Honeysuckle Lingerie Ch. 04

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4. An Old Flame

Terry ignored the blaring horn of the taxi as he pulled out into the busy city traffic then turned right after just making it through the traffic lights as they flashed amber. It was always busy around here, even on this sunny Tuesday afternoon and he’d quickly learned to avoid the main roads and stick to the back-streets if he wanted to get through his deliveries by the end of the day. He pulled the sun visor down shielding his eyes, as he turned into the little alley behind Victoria Road then stopped by some waste bins and flicked on his hazard lights.

As he got out, the radio started playing that really catchy summer pop song and he whistled jauntily as he rang the bell below a handwritten label that read “Honeysuckle Lingerie”. He pulled open the rear doors of his white van and neatly stacked the boxes by the entrance while he waited.

“Yes?” the tall blonde lady said as she opened the door.

“Delivery for Honeysuckle Lingerie. Where do you want it, love?” he said, picking up one of the plain brown boxes.

“Oh, okay, come in. Just here in the store room, please,” she said, back and holding the door open for him.

Terry quite liked delivering here; the woman who answered the door at this store was a lot easier on the eye than most of his customers. Today, she was wearing a navy suit with an above-the-knee skirt that clung pleasingly to her trim figure. He lingered on the floor as he placed the last box, pretending to tighten the laces of his boots while he took a good long look at her shiny black heels and shapely legs.

“Here you go, love,” he said, straightening up and handing her a clipboard. “Sign ‘ere.”

“What is this? Silk and Steel Ltd? I don’t think we’ve ordered anything from them,” she complained.

“It’s definitely for you, see the address? Sorry I just deliver the goods, you’ll have to take it up with the company,” he said, shrugging his shoulders.

“Okay, fine,” she said, checking the details then signing the delivery note with an angry flourish.

“Thanks darling, see you again,” he said.

“Yes, thank-you,” Stacy said as she closed the door behind him, making sure it was locked. You really couldn’t be too careful in this part of the city, there were thieves and shoplifters everywhere.

“Dear God, what on earth is this?” she muttered as she tore open the top box and found a colourful selection of dildos inside. That sales rep. that Casey saw last week, wasn’t she from Silk and Steel? She thought she’d expressly forbidden her younger sister from doing any deals without her approval; she’d have to have a word and find out what was going on.

It was quite busy for a Tuesday afternoon, but Casey noticed the young woman as soon as she entered the shop. There was something about her that made her stand out from the usual crowd of bored housewives and office girls on their lunch breaks. Perhaps it was her elegant jade green silk dress and matching handbag, which had the kind of quiet, understated elegance that only came with very expensive goods.

“Can I help you, Madam?” she said, stepping out from behind the counter as the young woman browsed some cami-knickers nearby.

“Yes, I’m getting married soon, and I was hoping to find something a bit special to wear on my wedding night,” the woman said.

“Well congratulations, perhaps…” Casey started to say.

“Casey, sorry to interrupt but can I have a word?” Stacy said as she approached them.

“Stacy! What are you doing here?” the woman exclaimed.

“Fran! Um, well actually I own this shop,” Stacy said, a look of surprise etched on her face.

“But isn’t your shop in Clarence Road?” Fran asked.

“No, we moved here nearly two years ago,” Stacy said. As the two women embraced, they hardly noticed Casey quietly moving back to her position behind the counter.

“Oh, gosh! I had no idea,” Fran said, holding Stacy at arm’s length as she looked her up and down. “Well, it’s lovely to see you again, you look terrific. How long’s it been? Three years? Four?”

“Nearly five years,” Stacy corrected her.

“Has it really been that long? Wow, time flies, huh? So how have you been?”

“Fine, never been better. Business is great, hence the bigger store.”

“Wow, it really is a surprise. Listen, I’m sorry about the way things ended between us.”

“Yes, I left some messages on your answer phone but you never got back to me.”

“Yeah, sorry about that, I guess I thought a clean break would be best for the both of us, I should have made an effort to explain though, I do regret that,” Fran confessed.

“Ah well, water under the bridge. So how are you? You look great. I heard you moved out of the city.”

“Yeah, a while ago now. Listen, I met someone and we’re engaged,” Fran said, extending her hand to show off an elegant silver engagement ring complete with huge, sparkling diamond.

