Grin and Bear It

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One year. Today marked the one year anniversary of the opening of my clinic. And after a few stops and starts, what a great year it had been! Even my father, stingy with praise as he could be, had to admit that I’d pulled it off. Not only had I managed to finish dental school, following in his footsteps and those of his father before him, but I’d formed a successful practice and shown that I could manage the business side of things, as well as the medical.

It hadn’t been an easy sell at first – in fact, I’d had to mortgage against my own future, when it became clear that my family wouldn’t support me in my venture. See, it was an easy decision for me to decide to be a dentist, even though my father assumed I’d aspire to nothing more than a wife. All the years that he saw me as nothing more than just a pretty daughter, I’d aspired to prove to him that I could carry on the family tradition.

But I also had a rebellious streak, and that rubbed the family the wrong way. They would easily have put their money behind me if I’d decided to marry myself off to a handsome lawyer or doctor – or even if I’d taken over my dad’s practice when he retired. But setting up my own clinic, with modern ideas? That was just too much.

See, for years, I’d developed my own ideas about how things should and could be done. I’d watched my father’s patients arrive for their appointments. As beloved as he was in our town, his patients still dreaded their visits to the dentist. As good a doctor as he was, he still didn’t bring in the same income, the same respect, as the general practitioners, the orthopedists, the surgeons.

My clinic would change all that. I would take advantage of the most recent technologies, cater to the urges of each group of patients, until I’d built up a solid clientele, a steady stream of referrals. As I walked into work this morning, I looked up at the sign on the door, “Grin and Bear It,” and chuckled as I remembered the day I’d come up with that.

It was an acknowledgement that going to the dentist probably didn’t sound like fun, but that with a smile, my staff and I would do our best to make it as enjoyable as possible. Stuffed toy bears for the kids. Friendly, professional customer service for the adults. Flat screen TVs mounted on the ceiling above each chair, with ESPN for the guys, soaps for the women, and cartoons for the kids.

And, in an extra attempt to woo guys in the 21-49 demographic – the population most likely to ignore the health of their teeth and gums – I’d made a special effort to hire hygenists of a certain body type and outfit them appropriately. Don’t get me wrong, there wasn’t anything indecent taking place in my clinic, and the women and kids didn’t seem to pay particular attention. But let’s just say that guys did seem to make a habit of showing up for their follow up appointments once they’d met my girls.

I didn’t need to mention physical appearance in the job ads, and I didn’t discriminate based on things like height or hair color. Fortunately for me, there are enough qualified hygenists out there, most of them young and female, that it wasn’t hard to hire a staff which was made up of beautiful young women eager and capable of filling out the uniforms I’d chosen. And once they arrived for their interview and saw that I was also a woman, they didn’t think twice about taking the job – no worries about being chased around a desk by a dirty old dentist.

The uniforms came in white or baby blue, and were basically a button-down cotton dress, carefully fitted to each hygenist. The top was low-cut, hugging the breasts and showing off the cleavage of each young woman. The skirt came to rest at just above the knee, perfectly decent, but prone to riding up the thigh when sitting down. My receptionist had a uniform of sorts as well, asked to always wear fitted short suit skirts and pumps, and either a fitted blouse or a clingy sweater.

Being in illegal bahis charge, of course, I could wear whatever I liked – but I tended to stick with a wardrobe that I knew would appeal. If in surgery or working with a child, I could always button up my lab coat. But if checking in on a 30-something male patient – or female for that matter – I knew that an attractive doctor would make a positive impression.

Today, for example, I was wearing an impeccably fitted black suit, with a silk blouse in red which was cut just low enough to give a hint of cleavage. A matching red headband held back my long blonde hair, and a pearl necklace completed the professional ensemble.

But I should get to the focus of the day – unfortunately, after the successful year, with profits skyrocketing, I was worried that I had a problem employee. It had been brought to my attention by the receptionist that one of my hygenists, Heidi, had seen the same patient twice in the past week, and he would be returning again today.

Apparently, while waiting for a crown, he’d had a temporary which had fallen out not once, not twice, but now three times. Heidi’s work was normally quite good, so I suspected one of two things – either the patient was deliberately chewing on things he shouldn’t in order to get another chance to see Heidi, or she was intentionally doing sub-par work so he’d be obligated to return. Either way, this wasn’t something I could allow to continue.

