jen thought about how amazing they would feel pressed up against her skin. She wanted desperately to suck on them. Jill’s breasts were so sexy and wonderful she thought. They were not large by any measure, perhaps the size of large peaches Jen considered, but they were so much larger than her own breasts and sooo soft.

Jen felt a little dizzy with excitement and began rubbing her pussy and clit softly as she imagined Jill rubbing her tits against her. Then Jen inserted the large dildo into her very wet cunt and imagined Jill fucking her with it. Next she turned the vibrator on and began swirling it around her clit as she visualized Jill licking her while she fucked her with the dildo. She pictured Jill’s tits swaying and jiggling as she licked and fucked her. Then suddenly Jen thought how hot it would be if someone was also licking Jill’s cunt from behind, causing Jill to writhe and moan while she licked at her cunt. First she pictured Jeff behind Jill probing her with his tongue, but that image quickly gave way and an image of her friend Stacey on all fours behind Jill.

Jen and Jack had often fantasized about fucking Stacey and her husband John, but Jen had never incorporated her into her masturbation activities. The thought of Stacey’s naked body behind Jill while Jill licked her drove her to new heights of arousal, and casino oyna quickly. She pictured Stacey’s large pendulous tits swaying beneath her as she expertly licked Jill’s cunt. Jen first pictured Stacey completely naked, but now she let the image form in her mind of Stacey wearing thigh high stockings, a sexy lace garter belt and red stiletto heels and she careened toward her orgasm. Waves of pleasure washed over her as her legs stiffened and her cunt clamped down on the dildo while her toes curled inside her sexy sandals.

Jen was surprised how fast she had come as she turned off the vibrator. The idea of Jill and Stacey together had been so erotic. Other than her recent experiences with Jill, Jen had never truly made love to another woman. The experience had been so amazing she was now crossing into new territory in her masturbatory fantasies. She had long acknowledged in intimate moments with Jack that she found Stacey attractive. Who wouldn’t she thought – her voluptuous curves, curly red hair, pretty face, sultry lips… And Jill and Stacey together, now that was one hot scenario. She puzzled why it had taken so long to work its way into her brain.

Jen began to think of some of the raunchy possibilities. She’s love to fondle and suck on Stacey’s breasts she thought. Maybe she and Jill could do it together, each of them sucking one of her nipples. Jen began slowly working the dildo that was still in her cunt.

Then it struck her that Stacey was breast feeding, her tits were filled with milk! The thought of her and Jill simultaneously sucking milk from Stacey’s ample breasts sent Jen climbing toward another orgasm and she dropped the vibrator on the floor and she slid two fingers down her cunt on either side of the dildo she was now vigorously pumping in and out of her cunt. She moved her fingers to her clit and started rubbing it, lightly at first and then with more pressure. She closed her eyes and threw her head back and tried to picture the seen. Just as she had formed the beautiful vision of herself, Jill, and Stacey in her head she was wrenched away when she suddenly she heard the door swing open.

She nearly leapt from the chair in a fright, but quickly began to relax when she saw Jack enter the room.

Jack stopped in his tracks and was staring at the sexy spectacle before him. In her surprise Jen had closed her legs and moved her right hand up to cover her breasts. He could see her long sexy legs and the high heeled sandals she was wearing. The sun shined brilliantly on her slightly sweaty skin. She relaxed and let her hand drop and let her legs part. Now Jack could see her other hand was holding the end of a dildo still lodged deep in her cunt.

“Fuck! I did not expect you home so early.” Jen panted.

“Wow! You look amazingly hot!” Jack blurted out.

“Don’t just stand there. Come help a girl out!” Jen retorted as she began to fuck herself again with the dildo.

Jack moved closer and began to undress. Soon he was naked and stroking his hard cock as he approached her. Jen was back to fucking herself vigorously with her dildo and rubbing her clit. When Jack reached her he kissed her deeply on the mouth.

Breaking off the kiss Jack asked, “What were you thinking about that got you in such a state?”

“I was fantasizing about being with both Jill and Stacey! I was thinking about how hot it would be for Jill and I to suck milk from Stacey’s huge tits!!”, Jen panted.

“Fuck, that is really hot!”

“I want you to fuck my mouth while I finish this orgasm! I want you to cum all over me as I fantasize about Stacey and Jill rubbing their breasts all over me!!”