“Wow, that’s some ring! So you’re getting married then? To a man?” Stacy said looking a canlı bahis little surprised as she examined the ring. Although Fran had always claimed to be bisexual, she certainly seemed to be very much into girls when Stacy had last seen her.

“Yeah, in a month! I know! I can hardly believe it myself. My life has changed so much since I last saw you. It’s just so weird seeing you again!”

“So what can we do for you?”

“Oh, yes! So Colin, my fiancé, is here in the city getting measured for his suit. So I thought I’d have a look around for some lingerie for my wedding night. I just picked this shop at random, I really didn’t expect to find you here. Listen, I can try somewhere else if this is going to be terribly awkward for you,” Fran said, glancing back towards the street.

“No, no, don’t be silly. I think I know what would suit you better than some stranger, don’t you? So what kind of thing are you looking for?” Stacy said, leading her towards the rear of the store.

“I was thinking something feminine and classic, but maybe a little daring and exotic too. Definitely white, you know to go with my dress,” Fran replied.

Stacy’s mind raced as they went up and down the aisles together, collecting a variety of underwear, all in various shades of white: pale silvery satin, china white cotton, pearl-coloured lace. Was her old girlfriend really going to get married to someone called Colin? He sounded like an accountant. Although judging by the ring, he must be quite well-off and Fran always had been quite materialistic.

“And you really must try this too,” Stacy insisted, pulling a thin, lacy-white robe from the rack.

“Hmm, I’m not sure. I mean it’s lovely but it does seem a little risqué…” Fran said.

“You’ve changed!”

“Well, it’s just that Colin is quite conservative in his tastes. He doesn’t know everything about my past, if you know what I mean, especially my time here in the city…”

“I see,” Stacy said.

“So I just wonder if it isn’t a little bit too, you know…”

“Come on, this is your wedding night, it should be risqué! Just try it, you don’t have to actually buy it,” Stacy said, adding it to the large, frothy pile of white over her arm as she swept on.

Finally, they made it to the large changing room at the back, Stacy holding the red velvet curtains aside for her ex-girlfriend, then pulling them closed behind them. She watched Fran slip off her heels as she placed the pile of lingerie over the back of the chair.

“I think we should start with something classic and simple,” she said, searching through the underwear until she found what she was looking for.

“Are you staying then?” Fran asked as she unzipped her dress.

“Of course, unless you don’t want my opinion,” Stacy said, trying not to sound hurt as she watched Fran shimmying out of her dress.

“No, no, of course not! I just thought helping me choose lingerie for my wedding night might feel a bit weird for you, that’s all,” Fran said as she stepped out of the little pool of jade-green silk.

“Don’t be silly, Fran, I think I can handle it. Why don’t we start with a classic look and see where we go from there?” she replied, taking the dress, threading a hanger through the shoulder straps and hanging it on a rail.

Stacy pretended to sort through the rest of the underwear but couldn’t help spying out of the corner of her eye as Fran slipped out of her black cotton bra and pants and threw them onto the chair, revealing her gloriously naked body.

“Okay, well I’m ready,” Fran said, self-consciously her hands partially covering her generous boobs and bare thighs.

“Wow, you look just like I remember,” she couldn’t help saying as she ran her eyes over Fran’s body. Her hair had changed; back in the day, her hair had been spiky, tousled and peroxide blonde but now it fell around her shoulders in soft waves in her natural colour, a medium chocolate brown.

In truth, she had put on a little weight too but in all the right places, her boobs and rounded hips making her look more womanly than Stacy recalled. She couldn’t help wondering if her body still felt the same. Still responded in the same way. She had to stop herself reaching out to see if her tanned skin was as smooth and flawless as it looked.

“Hey, you haven’t changed either. Five minutes alone with you and I’m already naked!” she joked, and they laughed, breaking the silence.

“Here, try these for size,” Stacy laughed. “This is a pure white sheer mesh bra with flower detailing and some matching panties.”

Stacy watched as Fran quickly pulled the white panties up over her legs then stood behind her, helping her fasten the bra. It was a good fit, cupping and supporting Fran’s breasts like a lover’s hands.

“There, what do you think?” she said.

“I like it, quite simple and classic, but the little flowers picked out in the lace are really feminine,” Fran said as she twisted left and right examining herself in the mirror.

“Okay, now try these as well,” bahis siteleri Stacy said, handing her some sheer white stockings. She watched her old girlfriend slowly pull them up over her long legs, and felt herself growing a little warmer as Fran’s well-manicured fingers tugged and smoothed the lacy tops along the smooth, bare skin of her thighs.

