Heidi’s Tiny Panties!

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I’m a finish carpenter. No, I’m no guy who wants to “Express his creativity in Wood” or anything like that. Just a guy who didn’t quite fit in anywhere else. Not college material and, honestly, fell into my trade by accident.

But it’s a good living and if I had no talent for it I would have stumbled out of the business a long time ago like a few guys I’ve met along the way. I like meeting people and doing a nice job in their home and…and getting paid!

I also enjoy meeting women and getting to kind of know them while working in their homes. Every now and then a kind of special woman will come along who appreciates what I do and also, well, flirts with me. You know what I mean…the low cut blouse with no bra, meeting me in her bath robe at the door when she’s clearly nude beneath it. Kind of a fun perk of the job.

So out in Malibu I am introduced to Heidi. And she is… not beautiful but really really cute. Heidi, it turns out is from Minnesota and came out to California to find fame and fortune, a familiar story around here, and ended up married to an attorney. It could have turned out worse.

I’ve worked at Heidi’s house a number of times now and she and her husband Mike seem to have a great relationship. That is to say, she makes all the decisions about interior decoration and he agrees! I’ve had numerous involved conversations with Heidi and always took note of her sparkling brown eyes and friendly smile. She never did the robe bit but she would sun bathe out by the pool when I was working upstairs and had a great view of the pool area. She had several brief bikinis and I always enjoyed “The View!” OK, yes, I occasionally went through her underwear drawer and checked out her panties.

And her panties were usually pretty racy! I used to wonder what pair of skimpy see through panties she was wearing each day when I worked there. There was a framed photo of Heidi in their walk in closet that showed her laying nude on the bed with just her butt cheeks showing. She was wearing shades and was looking pretty damn sexy!

One day, while redoing the casing in the master bath, I saw a Victoria’s Secret bag on the upholstered chair in the bedroom. Of course I helped myself to a sneak peek and was excited to see three pairs of very skimpy little panties. A gorgeous light pink pair with little looping ribbons at each side, very sheer, then a pale blue pair with no cotton panty liner…so everything would show and finally a tiny white thong lined with white lace.

Heidi is very fair skinned and I did my best to picture her wearing each pair of sexy panties. Of course I never would have that opportunity. Or so I thought.

I turned out that it was Heidi’s birthday and she and Mike were going out that night. I assumed those panties were Heidi’s “Birthday present.” Quotes because…because come on! When you give a beautiful woman sexy panties as a gift, you’re going to fuck her after she models them so who is the gift really for?!

I remember thinking they were pretty lucky. Apparently still in love and going out for a nice dinner after which they would retire to the bedroom for a nasty little panty fuck! I started to get hard at the thought of Heidi posing for Mike. I wondered if he ever photographed her nude. No, I wasn’t about to snoop around looking for pictures. Just something to think about while nailing up the casing.

The next day I arrived at my usual time and Mike answered the door. He should have been gone by then but he quietly told me it had been a late night and Heidi was still sleeping. “Maybe you can start the maid’s room today.” He suggested.

Well, the maid’s room just needed tear out and I didn’t have the material to do much more than that and it was hard to do tear out and not make a lot of noise but I told Mike OK and got my tools.

I did my best to “Quietly” tear off the casing and base in the maid’s room but soon, I heard Heidi coming down the stairs. Even looking a little worse for wear and tear she was still beautiful…at least I thought so.

“I’m sorry Jason,” She began, “We went out last night and time just got away from us!” She looked right into me with her brown eyes shining. This was my first chance to see Heidi in her white terrycloth bathrobe and she looked pretty sexy as usual. Her smallish tits bobbed as she moved and she invited me in the kitchen for coffee which I took her up on.

At one point, Heidi leaned over the island in the middle of the room and I was briefly treated to a shot of her wonderful little tits! Clearly the pretty blonde was a bit off her game since she was usually pretty careful about such things. I wondered if she was wearing any of her new panties under the robe. Yeah, I was wondering all right!

Heidi fixed herself a bagel and made small talk while she ate. I think she was a little left over drunk because several times she moved in such a way that I got a quick look into her robe. Her nipples were a very pale pink and about the size of a fifty canlı bahis cent piece…if you remember what that was.

Anyway she had an appointment at the DMV that morning and, leftover or not, she had to be there. “I’ll finish my shower and then you can get to work upstairs Jason” she smiled at me.

