If You Don’t Work Out (Consequence)

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“Hmmmm. If you don’t work out on a regular basis, I’ll have to spank you!” I had told her, with a smile.

“Yes!” she replied instantly, with a twinkle in her eye. We went our separate ways.

That was a month ago and my friend had been sorely neglecting her formerly-frequent workouts on her Pelaton. True, she’d been through a lot of life-changing upheaval, but neither of us wanted her health to suffer as a result. Early forties, too sedentary a life-style (with the exception of chasing her dog around the house), carrying a little more weight than ideal (but still absolutely desirable in my eyes, particularly her beautiful face, ample bust and well-rounded butt). If there was one person in this world I’d like to get intimate with, it was Candace (Candy).

We had just completed a day of “working from home” together at her house. Minimal calls and since we were on different projects, independently productive. As darkness fell around 4:30pm, I raised the question which had been weighing upon me for days:

“HAVE you been working out as you promised? Regularly?” I looked across the kitchen table at her, waiting for Candy to make eye contact and volunteer an answer to my questions.

“I’ve done it a bit, yes” she replied, deliberately avoiding that eye contact I needed.

“Look at me, Candy – have you worked out more than twice a week, on average? Honestly?”

She raised her eyes to meet my stentorian gaze, trying to mesmerize me with her beautiful brown irises , “Maybe not more than twice a week, no” she meekly responded, once more dropping her gaze to some random mark on the table.

I wondered if my luck would hold – would she let me spank her? There really was no precedent for this in our mostly-Platonic relationship, we’d be crossing over a very important line – one barrier I was eager to smash through with abandon.

“Do you realize the consequences of your actions, or rather, lack of actions?” I questioned, the words coming out far more firmly than the butterflies in my stomach suggested. “Stand up, please.”

Very slowly, Candy complied with my command, pushing her chair back with a screech on the worn flooring. “Now lean against the divide, please” I requested, indicating the three-foot high partial wall between the kitchen area and the living room area. “And stick your bottom out a little, bend at the waist.”

She continued to follow my instruction, to the letter, placing her feet together and bending at the waist to lean on the partial wall, pushing some papers to one side as she did so. Her jeans-clad butt looked extremely alluring in that position. Nicely-rounded, filling the appropriate parts of the pelvic area of her jeans. It would be hard to convey the approximate size to anyone unfamiliar with her (is there a standard measurement for this sort of thing?), but I’d guess she was nicely-filling around a US sized 12 underwear.

Candy bowed her head and tensed herself, waiting for me to make a move. I barely knew where to begin, except to admire her exquisite form close-up, basically with her permission. A deep breath (from me) and I took a step back to Candy’s left and raised by right hand, extending my arm to its fullest extent. I pulled my arm back at the shoulder and let it drop, without terribly much force, such that my slightly-cupped hand made a pleasing contact with her right butt cheek. It jiggled a little, but not for long. The amount of “give” was just right. Not too muscular, not too scrawny, not too fat. Just right. Perfect,

in fact. I’d never had the nerve to touch her butt before and on several occasions over the last few years, czech amateurs porno Candy had made it quite clear such attention was not welcomed, often recounting a story where somebody had groped her going up a flight of stairs, claiming there had been a loose piece of thread on her exquisite derriere.

But now she was letting me touch, not objecting at all. In the slightest.

I pressed briefly more firmly into her cheek, getting a feel (no pun intended) for the density and pliability. Promising, very promising. Then I raised by arm, removing my hand before letting it fall in a similar manner on her nearer, left butt-cheek, my fingers cupping just slightly into her jeans-covered crack. These jeans would have to go before much more time passed.

“Undo your jeans and remove them, please” I ordered Candy, removing my hand as I spoke.

She hesitated, as if unsure how far she wanted this to go, how intimate to let it become. I cleared my throat to indicate I was still awaiting action on her part. Her dilemma lasted perhaps two seconds longer, before she reached back and wrestled her button loose, followed by her zipper. She had a bit of an issue wresting the jeans over her hips, bent-over as she was, but she managed to let the denim drop into a pile around her feet before stepping out of them.

