Heather and Sam Ch. 01: Doctor Role-Play

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Author’s Note: Before you go to tear the story apart in the comments section, there are a few things I don’t care about. Grammar is not my strong suite. I am writing them as quick as possible as a sexual release from my frustrations. If you do not like my sexual fantasies, so be it. I just don’t care if you judge me for it. Heather is the “loving wife” as she is fulfilling Sam’s sexual fantasies and desires.

This story has dildo play within a Doctor visit role-play session; could be considered cuckolding. If you don’t like it, then don’t read it.

* * * * *

After our latest heart to heart, Heather and I agreed to try and spice it up. I had fantasized for a long time about acting out a doctor’s appointment for the hot wife. So, my mind began to start. Within days I had it all planned and began collecting what I needed to pull it off. At this point, I was still pretty closed lip with my hot wife fantasizes I had about Heather. The goal was to get her to admit she enjoyed the size of a big dick during a “doctor’s visit.” I would try to prove the theory I believed. My wife needed a bit more than I could provide to achieve her sexual bliss.

I researched several sexual surveys and compiled them into one. When Heather and I got together almost two decades ago, I never asked her what her sexual history was. It was all about starting a new life together and the past was in the past. Second was the doctor set up. An exam gown, doctors coat, stethoscope, a few medical supplies were too easy on Amazon. The key though was a vaginal dilator set to “test out” her reactions, and a new 5 inch, and 7 inch to go along with the seldom if ever used 6 inch dildo in our sex toys.

To add some realism, I went all out designing the survey to make it look official with a fake doctor letterhead and all. Most of the questions were benign, at the Cosmo magazine level. Others I pulled from some psychological surveys on sex you can find online.

* * * * *

“What the heck is this?” Heather demanded from me holding a large manila envelope in the air.

“I have no clue baby,” I replied.

“You really don’t expect me to answer this do you. Those are things that I just don’t want to talk about.” It was obvious Heather had read the packet. The long list of sexual history and desire questions were just not a topic she wanted to have with me.

I figured I would have to prompt a bit to get her to follow through. I am sure there was a look of disappointment on my face. “I just thought it might be fun, you know, what we talk about doing, bringing fun back into the bedroom.”

That seemed to resonate with her a bit. A soft “okay” left her mouth and she turned around.

* * * * *

After feeling like I wasted my time again, I retreated to the basement and apply my hands to a hobby. Hours must have passed before Heather stepped into the room. “Here you go. But darling, I feel so uncomfortable discussing this with you,” she said with at least a positive tone.

“Honey, it’s just us. It is just between us,” I replied back. No amount of reassuring her it seems would get her to break out of her shell.

After handing me the manila envelope and going back up stares, I tore into the survey. Skipping most of the sexual history questions, I tried to get to what I really was targeting. Question 52 – What is the largest penis you have had vaginal intercourse with? My sweet wife circled the option of 7-8 inches. Question 53 – What is your ideal penis size? She again circled the option of 7-8 inches. She had left a little handwritten note next to the questions that said that she really doesn’t remember her previous lovers’ penis sizes, and whatever size I am is big enough.

I could feel my dick growing in my pants. I had already came to the conclusion that my wife would not hurt my feelings and say that she liked a bigger dick than what I had, but I just already knew we got to the first step of her admitting she wants a bigger dick. With me hitting the measuring tape a quarter to half inch below 6 inches, I was definitely excited to complete her doctor’s visit now.

Maybe it is not so much that she wants a bigger dick. It is that she settled for mine, and I want to see her sexually fulfilled beyond what I can provide.

The doctor visit acting out of the fantasy required Heather to email the doctor’s office and set up an appointment. I had set up a new gmail account and went to check it. Sure enough, she had emailed the “doctor’s office” requesting an appointment. I emailed her back and set up the date.

* * * * *

The knock on the door startled me a bit. I had set up the basement to replicate the doctor’s office. Our portable massage table I had bought on a previous attempt to spice up our sex life would serve as the examination table. All the tools and implements that “Doctor Johnson” would need were close by on another table; covered up with a towel for the time being. The lab coat was key. It was long enough to cover what I hoped would be the grand finale casino oyna for the exam. I was wearing a strap on harness under my clothes, and I needed the lab coat to conceal it.