Jack moved forward and shoved his cock into Jen’s waiting mouth and he began thrusting it in and out of her. He then reach down and began fondling his beautiful wife’s tiny tits as he watched her masturbate. After Jen had sucked him deep into her mouth she released him as she quickened the pace of her fingers rubbing her clit. Jack stroked his now wet slippery cock and pushed the bulbous head in and out of Jen’s mouth as he too thought about Jen, Jill, and Stacey’s hot naked bodies touching each other and he could feel is orgasm building. Then suddenly Jen threw her head back and screamed out in pleasure as her orgasm over took her.

“Cum on me!” she screamed. “Cum all over Stacey and Jill’s tits!”

Jack lost control and long jets of cum sprayed from his cock all over Jen’s face and chest. Then Jen pulled her head forward and took Jack’s still spasming cock into her mouth allowing him to finish his orgasm on her swirling tongue.

When she had sucked all the cum from his cock she pulled it from her mouth and said, “that was fucking hot! I am glad you came home early.”

“Me too!”

“I got so hot thinking about Jill I decided to masturbate. And then I managed to get myself really worked up by adding Stacey into the mix.”

“Very hot indeed! I guess we should try and arrange another canlı casino get together with Jill and Jeff.”

“I’d like that very much!” Jen sighed just as Jack leaned in and kissed her cum covered mouth.

Jen had another 30 minutes before she had to leave to pick up the girls so she kicked off her heels and grabbed her cell phone from the pocket of her pants on the floor. While Jack fetched her a towel she pounded out a text to Jill.

“We are desirous to see you guys! Are you free this weekend or next?”

A few moments later as she wiped Jack’s cum from her face and chest her phone dinged and she grabbed for it.

“My sister and her family are visiting for the next two weeks. Maybe the weekend of the 27th? Xoxox”

Shit, that is when Jack is going to away on that work trip.

“Jack is away that weekend.”

“Shoot! Let’s definitely make it happen next month.”

Jen resolved to have a hard look at her calendar later that night after the girls had gone to bed and she threw her sexy sandals back into their spot on the shoe rack that hung from the back of her closet door and got dressed.

“I’m going to get the girls. They are having a play date with the McKenney’s”, Jen explained.

“Ok, I’ll get dinner started. I love you!”

“I love you too” Jen responded as he kissed him.

Later that evening, after dinner, homework, and some family time reading books, and while Jack was settling the girls into their beds, Jen settled herself into her bed with her laptop and began mapping out potential weekends when they might be able to rendezvous with Jill and Jeff again. She wanted at least a two day window she thought, but as she looked through the calendar she was struggling to find any options that would work. Many of the weekends were taken up with sports or social events for the girls or other family commitments. Finally she spied a weekend at the end of the next month that fell between the girls’ basketball and lacrosse seasons. Maybe I can get my parents to watch the girls that weekend Jen mused. She quickly rattled off a text with the dates to Jill. Five minutes later her plan unraveled as her phone dinged and she learned that Jill and Jeff had their son’s baseball tournament that weekend.

A few more frustrating months passed by, but Jen was more determined than ever. Finally, she hatched a plan. The couples would spend a long weekend together for Jen’s next birthday, now only about two months away. She texted Jill the idea and all but insisted that Jeff and Jill clear their calendar for a long day weekend. They eagerly accepted and made the necessary arrangements for the kids to have a vacation with their grandparents.

Much to their surprise two weeks later Jen texted Jill that Stacey and John would also be joining them for her birthday weekend. Both Jeff and Jill were surprised at the addition of Stacey and John to the party, but they were also terribly aroused by the prospect. At first they were a bit disappointed they would not have Jen and Jack to themselves. Their long relationship with Jen and Jack made their new sexual relationship with them feel very comfortable and safe. How would the dynamic change by adding a new couple? But the erotic possibilities of adding another couple to their tryst quickly overtook any misgivings.

Jen arranged a centrally located rental condo for the three couples to celebrate her birthday. With everyone’s consent Jen had arranged the entire affair and instructed everyone to arrive late Thursday afternoon and that we would go to an early dinner and then play some fun games.

The couples drove up separately with great anticipation. Jen and Jack were already there when Jeff and Jill arrived. Jen met them at the door and she was already dressed for dinner. She was wearing a brown, red and yellow flower print dress with thin shoulder straps that came to just above her knees. It was clear she was not wearing a bra and her hard nipples could easily be seen through the thin fabric. On her feet she wore a pair of open toed sandals with 3 inch heels. She greeted them affectionately with hugs and invited them inside. Jeff hugged her pulling her against his chest. He ached to feel her small breasts pressing against him. Inside Jack met them with hugs and handshakes and he was dressed for dinner as well in a sport coat and slacks. He poured them a couple of glasses of wine and they broke into easy conversation mostly about the children recently left with grandparents.