“OK, no problem Heidi.” I replied.

Oh, I wanted to sneak a peek in that shower and see Heidi nude! I wondered if she shaved her pussy. Would that be cool? I did my best to occupy myself in the maid’s room until Heidi told me the coast was clear. I made my way up the master bedroom and she still wasn’t completely dressed but was out of the bathroom.

The bathroom, of course, smelled of Heidi and everything she used for her morning shower. Shampoo, perfume…it smelled like her. I turned on the compressor and then, using the noise as a distraction, I opened the hamper and, sure enough, there was her little pink panties! Oh, and just below were the pale blue ones and even the white thong! So! All of Heidi’s panties got “Dirty” last night!

I glanced in the mirrored door and was stunned to see Heidi in the next room…unaware of the view the mirror was giving me, she was about to remove her robe. Then…then she did! It happened quickly but Heidi took off her robe and was completely nude! I got a rear view and her ass was all glowing white as she bent over to get a fresh pair of panties out of her dresser. Her gorgeous fair skinned body was dotted with freckles and glowed from the hot shower. My mouth went dry as Heidi bent over slightly causing her rear cheeks to separate and I was treated to a brief look at her tight little asshole!

I remember thinking “This is the best day of my life” as the pretty blonde housewife stepped into the white cotton bikini panties. She began to turn around and I leaped out of view to she wouldn’t see me peeking. I waited a moment or two before beginning to nail up the first piece of casing.

Only a couple of minutes later, Heidi, fully dressed now came in the bathroom to tell me she was leaving and would be back in a couple of hours. Of course I had to ask a couple of pertinent questions about the job and this led to more flirting on Heidi’s part. I think she really liked me and admired the way I led my life. You know, go from house to house and do my thing which of course paid about ten percent of what Mike made. I guess she thought I had a lot of freedom and maybe so. Like always, it was fun to converse with her.

I waited until I saw her car drive away and then I went into the bedroom. The bed was still unmade and I found myself imagining what must have transpired here just a few hours ago.

Then, I saw it. A video camera. Sitting next to the TV cabinet and hooked up to the television! No, this was none of my business but…but I had to look! There was no way this perfect opportunity would ever come again. I had to look!

So I did. I rewound the tape and sat down to watch. Mike had turned on John Coltrane’s “Equinox” which is a slow and sultry jazz tune and had the lights down low. Heidi entered the room from the bath wearing a sheer white wrap with the pink panties barely visible beneath. She paraded around the room a bit, never looking at the camera and then she slowly lifted the wrap to expose her panties!

From what I could see, yes, she was shaved and she moved gently towards the camera, her panties right at eye level until she was right in from of Mike.

“Do you like my panties honey?” she suddenly spoke. “My little pink panties…” She then turned around and showed off her perfectly filled out panties from the rear. Heidi then began to slowly pull down her panties, showing more and more of her beautiful posterior until suddenly she stopped and pulled them back up. Heidi was a natural tease.

She turned around and, taking the waistband of her panties in her fingers, she pulled upward until the lips of her pussy were clearly outlined! By now, my cock was seriously hard and I assumed Mike’s must have been too!

“Touch my panties Mike…” She whispered. “Go ahead, touch my little pink panties. They’re soft aren’t they?” Mike’s hand appeared and began to softly graze over Heidi’s pussy with just the sheer pink fabric preventing him from touching her excited flesh. Heidi moved around the room a bit more and then took off her wrap exposing her breasts for the first time. You could hear a slight gasp from Mike even though he’d obviously seen this sight before…a lot of times.

Heidi left the room and, when she reappeared, Miles Davis’ “All Blues” was the sound track. Now Heidi wore a short light green skirt and a little ruffled crop top. She looked like a young school girl out on holiday. She moved slow and sensuous to the music and then laid down of the bed. Mike moved into position and soon he was filming right up her little skirt.

“Oh Mister…you shouldn’t be looking up my skirt like that!” She exclaimed. Oh, what a tease! A sly smile crossed her face and bahis siteleri then she opened her legs bringing the crotch of her brief panties into view. With no cotton liner, Heidi’s pussy was clearly visible now through the gauzy fabric. She only hesitated a moment or two and then moved her fingers down to tease her pussy through her little panties.