“Let me help you with this,” she said, stepping behind the woman and wrapping a matching garter belt around her waist, and adjusting the hook-and-eye fastening so that it rested on the round swell of her hips. She helped Fran fasten the metal clips to the lacy stocking tops at the back, and adjusted them, unable to resist sliding a hand along the taut straps and gently caress her full buttocks.

“Hey!” Fran exclaimed.

“I was just adjusting the straps,” Stacy said innocently.

“I know exactly what you were doing, you haven’t changed at all!” Fran giggled.

“Did I say how good this brassiere looks on you, by the way?” Stacy said, slowly sliding her hands up over the woman’s trim stomach and giving her breasts a friendly squeeze.

“Stop that, you naughty girl!” Fran giggled, swatting her hands away. “Now tell me what you think.”

“Are you wearing a classic white wedding gown? I think it’s perfect to go underneath that, classic and elegant,” Stacy said reluctantly stepping away a little and looking her up and down.

“Yes, Colin and his family are quite traditional, I kind of let him talk me into the whole white wedding thing,” Fran said, smoothing the stockings up over her legs.

Stacy couldn’t help wondering if pure, virginal white would really be appropriate, but she bit her tongue, choking back words that might make her sound bitter. The Fran she’d known all those years ago had had a reputation as a bit of a ‘wild child’, a young woman who wasn’t afraid of trying something new with women or men. Or sometimes both at the same time, if she remembered correctly.

“I think you’re right; I’m not sure I actually need the garter belt though, these stockings feel quite tight. I always find these things so bloody fiddly,” she said as she undid the little clips and quickly slipped the garter belt off. “Now I’m also looking for something to wear later in the boudoir, as it were. Something slinky and sexy to put on after I’ve taken off my dress.”

“How about this silk kimono?” Stacy suggested.

“Ooh yes, that looks lovely,” Fran said.

Stacy stood behind; watching in the mirror as Fran slipped it on, drawing it closed by loosely tying the silk ribbon around her waist. It was quite short, barely covering the soft, fleshy cheeks of her bottom.

“What do you think?” Fran asked, turning sideways a little and adjusting the lapels so that it revealed teasing glimpses of her lacy bra.

“I think you look really sexy but can I suggest something? Why don’t you try it without your bra?”

“Don’t you think that’s a bit too risqué?”

“If you can’t be a little daring on your wedding night, when can you be?” Stacy argued.

Stacy felt a growing sense of excitement as Fran handed her the kimono and she watched her ex-girlfriend slip the bra from her arms, before slipping it back on.

“What do you think?” Fran said as she tightened the belt and assessed herself in the mirror.

“You look delicious,” Stacy said, watching as Fran’s subtle movements revealed teasing glimpses of her ample, naked boobs. She couldn’t resist edging a little closer and running her hands over the silky robe. “How does it feel against your skin?”

“Mmm, lovely and smooth,” Fran said, watching in the mirror as Stacy slid her hands over her body, feeling the warmth of her hands on her arms, her shoulders, her breasts through the thin silk.

“You look so damn sexy,” Stacy said as she eased the silky robe from Fran’s neck and kissed the tender skin of her shoulder.

“Oh!” Fran gasped as Stacy stroked one of her taut nipples poking through the clinging silk sending hot little sparks of pleasure straight between her thighs.

“You feel so good,” Stacy sighed, wrapping an arm around her stomach and drawing her closer as she gently teased her nipples. She twisted her head, nuzzling Fran’s neck. The familiar curves of her body and the fresh apple scent of her hair were reawakening all sorts of forbidden memories.

“Come on Stacy, you know we can’t,” Fran muttered, squirming a little and she felt Stacy’s hot body pressing against hers, her hands continuing to reacquaint themselves with the contours of her flesh.

“Do you remember that holiday in Barcelona?” Stacy murmured, ignoring her protests as she kissed her neck.

“How could I forget?” Fran said, moaning a little as Stacy’s gentle yet firm hands caressed her breasts and her lips sucked at her earlobe. She remembered the holiday all too well; she still thought about it sometimes when she couldn’t sleep. It had been quite early on in their relationship when everything was exciting and new and fun. She recalled the warm days exploring bahis şirketleri the sights and the hot nights spent exploring each other. Long hot nights when they’d spent hours making love, then fall asleep for a few hours, their naked bodies entwined, before waking up in the early hours to start all over again. But that was in the past, she reminded herself; her future was with Colin, the man she marrying in less than two weeks.