She had on pale (very pale) blue underwear, stretched nicely around her full bottom, the well-worn elastic pulled a little more tightly than looked comfortable around the tops of her hips. She wriggled a little and prepared for another inspection. My eyes soaked in the vision in blue before me, cheeks filling the underwear so nicely, over-hanging the tops of her thighs just a little. I wanted to mash my face into the middle of her backside, but resisted the urge, for now at least. We had other business to attend to.

Standing back once more, I began to place flat-handed swats upon each cheek in turn. Not particularly hard, but enough to both see and feel her butt-flesh jiggle with each slap. No noises of distress coming from Candy, but she did seem to shift her weight a little awkwardly from one foot to the other as the firm blows landed on alternate cheeks. I varied my aim a little, too. Sometimes coming up from below to catch the bottom-most curves of her bottom, sometimes coming in horizontally to maximize contact with her sumptuous flesh. The way Candy’s bottom jiggled was just awesome.

I concluded the current phase with a half dozen, cupped-handled slaps on each cheek, a bit more firmly than before. I was hoping these may smart just a tiny bit, raising some redness on her skin. The sudden change in intensity made Candy screw her eyes tightly-shut, an “oomph” escaping from between her mostly-closed lips. Not much in the way of fidgeting from her, though. She could obviously take a little more.

“Are you OK?” I asked, anyway. No harm in giving her the impression we could discontinue at any time.

“Uh-huh”, Candy quietly whispered, giving no indication she wanted to stop. This was VERY good.

Contemplating my next move, I decided to relieve her of her underwear, moving directly behind her and hooking my fingers into the elastic of her waistband on both sides, dragging them downward, over her delectable tush to where her narrower thighs permitted the flimsy material to drop to the floor. She made to step out of them and kick her underwear toward her discarded jeans, but I intervened by stepping on them before she could flick them away. I knelt, picked them up, located the gusset and looked for signs of arousal. I was sorely disappointed to czech bitch porno see none – perfectly dry and clean. No matter, we still had time to build toward something more substantial.

Time for more swats, this time with the flat of my hand, firmly but not painfully so, six on her right cheek, followed by six on her left. I deliberately ended with the left because I could work toward positioning my blows just perfectly such that the tips of my fingers curved into her butt-crack with the end of each motion.

Candy’s flesh was starting to show redness now, so I repeated another couple sets of six, this time letting my hand make lower and lower impact, cupping her cheeks, edging my fingertips closer and closer to her private, rear hole. A few light gasps escaped her mouth as my digits intruded into places which were likely unfamiliar with a man’s touch, straying within an inch or so of her back door.

Happy with the way this whole experience was going, I stepped back from her and walked around to the sectional in the living room, selecting a spot with ample space both sides. “Come here and lay across my lap, face-down, please” I instructed Candy.

She wasted no time in standing upright and following me around the corner, first kneeling on the cushion next to me, then reaching forward and slowly lowering herself on my thighs, such that she lay slightly past her halfway mark, bottom pretty well-centered on my lap. In this new position, I noticed her thighs were clenched together and her butt-cheeks held a different shape from when Candy had been standing a few moments earlier.

“Let me know if this gets really uncomfortable, OK?” I reminded her. Then I re-commenced the spanking, starting with long, sweeping slaps which brushed up the length of her thighs before contacting with the lower parts of her cheeks. Once content with my ability to strike the target zone, I raised my arm further to reduce drag and get a better angle at impact. Slap! Slap! Slap! The reddening, which had been starting to subside, began growing in intensity again. I could feel the escalating heat beneath my hand at the end of every stroke.

At some point, I must have passed a threshold. Candy moaned “enough, enough please!” and I lowered my now-smarting spanking hand, bringing it to rest upon her right thigh (the one further from me). I slowly swept it to me left, nearer to her beautiful bottom. At this angle, my thumb was going to slide nicely between her cheeks and I tilted it downward just a tad, hoping to make contact with her labia, or at least her bush.

