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Author’s note: Thank you to the reader who requested this story; it definitely took me outside my comfort zone and I had a fun time writing it. I hope everyone enjoys!

This story contains one man and multiple women and just about every kind of sex I could think of for them to have.


There are moments in life, intersections if you will, where a person can choose what path they’re going to go down. Not all paths are good. Not all paths lead where you think they’ll go. But when you look back at your life, you’ll see that moment – that intersection – and you’ll realize that’s what led you to the place you are now. And sometimes you wonder what would have happened if you’d chosen differently and taken a different path.

Very deep, I know, but what can I say, I’m a bit drunk and I’m standing at one of the most interesting intersections I’ve ever encountered.

First of all, it’s the red light at Firefly Street and Serenity Ave (and God bless whoever chose street names for this fair city – Browncoats forever! – if you have no idea what I’m talking about, look it up, and you’re welcome), and second of all I’m being propositioned by a car full of hot, half-naked young women. No joke, there’s four of them and they’re dressed to go clubbing on a hot July evening which, of course, means there’s more skin showing than not. I fucking love summer. There’s cleavage, midriffs, and thighs everywhere and it’s glorious.

One of them, the blonde in the backseat, has my hand, while the brunette in the backseat is cuddled up behind her, looking at me with big, Bambie, fuck-me eyes. Another blonde is driving and the redhead in the passenger seat is licking her lips as she asks me if I want to a ride.

Why me?

I have no idea. I’ve always considered myself to be a decent looking guy, but it’s not like I’m a Chris Hemsworth look alike or anything. My muscles are there, but they’re not ripped. But somehow, someway, these girls want me to get in their – admittedly spacious – crossover and go to some unspecified location with them.

“You don’t really want to walk do you?” the blonde holding my hand asks, half-leaning out the window, so that I have a ball-tightening view of her incredible cleavage. She bats blue eyes at me and I really want to say yes, but… what could these four women possibly want with just me? It’s like the start of some bad horror flick. Or a porno. My dick thinks it’s a great idea but my brain is resisting.

“Ah, yeah, actually, I think I’m just going to walk,” I say, shame-faced at my decision. All of them make disappointed cooing noises and the blonde brushes my hand across her boob, the softness immediately making my dick perk up and call me all sorts of filthy names.

“Aww that’s too bad,” says boob blonde, giving my hand one last rub before reluctantly letting go.

My dick is screaming at me and my head actually hurts as she drops my hand. The light is still red. I could walk away. But I don’t. Instead, all I can think about is that stupid Transformers movie when Shia Labeouf asks Megan Fox – when you look back at your life, don’t you want to say you had the guts to get in the car?

Green flashes out of the corner of my eye – the light has changed – and I suddenly blurt out, “Wait! Yeah, I’d love a ride.”

Despite my earlier reluctance, my change of heart (more like a change of who’s driving my body – brain move over, dick is taking the wheel) has the ladies squealing and cheering. Blondie jumps out and practically pushes me into bitch position between her and the brunette before jumping in behind me. I can’t help but look around the interior of the car for a camera – it would be just my luck to end up on some kind of candid camera reality show, where some poor schmuck thinks he’s entered some kind of sexual fantasy heaven, only to find out he’s been set up. But I don’t see any cameras.

“So where are we headed?” asked blonde driver.

“Hunter and Fourth,” I say, trying to not be too distracted by the fact that brunette has her hand on my thigh and blondie is actually sniffing me. “The Hilton there.”

“You smell good,” blonde says, leaning into me.

“Uh, thanks… I’m Wade, by the way,” I say a little lamely, still trying to wrap my head around what’s actually going on. Brunette’s hand is creeping higher on my thigh and now blondie is touching her too.

“Cindy,” blondie says in a husky tone, leaning into me, her breasts pressing against my arm. Yup, nice and soft.

“Emma.” That’s the brunette on my other side.

“Meg.” The redhead in the passenger seat half-turns to give me a sultry smile.

“And I’m Beth,” says the blonde driver.

“So Wade,” Cindy says, breathlessly, as Emma’s hand slides even higher, just brushing the underside of my balls and making my jaw clench. My cock is completely hard now and I’m pretty sure they both know it. “Don’t you want to know why we picked you up?”

“I was wondering, yes,” I said, praying that this casino siteleri wasn’t the intersection I would look back at right before I died (probably a short time from now) as being the choice where it had all gone wrong and cursed my own stupidity.

