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Anal Creampie

With apologies to Joe Cocker. My proofreader enjoyed this story best when he had the Joe Cocler Song “You Can Leave Your Hat On” ready to play as he read this. If you want to do this, hit play the same time the “heroine” does in the story.

* * * * *

Another long day at work. You finish up, wondering what the evening will bring. Gathering your things, you put on your raincoat and head out to your car.

You open the door, climb in, and notice a slip of paper underneath your windshield. Rolling down your window, you retrieve the paper and open it up. ‘Meet me on South Emerald Street. 1324A.’ You smile and shake your head, wondering what I’m up to as you start your car, pull out of the parking lot, and head to the address.

When you reach 1324 Emerald and discover that it’s a hair-dresser’s. Huh? But you notice a door to the side of the store proclaiming ‘1324A’. Bingo.

Heading up the stairs, you find the door at the top open. You step into the dim room and look around. It’s almost like a small store-room, except that it’s carpeted. The place is mostly bare save for a single chair in the middle of the room, support poles running from the floor to the ceiling here and there throughout the large space, and a small bed against a side wall. But you don’t see me.

You catch a movement out of the corner of your eye, and look right. I’m wearing my gray raincoat, black hose and pumps, and a black chauffeur’s cap. I give you an almost-shy smile, and then hit the play button on the small stereo at my feet. The music starts. I walk toward you and around you twice, giving you a hungry look, before Joe Cocker starts to sing.

‘Baby, take off your coat, real slow’

I walk across the room, to the beat of the music, untying the belt. I grab both sides of the coat, one escort kartal in each hand, and swing one arm backwards, then the other, flipping the coat off of each shoulder, and then I let it fall to the floor, revealing the little black dress underneath. I walk over to a chair sitting in the center of the room and primly sit down.

‘And take off your shoes, I’ll take off your shoes’

I kick the black pumps off my feet, and then raise one leg, then the other, to smooth the stockings up my legs. Then I stand beside the chair.

‘Baby, take off your dress, yes, yes, yes’

I unzip the black scrap of materiel, pull the dress down to my feet, and step out of it. My black bra and panties are an enticing contrast against my creamy skin.

‘You can leave your hat on. You can leave your hat on…’

I toss the dress to land on top of my coat. Then I drop my head, my hands on my thighs. I slowly run my hands up my body as I roll my head up. I reach my shoulders and raise my hands over my head to the music, throw my head back, and arch my back, thrusting my breasts forward.

‘You can leave your hat on.’

I lower my hands, placing my right hand on the back of the chair and walking around it touching my fingers to my hat in a silent salute to you. I stride to the light switch on the wall.

‘Go over there, turn on the light… no, all the lights.’

I flip on the lights, you smile, liking the fact that you’ll clearly be able to see everything for the rest of this show.

‘Come over here, stand on that chair. Yes, that’s right.’

I move back to, and step up onto the chair to the beat of the music, and then step to the beat, rolling my head forward then side to side, causing my hair to dance with the music. The hat stays put.

‘Raise maltepe escort your arms in the air…’

I again caress my body for you, doing a step-dance on the chair, until my arms are above my head.

‘…Now shake them.’

I shake my arms and my breasts bounce enticingly within the confines of my bra. Then I drop my arms.

‘Now give me a reason to live, you give me a reason to live, you give me a reason to live…’

I continue my step dance, swaying my hips, and raising an arm to point at you. Then I abruptly turn, place my foot on the back of the chair, and tilt the chair, riding it until the back hits the floor.

‘You give me a reason to live.’

I step off of the back of the chair, and dance my way over to one of the support poles. I hold onto it, put my right leg around it, and swing on the pole, letting my hair form a cape on the back of my head.

‘Sweet Darling, you can leave your hat on’

I stop swinging, place my legs on either side of the pole, and slide my pelvis down the pole while I’m leaning away, holding on with both hands.

‘Baby, you can leave your hat on’

I step away to the pole, dance back to the chair, and set it upright. I then sit backward on the chair, straddling it. I hold on to the back with my left hand and lean WAY back, letting my right hand drift down my body.

‘You can leave your hat on’

I come back upright, swing my right leg up and over the back of the chair, turning myself around.

‘You can leave your hat on’

I look at you. I haven’t paid much attention to you during this whole production. You’re still in your raincoat, standing there with your mouth slightly agape. Your arousal is obvious. I walk over to you, swinging my hips and arms to the pendik escort bayan beat. I push your coat off of your body, grab your tie, and start walking backward.

‘Suspicious minds keep talking’

I turn you around and sit you in the chair.

‘They’re trying to tear us apart’

I lean over, brush my lips across yours, and then nip your earlobe.

‘They don’t believe in this love of mine’

I walk around you in the chair, trailing my fingers across your chest and back.

‘They don’t know what love is’

I straddle your legs and sit facing you.

‘They don’t know what love is’

I give you a teasing kiss, letting my tongue play around your lips.

‘They don’t know what love is’

I put my arms around your neck and lean back, grinding my pelvis against your hardness.

‘They don’t know what love is’

I pull myself upright and look you straight in the eyes as I continue to gyrate against you to the beat.

‘I know what love is’

As I’m lap-dancing on top of you, I reach around to unclasp my bra, giving you full access to my pert breasts. I continue my dance, my breasts dancing before your eyes. You finally give in and lower your face to take one taut bud into your mouth. I keep grinding.

‘You can leave your hat on’

You slide a hand down my torso while still nipping at my breasts. You find my panties soaked with my desire. I keep grinding.

‘You can leave your hat on’

You slip a finger under the material, reveling in my wetness. You plunge your finger inside of me. I gasp, and keep grinding.

‘You can leave your hat on’

You move your finger to my clit, rubbing gently. I’m already so turned on that it only takes a few seconds of this torture to bring me over the edge. I keep grinding.

‘You can leave your hat on’

You can’t stand it anymore. You have to have me. With my legs locked around your hips, you stand and head for the bed. I laugh lowly in your ear, and keep gyrating.

You can leave your hat on…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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