Good Morning Already Pt. 02

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So after I cleaned up my desk and carpet and changed pants from all the cum I decided that I had to get some work done. It was excruciating work as I could not think about anything but you. That soaked pussy just oozing with your love juices was all that was on my mind.

I watched the clock tick its final seconds and then roll over to 5 o’clock finally and As I clocked out to head home my erection was begging for release from the anticipation of the day. I couldn’t wait to take you hard and fast.

I finally made it thru traffic and pulled up in the driveway only to find that your car was gone. This depressed me somewhat but I figured you would be at home soon knowing what you had already done to me today. So I went thru my normal ritual and grabbed the mail and took the trash to the curb. There was a note in the mailbox that had a picture attached to it. The picture was blurry but there was no denying what it is. You had taken a picture of your tits and printed it out strictly to show off for me.

The note read:

These are my best assets don’t you think?

I walked inside holding the mail and my note. I walked to the bedroom just staring at the picture. I stripped out of my work clothes noticing a cum stain on my shirt that I hadn’t previously spotted. I was standing there in my boxers and was looking around for something comfortable to wear when I heard the sound of the front door open. I heard your voice and the voice of your best friend. You both headed into the kitchen and I could hear the sound of a cork being popped from a bottle of wine.

I sneak around the corner to see the two of you both in skimpy little sun dresses teasing and playing with each other. You are lightly touching each other suggestively as you swig back glass after glass until the bottle is empty. At this moment my jaw dropped open as you leaned in and kiss your best friend. And not just a friendly peck it was hard and wanton lust driving that kiss.

I stared at the two of you locked in that kiss and then your hands started roving all over your best friend’s body. Rubbing on each breast soft and gentle and then kneading them like soft dough. Your kisses moved lower and you began to work her neck hard as though it were an aphrodisiac to you.

You began pulling on the straps and ties of that dress working to take it off quickly as though you had a need as pressing as my own now engorged cock. It stuck out the front of my boxers now so I thought “hey I might as well” so I grabbed it and started jerking my cock with the rhythm of your kisses. I looked down to see what I was doing to myself. I looked back up quickly to see you had completely removed you friends skimpy dress and as she was wearing no underwear underneath she was now completely naked.

You bent down on your knees and pushing her up on to the table you buried your face in her already sopping wet pussy. I was on fire at this visual I began to pump my cock harder and harder at this sight. I could see you licking and nibbling her labia and clit and the look on her face was that of pure ecstasy. As she began to cum she came in gushes so violent that it soaked your face and your dress which had already worked its way half off and was damp from each of your leaking juices. You two switched places with a deep and tongue filled kiss in between and now I had full view of her ministration on your pussy.

You were howling with pleasure at how ravenously she was devouring your pussy. And then as though in a slow motion capture you began to jerk around. You were going into convulsions from her wild oral work. Your vision darted around the room as you screamed out in pleasure. You looked right at me and we stared at each other, me with my nearly cumming cock and you with a face buried in your pussy.

You smiled at me and the waggled a finger as though to say don’t interrupt us. I nodded vigorously. You then threw your head back lost in the ecstasy of the orgasm she had brought you to, and I began to launch into an orgasm of my own. I fired my load all over the kitchen floor a few spurts landing dangerously near you two, and watched as you two kissed and made out with one another in the afterglow of your orgasm. I slowly backed into the bedroom and set on the bed contemplating my next move.

I heard footsteps coming down the hallway and I looked up at about the time that the two of you entered the bedroom. Still both naked and now covered in a light sheen of sweat from your casino siteleri efforts you crossed the room to the bed. Each of you found your way to either of my sides.

You lean in and cup my balls with your hand while she worked her hand to my shaft working it with precision. I was hard as a rock in seconds you two leaned me back on the bed. Your friend climbed decisively onto my cock and impaled herself on it beginning to ride it like she stole something and was trying to get away on horseback

You crawl up and after kissing me deeply and hungrily you place a knee on either side of my head cover my face with your pussy. You rode my mouth grinding that bald pussy into my face. I could taste your already flowing juices and as your friend was fucking my cock hard and heavy I knew I had to be dreaming there was no way any of this day has been real but here I am chin and cock deep in two sexy pussies.

Your friend came first collapsing into you in a deep kiss. You came second and drenched my face in your juices. As you both had come I decided it was my turn and I said to you both turn around and face the wall. You both obey without question.

I push both of your heads into to the pillows and have you face away from each other enough that I had easy access to both of your holes. I started with you and bury my cock to the hilt deep in you sopping wet pussy.

I began to fuck you hard pounding from behind and making you squeal with pleasure as your friend tapped me on the butt as if to say don’t forget me so I withdrew from you and she grabbed my cock and buried me deep inside her. I pumped her hard several times before you stop me and pull my cock from her and you bent over and licked her juices from it.