Very readily, it became apparent Candy was wet. And she had no bush, at least toward the rear of her slit. My thumb met a warm, mushy wetness with the viscosity of a thin syrup. I pushed a little more, slipped between her nether lips and slowly swiped my thumb downward, plowing her female furrow. Alas, I couldn’t quite reach her clit without impractical contortion of my wrist, my fingers still atop the back of Candy’s thigh.

I moved my hand at the same time as Candy opened her thighs a little and pushed her bottom upward, off my lap, all her weight now resting on her knees and her elbows, indenting the cushions either side of me. I used both hands to very, very gently hold her hips while I covered her reddened bottom in gentle, little, open-mouthed kisses, allowing my tongue to make soft contact with her glowing flesh at every kiss.

As I worked nearer and nearer her butt-crack, I could feel Candy start to tense a little, her cheeks coming to a halfway-clench. I gently moved my hands around and onto her bottom such that czech casting porno I could help hold her cheeks slightly apart, against the clench. As my kisses moved into the top of her butt-crack, I let my tongue do more of the ‘work’ (for this was certainly not work!). I worried her butt-crack with my tongue as I slowly moved down, from left to right, savoring the intimacy I had so longed for.

Finally, I arrived at her twitching asshole. I swept my tongue around the outside, not quite making contact with the middle. I did the same in reverse, this time counter-clockwise. Slowly, teasingly. I could feel her anal flesh contracting and expanding, less than an inch from the top of my tongue. Candy was starting to let out a series of encouraging moans now, clenching her fists and thrusting her bottom higher into my face.

Convinced she would let me do almost anything to her, I slid my right hand around and extended two fingers in parallel into her sopping slit, thrusting in as far as my hand would allow, while at the same time I flicked the tip of my tongue across her asshole. Candy gasped at the intimate double-intrusion, squirming a little and flexing her butt muscles.

When she relaxed them enough again, I pushed my tongue hard into her private rear hole, while dropping my well-lubed fingers to desperately seek her clit, trying to maximize her pleasure with no regard for my own. My time would surely come. I stabbed at her forbidden passage repeatedly with my tongue, working slowly to loosen the taut muscle guarding it.

My middle finger had now struck an extremely productive cadence against Candy’s clit, strumming back and forth with ever-increasing pressure in a race to see whether I could penetrate her with my tongue before she came – ideally both at the same time, of course.

I concluded my tongue wasn’t going to gain entrance – she was just too tight back there, likely an ass-virgin. I made use of my dormant left hand to extend my forefinger toward her locked back door, applying pressure onto her perineum first, pushing down on it as my other hand worked her clit. Candy was getting close, but needed something additional to take her all the way. Take her all the way – that was it! I let the middle finger of my left hand join my forefinger, applying a gentle stroking to her perineum, spreading some of the honey from her vagina a little further back, reducing the friction, easing the path.

Candy was becoming short of breath, her moans combining with gasps of encouragement as she neared her peak “please…ohhhhh…please…yes, yes!”

Seizing the moment, I redoubled my attention to her burning clit, while at the same time moving my left forefinger over her twitching anus. It was now or never – a chance to explore Candy deeply as I had only ever fantasized over. I pushed my fingertip in. A louder gasp. I added a little saliva to the mix and drooled on my own finger as I pressed downward, past the first joint, all the way to the second as Candy started to buck beneath my pressure. Her bucking actually drove my finger deeper into her, violating her private passage in a way she’d likely never been fingered before.

I took that final opportunity to drive her over the edge “Are you a dirty girl? Do you like men’s fingers in your butt? Is this something you’ve wanted for a long , long time? How would you like to be properly filled, back there?”

The words, combined with the anal attention and my now-numb finger vibrating across her clit sent Candy into the abyss. I can’t say for sure she squirted, but the level of moisture around my right hand increased dramatically as the lovely lady on my lap yelled out a string of unintelligible syllables which were doubtless loud enough for the neighbors to hear, but fortunately incomprehensible. Her butt tautened, squeezing my hand between her cheeks and my finger inside her rear passage.

THAT was a spanking to remember.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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