“Mister…I think I know what you want to see…” Heidi teased. Then she took hold of the leg band of her panties and pulled it to the side. Both Mike and I were now treated to an incredible shot of Heidi’s hairless young pussy!

“My pussy!” She quietly said. “It’s my pussy you want to see.” She opened her legs even further which caused her tightly closed pussy lips to separate slightly. Her perfect little cunt hole was now plainly visible.

“Oh mister!” She wailed, “Don’t make me…don’t make me show that!” With no further explanation, Heidi moved over to her hands and knees and then lifted her little green skirt exposing her shapely ass cheeks. The panties she wore did little to hide her rear charms but, after moaning “Noooo! Noooo!” she glanced back at the camera and then Mike’s hand appeared and began to draw her panties down. Slowly they moved south until Heidi’s spectacular little asshole and then her pussy were exposed.

“Don’t take them off mister!” Heidi begged. “Please don’t take off my panties!” Mike ignored his wife’s pitiful request and continued to pull her panties down until they reached her knees. Then, seeming to know what was expected of her, Heidi reached back and opened her rear cheeks completely exposing herself to the camera! Her tight little pink asshole was so alluring I couldn’t look away. Just a simple round hole about the size of a dime with Heidi’s tightly closed pussy lips showing as a simple pink vertical line beneath it. Wow!

I was surprised when Mike pulled Heidi’s panties back up but then her began to rub Her pussy right through her panties as she began to moan in pleasure. Her loins moved in time to Mile’s cool horn as she enjoyed the sensation of her husband’s finger sliding in between the lips of her barely covered pussy.

“Don’t…don’t fuck me mister!” Heidi breathed. “Don’t stick your big cock into my little panties!’

Again Mike grunted as he heard his wife’s lewd comment. He slipped his finger into the leg band of Heidi’s panties and began to touch her little pussy lips…teasing them until Heidi’s desire became apparent. Her natural female lubrication had turned the fabric of her skimpy little panties a darker shade of green now. She was excited!

Then, Mike shoved his finger right into Heidi’s excited little pussy! The pretty blonde gasped when she felt the initial penetration and then moaned again. “Ooooo! Mister, that feels so good! Stick your finger in a little deeper…”

“What’s a nice word to use when you want someone to do something for you?” Mike asked.

“Oh, please mister!” Heidi immediately replied, “Please stick your finger right under my little panties and into my bare pussy!”

“It’s bare?” Mike asked.

“Of course, I haven’t got any hair yet mister! My little pussy is all bare for you!”

Mike grunted again and then began to finger fuck Heidi’s pussy in ernest, moving in and out rapidly as she moaned and cooed in appreciation. The sound of Mike’s finger slapping into Heidi’s now very wet pussy filled the tape and I took out my cock in anticipation of a mammoth come.

But Heidi moved before I got a chance. She moved back over to her back and then, leaning up against the pillows on the bed, she lifted her skirt and once again exposed her tiny little blue see through panties.

“Oh mister! Please take off my panties and fuck my little pussy!” She begged. She pulled the leg band over to tempt her husband as if he hadn’t been excited enough by her trashy mouth earlier.

“Oh, not just yet sweetheart.” Mike evenly replied. Heidi stuck out her lower lip as if to convey her disappointment but I figured it out right away: There was still one more pair of sexy little panties in that Victoria’s secret bag!

And I was right! Stolen Moments by Ahmad Jamal filled the room and, after a brief delay, Heidi again entered from the bathroom.

She had a bath towel covering her upper body and her little tiny thong was peeking out from the bottom. Heidi’s expression was unsure…as if she wasn’t really prepared for what lay ahead. By now I was pretty impressed with Heidi’s acting ability and wondered what would unfold in this final scene.

Heidi moved to the bed and then, there was Mike as well. He sat down on the edge of the mattress and showed the camera his fairly large hard on. Heidi hesitantly approached her husband and then knelt in front of him. Well, she knelt in front of him but in such a way that you could see everything that was about to take place. The white bath towel dropped to the carpet as she settled in and took hold of Mike’s stiff penis. She glanced briefly at the camera bahis şirketleri and then moved her mouth slowly to her husband’s cock.

