Hippie Boys Get It On

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It was going to be his last night in Colorado for awhile. His head distant from the quantity of beer, weed, and tobacco he’d consumed that night, Jon looked at the aspens growing on the hill across the road from the cabin deck. The skinny trees looked like a choir of old men in the starlight. He wondered what they would sing, if they could.

“You all right, Jonno?” asked a dreadlocked young man from the ragged couch. Jon didn’t recognize him. He must have been someone’s friend.

“Yeah, fine.” Jon headed inside. A sadness that he couldn’t name sat on his stomach. Stumbling slightly over his own guitar case, he headed inside to the kitchen table where he last remembered seeing the bottle of rum. Cobalt was at the table, trimming his nails with a pocketknife. Jon remembered why he was sad: leaving Colorado would mean leaving Cobalt.

“Hullo there.” Cobalt looked up at Jon with a glint in his eye, as though he were addressing a girl. “I found your vest. It was buried under PJ’s bass drum in the van,” he said, handing over a ball of red fabric.

“Thanks, man.” Jon put it on, and took a shot of rum straight from the bottle. He felt dizzy, and started to stand up to walk to the couch. He stumbled again.

“Easy, easy.” Cobalt held his arm, and helped him over to the living room sofa. He sat beside Jon as he rolled himself a cigarette, and took a puff. Silence, but for the snores of the dreadlocked guy outside. Jon’s sadness fell deeper in the presence of his friend, settling down in the pit of his stomach with the liquor. Suddenly his thoughts slipped out of his mouth.

“Fuck, dude, I’m gonna miss you when I leave. I’m fuckin’ sorry that I’m leaving, I’m fuckin’ sorry. I don’t wanna leave the band but I’m so fuckin’ sick of staying in Boulder, dude…” Cobalt laid a tentative hand on Jon’s shoulder to silence him.

“Dude. I understand, and I’m not mad at you for leaving the band. When we played our first show back in ’03 we decided that there wasn’t gonna be any drama if someone decided to take off for awhile, remember? I know how you feel, man. There’s nothin’ wrong with…with what you’re gonna do.” Cobalt struggled to find the right words, scratching slightly at his bare chest. Jon broke down into sobs, digging his hands into his long, thick hair. He curled up canlı bahis with his head in his hands, and stomped his foot in frustration at what he couldn’t say. Finally, he said it.

“Look…I love you, dude,” he said to the cheap shag carpeting on the floor. Cobalt looked at him, wide-eyed, and threw an arm around his friend’s shoulders. Jon sat up, and the two looked into each other’s eyes.

“Fuck, dude, I love you too,” Cobalt whispered. They threw their arms around each other into a fierce hug.

The two boys felt each others’ hearts beating, and the sound of each others’ breath. Cobalt touched Jon’s hair. It was soft like a girl’s, and he felt something in himself rise. Suddenly Jon’s mouth was on his. They kissed as though they were angry at each other, with an almost brutal force. Jon ran his hand over his friend’s biceps, and felt himself get hard. Revulsion rose in his stomach when he realized what they were doing, but it felt good. It felt right. He touched Cobalt’s scratchy sideburns, ran his fingers through his feathery blond hair. A mutual sigh.

Cobalt wanted to touch Jon’s bare skin, but the shirt and the vest were in the way. He fumbled with the buttons, and tore off the shirt. Jon lifted his arms over the arm of the couch, and it slid to the floor. “Fuck,” he whispered. Cobalt grunted in response, and fell to sucking at Jon’s neck. Erection dug into erection. Jon moaned, but Cobalt hushed him with a hand over the mouth. He gestured towards the door, and Jon nodded. He grabbed the waistband of Cobalt’s pants, and muttered unintelligably as he fiddled with the belt buckle.

Kneeling on the couch, Cobalt looked down at his friend. Jon had managed to undo Cobalt’s belt, and slipped down the zipper of his fly.

“You sure you want to do this?” Cobalt asked in a ragged whisper. “I never…”

“Mmm,” Jon responded. “Take off your pants.” Cobalt climbed out of his worn twill pants, and knelt on the couch. He motioned for Jon to do the same, and he threw his cordoroy shorts onto the floor. The two boys looked at each other, slowly, naked. Jon carressed his hand down Cobalt’s hairy chest and abdomen, and took his friend’s cock in his hand. He’d never seen another boy hard like this. Cobalt’s cock was thicker than his own; the skin paler and the shaft a bahis siteleri bit shorter. Jon cupped the balls in his hand, then ran his fingers over the head with an expression of awe on his face. Neither one of them was sure of what to do.

