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Big Tits

I stopped into the Kaffe Hawze for my usual: bagelnblack; when the counter girl tucked a blue curl, leveled her gaze, pointed a sideways smile, and said to me:

“I get off at 2, ya busy?”

Half asleep and distracted by the CNN screen above the coffee bar I blinked, focused, took in her healthy curves, full lips, and sultry, intelligent eyes. “Not now, not at 2.”

She turned up the smile by two gigawatts, “I’ll be sitting at the bus stop out front, don’t be too late.”

“I’ll be there,,,” I turned quickly and left, hell, I was already THERE! with a major league hard-on. I drove to the office and was at my desk for five minutes before I remembered the coffe and bagel that I’d left sitting on the front seat. Whew!!! That chica was fine as wine! and my shit was IN HIGH GEAR! YEAH! I chewed the bagel and drank my coffee, thinking about her tits the whole time.

About an hour later I opened a new case folder and started the investigation on some insurance fraud. At one-forty my assistant, Felicia, buzzed me: “Hey, you gonna go to lunch? It’s kinda late.”

“Yeah, right now, thanks.” I wrapped up the pendik escort preliminary and pounded down the back steps.

I got to the Kaffe Hawze about five minutes after 2 and she was waiting on the bench. She looked like someone who’d been up all night and then some, probably.

She slid into the front seat and told me to drive to the interstate. “My Ex is kinda stalkin’ me and I’d rather not have to deal with him.” Me neither. I punched it and slid into traffic, checking the black SUV she was scoping…..It did a 180 and tried to follow, but there was too much volume by then and I lost whoever it was very quickly. I-5 was just ahead and I asked her: “North or South?”

She leaned back into the seat, stretched, and kicked off her shoes, “It really doesn’t matter, wherever we can get comfortable.” Her smile was intoxicating.

I said: “I know just the place, do you like to listen to jazz?”

And then she jacked that smile up a coupla million watts and I nearly rearended a Honda. “I like what’s on, it’s perfect”

She closed her eyes as her bare foot worked its way under my cuff and up my right leg….

“They escort pendik call you Rhino, yes?”

Whoa, how did she know that? There was heat spreading up my leg, circling my groin, and heading north with a prickly, sticky sensation….I took a deeeep breath and replied:

“Some of my friends do.”

Those delicious toes were workin’ overtime on my calf and I could feel that hot flush up my neck and onto my cheeks…I needed to get somewhere fast because the wood was growing fast….fast, thick and tall……

“You lookin’ a lil excited, now, y’alright?” Her eyes were still closed, and those thick, wet lips were spread in a wicked grin. I couldn’t think straight, she was so fine, so warm, so inviting, I was sliding into a parking place near my condo when a black SUV pulled alongside. The driver, a burly chico thug, bellowed: “PUTA!!! ROSA ES UNA PUTA!!! BITCH! HO!! And then peeled out, fishtailing nearly a block before he two-wheeled it around a corner.

“Your Ex?” I turned and saw .357 reasons that the punk had split…..She put the heat away and snorted, “Nah, one of his bitchboys! Ramon the LimpDick!” pendik escort bayan Pissed off, she spit out the passenger window, exhaled, stretched, and collapsed back into the seat. She looked straight at my crotch and lit that bonfire of a smile. “You ain’t got that problem, no, no, no…You got it goin’ on…”

She gripped my cock then stroked and squeezed it as she pulled me close and kissed me crosseyed. Her tongue wrapped around mine and stroked it as hard as she was my cock…..I couldn’t breath…….I couldn’t think….I couldn’t fuck her right here in front of my condo, could I???

The Hell we couldn’t!!! I slid my hand up her leg and started stroking her cunt, not too hard but I was already panting and hard as chinese arithmetic! Her grip tightened on my cock and her strokes got harder. She panted in my ear:

“They call you Rhino because you got a big HORN?” My finger slid into her WET! HOT! TIGHT! pussy…..She grunted and panted some more, twisting and squeezing my finger with that hot. wet. TIGHT!!!! pussy.

My cock couldn’t get any harder but my mind went blank when I smelled that pussy….I thought she was gonna tear my finger off along with my tongue….

“AH! AH! AH!” she screamed, then: “AH, AH, AH!!!” some more. and some more….I started coming, shooting a load from my toes…..

To be continued:

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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