Heavy Co-Worker Fun

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I am happily married man with a wonderful wife who unfortunately has very conservative views on sex. We only have sex in the missionary position; she will not suck my dick and would never watch porn. Despite all these shortcomings, she is a great woman, wife and mother, and I had never strayed since we started dating or gotten married, until a recent business trip with two co-workers.

I head-up the external operations department for a private accounting firm that assists start-up companies with setting up their accounting department, accounting computer systems and accounting personnel. While setting up new customers, three members of the operations department travel to the customer’s location to set up the accounting departments.

Due to the size of some of our news customers, there are times when two or three nights on the road are required. Our company had just secured a contract with large printing company in Maine and it was my turn in our rotation to travel with two co-workers to the customer for two days of install work. Also in the rotation for this trip were Kathy and Lisa.

Both women were top notch workers, but both were larger women. Kathy was probably 215 pounds with long dark colored hair. Lisa was a black woman, probably a little bigger at 225 pounds, with very large tits.

I on the other hand am your average late 30’s white male. I am 6’1″, 190, medium build, reddish blonde hair, green eyes and a 7″ dick.

After a short workday at the client due to server problems not letting us do the install, the three of us headed back to our hotel for an early dinner and drinks. After dinner that consisted off all office/work talk, the three of us headed to the hotel bar for one more drink before heading to our rooms. As a department head, I was rewarded with a suite with several separate rooms and a king-size bed. Kathy and Lisa on the other hand were assigned one standard room with double beds.

As we finished our drinks and it still only 6:30 p.m., Lisa told us that she was going to head to the hotel pool for some water exercise. Kathy thought this sound good after a long day and asked if I would like to join them. I told them that I was not really into swimming. Lisa then said there was also a hot tub and sauna in the hotel and after learning this; I told them that I was into some time in both the hot tub and sauna. That being settled, we all headed off to our rooms to change. I took some extra time to call my wife and check in and let her know everything was going well and I was looking forward to relaxing at home.

As I got to the pool area, I heard splashes coming from the pool and could tell instantly it was Lisa and Kathy. As I got to the hot tub, I jumped right in to let the hot water work its magic. As I lay back with my eyes closed, I felt someone getting into the tub with me. It was Lisa and Kathy and they told me the pool was to cold and if it was okay to join me in the hot tub. I told them no problem there was plenty of room. As it turned out, with their wide-bodies, there was not a lot of room and we were closer than we probably should have been as co-workers with our legs touching every so often.

As the 15 minute timer went off, I decided to take a breather from the hot tub and go into the sauna to sweat some of the drinks out of my system. The girls decided to get back into the pool. Just as I had sat down in the sauna, the door opened and in walked Lisa and Kathy telling me the pool was to cold after the hot tub and figured to try the sauna.

As we sat in the sauna, Lisa said, “This sauna is making me sweat.” Kathy replied, “That is what it is supposed to make you do, sweat our all of the impurities, you are also supposed to go in them nude.”

“What girl, naked?” said Kathy, “Yes, totally naked to let all of your body expel all of its impurities,” laughed Lisa.

I was sitting there on the sauna, only partially listening to the conversation with my eyes closed.

“Ok…let’s get naked to see how it feels,” said Kathy. With that, my eyes jumped wide open and I noticed both Kathy and Lisa staring at me and laughing. “What did canlı bahis you think, we were going to give you a free show,” said Lisa laughing almost as hard as Kathy. “We got you with that one, said Kathy.

“Yes you did, I think I’ve had enough of the sauna for tonight, I think I am going to head to my room for a shower, see you ladies tomorrow for breakfast,” I said leaving the sauna.

Kathy and Lisa left the sauna a few minutes later and were headed back to their adjoining rooms when Lisa started laughing out loud.

“What is up with you girl,” asked Kathy. “I was just thinking about the look on Larry’s face when you said you were going to get naked, do you think he was excited about seeing what you had to offer or afraid?” asked Lisa. “I don’t know, but his reaction was classic and I would love to see it again, are you thinking the same thing I am,” asked Kathy.

“Maybe a little teasing fun or maybe a little more than teasing if everything goes right, you up for that Kath,” said Lisa. “I know I am up for it, the better question is can we get Larry “up” for it, said Kathy as they both got to Lisa’s room and burst out laughing.

“Hey Lar, its still to early to got to sleep, Kathy and I are bored, we want to come hang out with you, we really never get the chance to hang out casually and talk to you, are you up for some company and make a drink or two from the bar in your room,” asked Lisa over the phone.