I was dressed in my doctor’s lab coat, stethoscope draped around my neck. I looked the part, well, at least the part of a Halloween costume. I walked to the door and opened it up. There stood my wife Heather, smashing as always. She was wearing black yoga pants that showed off her slim and athletic legs and amplified her curvy ass. A baggy athletic top was sexy in its own way. Her tiny frame required a smaller shirt, but her 32D breast stretched it out.

“Hello,” I said, “you must be Heather here for your 3pm appointment.”

A silly smile grew on her face. I knew Heather would take some time warm up and role play this out. “Yes, and you must be Doctor Johnson,” she said as she walked through the door.

“Heather, this examination will require you to disrobe,” I informed her as I walked close to the table. “If you would, please remove your clothes and put the exam gown on. It’s right here on top of the table. I will walk out and give you a minute.”

I exited the room and stood there. My dick was pumping with blood. Due to the strap on harness, it was pushed uncomfortably downward. This was not going to work. I unzipped my pants and loosened the harness a bit. Reaching down, grabbing my cock, I brought it straight up against my belly. My hand felt precum already, and I knew I was excited. I pulled on the harness, tightening it up, re-zipped my pants, knocked on the door, and reentered the room.

There was Heather, obediently followed the doctor’s orders, even making that gown look sexy, sitting on the bed. I walked toward her and picked up a clip board to look legitimate. “Heather, the exam today is a sexual wellness exam. Thank you for filling out and providing the answers on your survey. That will help us focus the exam and get better end results.”

Another sly smile grew on Heather’s face and he jumped right in with “Sam… I mean Doctor Johnson, I need to know that this is a private exam. I am very concerned about privacy.”

“Of course,” I reassured her. “The exam today is completely confidential. Now if I could just get you to lay back on the table and get comfortable. I need to take some base line measurements.” Heather complied and laid back. I pulled the towel back on the table and removed the doctor tools I had assembled. I place blood pressure cuff on her arm, let it run, and then pretended to write down the results on the clipboard. Next up was a small oximeter and pulse device for her finger. Again, writing the results down on the clipboard. “Everything looks normal,” I said as I removed all the devices and put them back on the table.

“Heather, the next step will require me to conduct a visual exam of your vagina. I don’t want to startle you if you feel me touch you down there.” Heather jolted a bit at that point, but I could tell she was going to give it the college try.

I pulled some latex gloves on and positioned myself at the end of the table. I gently pulled her gown up until her shaved pussy was exposed. “I am going to move your legs a bit,” and I gently pushed them apart. I brought my hands in close to her pussy, and gently pulled her lips apart. I have always loved her pussy, but she refused to let me eat her out. The thought ran through my head to just dive in and attack her pussy with my tongue, but I resisted. I continued to massage around her pussy, under the guise of completing the visual exam.

I pulled back and stood up and told her, “Heather, I do have to say, you have an amazing body. You look very healthy and if I must admit, quit the head turner. I was a bit shocked in your survey answers that you have only had seven sexual partners, and only five of those were penis vaginal partners.” Again, I saw the quick jolt in her body. I was testing her to see how much I could get away with.

“Well, I… not sure what you mean by that,” heather replied with a definite slight anger in her tone.

“I guess what I am trying to say is that most women that I see, that are as attractive as you, well… they have had their pick of the litter per say in their past,” I said hoping to smooth over the situation. Heather didn’t react much beyond a quick hand tap.

“Heather, it is time now to conduct an internal exam of your vagina. If you feel sexually aroused, that is fine. It is a common side product of the exam. I would ask you to speak up though if you feel like you are going to have an orgasm. The goal of the tests is to test your arousal, and the results might be skewed if you orgasm and we have to wait for you to recover before proceeding on with the next test.”

Again, another quick jolt. I already knew what was running her in her mind. She is probably screaming internally that I was off the deep end again.