After making my rounds through the clinic, saying good morning to everyone, and pouring myself some coffee, I made my way to my office, where I sat down to peruse two files – that of the patient, a 42-year-old named Jeff, and Heidi’s employee file. There was nothing about Jeff to suggest he had many dental issues in the past, and there was nothing about Heidi except the highest praise from her previous employer.

She was 21 when she started working for me, just turned 22 in the past month. She was an ‘A’ student, graduated from her hygenist training program at the top of her class, and was an excellent employee. She was also my favorite of the ‘hot hygenists’, as I called my team, in that she filled out her uniform spectacularly, and was a hit with the patients, but wasn’t at all self-conscious about her appearance. She just came to work and did her job.

Well, I thought to myself, maybe there wasn’t anything fishy here after all. There was one thing I’d learned from my dad, though, and that was to never be too careful when trusting one’s professional livelihood to one’s employees. So, in designing my clinic with care, I’d set up hidden cameras in each of the exam rooms. To date, I’d seen nothing but young women with ample bosoms pressed against patients, working away on a stubborn bit of plaque or demonstrating the proper way to floss. But for today, it’d be a subtle way for me to check up on a questionable situation.

When the time for Jeff’s appointment arrived, I turned on the TV in my office and flipped through the closed-circuit channels until I had a view into Heidi’s room. For a few minutes, she was the lone figure in the room, and it looked as though she was laying out her implements just as she should be for the appointment. Before long, I watched as she left, and then returned just moments later with Jeff, closing the door behind them and motioning for him to sit down.

For a time, the video was quite dull, especially as there was no sound, and my attention began to wander to other work that was awaiting me on my desk. As I checked back now and then to the TV screen, I saw Jeff open his mouth wide, pointing to the tooth in question, then saw Heidi begin to work.

It wasn’t until a few minutes later that something out of the ordinary pulled my attention immediately back in to the video. Jeff reached up a hand and quickly squeezed one of Heidi’s breasts through the thin fabric of her uniform. She smiled, pulling her hand away from illegal bahis siteleri his mouth and placing the tool she had been using back on the tray next to her.

Her hands now went to the top of her uniform, which she slowly began unbuttoning while Jeff watched. I was shocked at her behavior, but something kept me from leaping up to march down the hall and confront her, curious as I was to see what would happen next. Once her uniform was unbuttoned down to the waist, Jeff’s hands began exploring Heidi’s breasts, massaging them as he continued to lay back in the exam room chair.

She, in turn, placed one hand on his thigh, allowed it to slide up towards his crotch, where after a few moments, she began stroking the bulge growing in his pants. Several things were clear to me in spite of my suprise: this was very much a consensual act; whether or not they had done anything like this before, the attraction between them was quite obvious; and I was quite turned on.

As much as I knew that I couldn’t allow this situation to continue in my clinic, I also couldn’t tear myself away from the screen. I watched as Jeff slipped Heidi’s nipples free from her lacy bra and began pinching them, hard, judging from her dramatic reaction. I watched as Heidi unzipped Jeff’s slacks and let free his hard cock, which sprung to life, jutting out from his body, fully erect.

Even as I began to prepare my speech to Heidi about how this type of behavior couldn’t continue in my clinic, I felt the warmth growing between my legs. As I watched Heidi stand up from her stool and kneel on the floor next to Jeff, taking his hard cock into her mouth, I was overwhelmed with confusion.

Should I keep watching? Should I immediately go to the exam room and stop them? Was I somehow at fault? Was I naive to think I could create an environment of titillation – pun fully intended – without any consequences? As this mess of thoughts flitted through my head, I continued to watch. Continued to watch this incredibly hot scene, more arousing than any porn flick, even as it was in black-and-white and without any sound.

She was now bobbing up and down on his cock, taking about half of his length into her mouth with each stroke. I watched as Jeff arched his back, his head falling back against the exam chair. Heidi’s beautiful breasts bounced as she moved, and I began to feel the rhythm of her strokes on his cock pulse through my own veins as my heart pounded.

Alright, I couldn’t take much more of this. I turned off the TV screen, left my office, and walked down the hallway to Heidi’s exam room, knocking on the door.

“Hmmmm…. yes,” Heidi managed to say, freeing her mouth from Jeff’s cock, “just a moment!”

I pressed my ear against the door and listened to the obvious sounds of pants being zipped, bra straps being adjusted. A surprisingly short time later, Heidi opened the door, clearly flushed and disheveled.