“Well, we had a bet and well…” Cindy giggled. I got the feeling she was doing so because she was embarrassed, since her cheeks heated up to an attractive pink. “Short story, we’d like to go back to your hotel room and um, do whatever you’d like for the rest of the night.”

“We being?” I asked, a little faintly. Holy fuck! This really was like a porno! Maybe those writers weren’t as off base as I’d thought.

“Her and me,” Emma said, also giggling nervously. Her hand slid up higher, resting on my cock and she squeezed as I made a strangled sound.

“We’re just along for the ride, so to speak, and to make sure they follow through,” Meg offered from the front seat. She twisted around giving me a little wink. “Although, you’re pretty cute and I’m not adverse to joining in if it looks like fun.”

“Ladies…” I cleared my throat and shook my head, resting my hand on top of Emma’s to encourage her through-the-pants handjob. “You have made me day.”

“What would you like us to do first?” Cindy asked, sounding excited. “We don’t have to wait for the hotel to get started.”

I only hesitated for a moment. After all, who was I to try and thwart such an eager attitude? “I want to watch you and Emma kiss… but Emma, keep your hand where it is.”

The two girls shrugged and then leaned in towards each other, while the two in the front giggled. I could see them both looking in the mirrors to watch Emma and Cindy as they started kissing. They got into it immediately and I was treated to an up close and personal look at how fucking hot two girls are when they’ve got their tongues in each other’s mouths. This was a real-life wet dream…

By the time we’d gotten to the hotel, my cock felt like it was going to blow and Emma and Cindy had progressed on to groping each other. Cindy had to pop her boob back into her top when we parked, unfortunately, but I knew I’d be seeing her naked soon enough so I contained my impatience.

Walking through the lobby of the hotel with four beautiful women, two of them on my arms fawning over me and the other two following behind and giggling, was a surreal experience. I got envious looks, disbelieving looks, disgusted looks, and I felt like a fucking god. It was like something out of a movie – definitely not a situation I’d ever thought I’d be living.

When we got to my hotel room, Meg and Beth immediately settled onto the couch while Emma and Cindy practically skipped over to the bed. Cindy tossed herself onto it, laying out in a seductive pose while Emma sat down more calmly before leaning back on her elbows and spreading her legs slightly, making the short skirt she was wearing ride up.

“Alright Wade, we’re all yours,” Cindy purred, sliding her hand from her hip up to her breast, which was in danger of falling out of her top again. The low cut of her shirt and the size of her tits made it a definite possibility. “What would you like us to do?”

The ideas that spilled through my head were chaotic, the results of too many teenage fantasies, clashing with the fact that I still couldn’t quite believe my good fortune. Part of me was still waiting for something to go terribly terribly wrong. Still, I wasn’t going to back down now.

“I want you and Emma to kiss each other some more, and take off each other’s clothes.” I grinned. “If you want to grope and touch each other, I’m definitely not going to object.”

Giggling, with an air of silliness, the two of them immediately started kissing and fondling each other. The biggest difference between this and a porn was that they weren’t even pretending to be turned on by it. They were having fun with it, but it wasn’t serious for them. On the couch, Meg and Beth were leaning into each other, whispering and giggling. For some reason, that actually helped me to relax.

Emma yanked off Cindy’s top, showing that she definitely was braless, and it started a kind of wrestling match to see who could get whose clothes off first. Even though I couldn’t help laughing as Meg and Beth started cheering and goading the other two, my dick was starting to ache from being so hard. There was plenty of flesh to be seen. Emma had a nicely trimmed patch of pubic hair in the shape of a triangle and completely bare pussy lips, while Cindy was just completely bare all over. It was fucking hot, especially as they started kissing each other again, and I could tell that this time they were actually kind of getting into it.

They were rubbing against each other, Emma’s hands groping Cindy’s ass and tits, while Cindy had one hand behind Emma’s neck and the other on Emma’s tit as the brunette rolled on top of her. I practically whimpered and finally started to strip down myself, pulling off my shirt canlı casino and releasing my aching cock from the confines of my pants. My brain had finally decided that this was really happening and it was okay to start getting personally involved.

Wrapping my hand around my dick, I stayed standing where I was, because I knew once I got on that bed I wasn’t going to get to see everything from this fantastic angle.

