Head Fantasies Ch. 01

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve fantasized about the women I’ve found attractive. The following is a series of some of those fantasies (at least the ones that I can remember) about teachers, co-workers, classmates, women and girls from my neighborhood, etc. Although I’ll accurately describe people, places, situations, and circumstances, I will (of course) change names. Enjoy!


Church Ladies.

I am not at all a religious person, although I very much believe in God. And for a while, I “enjoyed” attending church, although for reasons I’m sure my mother would not have been pleased with. In the church we attended, the female-to-male ratio was 5-to-1. Most of these women were single, widowed or attended church without their husbands or significant others. I found a good number of them very attractive (for one reason or another), and I was blessed with a vivid (and horny) imagination.

Two of my favorite subjects to fantasize about were Mrs. “W” and Mrs. “M”. Both were older, black women (relative to my age at the time) that I had very friendly relationships with.

Mrs. “W” (“Lauren”) was in her late 50s. I thought of her as the “fun aunt” I’d always wished I’d had; I could literally talk to her about anything (sometimes we did). She had a medium brown complexion, long, greying hair that she always wore in a bun, and hazel-grey eyes that were hidden behind glasses. She looked like a stereotypical librarian. She was short (5’3″) with a small frame and had wonderfully, large breasts (I figured they were probably at least DDs). Whenever she laughed or got excited her nipples would become visible through her bra and top.

Mrs. “M” (“Lydia”) was in her early casino oyna 40s. We spent a lot of time talking about music and the Redskins. Lydia was very tall (taller than 5’10”) – she’d played basketball in college. She had a light complexion, light-brown shoulder-length hair, and hazel-brown eyes. Lydia had an intense and somewhat intimidating stare. If you didn’t know her you’d think she was unapproachable – which couldn’t be further from the truth. She was very friendly and open and loved to laugh. I was especially attracted to her long, thick legs and her very full lips.

Occasionally, the church would sponsor retreats – weekend getaways to (inexpensive) resorts; usually in the Poconos or the Carolinas. The three of us loved these trips and never missed a single one during the time I was a regular member. My most favorite fantasy involved me having a non-stop fuck session with both ladies.

It goes something like this:

During a retreat Lauren, Lydia and I have spent the day together, talking and laughing. Lauren knows that Lydia and I exercise regularly (I was on my college cross country team) and wants to work out with us and have us give her a few pointers. We agree and go back to our rooms to change and meet back in Lauren’s room. I put on my sweats and a t-shirt.

When I get back to Lauren’s room they are already stretching. Lauren is wearing biker shorts and a tank top – her tits are barely covered and her nipples are at full attention. Lydia is wearing a t-shirt and runner’s shorts. Her bare, long, shapely legs look amazing. Both are barefooted.

I already feel my cock stirring in my sweats – it will be impossible to hide a hard-on.

I join them on canlı casino the floor, and we bend and stretch for close to an hour. The entire time I’m distracted by Lauren’s tits – they bulge out of her top whenever she leans forward. Lydia’s shorts are riding up, giving her a “wedgie” – her ass is just as perfect as her legs – and it looks like she might have “forgotten” to wear panties. The camel-toe at the front of her shorts puts my dick at full attention.

When I face them, both ladies become aware of my hard-on. They smile and make comments to each other that I can’t hear. The work-out session gets more intense from there.

Lydia recommends squats and suggests that I spot Lauren. I stand behind Lauren and place my hands on her waist to give her support. With each squat her ass makes contact with my hard-on.

“My turn,” Lydia tells us, and I spot her squats, with similar results. She slowly grinds her almost naked ass against me with each rep and my cock is aching for release and relief. Our clothes are soaked with sweat.

“I’m hot…” Lauren tells us.

“Me too…” Lydia agrees.

Without another word, both ladies start removing their clothes. Lydia is left wearing only a sports bra (she DID forget her panties – she’s completely shaven), and Lauren only a lace bra with silk panties. They both look at me as if to say, “well…?”

“It’s only us…!” Lauren assures me.

I strip down to my jock-briefs and the “work out” continues.

We do more variations of squats, which leads to the invention of the “3-person-sandwich-squat”. This involves me tightly pressed against Lauren’s backside, while she in turn is pressed in against Lydia’s. My hands “accidentally” kaçak casino find their way into the front of Lauren’s panties and her bra, and my hard-on between her ass cheeks. Her hands “unintentionally” find their way between Lydia’s thighs, while Lydia leads us in slow and steady reps.

On the third or fourth rep, Lauren loses her balance which causes us to all fall to the floor in a sweaty, horny heap of limbs, genitals and eager fingers.

We all laugh, and all pretense is gone. I hoist myself up as Lauren pulls down my briefs. Lydia helps Lauren remove her bra and panties and we all free Lydia from her sports bra.

Lydia begins sucking me off, while Lauren and I lock lips. We rigorously fondle each other’s nipples, and then Lauren lifts one of her beautiful breasts to my face for me to suck.

The ladies trade places and I finally get to kiss Lydia’s luscious lips. I am equally surprised and impressed with how well Lauren knows how to suck cock. She then proves she can multi-task by slipping two fingers into Lydia’s wet, shaven pussy. She then alternates between my cock and Lydia’s clit.

We reward her efforts by pulling her up and over to the bed, where I bury my face between her thighs while the ladies kiss and suck each other’s tits. When I sense that Lauren is close to climaxing I climb on top of her and fuck her with everything I’ve got. It doesn’t take long for her to reach a screaming orgasm.

I leave her to rest and turn my attention to Lydia, who pulls me down to the floor and between her beautiful thighs. We work each other hard through multiple positions: missionary, doggie, cowgirl. She finishes me each off while “69ing”, with her on top; she swallows every drop. I lay her on her back and lick her pussy (and ass) until she squirts all over my chin.

We all have a great sleep. The next day we have a few quickies, before making the trip back home.

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