“Put it in her ass” you said and I was shocked but since you had always been reluctant to try it. I figured that if she was game for it so was I. I positioned myself over her asshole and you lubed up my cock more with you spit as I pressed the tip on that tight opening. She squirmed but repositioned herself and I entered her slowly and after some work and I am able to get about 2/3 of my cock inside. She is so tight but I could tell she was enjoying the sensation from her moans of ecstasy.

You moved yourself in front of her on your back and allowed her to eat your pussy once again while I fucked her ass. It wasn’t long before we all three came simultaneously I pumped every ounce of fluid left in my balls in her sweet ass. We all rolled over and collapsed together in a heap on the bed. Exhausted and satiated all of us enjoying the warmth and glow of each other’s bodies. You stare up at me and after a kiss on the lips you say to me “Happy Birthday honey.”

I stare at her for a second as I realize she is right it is my birthday and I had totally forgotten. I had taken the next two days off for it and was hoping at that moment that her friend would stay around to continue the celebration.

We all fell asleep where we lay on the bed and there I was asleep between two beautiful women post coitus. I did not dream that night probably due to my dreams coming true already that day but for whatever reason it was a dreamless sleep. I awoke to an empty bed and I briefly wondered if it was just a dream. But I heard the sounds of two giggling women coming from the other end of the house. I arose with an air of excitement and threw on my bathing suit and moved down the hallway to find what trouble you girls were getting up to.

“I have never cum like that before in my life,” your friend said in an emphatic tone “and you have never tried it?” I realized she had to be talking about the previous night’s anal experience.

“No, I have always been afraid of the possibility of pain.” You admitted honestly.

She countered with “Well I thought so at first too but after the initial entry and that discomfort it turned out that because it was such a different experience that I found it rather intoxicating. And the orgasm is so different that it is like a different activity altogether.”

I stared at the two of you from the doorway and took in the sight of these two beautiful women talking casually at what had to be the hottest topic of conversation I had ever heard. My cock was already waking up at the thought when you both noticed me staring and I received two of the most amazing smiles.

“Hey there stud!” Your friend said naughtily.

“Hey ladies, sounds like you are having on hell of a conversation.” canlı casino I said as the two of you turned to look at each other and began to giggle like two little schoolgirls. “I think I’m gonna head out to the pool and get in a few laps to wake up.” I stretched my torso to loosen up my muscles. I legitimately had put them through a vigorous workout the previous day.

“That sounds amazing maybe we might join if that’s ok?” You said with what appeared to be a devilish grin. I nodded vigorously an accent to her question “And I have an extra bikini or two in the pool house for you.” She said turning to her friend.

“I would love too, but I hope you have a suit that fits me,” she said staring at your ample breasts that were barely covered by your skimpy nighty that you were wearing.

You smile at her as you grab her hand to pull her up to join you to head out the back door heading towards the pool house. I made my way outside as well and as I took in the early morning air I breathe deeply. I move toward the pool and I step down in the cool water. It invigorates me and I begin taking my laps. I made it through the fifth or sixth lap when I saw movement next to the pool.

I completed that lap and pulled up to a vision of sexiness that took my breath away. The two of you were standing there staring down at me with only skimpy little bikini bottoms on and both of you were topless. I noticed that both of your crotches were already damp from what I assumed was from playing around in the pool house before coming outside. I stared at this vision of beauty for a few seconds speechless before I could find any words and then all I could say was “Damn!”

“None of my tops would fit her so she decided to go topless, and I figured I would do the same so that she wouldn’t be the only one without a top. You don’t mind do you?” I give you a look that essentially says that you have to be kidding. And I move to the side of the stares and motion the two of you into the pool.

“I do not mind at all as long as you two don’t mind me gawking at this vision of hotness periodically.” I said playfully and set down on the edge of the pool to take in the sight of the two of you as you both waded in and got yourselves into the water up to your necks and then ducked under the water to wet down your hair. As both of you came up the scene couldn’t have been any more amazing if I had planned it.

You two leaned into each other and started playfully splashing and pushing each other until you had built up enough tension that neither of you could take it anymore. The last wrestling match ended up in a very passionate kiss that I couldn’t tear my eyes away from if I wanted. You two started caressing each other’s bodies with nothing short of deeply sexual intent. She leaned in and started sucking on your nipples. Which caused you to lean your head back obviously enjoying her special attention to each side. I watched her tongue flicking itself back and forth on each nipple as she jumped back and forth between each breast she had a handful of each breast and was using that leverage to work each one with her palms between licks.