“Sixty-nine each other,” I said hoarsely. “I want to see you licking and sucking on each other’s pussies.”

Giggling, both Cindy and Emma started to reposition themselves, Emma still maintaining her position on top. As they moved, Cindy looked over at me and blatantly checked out my cock.

“Ooo, very nice,” she said admiringly. “I can’t wait till you get on the bed and join us.”

For a second I was tempted to do just that, but I really wanted to see two girls licking each other’s pussies live and in person and who knew if I’d ever get a chance like this again? So I made myself stay where I was, groaning as Emma’s head dropped down. She flipped her head, making her hair toss to the opposite side so I had the perfect view of her pink tongue sliding between Cindy’s bare pussy lips.

Holy fuck!

It was even hotter than I had imagined, because it wasn’t just the sight of two beautiful women getting it on, it was EVERYTHING. I could smell the msuky, sweet scent of aroused pussy, I knew that their moans weren’t faked, and I could reach out and touch them as soon as I wanted to.

I was so involved in watching this scene play out, watching their tits press against each other’s stomachs as they licked and sucked between each other’s legs, that I jumped when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

“Let me help you with that,” Meg said in a low purr as she dropped to her knees in front of me. Beth was still sitting on the couch, her eyes wide as she watched Meg take my cock in her hand and begin licking it like it was a lollipop, wetting the length of my shaft. I groaned and let her take control, resting my hands on top of her head and sliding my fingers into her hair as she laved her tongue across my dick.

On the bed, the two beauties were both beginning to writhe and hump each other, as Meg opened her mouth and sucked me in deep and fast. My knees buckled as the wet heat of her mouth engulfed me from tip to root, her throat muscles fluttering around the head of my cock. It was fucking exquisite. When she pulled off, she gasped for air a bit, looking up for approval and to make sure I was watching it. I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe she was a little jealous of her friends on the bed and wanted to be part of the action. Beth looked interested too, but she didn’t make a move from the couch.

“Ooooooh yess…”

The long, drawn out moan from the bed got my attention and I looked over to see Emma sitting up, rocking on Cindy’s face. She had one hand on Cindy’s pussy and was rubbing the swollen, bare lips for all she was worth, all the while riding Cindy’s tongue. Her free hand was cupping her own breast, pinching her nipple while she watched Meg start to bob her red head up and down my cock.

Our eyes met and Meg took me in deep again. My balls clenched and I came… it would have been embarrassing considering she’d barely just gotten me into her mouth, but considering everything leading up to this moment I found it pretty excusable. I shot what felt like a gallon of cum down Meg’s throat, making her choke and sputter at the unexpected load that she was forced to swallow, since my dick was too deep for her to do anything else. Her hands squeezed my hips, but she took it all like a pro, her throat muscles working me…

Even though she milked me of every drop, watching the two girls going at it on the bed meant that my cock barely wilted to half-mast. Meg pulled back, gasping a bit for breath, her cheeks almost as red as her hair, her eyes somewhat hazy with lust. I helped her to stand up, and she started to lean into me when Emma interrupted us.

“You’re not supposed to be playing with her,” she purred, her own eyes glowing with arousal as she continued to rock on Cindy’s face, her fingers sliding in and out of Cindy’s pussy, covered with Cindy’s cream. “You’re supposed to be playing with us.”

I gave Meg a regretful look that wasn’t entirely sincere. “She’s right… but thank you for the blowjob. It was fucking fantastic.”

Giggling, Meg went over to sit on the edge of the bed, rather than back on the couch next to Beth, while I climbed up onto the bed to join Cindy and Emma.

Grabbing me by the neck, Emma pulled me in for a kiss, letting me taste Cindy’s pussy on her lips. Now that I was closer to them, I could hear the muffled whimpering noises that Cindy was making while Emma rode her tongue, and my cock was already hardening again. Since Emma and Cindy had given themselves over to me, unlike Meg and Beth, I didn’t even hesitate as I grabbed both Emma’s breasts, squeezing kaçak casino the big, soft mounds and pinching her nipples. She moaned into my mouth, her tongue eagerly dancing with mine, as I roughly handled her.

When she pulled her lips away from mine, her back arching and thrusting her breasts into my hands, she looked almost wild.

“Fuck her,” she said, reaching down to grab Cindy’s legs and spreading them apart, holding Cindy in place with her cunt over Cindy’s face. “Fuck her so I can feel her screaming into my pussy.”