“Oh, doctor! I’m sorry to keep you waiting.”

“That’s no problem, certainly don’t want you to jump up and leave the patient hanging!” I caught Heidi’s eye as she quickly glanced to make sure Jeff’s fly was zipped. “Just wanted to see how things were going here.”

“Um, well, as you know, he’s unfortunately had to come back on more than one occasion.”

“Yes, I see that from his file. So sorry about that, Jeff!” I smiled at him, and could tell from the still-obvious bulge in his pants that he was nowhere near finished with the activities I’d interrupted. A very naughty idea struck me suddenly.

“Heidi, I’m afraid there’s some room for improvement in your work here. Can I be of help?”

“Um, sure. I’m really not sure why the temporary kept falling off, but if you have some ideas, I’d be eager to learn.”

“No, Heidi, that’s not what I meant. Clearly we should stop bothering Jeff with temporaries and just get him in soon for his permanent crown. I was referring to the canlı bahis siteleri other work you’d started on Jeff today.”

“Um, I’m not sure what you mean?”

“Perhaps this will clear things up.”

I walked over towards Jeff, took off my blazer and tossed it over a chair, and bent down over him, unzipping his slacks and pulling his entire cock into my mouth in one smooth motion.

“Oh my god, doctor, how did you know?”

Pulling away just long enough to answer, “We’ll discuss that later. Just watch and learn.”

I went back to work on his cock, taking his full length once again deep into my mouth, until my nose pressed against his belly, and holding him there as he groaned in pleasure beneath me.

Pulling away once again, I looked at Heidi, who was now more flushed than ever. “See my technique? If you’re going to do it, do it right!”

I stepped aside and encouraged her to take my place, and she bent down and slowly struggled to take his full length into her mouth, finally gagging and gasping for air as she pulled away.

“Maybe you’d better just watch for now. But please, go ahead and unbutton your top again, give Jeff something to play with.”

Heidi smiled, unbuttoned her uniform, pulled her breasts free from the cups of her bra, and walked around the chair until she was standing behind Jeff, where he could look up at her and reach up to fondle her breasts.

I brought my attention back to his cock, now beginning slow, steady strokes up and down, stopping only briefly to unhook his belt and pull his slacks clear down to his knees, giving me better access to his balls, which I now began to fondle as I went back to sucking on his long, hard shaft.

Finally, the luckiest dental patient in the world spoke, and I realized it was the first time I’d heard his voice.

“Hey, doctor, if your tits are half as gorgeous as Heidi’s, I’d love to see them!”

“Alright, but only if you promise to cum all over them when I bring you to orgasm?”


I stood up straight and stepped back from him for a moment, both his and Heidi’s eyes on me as I unbuttoned my blouse and unhooked my bra and tossed them both aside. My firm 34C breasts bounced free, my nipples already hard from the excitement in the room. I now straddled the exam chair, lowered myself over Jeff’s cock, and, just before getting back to work, looked at Heidi once again.

“Watch carefully, Heidi, this is an important lesson for you to learn. It’ll just take a few minutes.”

She nodded, watching intently as Jeff continued to play with her nipples. I brought my full attention back to his cock, first taking him once again deep into my throat, then pressing my breasts together and squeezing his shaft between them, rubbing up and down. I slowly increased the pace – both of my strokes and the shift between the two different positions – until I could sense that he was near his climax.

I then sucked him back into my mouth, holding him in place as I stroked my tongue back and forth and fondled his balls with both hands, for several moments, and when I felt him begin to jerk with the beginning of his climax, pulled back and once again squeezed my breasts together for him, his load shooting all over them, covering them with his hot, sticky cum.

“Now, Heidi, as the hygenist, I think it would be only appropriate if you’d like to come clean us both up?”

Heidi eagerly obeyed, walking back around the chair and kneeling between Jeff and I, slowly and provocatively licking his cum from every inch of my tits, then proceeding to click his cock clean as well.

“Alrighty then,” I said as Heidi climbed to her feet and I reached for my clothes, “Jeff, can we schedule you for your permanent crown? No need for another temporary.”

“Absolutely, I can clear my schedule at whatever time you have available.”

“And Heidi, surely you understand that I can’t allow this type of activity to take place here in the clinic?”

“Of course, doctor. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.”

“But if you’d like to continue this some other time, perhaps at my place? Jeff, you’d be welcome to join us?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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