“You wanna suck on it?” Cobalt whispered.

“Uh…I…I …guess.” Cobalt sat on the couch, knees apart, and Jon knelt between the hairy thighs. Jon’s mind was a swirl of emotions, and thoughts he couldn’t name. He looked into Cobalt’s eyes, and closed his mouth around his cock. He tried to remember what girls did, when they gave head. It had been awhile since he’d gotten any. He sucked voraciously, mechanically, and Cobalt drew in a breath sharply.

He stopped him with an “Um…too much teeth. And, um, we…should probably go somewhere where, you know, folks can’t walk in on us.” Jon mumbled agreement. The two boys threw on their shorts and padded down the hallway into the dark, musty cabin basement. Cobalt switched on the light, and someone sleeping on the floor muttered. The guest bedroom door was shut- he assumed that either the bassist or the drummer was in there with a girl. With Jon holding his arm, he creaked open the door to the TV room and stepped inside.

“But Bradley’s in there, man,” whispered Jon.

“He’s passed out, and he never wakes up until at least noon. Come on.” Cobalt shut the off the light in the hallway, and crept onto the ugly old couch in the corner. Jon crawled on top of him, and looked down into the twilit outline of his friend’s face. Their shorts hit the floor in a matter of seconds. They thrust their cocks at each other, kissing ferociously. Hairy belly rubbed hairy belly. Muscled thigh rubbed muscled thigh. Cobalt gripped Jon’s ass cheeks and rubbed a fingertip over the hole, wondering what it would feel like to fuck him there. Jon squirmed and whimpered. They’d leave that for another day.

Jon knelt, and gripped either side of Cobalt’s chest. “Sit like you were, I wanna finish.” He complied, and Jon knelt down between Cobalt’s knees again. He breathed in the dark, sweaty smell of Cobalt’s groin, and closed his lips around the head of his cock. Careful to keep his teeth back, he slowly took the shaft into his mouth until it hit his the back of his throat. Jon found the rhythm quickly: a slow and bahis şirketleri deliberate motion made his friend gasp, choking out a forced “ahh” and “oh, fuck.” Jon’s own cock ached and twitched, and he reached a hand down to rub it. The salty slick taste of precum was alien to Jon, but it made him burn even more. He jacked himself harder.

Cobalt lifted his arms from the top of the couch, and buried them in Jon’s hair. The feeling of submission was thrilling to Jon, who he let out a stifled whimper.

“Jonno,” Cobalt whispered. His friend looked up, startled. “I’m gonna come. Um…”

“I don’t care, dude,” Jon replied. He went back to sucking, and Cobalt cried out. His cock twitched and the blood vessels engorged. Cobalt let out a long gasp, and Jon’s mouth filled with his warm cum. He took Cobalt’s cock out of his mouth to swallow the strangely bitter flavor, and the last spurts hit his lips and chin. He wiped it off with the back of his hand.

“Fuck, dude,” Cobalt panted, after a long pause. He looked down at the sillohuette of Jon’s hard cock. “I’ll take care of that for you.” He crawled down onto the floor, laid a hand on Jon’s hairy chest, and pushed him to the ground. He lay partly on top of Jon, chest on chest and thigh pressing thigh. Cobalt licked his big, thick-fingered hand and closed it around his friend’s cock, jacking quickly. Jon’s body stiffened with the sensation, and he moaned with almost melodic timbre.

“Dude, fuckin’ jack it. Fuck, man.” he moaned, grasping at the rug. Cobalt savored the sound of Jon’s ragged gasps. Jon couldn’t hold any longer, and he spurted streams of white onto his own belly. Cobalt couldn’t resist lifting his hand and tasting the liquid. It was good.

“Oh, fuck.” Jon relaxed, and nearly sank into the rug. Cobalt put his hand on Jon’s neck, and buried his hand in the thick long hair. Their breathing fell into sync.

“Never thought this would happen,” Cobalt whispered. Jon was silent. He had fallen asleep. Cobalt looked down at Jon’s hairy face, and kissed his thick lips. Jon muttered, and Cobalt realized that if they fell asleep naked on the basement floor somebody might come in and find them the next morning. He grabbed a blanket from the stack in the corner. He threw it over Jon, who muttered again and turned over. Cobalt grabbed another blanket, a thick cotton afghan, and stumbled to the couch. He lay down with his face to the back of the sofa, and felt some emotion he’d never felt before. Before he could put a name on it, he fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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