It was kinky as fuck and hot as hell, and my dick went from hard to being a length of steel; the shortest recovery time I’d ever experienced. Even better, I knew that I’d be able to last a hell of a lot longer this time, thanks to Meg’s blowjob… otherwise I might have blown my load the second I’d gotten into Cindy’s soaking wet pussy.

Cindy’s bare pussy lips were swollen and glossy with her cream, spread wide open by the way Emma was holding her legs, and I wasted no time lining my dick up with her body. As I got into position, Meg moved closer, obviously wanting to watch as I fucked her friend, her skirt lifted up so that I could see the landing strip of red pubic hair for just a second before her fingers covered it up as she started playing with herself. I had no idea what Beth thought of all this, but to be honest, I didn’t really care either.

“Fuck her,” Emma urged me on. “Fuck her hard.”

She cried out as I shoved my cock into Cindy’s pussy, obviously in response to the cries Cindy made as my dick slammed into her, stretching her tight cunt with one thrust. I groaned at the slick, wet heat that surrounded my cock… Meg’s mouth had been great, but this was even better. Hot, rippling muscles that clenched and shuddered around my dick, my groin pressed up against hers, and the fantastic sight of her pussy wrapped tightly around the root of my cock.

“Ohhh fuck yes, that feels good,” Emma said, moaning. “Fuck her, Wade, split her pussy open.”

I hesitated again. “Let me hear Cindy say it.”

A little smile played on Emma’s lips as she arched eyebrow at me, but she lifted herself off of Cindy’s face, just enough that I could see her juices all over Cindy’s chin.

“Cindy? Are you okay?” I asked.

“Such a gentleman,” I heard Meg whisper teasingly; I was pretty sure her comment was directed at Beth but that I was meant to overhear.

“I like it,” Cindy said, her voice a little quavery, her pussy tightening around me as if her body was confirming what she was saying. She moaned a little. “Don’t stop.”

That was all I required, and all Emma needed, as she lowered her pussy back onto Cindy’s mouth. Both of us groaned as I got some leverage up on my knees and started fucking Cindy as hard as I could. It wasn’t often I got to let loose like this and just go to town on some chick’s pussy – a lot of the time I had to worry about making sure she got off or that I didn’t blow my load early, but after my blowjob there was no chance of the latter, and if she didn’t get off I could just make Emma give her an orgasm.

Cindy’s hot cunt gripped me tightly as Emma started playing with Cindy’s breasts, leaning back so that Cindy could suck her clit while she tugged on Cindy’s nipples. Beside us, Meg had moved up further on the bed so that she could see everything, her fingers buried in her pussy.

First, Cindy came, screaming into Emma’s pussy, her pussy spasming around my cock, her body writhing underneath us. It was less than a minute after she started shrieking and thrashing that Emma cried out, her hands tightening around Cindy’s legs, grinding her pussy down on Cindy’s face as she came. Throughout it all, I just kept fucking Cindy’s pussy hard, loving the way it felt to force my cock through her shuddering muscles, loving her muffled screams into Emma’s pussy, and the way she struggled against Emma’s hands as the pleasure overpowered her.

But I was nowhere near to cumming, and I figured Cindy had probably had enough at this point. If nothing else, her tongue probably needed a break, and I was pretty sure her pussy did too, considering the way I’d been pounding into her.

Pulling out, my cock covered with her juices, I beckoned to Emma.

“Come here, why don’t we give Cindy a break.” Struck by an idea, I glanced at Meg. “I know you’re not required to join in, but how would you feel about having Emma eat you out?”

The redhead only hesitated for a second before scrambling up towards the head of the bed and pulling up her skirt. Between her legs her pussy was glossy with arousal, her clit poking out like a miniature cock. She looked at me, her eyes glinting. “I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“That’s okay,” I said, amused. ‘I’m pretty sure Emma has.” Emma gave me an amused look as well. “Hands and knees, facing away from me, Emma, with your mouth on Meg’s pussy. I want you to eat her just as good as Cindy just ate you.”

Emma’s pale, heart-shaped ass went in the air as she followed my directions. Cindy watched us with soft, satisfied eyes, wiping her swollen lips off with the bedsheet. Her hands gently brushed over her nipples, which were still pretty perky on her chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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