JC Joanna Pt. 01

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All characters are above 18 years old. Junior College 2 students in Singapore are 18 years old.


Joanna made her final checks before leaving for the morning. Homework, packed. Economics and Math textbooks for today’s lessons, packed. Black FBT shorts and singlet for Track and Field after school, packed. She had cut out the inner netting from her FBT shorts because they felt uncomfortable, especially since she ran in the longer distance categories like 5km and above.

Dressed in her pristine bluish-green skirt and smart school shirt, she hugged her mum goodbye and bolted out the front door of her 3-room HDB apartment. Her skirt was longer than most of her friends’ because unlike the others, she hadn’t altered it to be shorter. She scolded her friends for that because it was against school rules.

Her lessons at Raffles Junior College passed uneventfully, but she enjoyed them anyway. She was the teacher’s pet in most of her classes, and she learned well about the effects of price ceilings on customer utility that day. She was a good girl, and had never touched a boy outside of the rare innocent touches in PE (Physical Education) classes like when playing touch rugby.

After finishing up her lessons, she headed to the sports track to get ready for her Track and Field CCA (Co-Curricular Activity). In the changing room, she went into a shower stall to change instead of changing in the common area, because she was shy about her changing body. Recently, her breasts had grown out quite a bit and they were getting too big for her B-cup bras. She changed into her sports bra, singlet and FBT shorts. Recently, she had noticed that her panties got sweaty and uncomfortable after a long training session, so she decided to try not wearing panties this time under her black FBT shorts.

She got out and looked herself in the mirror as she walked out of the changing room. Her beautiful oval face looked back, topped by a simple hairstyle with a left-side parting. The ends of her hair were cutely turned upwards. Though athletic, she was small-sized and rather short. It was about a week before her next period, and this time of the month usually made her cheeks a bit rosier and her body more easily aroused, although she usually just waited out her arousal whenever she felt it (usually when watching K-pop videos of her favorite groups). She had tried touching herself before but it was frustrating because she never had orgasms.

Practice was long and tiring, and her CCA mates all did different trainings for their own race categories after their common exercise session at the start. She was one of only three long distance runners, but she was the fastest and most hardworking. She felt a drive to do well and win prizes for herself and for her school.

One of her CCA mates, Henry, was new to the club, just casino oyna joining last week despite being in JC2. Henry was energetic and very fit but she felt that he was loud and sometimes obnoxious, teasing other guys and girls when the teachers weren’t around. He ran short distances, but he was powerful and fast and his calves were large and defined and she found it secretly attractive.

By the time she had finished her practices, most of the others had already finished up their practice and gone home. The track was empty and there were just a few people hanging around in the grandstand facing the track. One of them was Henry, who seemed to have been watching her. She was too tired to care, however. Her legs felt like jelly and she had pushed herself to her limits this time. She half-staggered back to the grandstand and sat down on the wooden bench to take a breather.

The sound of someone stepping quickly across wooden benches travelled down to Joanna, and without further warning, she felt two hands gripped on her shoulders from behind her, giving her a firm shoulder massage over her singlet straps. She was alarmed but too tired to push him off.

“You need a massage I think. You look shagged. This one’s on the house.” Henry’s joking voice came from behind her.

This boy really WAS obnoxious! How could he just touch her like that? If she complained to the teacher, he would be in big trouble. But right now, she was feeling too tired, and a bit shocked by his boldness, that she didn’t know how to respond. So she didn’t respond, and just let him knead away at her shoulders and back. The feeling was something she never experienced before. No boys had ever touched her there, let alone so firmly. It was electric, and combined with her ovulation, she was starting to feel aroused, even while she felt tired after her run. She closed her eyes and just soaked in the strange, sudden feelings.

The hands suddenly left her shoulders. Bang! Bang! Twice more the wooden benches rattled, and as she opened her eyes she found Henry one level below her, facing her. He put his hands on her calves and started massaging them.

“Your legs also need to recover.”

She was unsure what his motives were. Did he just want to touch her for fun? Or was he teasing her? Was he actually just being a helpful, handsy teammate? In any case, the sensations she felt overwhelmed her and she was unable to think straight. His hands were directly on her skin with no singlet strap in the way, kneading and pressing away at her tender legs.

“This is definitely against school rules, touching another student like this.” She meant to say it firmly but it just came out meekly.

She closed her eyes again and relished in the feelings. Just as she was settling into the feelings, the hands left her calves again.

“Well, I guess that’s enough for the free session. I’ll canlı casino see you Friday for practice.”

She opened her eyes to see that he had stood up and was bouncing off to the boys’ changing room. She wished he had continued some more. She was feeling good and strangely aroused and excited.

