Hot Day, Hotter Discovery

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Intro: A couple of days ago I had one of those experiences that you have to share. Even now several days later my mind is still reeling and I get horny whenever I think about what happened. It was a perfect combination of spontaneous love and kink. My name is Joe and last Tuesday I called in sick to work. The area I live in had been tortured by a heat wave that made sleep impossible. My cramp bed felt more cramped with my wife lying next to me in the stale hot air. Both of us tossed, sweated and turned, until eventually I gave up all hopes of sleep. I turned on my computer to surf, sitting alone in the pale illumination of the computer. Several times my server bounced me off and it took me forever to dial back up. Finally frustration won out and I decided to get a cable access modem, first thing in the morning. Since I am an office manager at my place of employment, I exercised my administrative privilege and called in sick, so I could stay at home and rest. I could also be home to wait for the cable guy.

It was another hot and humid day, about 90 degrees when my wife left for work. I had my coffee sitting in front of a small fan and flip through the paper. Around 10 a.m. I called my Cable Company and made arrangements for them to send someone over who could boost my painfully slow computer. The woman on the other side of the phone said someone could be by in a few hours. “Great” I mumbled and hung up. To past time I decided to work out. I headed down to the basement where it was 15 degrees cooler and pumped a lot of iron. I am 36 years old but have worked hard to maintain my body. Unlike many men my age I am ripped and toned, 5’8 and 178 lbs. My wife says I have a surfers body. After my workout I headed up stairs to shower. I stripped in the hallway pausing in the full-length mirror to acknowledge my body. I am light skinned but tanned with shoulder length blonde hair; my body is mostly hairless except for light wisps of white/blonde hair on my chest and my pubic area. I smile at the rugged man in the mirror, ran a hand through tangled mouse colored hair and headed for the bathroom.

In the shower I became aware of how horny I had been lately. The hot pulsing water and the feel of my soapy hands on my chest and belly had awakened desire in me. I let my hand drop to my cock and gave it a slight tug. My belly tingle and my cock began to lengthen in my hand. I closed my eyes and thought about Angelina Jolie and moaned. Suddenly I remembered that the cable man was due to arrive. With a sigh I fought back my lust and exited the shower. “After he’s left I’ll return to thoughts of Ms. Jolie and hand fuck myself ” I smile.

I dressed in a pair of cotton Adidas drawstring pants and a ripped tank top. My hair was still wet but I thought it would help me remain cool. After about 20 minutes the doorbell rang and I answered it. I was greeted by a man who’s shirt declared him to be Dan. “Hi” I’m Dan did you call about a cable modem hook up?”

“Sure did, come in” I said yielding the way. Dan squeezed through the door frame; he was taller than me and much wider. He was not a fat man but instead built like a bear. He carried a little toolbox casino siteleri that looked comical in his big hand. I lead Dan into my study and pointed to the computer “There it is” I said. Dan surveyed the room and asked if I knew where the junction box was. “Nope” I said and sat down in my big leather computer chair. ” I’ll just have to move some things around, “he said “it could be anywhere. ” With that Dan started to pull various pieces of furniture away from the wall.

As I watched this giant man work I felt myself become aroused. I was shocked because thoughts like this never entered my head. I felt I was on the verge of an important self discovery. I tried to redirect my mind to more heterosexual thoughts. Yet each time Dan moved something heavy he would grunt or groan and I felt myself getting more turned-on. Dan made his way to the closet and opened the door. “Sometimes it is in the back of the closet” he said, “mind if I have a look?” I smiled and nodded.

Dan got to his knees and holding a flashlight in his mouth wiggled around at the bottom of the closet. He pushed and pulled a few boxes and I found myself staring at his ass in khaki shorts. Dan cursed and pulled back. He had split a box and the contents laid strewn about his knees. There were several X-rated video tapes and a few of my wife’s discarded sex toys. Dan mumbled, smirked and looked embarrassed, but not as embarrassed as me. I stood red faced and silent. I could think of nothing to say for at least a minute. Then it hit me “would you like a beer” I said “Um, sure” Dan responded.

I padded bare foot to the fridge and stood in the cool air of the open door. I grabbed two bar bottles and held them to my neck and temple aware of how hot I was and how hard my heart was beating. “what was happening to me? ” I thought to myself. I took a deep breath and headed back to the study vowing to act like nothing had happened. The phone rang as I passed it. It was my wife. I spoke to her briefly thankful to have another reason to avoid the tension in the other room for a few more minutes. Dan must not have heard me come back in the room, because when I did I caught him looking at the back of one of the more explicit sex tapes. I stood watching him, unnoticed and saw the hint of his semi-erect cock through his shorts. I waited a minute and devised a plan.

I cleared my throat and Dan dropped the tape. Now it was his turn to be more embarrassed. ” Like what you see?” I said handing him a beer. ” Dan shrugged and said without thinking “Yeah”. I smiled and went to my chair, leaving Dan standing about 8 feet from me. I cocked one leg over the arm of the chair and took a long haul off the bottle. Dan took many quick sips looking around nervously. With a new found confidence fueled by lust I spoke in a more assertive tone.

“Dan, aren’t you hot? I’m so damn hot. ” I said running the tip of the bottle around my lips and teasing it with my tongue. Dan stared. I asked the question again and this time Dan nodded. “Why don’t you take off you shirt? It’s all sweaty and I won’t tell” Dan paused for a moment and then put his beer down he pulled the work shirt out canlı casino of his shorts and unbuttoned. My heart raced as I watched this huge man undressing in front of my. I knew instantly I was in control and I knew what I wanted.

