Island Massage

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Asa Akira

The afternoon of our first day on the island and its time for a special activity that I scheduled months earlier. I know you love getting your massages so I planned for a couples massage where the therapists come to our villa and do the massages on the private sundeck. I had told you about it on the flight down so I knew you would be excited.

Right on time there was a knock on the door. Opening it I found two lovely young women with assorted bags and folding massage tables and bright smiles. One introduced herself as Brigitte and the other as Ana. Their accents were European and since half of this island is dutch I figured (correctly) that they were from The Netherlands. I showed them through the house to the waterside of the villa and the pool deck where they had room to set up their spot.

It was a beautiful view over the water and the sun was just behind the dense palm trees, so not too blistering. We had already discovered that the placement of the house, deck and landscape made for a most private setting where all over tanning was dress code that morning.

Brigitte suggested that we go inside and drink 2 large glasses of water each while they finished their preparations. She asked if we were comfortable with massage in the nude. You immediately said no problem. I was a bit worried that being completely naked with 3 lovely women would be too much for me to fully relax but since this was your treat I agreed.

She handed us two large soft towels and we went in and hydrated as instructed and to undress and wrap ourselves in the towels. It didn’t take too long since we’d only been wearing swimsuits anticipating their arrival. In preparation of the trip we had been trying to get some all over sun tanning down, occasionally on the back patio and a few trips to the tanning salon. It had paid off. We selected this villa because of the privacy that the pool deck offered and had used it in the morning for some nude sunning. I smiled looking at the lack of tanlines as you slipped out of your bikini and wrapped the towel across your chest. My own suit hit the floor moments later.

Stepping back outside Brigette gestured to the two tables set up side by side and instructed us to lay facedown while they went in to wash up and prepare. I appreciated the hygiene but wondered what other preparations they had to do. As soon as they closed the door you handed your towel to me and took my hand as I helped you climb up and lie down, folding your towel into a thin cover across your browning ass. I followed your lead although my towel was no where as neatly folded. Reaching down I tucked my cock downward.

We were smiling, faces directed at each other, anticipating the coming massage. Hearing the sliding door to the pool deck open you glanced over, your eyes widening in surprise. I heard you say “Oh my” out loud. I turned to look the same way to see both women coming through the doorway naked. Brigette stopped. “I’m sorry, when you scheduled this massage online you indicated that it would be nude. Our nude massage service is done with us undressed as well. Is this a problem? We can get dressed if you prefer.”

You quickly answered. “Oh no, not an issue at all. He scheduled this massage and left out that detail. But we are fine with it.” Truth be told, I was as surprised as you. When I filled out the form online I checked off the “nude” box thinking that it would be us being massaged in the nude but draped as we’d done before. So now the twist was laying here naked under a folded towel with you equally nude and having 2 naked young women getting ready to start sliding warm oil all over my body with their warm hands.

I’m not going into any detail about what they looked like. I’ll just say that the work environment was most enjoyable and both of them had been blessed by genetics. It was obvious that they both spent plenty of time in the sun naked. There wasn’t a tan line to be seen, and I looked!

Ana moved over to the side of my table and reintroduced herself to me. Her soft voice was angelic and seemed almost a whisper as she told me that she was looking forward to helping me have the best massage experience that she could offer. Her left hand reached to my shoulder and the light touch was so gentle and calming. I glanced over to look at your table and saw Brigette doing the same for you. Taking her advice to heart, I turned my head back to the hole in the table so as not to put too much strain on my neck and settled in for my massage. Ana asked if I was okay with deep tissue.

We eryaman escort had both been hitting the gym in the months leading up to this trip to try to do what we could to tone things up a bit. I was ready for Ana to work her magic on my sore shoulders and back. Not sure if her petite hands could get to the most needy muscles, I was pleasantly surprised at the strength of her grip as her slick, warm hands worked their way across my upper back. The fragrant oil she was using had hints of citrus and eucalyptus adding to the delightful aromas of this tropics that we were enjoying in this slice of paradise.

If you’ve ever had a massage you know that there is a point where you enter the “zone” of relaxation. My mind drifted into a place of serenity and even with my eyes closed I felt that I was experiencing all the senses of being in this warm place with the smell of salt water and sand, gentle sounds of water lapping on the nearby sandy beach, the gentle rustling of overhead palm fronds and the gentle caress of hands on bare skin. A quick turn of my head and I looked over to see you gazing back at me. A twinkle in your eye indicated that you shared the same relaxation that I did. It was made even more erotic watching the beautiful naked massage therapist working on your back almost mirroring what was happening to me.

