Glory Hole Favors Ch. 04

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The new guy behind me just stood there as I felt his large presence near my exposed and restrained body. He didn’t utter a single word to me, probably just bewildered and surveying me in restraints while plotting his course of action.

As I heard the adjoining booth’s door lock, I immediately felt a hard calloused hand grip my tender aching cock and fondle it very roughly. While this rough hand tugged on my cock, I felt his other hand clumsily grab my nuts and squeeze them harshly. I couldn’t help myself from trying to jerk my hips away from the hole and the unsolicited groping. Tied as tight as I was to the wall, I couldn’t pull more than an inch away from the hole. As the guy in the other booth tugged roughly on my tender cock and balls, my ass jerked and shook in an effort to escape his grasp.

The guy behind me finally whispered in a very deep manly voice, “Relax faggot boy, I’m going as fast as I can. Quit shaking that hungry sissy white ass for me until I get this hog in you. You’re gonna get 12 inches of thick black meat if you can hold still long enough for me to get it in you.”

I shook my legs and arms in protest, not being able to utter a word with the underwear still stuffed in my mouth, as I heard him unzip and lower his pants.

“I don’t know nothing about that “fist fucking” message on your back, and my fist ain’t very horny either right now, ha-ha, but I understand that other message real good. I’m gonna fuck your ass deeper and harder than anybody ever has in your life,” he taunted me.

I began crying and sobbing again, it was totally uncontrollable, as I realized that another taboo was about to be broken. I wasn’t a racist, really I wasn’t, I just dated inside my own race. That was my upbringing, that was my family’s way, I never thought about anyone except Caucasian women. Hell, I hadn’t even ever thought about any man’s cock before in my life and now I was going to get my third for the day and it was a 12 inch black cock.

I wondered if he would be rough or gentle as I braced myself mentally for the oncoming invasion in my ass. The guy on the other side of the wall still roughly manhandled my limp cock, lacking any sign of a gentle touch. He wasn’t gentle at all, as he tugged on my tender and desensitized cock. He squashed my drained balls in his callused hands while he yanked and pulled at my cock, expecting it to spring to life from his harsh manipulations. