Godson Ch. 3

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Big Dicks

Chapter 3: Choc’lit Cravings

Me and Dean and Sylvia were quite a team. I had never been so sexually satisfied in my life, and I only turned 20 a few months ago.

I didn’t think it would be possible to take our sex lives up a notch, but we did; by allowing a new “player” to join our team: Sylvia’s white roommate, Beth-Anne.

It all started on the night of my birthday. Sylvia wanted to give me a “special present” and invited me to stay the night at her place for the first time. I had been to her place plenty of times before, but never stayed until the next morning. Her roommate had a new boyfriend and was supposed to stay at his place so we were gonna have the apartment to ourselves. We hoped Dean could join us, but she’d just gotten a promotion and had to work late.

Sylvia took me out to dinner, then to the movies and then we went back to her place. She wore a sexy black-leather mini skirt with a red silk blouse. Every man who saw her couldn’t keep his eyes off of her fine long legs. I was hard as diamonds all night thinkin’ about what was gonna happen went she took me home!

The moment she closed that front door I was all over her. She didn’t protest. I had that skirt and blouse off of her in no time, leaving her standing there in her heels, a black lace bra and matching thong. I was very impressed with the way she started dressing since we were seeing each other: thongs, hi-heels, lace bras and teddys, even new glasses and contacts (instead of the “coke-bottle” lenses she used to wear). Unlike some (slightly) older women who dress like this she didn’t look “trashy” or “cheap”; she looked damn good!

I pushed her up against the wall and dropped to my knees. I pulled of her shoes and started sucking and kissing her toes and ankles. I’d found out that this always drove her nuts and it worked like a charm this time too. I could smell her pussy getting’ wetter an’ wetter!

“Oh, baby,” she drooled as she rubbed her enormous tits, “suck ’em, baby! Suck ’em good!”

If I wanted to, I could make her cum just by doing this, but I wanted to tease her a little bit. I made my way up her legs to her pussy and took a deep breathe of her smell. I love the way her pussy smells! Not too strong or funky, but sweet and musky.

There was already a wet spot at the crotch and I licked her through her thong before I finally pulled it off and tossed it aside. I was surprised to find that she had shaved her pussy bald.

“Do you like it, baby?” she purred at me. “I did it just for you.”

“Oh yeah!” I nodded staring into that clean snatch. “I like it a lot!”

I kissed her on her pussy-lips and slipped my tongue inside to taste her juice. She was just as sweet as ever. I continued up to her navel, allowing her tits to rest on head like a hat. I gave her a raspberry and we both broke out laughing.

She giggled as she led me to the living room. She pushed me down on the couch and gave me a little strip tease as she finally removed her bra. “The Wonder Twins” (our nickname for her size 44DD tits) always fascinated me. Sylvia had an amazing pair or chocolate knockers!

She continued to “dance” for me, swaying her hips to some tune in her head, while she played with her tits and pussy. She had no sense of rhythm, but I certainly didn’t care right now. My dick was making a nice size tent in my slacks and I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to bust a nut.

“You like what you see?” she said teasing me.

“Ain’t that obvious?” I shot back, pointing to my crotch.

“Ooooh, did I do that?” she asked kneeling in front casino oyna of me. “I guess I should do something about that now, shouldn’t I?”

Sylvia parted my knees and slowly unzipped my pants, as she finally freed my jimmy from my shorts. She looked directly at me as she wrapped her fingers around it and stroked. By this time she knew exactly how much pressure to apply to get me to cum. And I did.

“Oh, shit baby, I’m cummin’!” I moaned.

Right on cue, Sylvia completely covered my cock with her mouth, sucking me back deep into her throat. I shot my load and she swallowed every drop.

“Mmmm, that was good, baby,” she said smacking her lips, “you want a little wine before we get started again?”

I nodded as I caught my breath, and I watched her long sexy legs stride to the kitchen for our drinks. I took the opportunity to shed my clothes. It wasn’t gonna be long before I was fully erect again.

Sylvia came back shortly with two glasses of chardonay and we toasted my birthday. We drained our glasses and locked lips. She made the wine taste even better. She pressed her tits into my chest as I felt and fingered her ass.

I pushed her down onto the couch and buried my face between her tits. It looked like I had two extra heads! I sucked her rock-hard nipples and finger fucked her with my free hand. I licked some of her juice from my hand and went down on her. I lapped up her pussy until my face was covered with her wetness. Sylvia completely surrendered herself to me.

Soon I was hard again and ready for some steady fuckin’. I layed her back on the couch and put my cock-head against the opening of her cunt. I teased her a little, rubbing the tip against her clit, before pushing myself in. We were both in heaven.

We had learned how to grind and pump each other to get the most out of our screwin’ sessions. This time was no different. I worked that pussy like it would be my last and she did the same to my cock.

I had both her legs spread wide, with her feet over my shoulders, my balls slapping against her ass. The sweat was pouring down my back and chest as I pumped her with a steady rhythm, watching her tits bounce around in a circular motion. Sylvia started diggin’ her nails into the couch and bitin’ her bottom lip: this meant she was ready to cum.

I pulled her left foot from my shoulder and started sucking on her toes. This sent her over the edge and she started thrashin’ her head from side to side, as her legs stiffened and her toes curled.

“Leeeonn!” I loved it when she screamed my name. “I’m cummin’ baby! Oh god you’re makin’ me cum…”

Sylvia went completely limp on the couch when her orgasm was over. I smiled down at her, admiring my work. I pulled out and let her rest a while, took our glasses and went back to the kitchen to get more wine.

She was walking towards me, stretching, when I came out of the kitchen. We both jumped when the lights suddenly came on: neither of us heard her roommate come in.

Beth-Anne was even more surprised than we were. This small-town, mid-30s, square white chick wasn’t exactly prepared to suddenly see two horny, sweaty black folks standin’ butt-naked in the living room. She dropped her bag, her jaw and then her eyes to my still erect 10″ cock.

“I thought you were staying at Neil’s place.” Sylvia said with mock-annoyance. She didn’t bother to cover up, and actually looked amused as her roommates’ eyes shifted from my dick to her tits.

“W-we had an argument,” Beth stammered. “We b-broke up.”

“That’s too bad.” Sylvia smiled as she took her glass canlı casino from my hand. “As you can see, we were a little busy. It’s Leon’s birthday”

I took Sylvia’s lead and made no attempts to cover up either. She had told me before that she suspected her roommate had the hots for me. She said she once caught Beth peaking at me in the bathroom.

I leaned against the wall, sippin’ my wine while I stroked myself to maintain my erection. “‘Sup, Beth?” I asked, snapping her back to reality. Her freckled-face turned bright red when she finally raised her eyes from my dick.

“Ohmigod!” she gasped, “I am so sorry! I thought you guys would still be out…so I came home…I didn’t know where else to go…I should’ve called first to make sure…”

“Don’t worry about it.” Sylvia reassured her as she winked at me, “we don’t mind. We were just takin’ a little break from the action anyway.”

“Yeah,” I chimed in, “c’mon in an’ talk with us. Tell us what happened.”

Beth looked like a dear in headlights as Sylvia led her over to the couch. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Sylvia motioned her to the easy chair, where she flopped down, while we went back to our spot on the couch.

“So, tell us what happened.” I said to Beth as Sylvia and I touched and fondled each other in front of her. “What did you guys argue about?”

“Well, um…” she stammered trying to concentrate, “Neil just wasn’t what I was expecting….he, um….he seemed like a really nice guy at first….really nice…..”

Sylvia was sucking my dick now, really puttin’ on a show for her roommate.

“What did he do?” Sylvia asked between sucks, maintaining direct eye contact with Beth as she did. I had to cover my mouth to keep from laughing out loud.

“Well, um…” Beth tried to continue, “He, um…was still seeing his ex-wife. She called while I was there….and, um…I heard her on the answering machine.”

“Damn! That ain’t right….ohhh, yeah, suck it!” I moaned (a little more than I needed to). “That dude’s a real…right there baby…he’s a real jerk.”

“That was just wrong,” Sylvia agreed, raising her head from my cock as I twisted and fondled her nipples. “You’re better off without him.”

“Maybe I better, um…give you guys some….uh, privacy…I’ll go out for a walk…” Beth said as she started to rise.

“Oh, no!” Sylvia stopped her, “we wouldn’t think of it, would we Leon?”

“Most definitely not.” I agreed. We both went over to opposite sides of her, and sit on the arms of the chair. Then we put an arm around her shoulders.

