Intimate Depilation Ch. 02

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She took control and did that seat me in the bidet and took the hair trimmer.

– Only I go for trimming it in order that it become more natural and also in this way not sting you when it revert to growing.

The hair trimmer got on number 3 and she placed herself on one’s knees among my legs. The short dressing gown had opened completely showing up that delicious body. Her belly was smooth and clear-cut, leaving to see her recently vagina shaven, humid and brilliant for the excitation. She was giving passages with the machine avoiding to touch my penis, but once in a while her hands were rubbing my penis’s base and contact was electrifying. She was trying dissimulating standing up to set apart her long black hair, because it was displaced to the face time after time. Then smile to me mischievously and she was returning to the work.

She finished trimming with a pliable and she stayed looking at my penis as it were a work of art.

– now then, I think that finally I will shave your testicles. do You want baby?

– sure, What your want to.

My penis was so hard than it was beating and my testicles were completely contracted. My girlfriend was having to pull the scrotum to tighten the skin before soaping me and shaving me. In a moment my girlfriend closed round my penis’s base with the fuck in traffic porno hand and I pull down disclosing my glans and she continued shaving, but with my penis well caught. My pre-seminal liquid was spillling over slowly from the tip my penis and it was falling for the trunk. Although I could not see it, I was sure that it already should have been staining my girlfriend’s little fingers. Certainly she would feel its heat and its viscosity, but she was going on as if nothing had happened. Only she released the penis to shave also the base, and really it was looking like y penis to be a inch more long.

– I have finished, but now I have to give you some moisturizing cream

She spread her hands with the cream and began to caress me sweetly. Beginning for the base and going up slowly. She disclosed the glans and passed the fingertips for the glans’s crown; Doing that all my body get full of cold fire, never nothing had felt seemed.

– OH love!. I have cut you shaving your testicles.

In my scrotum it was a thread of blood, so little that I had not felt the cut. My bride closed the eyes and one of my testicles got inside her mouth. Her thick lips and sensual sipped it as it were an orange section. Once within her mouth she sucked it strongly and he caressed full porno it with the tongue’s tip. I Never believed that I have so much sensibility in the testicles, was a completely different sensation. My girlfriend was keeping being with closed eyes and with a face of vicious incredible. She opened her mouth, but only to catch the another testicle and to lick both at the same time. Her hand had returned to take possession of my penis but now she was masturbating of form unmasked although with a very slow rhythm, as if she do it unknowingly.

Her mouth was bringing near dangerously to my penis’s tip. I could feel her respiration on my glans, while she was keeping on masturbating. It was a sweet torture that was doing me lose control.

Surprisingly she stuck out her tongue to give a lick to the seminal liquid that was dripping from the glans’s tip. Hardening the tongue’s tip, she rubbed the glans’s border, my more sensitive zone. I had to close eyes and to do an effort to no ejaculate at the moment, because the semen was boiling within my testicles swollen by the excitation.

To this perverse woman liked very much playing with my penis. Using the fingernails to scratch my scrotum softly, while she was passing the tongue from the base of the penis to the glans. And when I was gizli çekim porno believing and desiring that she get stung with it completely in the mouth, she was returning to come down from the trunk for a side, suctioning with the lips and nibbling lightly, while she was rubbing her cheeks for my penis’s warm skin.

If she was delaying a pair second I would become completely crazy. She took pity on me and at last she swallowed slowly my glans. The inside of her mouth was like ardent velvet. Her teeth were softly scratching the glans’s borders, while her serpent’s tongue was embodying it of an incredible form.

And when I was thinking that no could be better, she defeated me one more time, beginning to suck in reality. Going up and down with a rhythm and a hellishly slow cadence. Under pressure my penis among the tongue and the palate. She was having to open the mouth completely to be able to swallow my heavy penis and the saliva mixed with the liquid pre-seminal, she was escaping for the commissures of her lips.

Orgasm was beginning to climb my spinal column, with that dull vibration that does to tremble all my body. The semen was just in time to go out of my balls, that she was catching firmly with one of her hands. And a second before I ejaculate a sea of semen; She stopped short. She looked at me with coquettish face and she ran out to the bedroom.

During a moment could not have reacted before catching her up and depositing her on the bed. I was upon her looking at her directly to the eyes, while my erect penis was rubbing its thighs. Would be a very pleasurable revenge…

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