Indecent Proposal Ch. 04

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Waking up spooned against Annabel’s warm nylon clad body was an utmost pleasure in itself; and having ‘morning glory’ at my age just added to the beautiful start to the morning. The only drawback with waking up at my normal time was that it wouldn’t have been very nice to wake Annabel up at 5am to share it with her. Instead I eased my hardness from between her ass cheeks and quietly climbed out of bed to make a coffee and sit out on the deck to watch the beautiful Pacific morning sunrise.

After admiring although I was getting more than enough exercise sex wise to lose a few pounds during this ‘work trip’ as everyone back home thought.

About 8.30 I went back into the chalet and brewed fresh coffee. Once made, I sat in a chair along the bed and wafted the hot mug of steaming under her nose and enjoyed watching Annabel slowly come around and open her eyes. Even in a sleepy, just woken up, state she looked stunning. As I said before I wished I knew more adjectives to describe her.

“Good morning,” I smiled after seeing her head move & her eyes finally open, “Some fresh coffee for you.”

“Thank you,” she said groggily as I placed it on the bedside cabinet and sat back in the chair to admire her.

Her long hair tumbled on to nylon clad shoulders as she sat up in bed to drink her coffee; her small but lovely breasts just hanging there behind the screen of mesh that she was clothed in from our antic last night. I considered myself a very lucky man being right here, right now, admiring this beauty in my bed. Fortunately Annabel sat in bed for 20 minutes or so chatting & drinking her coffee, maximising the time I could admire her in the black nylon body stocking.

Finally Annabel tossed back the covers and swung her legs out onto the floor, but didn’t stand up and head to the bathroom as expected. The view of her nylon clad curvy thighs, contrasting against the white bedding was a sight to behold that was starting to bring back my early hard on with in my shorts. My eyes eventually drifted downwards to see the bulge of her meaty calves; the high heels must have come off in the bed during the night.

“If we weren’t so hungry I could gently ease your thighs about and keep both of amused for an hour,” I bragged.

She smiled, thought for a few seconds, smiled some more and suggested “Why don’t you whistle up breakfast in bed from the kitchen while freshen up?”

‘Yeah,’ I thought before replying and reaching for the bedside phone “Great Idea.”

By the time breakfast arrived Annabel sat in bed was wrapped up in a terry bathrobe to hide the body stocking underneath. We tucked into a cooked breakfast, toast, fresh fruit, and lovely fresh coffee, satisfying our hunger after the exercise from the night before, plus my swim this morning. I finished off with another blue pill washed down with a final cup of coffee. I was going to be wired today by both caffeine & Viagra.

While Annabel tidied the breakfast things back on the trolley and wheeled it outside of our chalet I nipped into the bathroom to shave & shower, emerging in a matching terry robe.

“I hung the ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the door so we won’t be disturbed by the maid,” she informed me as the robe slid off her shoulders and slipped to the floor.

Annabel stepped up to me, kissed me gently and whispered “You smell good Daddy.” She reached down and undid the belt of my robe and held both sides of the robe as she took a step backwards. My little blue friend had teamed up with my old man whilst I was in the shower and Annabel saw a reasonable erection bordered by the white robe. “Let me see how you taste,” she whispered and smiled that impish smile that I so adored. She slid down to the floor on her knees right in front of me and cupped my balls in her hand. With her other cup she curled her fingers around the head of my cock and peeled the foreskin backwards to reveal the shiny head glistening with a little precum in anticipation of the morning ahead; or rather the mouth ahead. Annabel’s eyes stared upwards straight into mine s she opened her lips and took me into her warm wet mouth.

I looked down adoringly at her as I took her head in both hands and ran my spread fingers through her lovely locks of hair. “My beauty,” I whispered in open admiration of both her beauty and sexual talents. This week was so much more than I ever dreamed it would be in any of the times I had wanked off dreaming of Annabel.

Her hand left my cock to just her mouth and slid around my hips to trail her fingers down the crack of my arse. I instinctively hardened in her mouth. Then she ran her finger around my sensitive ring; I swelled in response, blood pumping to make me the largest I could be in her succulent mouth.