“Yea, it is a little early, give me about 15 minutes to hit the shower and get dressed then head on up, my suite is probably more comfortable than your room,” said Larry. “Great, Kath and I will bring some snacks and we can talk and watch some TV or maybe rent a movie, see you in about 20 minutes.

After a short shower for both women and both agreeing to dress in t-shirts, no bras and sleeping shorts, no panties for their little tease-fest, they were knocking on the door to Larry’s suite. I headed to the door in my standard sleep ware…t-shirt and mesh shorts.

“Come on in ladies, you both are looking refreshed after your swimming and sauna experience, but I do have some bad news for both of you. I just got off the phone with IT people at the plant and their server is dead and they will not have a new one ready for our install until the day after tomorrow, so we have a free day tomorrow, but are stuck here for an extra night and day, sorry about the bad news,” Larry explained to them.

Both seemed okay with the news and all three of us decided that with nothing to do tomorrow, hanging out and maybe watching a movie made a lot of sense.

“You want to just hang out for a while or watch a movie right away,” I offered.

“Let’s just hang out for a while, and while do you have such a great room and Kathy and I are jammed into a tiny little soup can,” questioned Lisa.

Lisa and Kathy both headed for the coach and stretched their heavy legs out onto the coffee table as I brought the beers into them and sat facing them in a overstuffed chair.

As I went to sit down, the girls burst out laughing while looking at each other…”So what is funny,” I asked. “

“We were talking about the look on your face when Kathy said she was getting naked in the sauna, it was priceless:” said Lisa. “It did get my full attention, I will give you that. So what do you guys want to talk about, the plans for the install in a couple days,” I asked.

“No thanks, we can come up with a better topic than that I hope,” pleaded Lisa. “How about a game of truth and dare, I haven’t played that in probably 20 years.”

I was surprised by the suggestion partly because the game was teenage game and also because it sort of a sexual-related game and I had no sexual-related thoughts about either Kathy or Lisa.

“Truth or dare sounds cool to me, it will be fun to act like teenager again, at least for one night,” agreed Kathy.

I was not sure about this, but I agreed to play as long as we all agreed that it would not go too far and both girls agreed. We all agreed that if you refused a dare or to answer truth question, you would need to do a shot. I agreed to start bahis siteleri and asked Kathy for a truth question.

“Is it true that the guys had two strippers come into the office for Mike’s bachelor party last month,” asked Kathy.

“Before I answer that question, I need to make sure we all agree that anything we say or do in this room tonight, stays in the this room,” The girls agreed. So I told them that yes we had two strippers dressed like conservative saleswomen come to the office and do a great job as adult entertainment.

It was now my turn to question Lori and she chose truth.

“Did you hook-up with Brad Daniels after last year’s company Christmas party,” I asked.

“I ended up kissing him a few times in the parking lot after the party, but that is where it ended,” answered Lori.

“I say we do nothing but dare from now on, truth is pretty lame, I could give a shit about who is making out with who, everyone agree,” suggested Kathy.

Both Lisa and I agreed with Kathy although, I was not sure what I was getting myself into.

It was Lisa’s turn to ask a question to Kathy and she choose dare. “I dare you to stand up and lift your shirt and flash Larry and me your big black titties,” said Lisa.

“What, you are kidding girl,” Kathy asked incredibly.

“No kidding here, do the dare or do the shot,” replied Lori.

Not 30 seconds later, Kathy stood up and flashed me her large, black sagging tits. Wow…they were huge with the biggest nipples I have ever seen. “Are you happy now that I did it,” Kathy asked Lori. Lori replied that Kathy should ask me if I was happy now and with that comment, conversation stopped as it was Kathy’s turn again to ask me a question and I chose are.

“I dare you to kiss Lisa’s feet and suck her toes for 20 seconds and don’t worry she just showered and they are clean,” laughed Kathy. I then told Kathy I was not into foot worship and she told me if I was chicken, I could do a shot. After thinking about it for a minute, I went over to the couch got down on my knees and took Lisa’s foot and kissed it and sucked on one of her toes and after I started to do it, it was not that bad, it was actually a small turn-on for me and I knew it was a turn-on for Lisa as she was moaning everything I licked a little harder.

After the foot kissing was done, I got to issue a dare to Lisa. My dare was for her to make out with Kathy for one minute. “Wow, this game has taken a strange turn, but she then leaned over and started kissing Kathy on her big, full black lips. Between to foot kissing and the girls kissing, I was starting to get turned on by these to very big girls. There were not just kissing, they were licking and sucking on each other’s faces like they were ice cream cones. It was at this point that I started to smell a strong odor of pussy in the air from both women and due to their size, the smell was very potent.

