It Started in the Rain Ch. 01

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Driving back to L.A. from Santa Barbara on a Saturday morning was usually a calm ride that took about two hours. Today was one of those days when the trip would take a lot longer. As I left Santa Barbara it started raining and if the guy on my radio was correct it would be raining until Sunday night. Somehow that always meant a mess on the highway.

As I passed the Navy base at Point Magu I saw someone standing in the small shelter by the side of the road. Usually these shelters are for people waiting for a bus but I didn’t think any bus came by on Saturday. I suddenly put on the brakes and then backed up. When I was right beside the shelter I rolled down the window and yelled, “You need a lift south?”

The person nodded and ran quickly from the shelter to my car. They had on a rain hat and a raincoat so I couldn’t tell anything until she sat down and pulled the hat off.

“Thanks. I thought I would be in the shelter for the weekend.” Her hair was short, brown and seemed to have some curl. Her face had the scrubbed look with no make up. Her smile made her beautiful. Her eyes made her enchanting.

A voice in my head said, “Too young for you old boy.”

She looked like maybe she was twenty-six. I’m through pushing fifty and haven’t thought too hard about sixty yet. I have two daughters older than this woman.

I pulled back out on the highway and headed south. We sat quietly for a while. I watched the road and she looked out the window. Finally, she spoke.

“Does it rain here a lot?”

“Yeah, two or three days every couple of years.”

“Figures. I wanted to see sunny California.”

“Are you stationed at Magu?”

“Yes sir. Arrived last night.”

“Radio says this storm will last a couple of days. Where are you headed in sunny California?”

“I heard last night that Malibu is just south a few miles. I thought I’d check it out. It doesn’t look like I’m going to see much.”

“I don’t want to seem too forward, but I know a great place on the beach where we could have lunch and maybe even see the ocean if we get lucky.”

“Is it expensive?”


She nodded and sat quietly as I drove. I pulled off the highway just south of Zuma Beach and two minutes later we were in the parking lot of a nice restaurant right on the beach. The weather let up long enough for us to get from the car inside the restaurant. It was almost empty so getting a table next to the windows wasn’t a problem. She took off the raincoat when we were at the table and I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw. She was wearing a skirt that hit her mid-thigh that wasn’t tight, but flared just a bit between her hips and the hem, a pull over shirt that was just tight enough that it was stretched between her breasts, and a pair of calf high boots. It appeared that she was in excellent physical condition and was in the habit of working to stay in condition. I also noticed that she appeared to have breasts just the size that would fit in my hands without any spillover.

She hung the raincoat on a hook next to the booth and asked, “You like what you see?”

“Was I staring?”

“Just enough. I would worry if you didn’t look a little.”

“Then don’t worry. I liked what I saw and would love to see more.”

“Here?” Her smile was more mischief than laughter.

“No. We don’t want to get arrested.” I really wouldn’t have minded getting arrested with her as the reason but I was attempting to be a nice guy.

At that moment the waitress brought menus. She smiled at us, introduced herself and asked if we wanted to order anything to drink.

“Can I get a beer?” She asked.

“I’ll need to see ID,” the waitress said.

She showed her military ID and the waitress turned to me.

“Diet Coke, please.”

A second later the waitress was gone.

“Is it OK that I ordered a beer?”

“Sure. I don’t drink but I don’t mind that others do.”

“So, following up on that, what do you do?”

“I am a consultant and I teach.”

“And what do you consult about and what do you teach?” The young woman looked me in the eyes as she asked.

“Wait. I don’t even know your name.”

I realized that I was still thinking of her as she.

“It’s Walters. Kathleen.”

I thought for a second she was going to rattle off her serial number and rank. She didn’t.

“Kathleen. Or do you like to be called something else?”

“My dad calls me Kat.”

She looked at the window. The rain was hitting and running down the outside of the glass making tiny vertical rivers;

“What would you like me to call you?” I asked, watching her expression.


I was surprised that when she said that her smile got even bigger. I was also surprised that this young woman was flirting with me.

“I appreciate that, but I asked what not when.”

“I don’t know, yet. Let’s start with Kathleen and see if that changes over time.”

“OK. What looks good to you on the menu?”