I attached the oximeter and pulse device back onto her finger and gathered the vaginal dilator. The dilator came with several attachments canlı casino over various sizes. The smallest was two inches long and about the width of a dime. The next larger size was 3 inches long and a bit wider. The next, 4 inches long and the width of quarter. The next, 5 inches, and bit wider. The last was 6 inches and quite thick. I had previously taken the 6-inch attachment and placed it next to my cock. It had me by almost a half inch, and definitely had me beat in the girth category. Given that it attached to handle, I knew it would be able to reach a full 6 inches into her if not more. All the attachments were smooth cylinders with a rounded head. Not quite the real life sensation of a penis head. But, the handle of the device had a benefit. A small vibrator was built into the handle.

I attached the small two-inch attachment and applied some lube. “Heather, I am about to begin. You should feel some penetration.” With that, I slowly worked the dilator up and down Heather’s pussy lips, smearing the lube, and then split her lips and inserted it. “Heather, I have inserted a small device into your vagina. Can you tell me what you feel? Is it a good sensation?”

Heather quietly whispered, “I feel something small in me. It is not very deep, but it doesn’t really feel good or bad.”

Hearing that, I started to stroke the small device in and out for a few strokes. “How about now, any change?” I inquired.

“A bit. But not much,” She answered.

I inserted the dilator deep to the handle, then turned on the vibrator in the handle and observed her pussy clinched. I let the dilator stay motionless for a time, then started to slowly stroke it in and out for about 20 penetrations. “Heather, any changes?”

“A bit more sensation I guess you could say. It feels good, but… I don’t know…” she said with a bit more volume.

I pulled the dilator out and set it down. “One second, I need to read your pulse,” I said as I pulled up the clip board and wrote down here pulse rate. It was all planned to be fake and just role playing, but I did notice a slightly higher pulse. “Heather, you are doing great. Now I need to proceed onto the next test.”

I continued on with the 3, 4, and 5-inch attachments. Each time repeating the same process as I did with the 2-inch attachment. Her body reactions and pulse continued to climb with each iteration and increase in size. Heather actually started a barely audible moan with the 5-inch attachment vibrating and stroking in and out of her pussy.

“Heather, you are doing great. The results we are getting will definitely help me with my final diagnosis. How was that last test. Did you enjoy it and can you describe it?” I asked.

“Well, it felt okay. It is not so much the in and out as it is the vibrator though. I still have not had an orgasm yet.”

It was time to push the narrative I bit more. “Now I need to tell you that we also sent out a smaller survey to your husband. The tool I just used on you is about the size of your husband’s penis.”

Heather released an audible “umph.” I didn’t quite know how to take it. With her laying down, relaxed, as I inserted larger and larger dilators into her… was that an honest reaction, or was she playing along.

I kept going. “Heather, this next tool will be bigger. Based off the information you provided, you have been with your husband as your only sexual partner for some time. This might feel a bit different, but I want to reassure you that these test results are very important.”

I attached the largest dilator and began to get ready. I split her pussy lips open and began it insert it. With the first inch in, I knew Heather felt the extra girth. Her pussy clinched hard, and her but cheeks slightly lifted off the table. She whimpered a “whoah” and relaxed back down. I continued to insert the device, stopping every inch. With the full six inches inserted, I leaned over to see the pulse meter on her finger. It was climbing fast. I looked at her face. Eyes closed, a slight bite on her lower lip, and a bit of perspiration on her forehead.

“Heather, your pulse is climbing fast, and I can tell your body is reacting. How does this test feel with the device inserted? Please describe the sensation and tell me if you think you could orgasm from it penetrating your vagina?” I asked hoping to hear her tell the truth.

“It feels, good, I like it. It… might make me have an orgasm… but I am not sure,” she struggled to get out.

I started stroking now, slowly removing the full 6 inches and pushing it back in. Her body reacted favorable to the stroking and I could tell she anticipated the strokes and was attempting to push her hips back against it. Finally, she broke through uttered “Oh that feels good.”

I did not want her to orgasm yet and feared turning on the vibrator in the handle might push her over the edge. I was conducting real science here. The goal was to figure out what sized cock would make her come vaginally. I continued the stroking, enjoying the scene of kaçak casino my wife with a device bigger than my cock splitting her lips open and giving her sexual pleasure.