Her mouth slowly devoured my entire length in stages over the next türkçe alt yazı porno few minutes; this lass knew how to suck cock; and I didn’t want to cum this early into our morning adventure. Looking down on her I could see the protrusion of her bell shaped ass in the black nylon body stocking. I wanted to play with those fine cheeks of firm warm flesh; so reluctantly I gently started to ease Annabel’s lips back off my cock so I didn’t cum.

As her lips came clear of my swollen cock head she asked “Am I doing something wrong Daddy? … Have I upset you?”

“Oh no,” I tried to reassure her, “your amazing skills and talents were going to make me cum too early; and we have all day, so there is no need to rush.”

She looked slightly reassured.

“Please sit on the edge of the bed as I want to admire and worship your legs and thighs,” I smiled, ” plus give you a little pleasure in return.” I slid my own robe to the floor in the warm morning air.

As I stepped up to the side of the bed I wanted to imprint this image of her on the back of my brain for my advancing old age when this would just be a very magical memory for an old man.

I slid to the floor, slightly shorter than Annabel sat on the bed. I slid my hands onto the back of her nylon clad calves and looked up into her eyes. “I am a very happy and content man; thanks to you Annabel.”

She smiled back down at me and ran her fingers through what remained of my hair.

At that I massaged her calves for several minutes as I continued to stare into her eyes and she continued to run her fingers through my hair. Then I kissed each of her knees in turn and slightly added pressure to her calves with my hands to signal Annabel to ease her legs apart to let me in; which she obediently did. There was my journey and my prize. The journey would be kissing her curvy nylon thighs on each side of my head as I leaned in past her knees. The prize would be that circle of bare flesh at the head of the valley of her thighs. That bare circle that I knew contained pussy lips that were now getting damp in anticipation of the arrival of my mouth.

My lips brushed lightly on the inside of her right thigh just above the knee as my lips felt the smooth nylon and my nose took in the aroma of warm skin. My hand brushed up and down both legs from her ankles to the V of her thighs enjoying the feel but I wanted to savour and tease her by kissing around her pussy without touching her lips or clit.

She read my mind, “Please don’t tease me,”

I slowly licked the full length of her damp pussy lips, “Mmmmmm,” she murmured.

I moved back to tease kissing around her mound; “Not fair,” she called out. I eased her thighs further apart and kissed the inside of her thighs again both hands slid along her nyloned thigh and my cock twitched in appreciation. As much as I loved her in the body stocking it was only fair that I give her some pleasure after being such a good lass so far this morning. I turned my head to the bottom of her warm musky slit and lanced my tongue deep inside her, parted her lips wide as I drove my face up tight onto her pussy. She gripped my head, “Oh thanks,” she whispered. ‘My pleasure,’ I thought.

I lapped my tongue the full length & depth of her pussy before coming up under her hooded clit which received a firm wipe of my tongue as I slid my tongue out of her pussy before ducking down and starting the long lick again.

Three of these long licks meant Annabel was thoroughly wet just how I wanted her.

I rocked back and stood up.

“What?” she questioned.

“There is plenty of time, so let us get comfortable,” I replied as I walked around the bed and climbed on lying in the middle and ramming a pillow under my head.

Annabel stood up and turned to face me; her erect nipples thrusting into the nylon covering them.

“Please sit on my face,” I requested.

“Facing which way?” she asked.

“Whichever way you would like,” I offered.

She climbed on to the bed and swung her leg over my prone body so her knees straddled my head and she faced towards my feet. One of her hands only took a few seconds to grip hold of my stiff cock and then she lowered down onto my tilt up mouth & face.

Her pussy docked perfectly with my mouth as she bent forward to lower her mouth to dock & then swallow my hard, erect cock.

We both moaned out load as we both felt each other’s mouth’s seal themselves on to our sexes. I just loved the way her lips cruised down the entire length of my swollen manhood in one no-stop journey, trailing her tongue behind on the sensitive underside of my cock; it was just exquisite. I sealed my wide open mouth over her pussy and sucked down on her mound. Annabel flinched in reply just before türkçe ifşa porno I inserted my tongue fully depth into her love tunnel. She tasted mighty fine.