We looked the menu casino siteleri over for a couple of minutes and when the waitress came back Kathleen ordered a shrimp salad, dressing on the side. I ordered salmon.

“You didn’t tell me your name either.” She said after the waitress left.

“Lee. Lee Stevens. And to answer the other questions you asked, I consult with schools about sex education and I teach relationship courses.”

“Really? What kind of background would someone have who does that?”

When Kathleen asked she leaned forward just a bit and for some reason I noticed that her breasts pressed against the edge of the table. I wondered if it felt as sexy as it looked.

“There are those who say that it helps that I am a dirty old man.”


Kathleen’s breasts were still pressed against the table. I looked at her eyes and loved that my peripheral vision was as good enough to allow me to enjoy the full view.

“The education was in psychology, the experience was in dealing with lots of abused kids, sex abuse prevention programs, sex education programs, and hundreds of dysfunctional families over the years.”

“Not too many young people doing what you do, are there?”

I wondered how long she would keep pressing her breasts against the table.

“Nope, at least not with my thirty years of background. What do you do with the Navy?”

“I am a nurse. I was a surgical nurse but now I’m working in a general med clinic on the base.”


About then our meals arrived and we stopped talking for a minute or two. The storm pelted the window next to us with rain and the diffused light coming in through the rain made strange patterns on our food and table.

“I’ve been in the Navy for three years already and have been on Okinawa, Taiwan, Norfolk, and Bremerton so far. I’m to be at Point Magu for a year.”

“Small world. I was stationed on Okinawa and Taiwan too. Our medical was handled by the Navy on Taiwan and the Army on Oki. I was Air Force.”

We talked about both places and how we had learned a lot about both the cultures of those places but also a lot about our own culture as well. When the bill came for lunch Kathleen reached for it but I was just a bit faster.

“This is on me. Support for our troops and all that.” I smiled at her.

“I’d like to pay my part. It takes the conversation away from ‘I bought you lunch and you owe me’.”

“I don’t think like that, but if it makes you more comfortable, your part is $12.50 including tip.”

I held the bill out for her to look at but she didn’t take it. She reached into the pocket of her raincoat and found her wallet and gave me thirteen dollars. I put it in my pocket and paid the bill with a credit card. After I had signed the bill we walked to the door and left.

Outside, the rain had all but stopped so we walked to the side of the restaurant and found a small beach and a short pier. Kathleen wandered on the sand for a few steps and then we went out onto the pier. I remembered being at this restaurant at least ten times and this was the first time the gate to the pier wasn’t locked. When were far enough out onto the pier to be right above the breaking surf Kathleen stopped and looked out at the surf. I stood slightly behind her and off to her right side about half a step.

She stood quietly looking at the water for at least two minutes and then turned to face me. “You haven’t touched me once.”

“I want to touch you. But my mind says I’m old enough to be your dad. My mind says I shouldn’t presume that just because I want to touch you that you want me to. I think any heterosexual male standing this close to you would want to but I won’t rush you or anyone else.”

“I want to be held.”

She raised her arms and put them around my shoulders. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her in until she was pressed against me from mid thigh to chest. Her head was turned and rested against my upper chest. I could feel the pressure of her breasts against me, and the strength of her muscles on her back. I held her without moving until she moved.

She tilted her head and asked, “No grabbing either?”

“I guess I need to explain something about me. I have lots of friends, both male and female, and they tell me about their lives. Generally, I have learned that the good-looking women and men have spent their lives being hit on and fending off unwanted assaults. I won’t be one of those people. There is no pressure in being with me. I have a belief system that centers on some core beliefs that I live by. One is that I am going to treat you or anyone I meet as though you are the person I love. I will honor your boundaries. Another belief is that I don’t need to lie to you, impress you with stuff, or flash money around to have you be my friend.”

“You are unusual. So, since you are being that way let me tell you something. I want you to hit on me. I want you to kiss me. If we can do it without getting arrested I want you to canlı casino fondle me, arouse me, and we’ll see where all that leads. I have been lonely for too long. I don’t know where this day will lead. I don’t know where I’d like it to lead. I want to be desired. I want to be held and loved.”