I watched in awe as she slowly took most of his rigid penis into her mouth and then began to suck. Mike moaned as Heidi’s soft sensuous lips began to slide up and down his shaft. The burly lawyer began to shove upwards attempting to stuff even more of his excited cock into Heidi’s hard working mouth. It looked for a moment like he was going to come in her mouth without giving her a chance to pull off but Mike finally touched Heidi’s face and she moved gently off of his cock.

Mike moved back to the camera and filmed as Heidi moved from the carpet to the bed, kneeling before the camera now. Only a little white ribbon prevented complete exposure of her delicate pink pussy and asshole. And that ribbon wasn’t covering much believe me! Mike zoomed in for a close up of Heidi’s luridly exposed rear cheeks and there it was again…Heidi’s tight little puckered asshole! Gently pulsating now. Again, just below, her little white panties had been bisected by her pussy lips. What a shot!

Mike’s fingers appeared in the picture again and he ran his forefinger over the crease in Heidi’s panties, teasing her hairless pussy. Back and forth he moved his finger as Heidi again became excited and moaned in time to his teasing.

“Oh mister…Dont make me wait!” Heidi gasped, again playing the young schoolgirl. “Take my panties off! Oh, take my panties off and fuck me! Fuck me good!”

Mike then reached out and began to finally strip his sexy young wife, pulling her little white panties down until he held them in his hand. But not for long. He handed the panties to his now naked wife and watched as she spread her legs well apart, watching the camera the whole time. Then…Oh then she took the tiny panties and moved them to the tight pink lips of her pussy. She teased her pussy lips with the gauzy fabric sliding her panties up and down the length of her tight slit until moisture began to appear as her excitement increased.

Finally, with both of us watching to see if she would really do it, Heidi began to work the flimsy patch of cloth right into her horny little pussy!

My god! Look at that! The pretty blonde housewife with whom I chatted virtually every day was stuffing her panties right into her bare pussy! Her completely nude body had acquired a light coat of perspiration as the seriously aroused blonde complied with her husband’s perverse request. Well, I assume he requested it. It was hard to imagine that sticking her little panties into her shaved pussy while being filmed was her idea.

Then she was up on her hands and knees again. Not looking back, she moaned “Please fuck my little panties mister!”

Now the camera was again placed on a stable spot as Mike prepared to complete the salacious video tape. Heidi’s teasing was over now. She was going to be fucked and fucked good, just as she’d requested. Mike glanced briefly at the camera, a little smile on his face. He gripped his fully erect penis and slowly approached his subserviently kneeling wife.

“Please mister…Please fuck my little panties with your big hard cock!” Heidi begged. Mike touched his cock to Heidi’s panty filled pussy and then dragged it up and down her come slickened pussy lips until the head of his cock glistened with her oily secretions.

Then…he began to slide it up to the puckered hole that lay just above.

Now it was me gasping when I realized what was about to happen! It couldn’t be! He wouldn’t…she wouldn’t agree to…it was her birthday after all…

But Mike slid his bloated cockhead right into the tight little ring of Heidi’s anus and then began to push. I heard her cry out and it wasn’t any act. No, Mike’s big cock had begun to penetrate her most secret spot and it wasn’t going to allow this lewd act without some resistance. But it was fruitless. Mike continued to push forward until, at last, a good six inches of his steely hard prick settled into Heidi’s futilely resisting asshole.

“Mike…no more…please no more!” Heidi begged, forgetting the whole “Mister/schoolgirl” bit. There was to be no mercy for poor Heidi. Mike began to build up steam until with a gentle slap, he managed to cram all of his manly penis into Heidi’s now widely spread asshole. And then…slap! slap! He began to fuck her in ernest, driving his thick sodomizing cock all the way to the bottom while Heidi’s white panties seemed to offer surrender just below.

Mercifully, after all that had transpired earlier, Mike wasn’t going to last forever and his breathing quickened in anticipation of a mind blowing orgasm. And then…then we both heard it. Heidi began to pant and moan! Subtly at first but then with more obvious lust, Heidi began to move back to meet her husband’s thrusts! “Uh! Uh! Uh! ” she moaned as she now willingly accepted her husband’s cock in her thoroughly, well fucked asshole.

“Oh mister…keep fucking my asshole! I’m gonna I’m gonna…”

But Mike beat her to it. With a furious cry of triumph, he pulled his erupting cock free of Heidi’s asshole and began to spit streams of hot come all over her panty stuffed pussy just below.

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