Japanese Co-ed Works on Wrestler

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It is early January and very cold on the university campus. Mika (19 yrs.) is a Japanese co-ed (34-24-32) who steps off the treadmill in her athletic jumpsuit. She steps over to grab her university bag. The student gym is empty because the semester hasn’t started yet.

She notices Aaron (19 yrs.) wearing a university sweat suit. He’s jumping rope and wearing music headphones over his sandy-blonde hair. Mika walks toward the women’s locker-room.

Aaron stands at 5’7″ and his wrestling weight is 141 lbs. He’s naked and is standing on a weight machine.

He whispers to himself, “Fuck, 142. Good, one more pound.”

Aaron stands under a shower facing away from the wall. He lathers up his hair with shampoo. His legs are spread a part and his cock and balls flop around. He doesn’t know that Mika is standing in the doorway. She’s been watching him. He turns around and lathers up his round buttocks with shampoo.

Mika sees another male getting out of a shower. She looks at Aaron and quickly turns to leave.

Aaron stands in front of his locker wiping his head with a towel. He then bends over to breathe a little. Coach Joseph walks up to sit on the bench. He’s smiling.

Aaron looks over, “Hey coach, I got one more pound to lose.”

“Good, you’ll do it” coach replies who keeps smiling. cumlouder porno

Aaron asks, “What you smiling for?”

Coach answers, “This Asian chick was standing in the doorway watching you.”

Aaron looks at him and then over to the doors. He asks, “Shit, really? You lie.”

Coach shakes his head, “Nope, I stood up in the office and saw her.”

“How long was she watching me?” Aaron asks as he sits down on the bench.

Coach answers, “I just saw her smiling.”

Two weeks later on Friday evening. The first wrestling meet of the winter semester. Aaron reached his weight goal of 141 lbs. He won his match and when the referee raised his hand in victory. Aaron felt a sharp pain in his wrist and tells coach Joseph. The university doctor looked at him.

The following Monday during wrestling practice. Aaron is wearing a brace on his wrist and he’s running stairs. As he reaches the bottom. Mika is standing there waiting for him. She’s wearing her athletic jumpsuit which shows off her fantastic body.

She says, “Hi, my name’s Mika.”

“Hey, I’m Aaron” he replies and his eyes quickly look over her body. He’s surprised by her Japanese beauty.

“What happened to your wrist?” She asks.

“I sprained it last week. Doc says I can compete soon.” czech amateurs porno he answers.

Mika smiles, “I’ve been watching you. But lately, my boyfriend won’t leave me alone. Except when I’m at the gym.”

He asks, “Was that you watching me in the shower?”

She’s embarrassed, “Oh my God, you saw me?”

He smiles, “I’m flattered. So, you have a boyfriend. What next?”

Mika steps forward and gently kisses his cheek, “You’ll find out.”

She turns, walks away and he looks down at her firm ass. He whispers, “Holy shit.”

Out-of-town wrestling meet. The bus has stopped and the athletes get off. It’s cold and they’re all wearing university jackets. Aaron steps off the bus and throws his gym bag over his shoulder. He begins walking toward the Raddison hotel.

Mika runs up to him, “Hi Aaron!”

He turns around and smiles, “Hey Mika, how are you?”

She quickly unzips his jacket and wraps her arms around his warm body. She whispers, “What room you in?”

He answers, “Coach said my room is 110 in the Raddison.”

She kisses him on the cheek, “I’ll be there.”

It’s Saturday afternoon and Aaron won his match, but only by a few points. He heads to the gym showers and thinks about Mika.

Saturday night inside Aaron’s czech casting porno hotel room. The only light comes from a lamp on the desk top. It shines over the nude bodies of Mika and Aaron. She’s kneeling in between his legs. Her black hair is tied into a ponytail. He’s sitting in a chair looking down at her.

Mika has her mouth over his 6 and ¼ -inch cock. Aaron is breathing hard and grinding his buttocks in the chair. Her hand pushes down to his thick, crotch hair and balls. Her tongue slowly licks his cock-tip.

He breathes hard, “Oh… Shit… Shit.”

She lifts off of his manhood and worships it. Mika whispers, “You’re so big and strong Aaron.”

Her mouth then slowly works half-way down his shaft. Then, back up.

He says, “Shit..! Thanks Mika!”

She continues to lick his cock-tip slowly. Her hand runs through his thick crotch hair.

Her slow movements drive Aaron crazy. He continues to breathe hard, “Oh… M-My… God!”

Her hand wraps around his shaft as she lifts off her mouth. She whispers, “Aaron, you’re a real man.”

Mika’s lips wrap around his cock-tip and her tongue begins to lick faster.

“I’m gonna cum!” Aaron screams.

She grips his shaft real tight and starts sucking his cock-head hard.

His body squirms and Aaron explodes, “Uuuuuuuhhh! Uuuuuuhh! Uuuuuuhh! Fuuuuuckk!”

Mika holds her mouth over his cock and swallows his load. She then, lifts off his cock and stands up. She says, “I’ll be on the bed baby.”

Aaron sits there breathing hard and watches her hot body, stride over to the bed.

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