I decided now was the time to really get after what I was looking for. I slowed the stroking and then finally removed the device. Heather let out one last moan and “oh” when the dilator slipped out. There were no words, just the body language of Heather indicating that she enjoyed that and didn’t want it to stop.

With her eyes still closed, I reached over to the table and grabbed the 7 inch dildo. I quickly got up and walked to the door. “Heather, I will be right back for the last experiment.” Heather quietly whispered an “okay” as I walked through the door.

I had to be quick. I felt like my wife was in the mood for more dick and I needed to get back in there before she sat up and stopped the role play. I unzipped by pants, inserted the suction base of the dildo to the strap on harness ring, adjusted the dildo under my pants, re-zipped, and walked back in. Heather still laid there; eyes closed like I had left here.

“Heather, you are a great patient and we are almost done. One last test, but I have to tell you that you have done so well, I will have to get a bit unorthodox to complete the last test.”

In a definite questioning tone “Doctor Johnson, I am not sure what you mean.”

I replied back, “It will be fine, I will discuss as we go. Just please continue to stay relaxed and I will begin.”

Reaching the end of the table, I reached over and picked up the 5-inch dildo from the stand. “Now Heather, this last test is heavily based off your survey, your husband’s information, and the test data we collected today. I am going to test your vagina again, and I need you to tell me if this it is a desirable size for your sexual arousal or not.”

I placed the 5 inch dildo at the entrance of her pussy, and inserted the head. The dildos I bought all had realistic features to them and I wondered if she could tell the difference between them and the dilator. I continued to push until it bottomed out. Her body did react, but not as much as 6 inch dilator.

I began stroking and ask “How does this feel?”

“It is good, feels okay, not great, I mean, I don’t think it will make me orgasm or anything,” she reported.

I continued a few more strokes and then pulled it out and placed it on the table. I grabbed the 6-inch dildo and lined it up with her pussy, inserted it, and began stroking it. Her body reacted again, and the pulse started to climb. She once again began to push her hip against the penetration. “Heather, same questions as before.”

“Oh… it feels good… definitely better than the last test,” she said in between breaths.

“Is it the length or the girth of the penis that feels good, and do you think you can orgasm off of it?” I asked trying to get her to finally admit inadvertently she found a bigger dick than mine more pleasurable.

“It is both… it is everything about it… I just fill more filled up than before… I might be able to orgasm off of this.” Heather was either playing the role play out or was starting to be honest with me. She had to stop talking every time I inserted the dildo into her, the tone in her voice was definitely filled with pleasure. One of her hands had crept up and was gently touching one of her nipples under the gown.

“Heather, I am now going to remove the device for the final part of the last test, but before I do that there is one last question.” I removed the dildo, set it aside, and then unzipped my pants and lowered them down in anticipation.

“This final test requires a tool that I did not prepare for. All of the data so fare indicates that I need to conduct this last test. The only way I think I can complete this test is for me to insert my own penis into you and see the results.”

Heather shrugged her shoulders on the table. I am willing to bet she just thought it would be my average, slightly short of 6 inch dick entering her next. “I am fine with that.”

I wasted no time and got on the top of the table with her. “I know this is so unorthodox, but from the minute you walked in the room, you have turned me on. I see a lot of women in here trying to work on their sexual health, but you are the hottest one I have seen.”

I line up the thick 7 inch dildo to her entrance, no need for lube as her pussy juices were flowing already, and inserted the head. Heather’s eyes remained closed, but she let out the loudest “Oh” of her visit as the thick head spread her lips open. I continued to push an inch and her eyes opened up with a look of bewilderment on her face.

Two more inches inserted, and I wonder if she would continue… Another inch…

I felt her hands and arms start to move and feared she would push me off of her. To my amazement though, Heather looked directly into my eyes, then one hand moved to my head and pulled my head to her shoulder. She whispered into my ear “please fuck me hard… I need to cum…”

Her hands moved to my ass and pulled me deep into her. The rest of the thick seven inches plummeted to the base of the dildo. Heather immediately spazzed and shrieked “oh my God. That feels so good.”

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