I Lost My Virginity to My Fantasy

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It started when I was about 19.

I looked at porn, read stories, and dreamt of kinky things. My friends were a mix of conservative folks and complete kinky sluts. Some liked being abused and bitten, others stayed with French-kissing and military style bases… but I was different.

Anytime I looked at porn, I thought about one guy in a school named Chaz. He had asked me several times to hook-up, but since I was still a virgin, I concluded no. He laughed that I was still a virgin in college. He was a druggie, a pot head and about 5′ 5″(About my height). I imagined his cock to be thick and 8 in. when erect. Oh, I almost forgot to explain my appearance. I’m about 5′ 5″ and weigh and average of 130 pounds. I’m athletic, with breasts the size 34B (a big b) or 34C (a small c). I have a round bottom that’s perfect size, and medium thighs that are muscular. I have dirty blonde/ brown wavy hair, probably about to my shoulders, and light brown eyes of a very large size. I’m pretty tan, with thick lips.

Anyways, as I said, I fantasized about Chaz.

And oh god, I really wanted to give him a blow-job. I have never given head, yet unlike most girls I would be most willing. I masturbated like crazy: sometimes up to 4 times a day. One day, all of my fantasies came true…

I was walking home from school, and I saw Chaz in town. I waved, but kept walking, casino oyna immersed in my thoughts. I didn’t realize he was following me until I got to this alleyway. I stopped, and asked him what’s up. He came up to me, and asked me to come over his house. Well… I agreed cuz I had nothing better to do.

Once we got to his house, he led me to his room, and shut the door. I got so scared, and looked at him frightened with my brown eyes. He said, “I’ve been watching you slut. And know you’re gonna get what you deserve.”

I opened my mouth to question these words, but he came up to me and started stripping me. I did not protest. HE pulled his own shirt off and said “Kneel. Unzip my pants WITH YOUR MOUTH.”

And so… I did. Got he felt so hard. As I unzipped his cock hit me in the face. It was just like I imagined. I waited for directions.

He told me “Suck my dick, bitch.” Ugh why do those dirty words turned me on so much? I took it in, and sucked it so hard. Then I slowly released the grip my mouth had on him, and started sucking up and down, from the base to the tip. He tasted so good. He kept calling me all these names, from bitch to hoe to slut. And then his pre-cum started to leak out his member. Mmm. It tasted so good. He grabbed my hair and shoved his dick down my throat. I gagged, and then hummed and moaned so that he would cum from the vibrations canlı casino I made. And he did. His jizz slid down my throat perfectly.

Then he removed his member and left me kneeling there. He called up someone on his cell, and I heard many a many people shouting on the phone. He said, “Come over, I got a bitch.”

He hung up and came over to me. “Get up.” he said. Then he laid me down on his bed, which smelled so much of weed. I suddenly felt a finger in my shaven cunt. “Ugnnnn” I moaned. He started slowly fucking me with his fat finger. Then he slid another one. ‘Owwwww…Ugnnn” the pain and pleasure mixed in pure ecstasy. Suddenly I heard a knock on the door and a bunch of voices. Chaz said “Come in.”

So about 2 dudes and a chick came in. I looked at them horrified. I didn’t know any of them.

The guys took off their shirts, and the chick stripped into her bra and thong. They were all muscular like Chaz, and the guys all took out their cocks. They were both HUGE: about 9 in and 10 in. The girl had huge tits, probably Ds. They all came over, and started fucking me. Everything was moving so fast.

The first guy stuck his dick in my mouth, just where Chaz’s had been. The second came and started massaging and sucking my tits.” This bitch got cute tits” he said. I moaned and cried in fear and pleasure. Chaz started sticking 3 fingers into kaçak casino me, and I cried in more pain. “Fuck this shit” he said, and placed his dick, touching my wet cunt. Slowly he pushed his dick in, while I moaned on the other guy’s dick in pain. The girl was at my ass hole, since I had been lifted, and fingering my ass. I Groaned “Nooooo!” onto the guy’s dick again. He was lasting a pretty good time.

Chaz pulled out of my cunt, and went for my lubed up ass hole, while the other guy who was watching fucked my sore pussy. They fucked me fast and hard, and I came after a few minutes. The other chick was licking my pussy and ass and the two cocks pumping out of me. Then all the dicks rotated, except in my ass since I was so tired from my MIND blowing orgasm. The 10 in dick fucked the other chick while she laid on top of me and rubbed our breasts together.

They must have rotated for hours, and I kept blacking out. I had so many orgasms I lost count. When I woke up again, they were all gone except Chaz.

Chaz cooed over my banged up body and licked my pussy clean. He held me tight and caressed my naked body. “Poor bitch” he said. HE smiled and shoved his dick back into my mouth. He made me suck on him till he was hard, and then he wanked himself into coming all over me. I licked the cum off my lips, but let the rest give me a facial.

He carried me to the shower and bathed me. My room mate called for me to come back to the dorm to help her with her paper. So I left.

But this wasn’t our last adventure.

*Should I continue the story? Comment Please!*

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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