Insatiable Desires of a 26-year-old

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I have always loved sex. I am now 26 and it’s gotten steadily worse as I’ve gotten closer to my “sexual peak”. The worst part is I am very partial to a certain way of how things should go down and I can’t settle for men who act like pussies.

I know that’s why I love men in uniform, more specifically policemen or army guys. Men with guns; strong men who can definitely give me the good roughing up I so desperately crave…and who have the wit to keep up with my games.

I must play with myself at least three or four times a day…I just want to cum and feel that wonderful feeling of wetness between my legs, soaking through my g-string and my jeans. And I’ll take good sex whenever I can get it – guy, girl, both, or many. I like variety and am down to try anything once…but after having as many lovers as I have, I know what I like and don’t. I need to be dominated. Whether it’s by a man or woman it doesn’t matter but I need to be treated like a little whore in order to really enjoy myself.


The curious note pinned to my door was addressed to “My Sexy Lil Bitch”. I grabbed it and unlocked my apartment door, finding it unlocked. My heart sped up a bit, and I slowly walked into the front entrance, where my cat was stretched out, fast asleep. Some guard cat, I thought to myself.

Opening the note, I continued to read:

“Your presence is ordered Friday Night at LeCadillac Hotel on 4th Avenue at 8 o’clock sharp. Do not be late, whore, or you will be punished mercilessly. You will be receiving the dress code via courier, make sure your sexy ass is dressed and ready for action when you arrive.”

There was no signature on the note, and it was typed so no handwriting to use to identify. The thought totally thrilled me, this strange invitation to the kinkiest hotel in town. Jacuzzis, multiple jet showers, illegal bahis mirrors everywhere, stripper poles and even cages in some rooms. I wondered which one of the boys I called friends was going to be there when I arrived.


A sharp knock at my door startled me out of bed the next morning. I rubbed my eyes, looked at my clock and saw that it wasn’t even 6 a.m. yet. I wondered who the hell was brave enough to disturb my beauty rest.

I opened the door and a sexy young stud stood there holding a box.

“Sign here, please,” he said, handing me a slip. I couldn’t help but notice a twinkle in his deep blue eyes…and his tall frame and broad shoulders were exactly my type…I pictured him taking me and throwing me against a wall and just ravaging me.

I signed my name with a flourish but before I could make any suggestions, the guy was gone. I took the box inside my apartment and tore it open.

Inside the box was some lingerie and some sky high stiletto sandals. A pair of white fishnet stockings with a lacy garter belt, matching g-string and a sexy little white whisp of a dress. The dress, I knew, would barely cover anything. It would definitely look hot on my slim frame and nicely tanned skin. I could feel the excitement beginning to burn in between my legs and couldn’t wait for Friday night.


When Friday finally came, I dolled myself up in the white dress and stilettos. I love come-fuck-me-shoes…they make me feel every bit the whore and they showcase my gorgeous long legs and tight little ass perfectly.

I called up a taxi, and I could feel my pussy starting to get wet thinking about how this taxi driver was going to see me in my little slut costume. It turned me on so much to show off.

The taxi arrived promptly, and as I got in the car, I watched the driver’s eyes mentally illegal bahis siteleri undress me. I purposely bent over so that my nipple poked out of the dress a bit while telling him the address. My nipples were both hard and I was totally psyched for the night ahead.


I arrived at 8 o’clock sharp at the hotel.

A tall, blonde guy with a distinctive crew cut was waiting in the lobby for me. He called me by name, but only looked vaguely familiar.

“Anna, come with me,” he said, in a very firm voice.

I followed him to one of the rooms, and just outside the door, he pulled a blindfold out of his pocket. My pussy quivered with the thought, I loved being totally at the mercy of my lover. He wordlessly tied it around my head, and then he opened the door.

As he led me by the hand into the room, I could hear men’s voices all around me.

“Sexy little bitch!”

“Oooo would you look at that tasty whore!”

“Nasty little cumslut here for the party!”

There were too many different voices to tell just how many men were in the room. My entire body was trembling in anticipation of the night to come. I was led to a bed and thrown down upon it carelessly. Then several pairs of hands took each of my ankles and wrists and secured fastened them to the four posts of the bed. My legs were now tied wide open and I could feel the juices squeezing out of my hot, tight little cunt.

“So, you little cock sucking whore,” a familiar voice said, “Are you ready for the fucking of your life?” As he asked me this I felt my nipple getting pinched awfully hard and held that way and then the other one…and I realized that nipple clamps had been attached to my perky little nipples. I cried out, half in pain, half in absolute bliss.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” another voice answered for canlı bahis siteleri me. Definitely Connor, the drop dead gorgeous Private that I had been fucking lately. His voice I would know anywhere, I was used to hearing him give me orders in the bedroom and I loved being his little cumslut. Tall, muscular, with dark hair and mischievous green eyes, I could well imagine the monstrous hard-on he must be sporting right about now.

Suddenly, I felt hands on my body, roughly moving up and down the insides of my legs and brushing against my pussy. I was soaked and totally turned on for whatever lay ahead.

“Well, aren’t you a horny little bitch?” A hand began to rub my clit through my g-string and it was so wet it stuck in between my pussy lips.

“Yes, I am sooo horny…please fuck me?” I moaned as I pumped my hips against this hand that was fondling me.

“Hear that guys? She wants to be fucked,” said Connor with a laugh. “And she’ll go all night until each of us has had a turn fucking all of her dirty little slut holes.”

A bunch of guys laughed at his comment and I really wondered how many men were there. There must have been at least eight, but since I couldn’t see I couldn’t tell. I knew that I had never fucked that many men in the same night, that was for sure.

The hand rubbing my clit starting gently slapping at it, which drove me insane with pleasure.

“I need to get fucked,” I moaned.

“Oh there’s no need to worry about that, we’re going to take care of you, you disgusting whore,” one of the guys said and I felt a hand reach through my head and grab a fistful of hair. Then a cock pushing against my cherry red lips, big and hard and ready to fuck. I opened my mouth hungrily to receive his big dick down my throat, making me gag and making my clit throb some more.

Several pairs of hands grabbed at my dress and ripped it so that it hung loosely off my body. The g-string they ripped too a bit too, but pulled it such that it was digging into my ass crack and leaving my cunt wet and exposed.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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