I kissed her. I touched my lips to Kathleen’s as gently as I could. Just as they touched a drop of rain touched our lips. We held that gentle kiss for a long time and I moved my hands a bit lower on her back. We broke the kiss, took a breath and came back for another. This time I was greeted with parted lips which I took as an invitation for exploration by tongue. When that kiss ended we both noticed that it was raining harder and we were quickly getting soaked. I took her hand and we ran to the car.

Inside the car we laughed as we attempted to get situated. Kathleen was mostly dry and I was completely soaked.

She looked me over and said, “How far from here do you live?”

“About ten miles.”

“You need to get dry. So, drive. Nurses orders.”

“Aye, Aye.”

And off we went. Half an hour later we pulled into my garage and got out of the car. The few steps between the garage and house are covered so I didn’t get any wetter getting to the house.

Inside the house I said, “Make yourself at home. I’m going to get out of these clothes, take a quick shower, dress and I’ll be back with you in a few minutes.”

I walked to the bathroom pulling off the soaked shirt as I walked. Inside the bathroom I tossed all my clothes in the sink, thinking I would throw them in the washer as soon as I was dressed again. I turned on the shower and when the water got warm I climbed in. As I did I thought about all those stories I’d read where the girl strips and joins the guy in the shower. I smiled and let that thought go. “Those are stories.” I said, softly.

When I was almost done the door to the shower did open. Kathleen stepped in and asked if I would wash her back. I said I would be happy to, as long as I could wash the front as well. She raised her arms and turned her back to me. As I scrubbed her I examined her, doing my best to memorize everything I could learn about her body. As I had thought she was in very good physical condition. Her skin was almost flawless. Almost, because she did have six moles on her back, all on the right side and each about an eighth of an inch in diameter. Her ass was tanned and there were no tan lines on her back either. I knelt down and scrubbed her legs. She spread her legs, giving me access to her. When I got to her feet she turned to face me. Her pussy was three inches from my face. About an inch above the top of her slit there was a strip of closely trimmed pubic hair that went up about two inches and was half an inch wide. Other than that there was not a single hair anywhere on her body below her neck. And I didn’t feel any stubble either.

I washed the front of her legs and then stood. I lathered my hands again and started washing her pubic hair and continued upwards until I had washed both of her breasts repeatedly. I turned her until the spray rinsed her breasts and then I took the right one in my mouth. I think I got at least three quarters of the entire breast in my mouth. I applied gentle suction and rubbed the nipple with my tongue.

Kathleen held my head and moaned. I took the other nipple between my thumb and index finger and twisted. She moaned again. I kept ministering to her breasts and nipples until the water started cooling off. I quickly finished rinsing us both and shut off the water. We stepped out, grabbed towels and dried each other off, with giggles and the start of a wonderful erection to assist us. When that was done I took her hand and led her into my bedroom.

Someone had turned down the bed. Someone’s clothes were draped over the chair on one side of the bed and they weren’t mine. I sat at the end of the bed and guided her between my knees. That put my mouth right at nipple level.

“Now, where was I before winter set in?” I asked.

Her hands guided my lips to her left nipple and I sucked it in. Then I leaned back, using my mouth to tug on her nipple until it popped from my mouth. I moved over and did the same thing to the other nipple. Then I kissed her lips, and was met with a wet and insistent tongue. Our tongues danced together for some time, enjoying the heat and the moisture.

My hands slid up her legs from the knees to her hips. Then pulled her in a little bit closer so I could bend my head to Kathleen’s slit licking ever so slowly. I did that three times.

Kathleen stepped back a few inches and pulled me to my feet. I took her in my arms and held her, gently. When I let go I looked her in the face and asked, “Kathleen, I want to do what you want me to do. If you just want to be held, that’s fine. If you want anything, and I can give it to you, I will. Please, how may I please you?”

“Hold me for a few more moments and then lay me on the bed and make love to me. Don’t fuck me. kaçak casino Love me. Fill me. Take me places I haven’t been in a very long time.”