OHHH, Yessss,” she cooed.

The inside of my bent arms rubbed the sides of her ass as I brought my hands up to grip her curved, stretched ass in both hands. The palm of my hands travelled over her entire ass thoroughly enjoying the feel & warmth of her skin. My old man swelled with pride & pleasure at being where I was – between Annabel’s thighs with her sucking my manhood deep into her mouth & throat.

I was in no rush; we had all morning to ourselves; so I just cruised my tongue up and down the inside of her pussy lips enjoying the taste of her nectar that was starting to flow from deep inside her pussy. I thoroughly enjoyed massaging the expanse of her ass, hips, and upper thighs with my hands, luxuriating in the smooth sexy texture of the nylon covering her body.

At the same time Annabel was cruising her lips up and down the length of my swollen cock, dragging her tongue up & down my glands making my old man twitch & throb in open appreciation of her considerable skill.

After about five minutes I was getting close to cumming under such exquisite teasing. Annabel must have sensed this and released me from her mouth to kiss down my cock until she reached my swollen, aching balls. Opening her mouth wide she took one of my balls into her warm, wet mouth and gentled licked it with her tongue; I’ve never felt anything like that before, she was so tender as she licked around my sac. I didn’t want to risk her biting me so I kept my own tongue away from her clit; instead I switched to thrusting my tongue in and out of the depths of her love tunnel. Annabel responded by squeezing my penetrating tongue with her pussy. This bright funny young mother was a really skilled lover in or out of bed; her husband was a very fortunate young man to have Annabel for himself; except this week of course!

Annabel alternated every couple of minutes from one testicle to the other; by now I had a degree of trust in the safety of my crown jewels that I could ease my tongue downwards onto her clit without the risk of being bitten. I gently eased my tongue onto her bud and just left it there, nice and still, but in light contact with the tip of her clit.

After a minute or so Annabel realised there was no activity down there just a gentle ache in her clit for more stimulation; so she unconsciously started to rotate her hips in a very slow circle so that my rigid tongue brushed across her sensitive skin and stimulated her nerve endings; this in turn turned the juices back on and my tongue started to get wet as the nectar coated my tongue. In the end I had to move my tongue a little to swallow her sweet juices and that provided more satisfying stimulation to her clit.

We must having been licking, kissing, and sucking each other for about 45 minutes, slowly turning up the heat for each other, teasing each other by introducing a new feeling to each other every now & again to ratchet up the pleasure one more notch at a time. I felt Annabel slide both hands under my ass to cup and squeeze my cheeks, making my old man swell just a little bit more in appreciation of the feelings of pleasure being transmitted through my body by my brain. I in turn eased my hands to the underside of her upturned ass so my thumbs could reach her pussy lips.

Annabel jumped a little in surprise as my thumbs started to stretch her swollen pussy lips apart, stretching her pussy open and leaving her feeling vulnerable and exposed. My tongue relocated off her clit and lapped around the stretched skin of her pussy.

Annabel groaned out loud “That is nice Daddy,” in appreciation and encouragement for more. She in turn slid her finger to my ring and started to run her finger around the edge of the sensitive muscle. I didn’t think my cock was capable of swell or throbbing more than it already was, but it did; my brain & body thoroughly enjoying the stimulation she was giving in return.

I started to lap deeper and harder into Annabel’s pussy; she in turn started to deep throat my while slipping her finger into my ass up to the first knuckle … It was so fucking hard not to cum in her mouth there and then. If I had been 30 years younger than she would be choking on cum right now. But 30 years more experience and slightly dulled senses (from age) meant I could just about hang in there and prolong this wicked session of morning sex.

We both knew we needed to cum, and we both knew what we were doing to each other. We were both taking pleasure in pleasuring each other and being pleasured at the same time. That might sound Irish but read it carefully to understand, we were in one zone together, a vivid porno zone of mutual and sustained pleasure.

I was thrusting my jaw forward and back to penetrate my tongue as deep as I could.

Annabel timed each thrust into my ass with each drop of her mouth down the length of my swollen manhood.

