It’s Been Too Long

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He sat impatiently watching the clock. She had been away for four days on business and was inflight back home. She was landing at gate 216 in two hours. He decided he would start on his hour drive just in case she came in a little early, he would be there.

The flight was on time and the two were so glad the trip was over. Within a short time he had retrieved her luggage and was pulling onto the on ramp placing them on the highway home.

It was obvious to him she was exhausted. She had leaned against him placing her hand on his thigh and within a few miles, she was asleep. She stirred around when the garage door was coming down behind them. He gathered her luggage, followed her inside and told her that he would help her unpack the next day. He had other plans for her once they were upstairs.

When he made it upstairs, he found her stretched out on the bed, mail in her hand, shoes kicked off and asleep.

After removing the mail from her grip, he carefully un buckled her belt sliding his fingers gently at her waist. He placed a kiss on her head, pulled the sheet over her and decided a few hours sleep and she would be rested and all over him. She called them “Power Naps”.

Eight hours later he woke smelling the coffee coming up the stairs. Knowing that he had a webinar meeting, he decided ankara escort to get a quick shower and let her sleep in. He attended the meeting wrapped in a towel and no one at the meeting had a clue.

He remained in the office until he heard the shower come on. He made his way up the stairs and waited quietly.

She slid the shower curtain aside stepping out onto the cool tile floor, being careful not to slip. Startled by his presence, not aware that he was still in the room, she jumped, and then giggled as her eyes met his gaze. His eyes were bluer than she could ever have imagined, his photo’s had never done them justice, at least not in color. They had, however, captured the compassion, spark, and integrity that lay beneath.

He grinned at her as he handed her the plush towel, his eyes feasting on smooth golden skin as she pat herself dry. He turned facing the mirror. Reaching forward, grinning, she pulled the towel he had wrapped loosely around himself. It had not been able to hide his evident erection, but he did not seem to mind. “Hmmmmmmmmm…what have we here?” A playful smile accompanied her raised brow.

Unabashed by his arousal, he confidently smiled back at her reflection in the mirror, his eyes twinkling with mischievous delight. “Feeling a little naughty are we?” she purrrrred, escort ankara her voice loosing its innocence in the soft low tones. “Turn around” she whispered as she reached for the lotion. Without hesitation, he turned facing her, as she dropped to her knees onto the soft towel.

The lotion felt cool as she squeezed some into her palm. Rubbing her hands together, she reached forward and began first massaging the soothing lotion onto his feet, her fingers sliding between each toe and then gently caressing the tops of his feet. She continued, her hands moving up over his calves one at a time, gently kneading, massaging, his skin so warm beneath her touch. A soft sigh escaped her lips as her gaze wandered upward, his hard shaft inches from her parted lips. She returned to the task, her fingers digging into his flesh kneading the lotion deeper as her hands moved up his strong muscular thighs.

He shifted, parting his legs allowing her the freedom to caress his inner thighs. Her body moved closer as her mouth planted a soft kiss where her hand had been just moments ago. Slowly her tongue slid up along his thigh as her hands reached behind massaging his buttocks. A gentle moan escaped her lips vibrating against his tender skin. A moan, not hers, answered her tongue as it ran along the crease of his thigh, ankara escort bayan her face nuzzled between his legs.

While her hands continued massaging his firm round ass her tongue found its way up between his cheeks, he squirmed against the counter his hands resting slightly behind him to secure his position. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm…she purred again her tongue traveling along the smooth skin behind his tender balls. One hand left the counter taking his hard member into it he began to stroke, his precum already flowing as he did. He felt the warmth of her mouth as it enveloped his balls, sucking them gently, tenderly licking them from beneath. She reached up her hand joining his. Together they stroked as her mouth hungrily licked and sucked at his surrounding flesh.

Finally, her tongue slid along his fingers finding its way to the head of his swollen cock. Her mouth parted as her tongue probed the opening, tasting his fluid, his cock sliding past her moist lips. He removed his hand from his cock, his fingers entwined in her hair as he guided her mouth onto him. Eagerly she accepted his hard member his hips thrusting forward. The rhythmic strokes of his cock fucking her mouth muffled her moans. As her lips tightly surrounded his cock, she felt him shudder, moaning louder as he announced his impending orgasm. She sucked harder feeling his manhood begin to throb, her hands caressing his balls, pulling the smooth skin tight as he finally exploded in her mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” she purred as she licked him clean…”it’s been too long.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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