“You’re my best friend,” Sylvia reassured her, and I want to do anything I can to help.”

“Yeah, me too.” I said. My still erect cock was less than a foot from her face.

“In fact,” Sylvia continued with a sly grin, “why don’t you join us? It is Leon’s birthday, and I’m sure he’d be more than happy to get two sexy women as a present as opposed to just one…”

“I-I don’t know…” Beth hesitated.

“Aw, c’mon…it IS my birthday!” I said standing and stroking her short red hair. Without being too obvious I slowly pulled her head until it was only inches from my cock. Sylvia also stroked her neck and moved her head closer.

“Please…?” I begged, as my jimmy pressed into her lips. As her answer she closed her pale blue eyes and sucked the head into her mouth.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’!” Sylvia smiled as she stood and came over to me. “Happy Birthday, baby,” she whispered in my ear. I gave her a deep wet kiss and a quick smack on her ass.

Sylvia then went over to undress her roommate, pulling off her shoes and kaçak casino socks, then her jeans and panties. Beth was very accomodating, concentrating mostly on giving her first black blowjob. We were able to get her from the chair to her knees and Sylvia removed her blouse and bra.

Beth’s slightly on the plump side, and very freckled. She’s short and stocky, with 40C breasts and 38″ hips. She’s got the most beautiful blue eyes and the kind of mouth that you’d love to see wrapped around your cock. She and Sylvia were friends since college, and very much alike: both nerds! She confided in Sylvia that she’d always fantasized about being with a black man, but never found the opportunity or the man. Until now!

This was gonna be a birthday to remember!

Sylvia got down on her knees next to Beth to share my cock. They both took turns lickin’ and suckin’ on my knob and occassionally their tongues would meet. Finally, they locked lips and tongues in a long passionate kiss. Sylvia has always suspected that her friend was bisexual.

I helped them both to their feet and Sylvia and I made a Beth-Anne sandwich. We looked like a double-stuffed Oreo, as I flicked my tongue in and out of her ear and pinched her nipple between my fingers. Sylvia sucked on the opposite nipple as she slowly played with her friends’ swollen clit.

“Ohmigod, you guys are makin’ me so hot…” Beth moaned. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she stood there, completely in our control. She steadied herself against us as she semi-squatted, letting Sylvia’s fingers go deeper into her wet pussy. I let my fingers drift to the other end and played with her tight ass-hole.

Sylvia motioned for me to move towards the bedroom and we led her roommate in that direction. We all flopped onto Beth’s queen-sized bed in a sweaty, horny mass of bodies.

Sylvia positioned herself so that her head was at the foot of the bed and pulled Beth down on top of her into a 69. I lay there for a few minutes, stroking my cock while watching them go at each other. Beth pulled Sylvia’s long legs back wide and high, licking and sucking her clit. Sylvia parted Beth’s tight ass-cheeks and tongued her pussy and ass-hole.

I watched a few minutes more and then got up to stand behind Beth’s widely spread ass; right above Sylvia’s face. I smiled down at her, admiring what I was seeing before me. She opened her eyes a few seconds later and winked at me, as she spread her roommate’s thighs even wider.

I really loved this lady!

I stroked my jimmy two quick times and ease it to the opening of Beth’s pussy. Sylvia helped me guide the in into her roommate’s hungry snatch. Beth let out a soft moan as she continued eating Sylvia out.

“Omigod…omigod!” she groaned lifting her head for a moment, “you are so fuckin’ big!”

I smiled at the compliment and slowly pushed myself deeper into her snatch. She was a very tight fit!

I stroked her at a slow pace, while Sylvia licked her clit and my balls. Beth went into a frenzy, grinding hard against my cock and Sylvia’s tongue: she was gonna cum.

“Omigod! Omigod!” she screamed through clenched teeth, “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!”

She covered my cock and Sylvia’s chin with her cum, before collapsing onto the bed. Syvlia pulled herself from beneath her and we admired our handiwork. Beth lay face down on the bed and continued to have small “tremors” from her orgasm.

“That’s pretty good for a start.” I whispered to Sylvia. She pulled me down onto the bed next to her and we continued with unfinished business. Beth joined in a few minutes later and we fucked and sucked each other sore almost until sunrise. Beth was officially a member of our little group: I couldn’t wait to introduce her to Dean!

This was by far the best birthday I’d ever had…

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