Brigette worked her way down your back with hands moving across the upper curve of your fine ass. She leaned down toward your ear to whisper something and I heard your quiet “yes” response. With that, her one hand maintained its contact with your skin while the other gently pushed the sheet that covered you off to the side so that I fell onto the pool deck below the table. Now you were completely bare. The side of your boob, only faintly less tan than the rest of your body was clearly visible and I watched as her hands moved side by sides she stroked the skin from your hip along your chest. She didn’t stop as they came to the level of your breast which were soon shiny from he massage oil. Your eyes were closed but there was a smile on your face.

I soon felt the caress of sun on bare skin as the sheet across my ass made a similar fall to the ground leaving me completely exposed to the air and sun and warm hand of my naked massage therapist. The erotic scene was not lost on me. My mind clearly generated a picture of what was happening…four naked people outside in the warm air, hands on bare skin, hands touching sensitive skin.

Not unexpectedly, there was a stirring in my groin. The warmth spread to the area between my legs and I could feel the result of increase blood flow as my cock began to swell. When I climbed up on the table I had made sure to direct it downward rather that lay on top of it. Now it was starting to respond and I could feel it growing a bit. My legs had been slightly separated under the sheet and I wondered of Ana would be able to see what was happening down there as her hands moved across the skin of my glutes.

She spent considerable time working on the muscles of my ass. It felt great but didn’t do anything to relieve the building tension in my dick. Her hands moved down across the backs of my thighs to work my hamstrings. Now she had moved down the table so her hands were on either side of my right upper leg moving upward and downward. It wasn’t lost on me that my cock must have been clearly evident and then I felt the sides of her hands contacting the skin of my cock as they slid up and down. Yes, the sensation was amazing.

I looked over to see if you were watching. Yes, your eyes were wide open taking in the scene of this young woman, breasts bouncing with the movement as her hands encircled my thigh. I watched you lick your lips.

Your own therapist was at the same point of the massage. Her small breasts didn’t have the same movement but were slick with perspiration in the hot tropical sun. She was similarly moving her hands up and down your thigh and I could tell that the upward movement went all the way to the roundness of your butt. Her hand had to be sliding between your butt cheeks. Your mouth opened and it looked like your breathing was becoming rapid and intense.

Judging from what I could see of the position of Brigette’s hands, she had to be sliding over your pussy lips and butt hole. It looked as though you were spreading your legs further apart.

Watching this action on you and feeling Ana’s hands on me produced the expected physiological response. I was now fully hard. Uncomfortably so, given that my escort ankara erection was pointed downward.

She now moved down so that her massage was working my lower legs This was greatly appreciated, in part because they were sore from all the biking we’d been doing up until this trip and also with the hope that my erection might subside before I had to turn over. A glance in your direction showed that Brigette had similarly moved to your calves. I suppose they were paralleling the action so we would turn over at the same time.

Ana’s strong hands worked their magic on my lower legs and feet. Even though I can be ticklish, this wasn’t a problem as she confidently kneaded my soles and toes. Slowly I felt the sensation of her touch leave my skin. I knew that the backside massage was finished, a great 45 minutes. However, my cock was still hard as a rock. She must have known what I was sporting, after all the back of her hands had rubbed up and down its length while she worked on my thighs.

“Do you want your towel back?” I heard Brigette ask you. “No,” you replied. “We’re fine without them”. Easy for you to say, I thought. You’r not the one with a massive stiffy surrounded by three beautiful naked women. Your face seemed flushed as you slowly turned over. Your breasts, faint tan lines visible, were gorgeous in the afternoon sun and your nipples were stiffly poking out.

I rolled over onto my back trying to be nonchalant as my hard on pop up and out into the open air. I can’t remember the last time it had been this hard. Any concerns I had that it would shrivel up and play turtle were quickly banished. I heard a little giggle from you when you looked over to see it pointed straight up and floating above my lower abdomen. I think there was a glistening drop of pre-cum at its tip.

At this point, the two therapists switched places. Brigette was working on me while Ana moved to your table. Both of them began their work on our upper chest and neck. They were standing at the head and hands stroking the neck and lower scalp and then the sides of the neck up to the ear. The ear is one of my favorite erogenous zones. This did nothing to deflate the swelling in my groin. My cock was as hard as ever.

After some time she began to work further down across my chest. Her hands massaged circles across my pecs and stimulated my nipples, now almost as hard as yours had been when you turned over. I slightly turned my head to see how Ana was treating you. She was at the same point. Her hands were massaging circles but this time around your breasts. Yes, your nipples were still hard and stiff. Because she was a bit shorter that Brigette, her own breast dangled above your face. In fact, it looked like they were rubbing against you. I got the impression that you were gently turning your head to feel them against your cheeks. Adding this scene to my mental condition meant that there was no way my hard on was going to subside.

While the chest work took some time ,the next step was massage of the abdomen. Ana’s hands move back and forth across your flat tummy, the oil on her hands making your skin glisten in the sun. They wrapped around your waist and were then pulled back to your other side, one after the other. Brigette’s did the same to me. When she approached the lower part of my belly I wondered if she would avoid the tip of my cock which was still pointing straight up but laying on my stomach. The answer was no. The side of her hand grazed the slick head. I was worried that if she kept this up I would blow my load right then and there.

