Hotel Fiction 02

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The sound you breathe excites me.

I feel your pussy sliding over the head of my cock. Wet and tight. Warm.

My heart is racing. I’ve wanted you for so long, and now you’re sitting in my lap, naked and full of me. My nervousness melts away in the heat of my lust.

I grab your tits in my hands and suck on one of your full nipples.

I pull back and stare into your ocean eyes, and then I kiss you while you slide over my dick. It’s a sensual, deep kiss. Our tongues touch. We suck each other’s lips.

My hand is cupping your face now. I stroke it through your hair. I could kiss you forever. You taste intoxicating. My head spins.

I lie back and pull you with me. You’re kneeling comfortably over me. With my arms under yours, I hug you close; your face is nestled in my neck.

Slow and steady, I thrust deep inside of you.

Your hips move in counterpoint with mine. Our rhythm escalates. We’re eager.

I grab your ass now, pulling and releasing, pulling and releasing. The sound of our bodies fills my ears. Slap. Slap. Slap.

You nibble my ear and then sit up suddenly, illegal bahis both your hands on my chest. You smile mischievously shortly before you twist around, pivoting on my cock, to grant me reverse access.

Your lovely backside is my full view now. Your ass and pussy consumes my attention. The image of your vagina folds stretching out with my cock drives me crazy.

I grab your ass. My nails dig into your skin. Then, I slap your butt cheek. I slap you again and again. A satisfying red glow starts to form.

Enthusiastic, you overextend, and my dick slips out, slapping me on my tummy. I push it up again with my thumb and it slips back into your cunt. You resume your fucking. Every time you thrust down, I thrust up and bury my cock in you.

Now you slow down. You’re enjoying being in control of your pleasure. You move more purposefully, trying small variations in position, experimenting with what feels good.

I wet my thumb with my mouth and massage your asshole. I circle lightly, letting your hole get used to the feel of me. Next, I put my thumb over your anus, pushing with increasing illegal bahis siteleri pressure, but making sure not to enter you yet. I feel your ass relax.

We’re not in the right position for anal play. You dismount and get on all fours. I push you down into the bed so that your head rests on the pillow while your ass props up.

I spread your legs wider. In front of me is your swollen pussy, gleaming with wetness, and your perfect tight, little asshole.

I squirt lube on my hand, and massage your anus again, just like before.

Then I ease the tip of my index finger in. Without pushing in deeper, I start circling my finger, like drawing little ‘O’s, stretching…

Your second sphincter slowly gives way and soon my whole finger is up your ass. I move it back and forth. I’m shaking with excitement. I’m fingering your ass! And you’re loving it!

I start massaging the walls, making come-to-me motions, and you moan in response.

I slip my middle finger in too now and I keep massaging your insides.

With my free hand, I gather up some of the excess lube, and cup canlı bahis siteleri your cunt, applying increasing pressure on your womanhood while I keep working on your ass.

Soon I start to circle my fingers over your pussy. You react with movement and moans, and I find my own breathing excited. Goddamn. You feel so good.

It’s time to make you come. I drive two fingers into your pussy. No need to be careful here. You are gushing wet.

I turn my hand to massage your g-spot. You react instantly. Yes, you fucking love this, don’t you?

My cock is aching it’s so hard.

I wanted to make you come with my fingers, and thought that afterwards, you could jerk me off, but I can’t. I HAVE to fuck you.

I pick up the dildo next to me, lube it up, and slide it up your ass. Then I shove my cock into your slit and fuck you.

Double penetrated, you are overwhelmed with sensations. It’s almost too much for your body to take.

You’re uttering desperate, primal noises as my body repeatedly crashes into yours.

I’m grunting now, like some kind of animal.

I’m fucking you as hard as I’ve ever fucked anyone.

And then I explode inside you. Toe-curling, powerful bursts of ecstasy that render me senseless.

Neither of us can speak just yet.

I lay over you, breathing hard, my dick’s twitching finally still.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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