It was now Kathy’s turn for a dare from Lisa. “I want you to strip off all over your clothes and masturbate for Larry and me for two minutes,” she told Kathy. “You bitch, you want me to show off my big black naked body, while you two whitey’s get to stay fully clothed,” Kathy complained. “That’s the dare if you don’t want to do it, you can pussy out and do a shot,” replied Lisa.

“Fuck you bitch, I will do it,” hissed Kathy. She then stood up and pulled her large t-shirt over her head and exposed her large black sagging tits to Lisa and me and then she pushed her shorts down between her massive thighs and stood naked in front of us. “Well, get on with playing with yourself,” pushed Lisa.

With that comment, Kathy sat back down on the couch and spread her legs and put her whole fat hand on her pussy and started pulling on her cunt lips real hard and you could hear the wetness seeping from her fat black pussy. Both Lisa and I were staring at Kathy as she got more and more into fingering and fucking herself in front of us.

As I dared to look away, I noticed Lisa was staring at me and the tent that my hard dick was making in my blue basketball shorts. “Enjoying the game,” she asked. What do you bahis şirketleri think I replied quickly and grabbed and rubbed my hard dick through my pants for her benefit?

Lisa then looked away and told Kathy that her two minutes were up and she had to stop.

“Stop, fuck that, I am a horny black bitch right now, I need to cum.,” she hissed back at Lisa.

That’s not part of the game, so get your clothes back on it is your turn to give Larry a dare,” pushed Lisa.

Ok, okay, ok…but I am not putting my clothes back on, you both have already seen everything I have, so why get dressed again. Larry, I dare you to crawl over to Lisa and pull her shorts off and lick her pussy until she cums,” said Kathy

I was stunned, we had had some fun so far, but I thought we may be getting to close to crossing a line that should not be crossed.

“Are you to sure about this, if we go much further, this may change some things,” I asked.

“What are you afraid to…lick my pussy,” said Lisa. “No not at all, I love to eat pussy and happen to be pretty good at it, but we do work together and we all are either married or are in committed relationships, that is why I am asking,” I replied.

“I thought we were just having some innocent fun and that everything that happened here stayed in the room and just between us, besides, I am the only on naked so far and I want to see some white dick very soon,” said Kathy.

I thought for a moment and decided to go for it and crawled over to Lisa and pulled very wet shorts down and tossed them over to Kathy who put them up to her face and inhaled their womanly scent.

As Lisa and I watched this, Lisa grabbed my head and pulled it roughly into her very wet and hairy cunt. She was almost strangling and suffocating me at the same time. I pushed back a little bit and all she did was hold my face to her big cunt and keep pushing it up against my face. I had to start to lick her ad suck her pussy to keep from drowning in the pussy juice.

Right there, keep biting my pussy right there, she screamed as I started to bite and chew on her clit and long cunt lips. I slowly got more comfortable with the position of my neck and her cunt and started to lick deep strokes up and down her pussy from the top of her clit down to the edge of her asshole.

“Look at the white boy eat that pussy…is he really licking your asshole Lisa,” asked Kathy.

“This boy can eat and lick pussy and ass like nobody’s business, I am ready to cum already,” screamed Lisa. No sooner did she say that than she exploded and squirted pussy juice all over my face. “Kath you got to get this boy to eat you out, his tongue is good,” sighed a worn out Lisa.

“I’m wet and ready to get licked by that tight-assed white boy,” screamed Kathy. “Who is going to take care of me and my hard problem,” I painfully asked.

“I will take care of your hard problem. Let’s go to the bedroom, said Lisa.

With that the three of us headed to my king size bed with Lisa pushing me down onto my back. “Kath crawl up and straddle his face while I take care of his cock,” said Lisa. “You ride his face and I am going to ride his cock and fuck him hard.”

Kathy then crawled up and straddled my face and then moved forward and sat her wet, black pussy on my face and started to grind away. As I could not see past the black hole that was riding my face, I felt Lisa pull my shorts down and start to lick my dick, balls and asshole. Lisa sucked me like a lollipop and then climbed up and put my dick inside her pussy hard and fast.

As I started to moan, the vibration of my mother must have hit the right spot in Kathy’s pussy as she started to cum hard on my face and I had to swallow fast or I may have choked on all of the cunt juice that was shooting into my mouth.

I kept swallowing and fucking until Kathy caught her breath and climb off of my face. When this happened, I pull Lisa off my dick, laid her on the bed and jumped between her legs and started fucking her hard and not 20 seconds later, my dick started to shoot my cum deep into her pussy and my cumming put Lisa over the edge and had I huge orgasm.

After all three of us recovered and caught our breath, Kathy asked, “You two do know we have a totally free day tomorrow, we are going to need to find something to keep the day moving, any ideas?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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