She pushed you gently back against the wall of the pool and pinned you in holding you captive in her embrace. She moves you to have you sit down on the side of the pool and I watched in rapt interest. She untied the ties on each side of your bikini bottoms and began to kiss and lick up and down each of your inner thighs. You were soaked from the water so couldn’t tell if you were wet from the play already but when your head rolled back I knew you were in ecstasy.

I took the a few moments to take in this amazing sight before I came back to myself and noticed that my cock had already become hard as a rock. My shorts were holding it back so I decided to remove them. I got up and walked towards you and as you had your back arched back and your head rolled back I decided to take advantage of a good situation. Your friend stared up at me while still having her face buried now in your shaved pussy. I smiled down at her as I grabbed my cock and placed it in your now open mouth. It startled you for a second at the surprise. You had apparently not heard me coming over because you were far to gone away with pleasure, but to your credit you recover quickly and begin to suck greedily on my engorged member.

You sucked on me like a champ as I force fed you my cock. It was such a hot scene and I was enjoying it immensely but you were near kaçak casino your orgasm already and I watched you visibly shudder with a violent orgasm. You removed the cock from your mouth and pointed towards your friend. I nod and move back down into the water. She still has her face buried in your juicy cunt lapping up your juices. I step in behind her and I peal down her bikini bottoms with little ceremony and I push my cock up against her waiting pussy.

I stick the head of my cock just inside her already well lubed pussy and she moaned as though she was in need of my cock. I took this as a good sign and thrust myself the rest of the way in her. I grabbed her hips and began to rock back and forth filling her up with every thrust. She continued her lapping of your pussy now with more focused intent. I took her lead and pumped in and out of her with reckless abandon. It wasn’t long before all three of us were in the midst of a three way mutual orgasm. I pumped my entire load in her and stayed inside her enjoying the sensation until my cock went completely limp and slipped out on its own. We all three slipped down into the water and shared many kisses before we all decided to get out and lay out in the sun.

We all laid out enjoying the sun in our birthday suits occasionally getting up to reapply sunscreen on each other. Every time we went through this ritual there was plenty of teasing the exposed parts of our bodies. And with the amount of time that you spent applying sunscreen to my cock stroking it up and down there was no way it could ever get a sunburn. Around lunchtime I offer to get food for us. You each wanted to continue your sunbathing so I went inside to make lunch. I grabbed fruit and veggies and made a few sandwiches. I also made a gallon jug’s worth of margarita and grabbed the glasses to go with it.

As I walked outside I paused at the door to take in a breathtaking view. Your friend was looking over at your naked body and spreading her legs. Her hands were working her own nearly hairless pussy into a blur of movement. I could tell she is already close to cumming due to the bucking of her hips. I heard her cry out slightly as the pleasure of her orgasm. You look over at her and smile at her exposed position as you see me staring. I shake my head and walk over to our poolside table and lay out our meal.

We ate and drank for about an hour and we all were rather tipsy from the stronger than normal margaritas and the tequila was working pretty heavily on you I could tell. I caught you several times staring at my cock and your friends landing strip above her now swollen pussy. I stood up and stretched with my cock right in front of you on purpose to catch your attention and it worked. You leaned over to put your mouth on my cock. I had every intention of waggling a finger in your face like you did me yesterday but after your first lick of my shaft that idea went the way of the buffalo.

You very quickly bring my cock to full attention. I am enjoying your attentions and close my eyes to take in the sensation and before long I am brought to reality when I feel two additional hands rubbing over my body. Your friend presses her bare body against me from behind as she rubs her hands all over the rest of me. You continue to work your mouth in a frenzy as I enjoy the touch. I am hardly holding back as I feel your friends mouth kissing all over my back and working her way south. She pauses around my ass and I can feel her tongue probing my cheeks. She finds my puckered asshole and plunges her tongue as deep as she can manage. Very quickly I felt her finger probing in the same place. And then her finger impaled me to massage my prostate and the moment she put pressure on it I came in gushing bursts.

I filled up your mouth with my cum and I could not stop the flow of my orgasm as your friend kept applying pressure to my prostate gland. I finally collapsed when you both released me from your attentions. Your friend moves into you and kisses your mouth deeply to share my hot sticky white cum. You both turn to smile at me simultaneously as though it were rehearsed. Both of your chins are covered in my cum. What a sight!

We all jump in the pool to clean up and the water feels amazing on my skin and I lay back and float just taking in the sensation. You two are doing something similar and we all lay back enjoying conversation and each other’s company. We all touch and play but none of us initiates another encounter we are all pretty spent. After a while we decide to go in and clean up and dress. I go first into the shower and although I expected one of you two to show up in the shower neither of you do. I’m not sure but this made me a bit sad.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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