We weren’t going to last much longer.

Our hips were grinding into each other’s faces in a building need and urgency for relief.

Both of us ousing juices onto each other’s tongues, and each swallowing them down.

Now that Annabel had grown used to having her pussy spread open I gently eased my thumbs further apart, stretching her some more and now easing back the hood to leave her clit exposed. A few deep thrusts into her pussy lubricated my tongue some more before switching my tongue onto her clit. Annabel’s hips humped in reaction to my tongue wiping across her bud.

I then started to tongue lash her clit. Annabel’s hips thrust she was getting close to cumming.

Annabel applied her tongue to the sensitive under side of my cock and stated waggling her finger inside my ass. I nearly spurted there and then. But instead my hips started to hump themselves, face fucking Annabel as she continued to deep throat me. My sensitive tip rubbing the sides of her throat.

This just couldn’t last. Fortunately the bed was upto the abuse we were giving it as our bodies humped I couldn’t last a minute longer.

Annabel seemed to sense this and she clamped her throat muscles on the tip of my cock at the exact same second she thrust her finger deeper into my ass. I just exploded.

“AAARRRGGGHHH,” I yelled into her pussy as my balls let loose and my cock pumped rope, after thick rope of spunk deep down her throat. My hips thrusting and fucking her mouth as hard as I could.

My tongue stretched down to press hard on her clit, and well I had finished yelling through my orgasm I was able to suck down onto the spread walls of her pussy two minutes after my orgasm.

As the orgasm exploded inside her pussy and ripped through the rest of her body, Annabel instinctively let my now softening cock out of her mouth so she could breathe in huge, deep breaths to fill her lungs as she implored “DDAADDDDYYYY”. I answered her cries and need by roughing her now ultra sensitive clit with my drenched tongue. Annabel ground her hips hard down on my face, thrust my head back into the pillow and her entire weight thrust down.

Annabel pushed upwards off my hips with her arms to stretch vertically upright to allow her to increase the air being sucked deep into her lungs. This resulted in her spread pussy sealing hard down flat on my face. I could just manage to breathe through my nose trapped between her spread ass cheeks as I thrust my tongue deep, and as far as I could into her pussy. She humped up and down, riding my stretched tongue like an invading cock.

My arms shot upwards and outwards to prevent my wrist being broken by her hips slamming down onto my head. Instinctively they went up under her arm pits to act as shock absorbers to her pistoning body.

“DADDY … DADDY … AH FUCK … DADDY,” she screamed through her orgasm. I was sure the whole resort could hear us, but I simply didn’t care.

Caring about what others thought was the last thing on my mind as I focused on keeping my tongue erect to penetrate her pussy as she rode it, and also hoping her ass slamming down onto my face wasn’t going to break my neck.

“FUCK … FUCK … FUCK… FUCK,” She screamed throughout her orgasm.

Annabel misjudged her alignment on her final slam down on my face and she dropped her clit down on the tip of my tongue. The pressure on her sensitive bud was just too much and the sensations just proved too much for her brain and her circuit breakers, her senses just tripped out causing Annabel to pass out above me. I supported her weight on my arms as I quickly struggled to slide out from underneath her. Somehow I managed to twist out of the way and semi support her weight as she keeled forward onto the bed. I quickly guided her down onto her side and ensured she was still breathing, her eyes fluttering open as she panted for air. I slid my arm under her head to support her and wrapped my arms around her still throbbing and trembling body.

“Daddy,” she whispered softly in the safety & security of my arms, “My God what have you done to me? Your mouth and tongue just destroys me,” she stated simply.

I took my arm from around her back and gently reached down to cup her pussy. Annabel eased her thighs apart slightly so I could reach to the underside of her pussy. I firmly cupped her pussy adding to the feelings she was experiencing in the afterglow of her orgasm as her body took stock and started to recover.

Finally our breathing and heart rates returned to somewhere near normal and we were able to lean in towards each other and tenderly kiss. Annabel wrapped her arms around me, pressed her breasts against my chest and let me keep her pussy cupped in my hand as her juice trickled out over my protective fingers.

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