At this point I was wondering what was going to happen if she went further down. Clearly my cock would be in the way. Ana’s hands were now moving across your lower abdomen just above your pubic bone. I knew what that felt like, so smooth and soft since you’d had that Brazilian wax done before this trip. Would she go further down? Was she going to slide across your clit?

Almost in tandem, both women moved down to our upper thighs. It looked like the groin area was going to be left out. Still, the feeling of those hands working up and down on my thighs kept me fully erect. Now her hands brushed against the side of my ball sack, slick with oil and sweat from the afternoon sun. She pulled my thighs apart to get better access to the inner thigh area. I wondered what was happening on your table and saw the same thing was happening. Ana’s hands moved up and down one thigh then over to the other. From what I could see there was no way she sincan escort wasn’t grazing against your pussy lips as her hands ascended.

I could see your breathing was rapid. I wondered if you, like me, were feeling the eroticism in the air around us. Were you close to orgasm? Were you wet? I heard a little moan escape your mouth and watched you lick your lips. That made me moan as well. I know both women knew what this sensual massage had done to us. How far would they go.

When they moved down to massage the front part of our lower legs I figured that was it. Don’t get me wrong, it still felt amazing. The soft touch of another person makes my skin tingle and it was certainly tingling now. My cock was still engorged and rock hard.

Reaching the toes I figured we were just about done. Touches were lighter and there was less kneading of the deeper soft tissues. I watched Ana’s hands on you. Her right hand maintained contact with your foot while her other reached down and picked up a bottle of massage oil. The fingers of her right hand traced a long sinuous line along your leg, knee and thigh stopping at the level of your hip. At this point she tilted the bottle and let a few drips of oil splash onto the skin just above your slit. Was this going to happen? I was snapped back to reality when I felt Brigette’s hands doing the same for me except the oil she dripped onto my stiff cock.

OMG! THIS WAS HAPPENING!! One hand wrapped around my cock while the other moved to cup and lift my balls. It felt like a surge of electricity and my sharp intake of breath was loud and insistent.

I looked over to see what what happening to you. Ana’s hands had moved down to your nether regions. I could see that you had pulled your legs apart and drawn your knees up fully exposing your pussy to the open air and her hands. Your skin was shiny with massage oil. Your own hands were cupping your breasts, twirling your stiff nipples. I could see that she was lightly rubbing her left hand across your mons while the other was down between your legs outside of my view. Clearly you were enjoying this stimulation, you back slightly arched as you pushed against her fingers.

The feeling of Brigette’s hands on my cock brought me back to my own pleasure center. I looked down to see she had moved both hands to wrap around the shaft. My cock is right in the middle of the average for size and girth but this tactile stimulation along with the vision of a naked woman stroking me off while you were getting fingered in the open air made it swell to its largest size ever. I could feel the deep swelling of orgasm building in my balls and it took every ounce of will power not to move my hips in a humping motion to speed up the action. No, I wanted to savor every second of this feeling.

I sensed that you were nearing your O. Your breathing was loud and insistent. Audible moans escaped your lips and soon you were vocalizing as you often do. “Fuck yeah, that’s it, oh my god…yes, yes, yes…”. A loud whimper told me that you had hit your mark and your hands shot down to your pussy, grabbing Ana’s wrists to hold them still against what I guessed was your throwing clit.

Looking up I saw Brigette staring at the scene playing out on the table across from us as her hands continued to stroke my near bursting cock. “Now,” I groaned. And with that I began to cum. The first shot arced up across my chest then my spunk flowed out over and between her fingers while she continued to stroke at a slower pace with a tightened grip. I know a guy’s orgasm won’t last as long as a woman’s but this seemed to last forever as she drained me dry. Her hands slowed their rhythm and finally came to a stop. My breathing, however, was still rapid…

She leaned down to whisper in my ear. “You can fold up our tables and the sheets and leave them by your front door and we’ll pick them up tomorrow morning. Thanks for letting us be of service”. With that, both women took their bags and silently walked to the front of the villa, their naked bodies a spectacular memory as they left.

I looked over at you and saw you staring back, a contented grin on your face.

“That was one of the most intense experiences I have ever had,” you say. “I could lay here forever.”

I felt the same way. The relaxation of the massage was briefly interrupted by the incredible handjob from a near stranger while you looked on. Now I was back to feeling like a bowl of jelly.

“I’m going to lay here for a minute more,” I said. “Then you an I are going to stroll down to that beach right there and skinny dip to get a little cleaned up. Then we’re going to walk back up here and, if you’re ready for it, we’re going to fuck our brains out right here in the open air.”

Who’s ready for that?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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