Several minutes later John and Stacey arrived. Stacey’s large breasts were greatly accentuated by the tight and low cut top she was wearing. Jen felt a little dizzy as she let her eyes trail down her cleavage and settle on Stacey’s nipples pressing against the fabric of her blouse.

After a glass of wine and some casual conversation Jen suggested everyone change for dinner and showed the other two couples their respective bedrooms. All three bedrooms were located kaçak casino off the open living and dining room. Two of the bedrooms had queen-sized beds and the other a king.

Once they had freshened up and dressed for dinner the three couples met in the dining room for another glass of wine. Jeff, Jack and John were weak kneed looking at the stunningly sexy women. Stacey wore a low cut green dress which displayed a significant amount of cleavage. The dress came to her knees and clung to her large round ass and her legs clad in dark silky stockings. Her sexy form was completed with a pair of 4 inch dark green pumps.

Jill wore a short low cut black dress of thin silky material that came half way down her thigh. As Jen had insisted, she wore no bra or underwear. The material hugged her bare breasts and her hard nipples pressed against the fabric allowing observers to clearly see the shape of her beautiful tits. The round curves of her sexy ass were easily discernible underneath the sheer material. Accentuating her long sexy legs she wore some strappy black 2 inch heels.

After a lovely dinner at a nearby restaurant where the couples chatted and playfully flirted, they returned to the condo. Over another glass of wine Jen began to reveal a game she had in mind for that evening.

She displayed a short stack of cards and explained that each card had a number that corresponded to each of the bedrooms. She told everyone they were to pick a card and retire to that room for an evening of fun with the other occupants of that room. Except for Jack, who was apparently in on the game, all were quite surprised, but at the same time very turned on by the prospect. With agonizing anticipation everyone selected a card. It was quickly discovered that the selected cards only contained the number of two of the rooms (2 and 3). Each person read their assigned number and displayed them to the rest of the group. Stacey, Jill, and Jack had selected a 3 and Jen, John, and Jeff had selected a 2. Dizzy with excitement they all proceeded to the assigned room and closed the door.

Jen quickly turned after entering the room and kissed Jeff and John hard.

Then she said, “I have been fantasizing about this for a long time” and kissed them again allowing her hands to travel down toward their hardening cocks.

After caressing them through their slacks and making them all the more rigid. She dropped to her knees and unzipped their pants and pulled out both of their cocks. Looking at them hungrily she stroked and caressed them. Both men were looking down at her and could see the insatiable look in her eyes. As she leaned closer to their throbbing cocks both Jeff and John gained a great view down the front of her dress and could see her heaving chest as she panted with excitement. Her small hard nipples were clearly in view as she leaned forward and licked the tip of each cock and they could see the roundness of her ass stretching against her dress and the bottom of her sexy feet stretching forward in her sexy sandals. She alternately stroked each of them and lightly caressed their balls.

Both men could barely stand given the state of their arousal. Jen began to stroke the entire length of John’s large cock with one hand while she caressed Jeff’s balls with the other. Soon a large drop of slippery fluid began oozing from the tip of John’s cock. Seemingly satisfied with the accomplishment, Jen switched to stroking Jeff’s cock, while she tickled the underside of John’s balls. Her efforts were soon rewarded and a large drop of pre-cum also emerged from the tip of Jeff’s cock. Very subtly licking her lips in a trance like state she pulled hard and slow on both cocks trying to release as much of the slippery fluid from them as possible.

She pulled their cocks close until they were just about touching. Both of their cocks tingled with excitement. Neither man had ever been harder. Jen began rubbing each of the drippy cock tips against each other, mixing the large drops of slippery juice together and eventually coating each cock tip with the slick fluid. As she alternately rubbed them together and pulled them apart more oozed from them and caused the fluid to bridge the gap with stringy slippery lines of sexy cum. She then started flicking her tongue across the tips both cocks tasting the mixture, all the while stroking each cock harder in an effort to coax more fluid from them. Unable to wait any longer she began to take each cock into her mouth and savored the salty sexy taste.

Meanwhile, in the adjacent room Jack, Jill, and Stacey were standing, still fully dressed, at the foot of the large king-sized bed embracing and kissing. At first Jack was alternately kissing each of the women on the lips and neck, while his hands caressed their asses and backs, but as the heat began to build, Jill and Stacey began to kiss each other’s necks, very tentatively at first. Jack alternated between light gentle kisses and pushing his tongue in and out of each of their mouths and then he began softly caressing Jill’s breasts through the thin fabric of her dress, which further hardened her nipples and caused them to strain against the nearly see through silky material.

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