Her voice was almost like that of a young girl, pleading. I held her in my arms for a couple minutes and then tilted her head up and kissed her. We kissed a hundred times, softly, quickly, slowly, with tongue and without, nibbling her face with my lips and my face with hers. Using my hands on her hips I turned her and had her lay down on the bed. I lay beside her and kissed her neck. I sucked on her neck, but not hard enough to leave any lasting marks. She was so plyable that a slight nudge had her over on her face so she could be kissed on her back. As the kisses began covering her back my hands massaged her. I leaned to the side of the bed and pumped one pump of lotion onto my hand and rubbed it into her back. I took another pump and rubbed lotion into her legs, as I massaged them from her feet to her butt. Another pump and the massage began working on Kathleen’s butt. My hands kneaded both cheeks and my lips kissed both cheeks. Her cheeks were parted and my well lubricated hand slid into the crease, from top to bottom. Using only the tip of one finger I put lotion on the bud of her ass.

Kathleen rolled back over on her back and kissed me again. I felt her surrender. Somehow she trusted me to love her. I pumped more lotion and started on the front of her legs being very careful not to touch her pussy when I was massaging the top of her legs. When her legs were done I moved between them and kissed the inside of her knees. Alternating kisses on either leg I found my way up the insides of her thighs until she could feel my breath on her outer lips. The tiniest bit of moisture was leaking out of her lips. A small lean forward and my lips touched that moisture and her lips.

She shuddered. The she spread her legs a bit wider. My tongue became able and willing to lick her from the bottom of her slit to the top. Very slowly. At the top of each stroke my tongue touched her clit, very gently. Kathleen bucked every time. When I sensed that she was really close to coming I backed off.

Kathleen had been laying flat on her back and when I backed off of her pussy she came up part way, looked me in the eyes and said, “Be inside me, lover.”

I moved up and kissed her, tongue dancing with tongue. Her hands found my hardness and guided me home. She rubbed the head of my cock in her wetness and then pulled me inside. My body wanted to hurry and my head told me to go ever so slowly. Slowly won, but it was difficult. Years ago I had learned a word for something I had imagined but never experienced. Now I understood the word. I wasn’t entering her, I was being invaginated. Kathleen was drawing me in at her pace, at her pressure, for her pleasure.

When I was fully inside her I held still for a long time. When I could no longer stand to be still a moment longer I started pulling back. The sensation was like she had such a hold on my cock that it was stretching. Suddenly I felt my cock beginning to move out of her. When I was out all the way yet still touching her lips she grabbed my hips and pulled me inside completely. She moaned and I did too.

“Faster” was all she said.

I could feel my approaching orgasm. I thought of baseball, football, recited the steps to changing the oil in my car but nothing seemed to slow the progress of the orgasm building inside me. I reached down and dipped my fingers in our juices and touched her clitoris. It stood hard and proud outside it’s hood. At my touch she lost control and shuddered. She shuddered again and screamed. Kathleen thrashed all over the bed. When she regained control she took a few deep breaths and then looked at me.

“You didn’t come, did you?” She whispered.

I shook my head.

“Oh God I did. It may have been the best I have ever come. Do you want to come in me?”

I nodded.

She smiled and rolled over, lifting her ass into the air. “Come in my ass, Lee.”

I moved to her, used our mixed juices to lube her ass and when I put some pressure on her opening it relaxed and let my finger in easily. I withdrew my finger and placed the head of my cock there. The instant I began putting pressure on her she pushed back and I was in!

“Deep,” was what she said.

I pushed until I was as deep in her ass as I could go.

I pulled back and she said, “A tiny bit faster.”

I pushed in all the way and pulled out and back in at a pace that was not fast, not slow. I felt it coming. I said, “Oh Honey, I’m there!”

She reached back and grabbed my balls! I came more than I have ever cum before. I held myself inside her ass until I was completely soft and she held my balls all that time. When I did pull out I fell on the bed and was asleep in seconds.

When I woke up it was dark. I glanced at the illuminated clock radio behind me and saw that it was seven minutes after seven. Kathleen was snuggled against me and was holding my cock in her hand. She was asleep. I wasn’t and the feel of her holding me was having an effect. My penis was growing. It had been quite a while since I had two erections in a day.

As it hardened Kathleen’s eyes opened and she smiled at me. “You are a good lover.”

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