Dan stood there in his shorts and tan work boots naked from the waist up. In contrast to my body Dan was much more hairy. His barrel chest was covered with tons of curly black hair, reinforcing my thoughts that he looked like a bear. I finished my beer and went to get another. I stooped at the bathroom to relieve myself and left the door open. I knew the sound of my stream might make Dan curious and from the right angle, with the door open my cock would be clearly noticeable in the mirror. I stole a glance over my shoulder and saw as I expected Dan looking at me.

“Do you need to pee, Dan?” I said. “There enough room for both of us” Dan slowly walked in to the bathroom. He stood next to me. I could smell the sweet mixture of sweat and aftershave. His big chest inches from my face. He stood in work boots, while I stood in my bare feet on the cold tile floor. As if in a daze, Dan pulled down his zipper and pulled out his cock. I smile and looked up into his blue eyes. Dan however did not return my gaze because he was staring a my erect penis. “You can touch it if you want” I said placing a hand on his chest, my thumb brushing against his nipple. With a big hand he reached out and wrapped his finger around my entire 7 inches. He let out soft whimper and I felt him tremble.

“Do you want to suck me off Dan?” I said staring into his eyes. He didn’t speak but nodded yes. I leaned back against the sink, dropped my sweat pants and spread my thin muscular legs. Dan groaned and dropped to his knees. He placed one hand on my ass and the other cupped my balls. A small drip of precum oozed out and Dan captured it with the tip of his tongue. In one motion Dan engulfed my cock. He took the entire length of me and swirled his tongue up and down my shaft. “Do you like that Dan?” I said placing a hand on his head while with the other I clung onto the sink that rocked back and forth with the rythym of Dans thrusting head. ” Do you like sucking cock?”

“You suck almost as good as my wife Dan”

” Ohhhhhh, yessss that’s it Dan suck me off like a naughty school girl” The combination of Dan hot mouth, rough hand squeezing my ass and my own dirty talk brought me to the brink. “I’m gonna cum Dan. Do you want to swallow like a good boy” I taunted. Dan mumbled and pulled back. I tilted his head up a little and told him to open his mouth. Dan worked his hand up and down my cock covered in his own saliva like a sex starved porn queen. Suddenly I felt the spasm of pleasure that signaled my eruption. I gripped on to the sink tight and thrust my hips up, tightening my ass cheeks in Dans hands. Huge amounts of cum shot forth and landed in the Cable Guys waiting mouth and dribbled down his chin. After a minute I help Dan to his feet. I kissed him deeply driving my tongue down his throat tasting my own sperm. I held the kiss for a moment and bit his lower lip while I gripped his cock and squeeze. ” Good boy, now its kaçak casino your turn” I whispered.

I walked back into the study and took a place next to my high back chair. Dan walked over to me but I instructed him to stand across the room. I picked up the video tape he had been looking at and read the title aloud “Sorority Sluts on Campus”

“You were interested in this one weren’t you Dan?” I said walking over and placing into the VCR. In a moment the screen lit up. I fast-forwarded to a scene with two college girls in catholic girl uniforms fucking/sucking in the library. Dan stared mouth open. I went back to my chair and sat there naked except for my tank top. I placed a leg over both arms of the chair. “Strip for me Dan. ” I ordered. Dan nodded and pulled his shorts down along his muscular thighs. ” You like naught school girls Dan, your’re my naught school girl aren’t ya?”

I stared at this giant of a man in my room. He was naked except for his work boots. His cock stuck out a full 91/2 inches and curved slightly to the left. Dan breathing was heavy as he continued to stare at the screen. I reached into the box and grabbed one of my wife’s vibrators. Surprisingly the batteries were still good. I snapped it on and tossed in to Dan. It hummed and shimmed at his feet. Next I tossed him a tube of moisturizer. ” Dan do you want to cum for me?” I said in a sexy tone. A girl on the TV screen answered for him “Yesss Yessss!!! Yessss” Dan nodded. “okay my gentle giant pick up that vibrator and lube in up. Put it in you ass Dan and sit on the edgeof the couch. Dan took a moment and did what he was told. Eyes closed tightly as he inserted the device in his ass. He bit his lower lip and grunted. “Do you like what you feel Dan?”

“Do you feel naughty? That’s my dick in you ass”

“Are you my slut Dan?” Dan groaned and whispered through clenched teeth “yesssss” as he wiggled on the small vibrator. It was all but consumed by his big ass and as he sat on the end of the couch it disappeared. Dan lean on the couch, rocking and moaning his dick sticking up, solid and hot. I instructed Dan to take the lubricant and put it on his dick. “What hand do you use Dan?” I asked “right or left”

“right ” he said. “Then use you left and pretend its me” I joked. Dan nobbed and began to stroke is member even harder. I felt myself become aroused again and joined him in touching myself. I stared overcome by lust and excitement I felt so alive and nasty. I watched as Dan, vibrator shoved up his ass pleasure himself before a huge screen TV showing to horny woman lapping each other’s cunts like hungry cats. I watch as Dan arched his back, legs tensed and shot cum across the room. It sailed in a high arch and landed in front of my sprinkling a little on my toes. I pumped my cock and was rewarded with a hand full of steamy white goo.

We both sat their for a while listening to our breathing slow down. Eventually Dan went to the bathroom and cleaned up. I left him his privacy and went to the kitchen to make a sandwich. After about 40 minutes Dan came out of the back room and declared that I was all set. I smiled and patted his tight ass a he walked by me. Later when I went to check out the work he ad done I found the study neatly put back together. On my computer was a post it note that read ” Thank man!!!”

I smile to myself and noticed Dan had left his toolbox next to the couch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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