How Had I Ended Up Here – Valentine’s

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John was sitting in his office, half-heartedly working on his latest report. The office floor outside was decorated with festive love hearts and other decorations. Valentine’s Day was never a big celebration for John, but he knew he’d have to make a whole evening for Clare.

He had reserved a table at a nice restaurant and gotten a bouquet sent to her office. He put on a good show, but his heart wasn’t in it. He sighed and returned to his work before he was interrupted by a tentative knock on his door.

‘Oh thank God’ John thought. “Yes?” John answered.

The door opened and Ciara, John’s assistant entered with a small package.

John watched as the lithe brunette approached the desk and leaned over to put the package down. She was wearing black trousers, a blue sweater with a white blouse underneath. Her long brown hair was tied back in a ponytail, leaving her features unobscured. She wore black framed glasses that magnified her wide, brown eyes.

“Any Valentine’s plans Ciara?” John asked conversationally.

“Nope. Just TV and ice cream.” Ciara replied with a wry smile.

John was surprised, she was young, pretty and good-natured.

“Thank you Ciara.” John said and she promptly left.

John looked at the package curiously.

He opened it slowly and inside he found a note.

‘I remember you don’t do Valentine’s but I thought you may want these in case, to ‘distract’ you from any office festivities.’ It read.

John reached into the box and pulled out three photos.

The first was Susan with a mischievous smirk wearing angel wings and a matching set of red lace bra and panties.

The second was Susan lying back on a white couch, her bra on the cushion beside her. She had both hands down her panties and her bare breasts free. Her face was a ankara escort gasp, that John had seen many times in bed with her.

The final photo was Susan in the same position, but the panties were gone and she had the fingers of her right hand in her mouth and her left hand squeezing her right breast. The photographer had gotten the light just right, so John could see the wetness of Susan’s pussy.

He took out his phone and messaged Susan.

‘Thank you for your gift. I’ll probably keep it in the office.’ John wrote.

‘My pleasure. I enjoyed making it 😉 That’s a good idea, you can use them for stress relief.’ Susan replied.

‘I didn’t get you anything.’ John wrote.

‘Well. The girl who did it also does filming. So how about as your present, you can join me next weekend and we can work with her together?’ Susan suggested.

John was rock hard in an instant.

‘I think that is an excellent idea. We can arrange closer to the time.’ John replied eagerly.

‘I thought you might like that. We can also tell her we’re not married if you want, she says as long as she can make good art she doesn’t care.” Susan remarked.

‘You are the best. I’m looking forward to showing you my appreciation.” John answered.

‘Well. I’m off to late lunch with Michael, so I’ll have to hold you to that later. Happy Valentine’s Day ;).” Susan finished.

John discreetly repacked the box and sat back in his chair.

His phone buzzed and he looked at it.

It was from Emma, listed in his phone as Emma (Work). He was very happy he had done that, Clare would never open a work text on his phone.

‘Hey. So I got an amazing opportunity at work. They picked me to model a new lingerie set for the store’s catalogue! They want to do a shoot on Thursday around 3PM in the escort ankara store. Gavin won’t be able to make it and honestly, I want the guy who gave me the confidence to give modelling a shot, to be there. I was thinking if you could get to the store at 2:30? I’d really appreciate if you could ‘fill’ me with the courage to be ‘cumfortable’ in front of those cameras. Could you cum?’ Emma messaged.

John’s head was spinning and he instinctively wrote back.

‘Hey. I am so happy for you. I knew you could do it! Well if Gavin isn’t there, then of course I can be there. I understand it may be ‘hard’ at first, but you are ‘hands on’ enough and ‘open’ to such an opportunity, that with my help, you’ll be able to feel the confidence ‘flow into you’. I’ll definitely cum for you’ John answered.

‘You have no idea what a ‘relief’ it is to hear that. I better get going, Gavin and I have early dinner. Maybe I’ll message tonight when he’s asleep? ;).’ Emma offered.

‘That sounds good to me. Just let me confirm it’s me first. Don’t want my wife thinking Emma from work is involved.’ John joked.

‘Haha. Yeah Gavin thinks you’re a modelling agent, which is true in my case ;). Don’t worry, based on what I have in mind, I’ll definitely double check. Happy Valentine’s Day.’ Emma replied.

John sat back and thought for a moment.

‘I’ll buy the set she models for her present.’ John thought to himself.

It was getting late so he rang the florist.

“Hi. Can I get a bouquet of roses delivered to a Ms. Andrews? And can I email you a scan of the note?” John said.

He provided the address and paid by card.

Finally, quitting time came around and John packed up.

As he left the office he stopped at Ciara’s desk.

“Ciara? Can you make a note that I’ll be out of the office ankara escort bayan from 2PM on Thursday?” John asked.

Ciara nodded.

“Clare called. She said she’s heading into the restaurant, but she said Kaylynn needed to

talk you regarding her holidays. Clare said you’d better go home and sort that before meeting her for dinner.” Ciara explained.

John felt his phone vibrate.

‘There’s a present lying on your bed which I think you may appreciate. It should help you work up an appetite before your dinner. Happy Valentine’s Day.’ Kaylynn wrote.

John looked up and noticed the roses on Ciara’s desk for the first time.

‘No plans. But roses?” John joked.

“Yeah they came a while ago with this note.” Ciara smiled.

She handed him the card and their fingers brushed.

John read the note written in his own hand.

‘Ciara. Congratulations on completing your 1st six months! I hope we can take a meeting and discuss the opportunities that you could potentially benefit from.’

“I think there may be an unconventional opportunity that you’d appreciate and I feel could strengthen our relationship.” John explained.

“Well sir. I hope that over my probation period that you know that you can trust me to be attentive, thorough and ultimately discreet.” Ciara replied suggestively.

“Ciara. I think we should have a meeting tomorrow morning so we can really explore this option.” John affirmed.

“Well sir. I’ll put it in the book and prepare for you tomorrow morning.” Ciara agreed flirtatiously.

“Not TV and ice cream?” John chuckled.

“No. I think I have to pick out the right outfit and smooth off any edges in my…demeanour.” Ciara finished smoothly.

John felt himself stiffen at that.

“Well Ciara I certainly appreciate your attitude and look forward to our meeting tomorrow.” John said coolly.

“So do I, sir.” Ciara replied.

John left the office and headed home, eager to meet Kaylynn waiting for him.

This was a good Valentine’s Day.

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