Hiking and Erotic Exploring

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It was a beautiful day and Kitten suggested a hike with David in the countryside. She had read about Peregrine Path along the River Wye and wanted to take the day to explore. They packed a picnic lunch and brought a blanket so they could relax and eat.

They parked and started along the path which was clearly a popular destination, there were families, couples and single people enjoying the sunshine and moderate weather. The area was indeed gorgeous. Right out of one of the historical fiction novels Kitten enjoyed reading that often took place in England. The deep green of the forest seemed unlike any green she encountered anywhere else on earth. She imagined that the ferns along the forest floor hid the fairies that protected the forest and at times made mischief among the humans. The clean air and smell of the rich earth cleansed her body and mind. When they could, they held hands as they walked. After a while, they decided they wanted to venture away from the path to find a secluded place to lay their blanket down and have their picnic.

David led them to an opening where the trees served as a canopy. Kitten felt like she was in a magical forest, her body responded to the energy of the forest and sunshine. They laid the blanket down and set out their food. They had picked up some cheese scones, fruit, cheese, olives and some chocolate.

They ate in comfortable silence and when they were done eating. Kitten laid down and closed her eyes. After a bit, she felt David move to lay next to her. She didn’t open her eyes, istanbul escort but she was alert and awake feeling him next to her. She felt his hand stroke the side of her face and neck. At that she opened her eyes to look up at him and smile.

She moved her hand to stroke his face as he did hers. She moved her hand to his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. It started out slowly. Each wanting to take their time enjoying the sweet and loving act of kissing. Their tongues intertwined at times, at times one would bite the lip of the other. It was almost as if they were teenagers, simply enjoying making out. After some time, Kitten felt her body heat rise as David’s hands started roaming over her body. He held her breasts and lifted her t-shirt from her jeans so he could pull down her bra. He caressed her breasts and pinched her nipples. She started to moan then started to tense.

“What is it?” he asked

“What if someone walks by? Maybe we should stop. I’m afraid if we keep going, I won’t be able to control myself.” she responded.

“I’m counting on that.” he said, smiling wickedly. “We are far from the path and we will hear someone coming and can stop if we do. I don’t want to stop, I want to fuck you right now, Kitten.”

That was all she needed to hear. She nodded and started to kiss him in earnest. She felt his hand move down to open her jeans in order to gain access to her panties and her soaked pussy. His hand moved into her jeans and stroked her wet avcılar escort folds. He inserted two fingers inside and moved them in and out. Her hips moved up and she moaned into his mouth as he was kissing her. She put her hand to his chest to stop him momentarily.

“I need to take my jeans off.” she said.

Before he moved, he removed his hand and brought his wet fingers to her lips and wiped her essence all over her mouth. She opened and he slid both fingers in for her to suck. She closed her eyes and sucked his fingers as if it was his cock. She could hear him moan and felt his hard cock on the side of her leg.

She quickly maneuvered her jeans and panties off of her body and was left naked from the waist down. David took the time to do the same and quickly they were both ready. She moved her hand to stroke his hard and throbbing cock.

“I want you inside me, David.” she said as she laid down and opened her legs, not letting go of his cock.

He smiled as he said, “I want you to ride me, Kitten.” He laid down next to her and she sat up and straddled him. She started to giggle. He raised his eyebrows. “What on earth is so funny?” he asked.

“I’m going to ride the stag.” she giggled.

She stopped laughing when she held his cock and lowered her soaking pussy and felt him fill her. Her head went back and she moaned. “Hmmmm.”

He held her hands and she braced herself as she moved her hips. She moved in circles and up and down. Her wet pussy was dripping over his cock and şirinevler escort she squeezed her inner muscles around his cock. He moaned in response. David let go of one of her hands to start stroking her clit as she rode him. She threw her head back as she felt her pussy throbbing. She was hoping they would cum together as they did the other night when they played with Rox.

“Fuck, David. Cum with me, I’m going to cum.” She picked up her pace and he rubbed her clit more forcefully.

She felt her pussy explode as his cock throbbed inside her. Her pulsing walls milked the cum out of him. She moaned as quietly as possible so as not to bring attention to them from anyone who might be nearby. She marveled that she had a coherent thought in the middle of an explosive orgasm.

After their trembling bodies calmed, she leaned forward and draped herself on top of David.

“That was amazing. We should get dressed before we get caught.” she said, giggling again.

“We’ll be fine, let’s lay here for a bit longer.” he said as he wrapped his arms around her laying on top of him and kissed the top of her head. They lay for a few minutes before Kitten felt David’s cock become hard again. She lifted her head and smiled.

She moved off of him and bent to take his cock in her mouth. He moaned as he put his hands on her head.

She swallowed him and took his cock deep down her throat. She moved up and down and used her hands to stroke his balls and play with his ass.

He moved his hips up to push himself deeper into her mouth. She moved up and down, sucking and stroking until he came hard down her throat. She lifted her mouth and looked at him as she swallowed. With fire in their eyes she leaned down to give him a deep and passionate kiss.

“Kitten, that was amazing.” he said softly.

“It sure was, Sir.” she replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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