The enjoyable feeling from her body made her suddenly aware of her lack of panties. From that angle beneath her, he must have been able to see her lack of panties. How much had he seen? Had he seen her pussy? The thought of it embarrassed her to death, but made her curious on what he must have been thinking. It also kind of turned her on.

When she reached home, she was still thinking about the whole experience, and how this simple exchange was the most sexually charged moment of her innocent life. She entered her room, took off her FBT shorts and starting touching all around her pussy. It was swollen, wet and sticky. It felt so good, but she knew it was in vain. No matter what she did, it only left her feeling more aroused. She was inexperienced in touching herself and couldn’t make herself finish. She moaned quietly to herself in a tortured whimper and resigned herself to waiting out her horny state.

When Friday came, Joanna found herself looking forward to Track and Field practice. She couldn’t explain it, but she was longing to feel that high again. The high that Henry made her feel when he massaged her calves and when she realised he could see her without panties. Would he touch her again today? How was it going to feel?

She made sure not to wear her panties again during practice.

She again had a longer training session, and they ended up as the two last ones to finish up practice. She was not as tired as the previous time, but she made sure to rest again at the grandstand, in order to see if she could get him to touch her again.

Sure enough, he made his way to her and put his hands on her again, before even saying anything. This time, he started with the calf massage. She felt so embarrassed thinking of him seeing her without panties again, and the thought of it gave her a naughty high. If Henry had seen anything amiss, he made no indication. The feeling of his firm touch on her calves massaged the inhibitions in her mind as much as the muscles in her legs. Before long however, his hands were gone.

“Looks like we’re the last ones. Let’s pack up the cones.” He said, turning. The large cones used to block off the lanes for practice were still on the track.

His words snapped her out of her lazy enjoyment, and she got up to follow him. Each of them had four large stacked cones in their arms when they were done, and they went together to deposit the cones at the storage room under the grandstand. It was a dark and stuffy room with mainly sports equipment in it. He opened the metal door and she entered first.

She heard him kaçak casino put down his cones by the door, which was strange to her because they were supposed to be in the far corner, but she didn’t look back. Her heart was still beating fast, thinking about his touch on her calves.

“Hey Joanna,” his haughty voice came from behind. He held her hips so she couldn’t walk forwards, then he grabbed both sides of her black FBT shorts and yanked them down to her knees.

“Why aren’t you wearing panties? Don’t you know that’s against school rules?” His voice turned scary, making Joanna realise the danger she was in. He definitely knew that she wasn’t wearing panties, and he was going to do something about it!

Still holding onto the large cones and facing away from Henry, Joanna was shocked as her naked butt was exposed to the air, and to his eyes. It was round and firm and delightful, and her pussy was still aroused from the touch earlier. She had no reply except embarrassment, and she was frozen to the spot.

Henry took the initiative. He moved to grab her at the waist, and expertly kissed Joanna’s neck from behind. Joanna felt like she had never felt before. The touch at her exposed waist was fire, but the attacks on her neck were like explosions and fireworks. She never knew that her body could feel this good! She didn’t have time to process what she was feeling, and her waist instinctively made circles as she craved for touch at her nether region.

Henry didn’t miss a beat, moving a hand to her pussy from behind, rubbing skilfully across her drenched pussy. His fingers glided across her pussy around her clit as he massaged her pussy while continuing his kisses on her neck. Joanna moaned uncontrollably as he continued, her hands still stupidly holding onto the large cones. Her pussy felt better than it ever had before, and it kept feeling better and better. She was scared of what was going to happen, having never orgasmed before.

He withdrew his hand on her pussy, meaning to tease Joanna, but he didn’t expect the depth of her desire. Joanna was a bitch in heat. She cried out in frustration, dropped the cones on the floor and reached behind her to find his hands again. Then she moved his hand back to her pussy and rubbed it with him. She was so horny. Henry was taken aback at this sex bomb in his hands.

Then, her body started shaking violently. It continued for seconds which seemed like minutes, before she moaned out even louder than before, jerking her hips back and forth. It was the first orgasm in her life. Her pussy was completely swollen and wet, and some of the wetness dripped to her inner thigh.

“Fuck…” She was in a hazy state of pleasure, but her senses were coming back to her. She turned to face him properly and threatened him.

“You better not tell anyone about this or else I’ll tell everyone how you molested me.”

“Sure, sure. I’ll see you at the next practice. Heh.”

His arrogance pissed her off, but she knew how good she’d felt when he touched her, and she couldn’t help but think about the next time it would happen.

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