“Come on, you’re getting me all hot and bothered, and you know I can’t do this,” she said, managing to squirm away.

“Well you can’t blame a girl for trying,” Stacy said, grinning.

“Come on, you’re supposed to be helping me try on underwear for my wedding day,” Fran chided her.

“Okay, how about this?” Stacy said, holding up another robe. It was similar to the kimono but made of pure white lace.

“I don’t know it seems a bit revealing,” Fran complained, as she eased the silk kimono off her arms.

“Come on, live a little, you only get married once. Well, hopefully,” Stacy said, slipping the lacy gown over Fran’s shoulders and watching her fasten it at the front.

The lace was thin and semi-transparent, even more daring than the kimono, revealing all of the subtle curves and planes of her gorgeous figure, the fullness of her ample boobs, the dark smudges of her nipples. The effect made Stacy catch her breath.

“I think you need to try on these white lace knickers too, they’ll be a better match for the robe,” Stacy insisted, her impatient hands helping Fran remove the others.

“Isn’t this more of a thong?” Fran asked, holding up the tiny triangle of white lace. There was a faint hiss of static as she wriggled it up over her stockinged legs, the little thong barely covering the narrow strip of chocolate brown pubic hair nestling between her thighs.

“Wow! You look hot! Your husband’s not going to be able his hands off you!” Stacy said, taking up a position behind Fran once more.

“You think so? You don’t think it’s trying a bit too revealing?” Fran said.

“Maybe a little, but you look every so sexy. I mean it’s quite revealing but hides just enough to tease him. Trust me, he’ll be putty in your hands,” Stacy said, tugging the sheer lace a little lower so emphasize Fran’s impressive cleavage. “You see how hot you look?”

Fran sighed, arching her back as she felt the warmth of Stacy’s hands caressing her through the thin lace.

“Come on Stacy, we really shouldn’t be doing this,” she moaned, feeling her ex-girlfriends hands explored her body and her lips planted a line of tingly kisses along her shoulders and neck.

Although still making token protests, Fran felt her resistance finally ebbing away, giving in to the delicious temptation as Stacy slid a hand beneath the lacy robe and traced the curve of her naked boobs.

“These panties look great on you,” she heard Stacy say as she slid a hand down over her stomach, her fingers tracing a line on her naked skin along the lacy edge, sending hot, tingly sensations up and down her spine.

“Please, don’t,” she gasped as she felt the blonde’s tongue slowly licking her ear, just the way she liked it, just the way she did all those years ago.

“Come on Fran, just a little for old time’s sake,” Stacy whispered seductively in her ear as Fran felt her teasing fingers explore the moist peaks and valleys of her intimate folds through the panties.

“Oh God,” Fran gasped, feeling her knees wobble as Stacy began to rub her pussy with the pads of her fingers.

“Perhaps you ought to sit down,” the blonde whispered.

Fran stared up at the plain white ceiling and tried not to moan too loudly as Stacy eased her knees apart, and kissed her thighs above the sheer lace stocking tops. She was lying back on the red velvet chaise longue, her legs spread shamelessly, one knee hooked over the low back, the skimpy white panties swaying limply from her ankle like a flag of surrender.

“Please,” she was moaning as Stacy’s glossy pink lips kissed her inner thighs and she felt her warm breath on the very centre of her desire and her blonde hair tickling her stomach. She was no longer sure whether she was pleading for Stacy to stop or to carry on.

“Mmm, you taste as good as I remember,” she heard Stacy say as she began to slowly lap the nectar from her swollen lips.

Fran gave in to the fiery sensations, closing her eyes and riding the waves of pleasure. It had been a long time since anyone had gone down on her.

Colin was quite conventional in bed, and had never shown any interest in cunnilingus. Fran had forgotten how good it felt, but as Stacy’s experienced tongue and fingers explored her slick pussy all those suppressed feelings and memories from years before came flooding back. All those long nights, when Stacy had patiently coaxed orgasm after orgasm from her tired but willing body. Perhaps, she reasoned, Stacy was owed this after how things had ended and besides what Colin didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.

Stacy knew her body so well, knew exactly what buttons to push and after a few short minutes Fran was writhing happily against the sofa, as her old girlfriend used two fingers to spread her outer lips and lap at the moist, pink folds within.

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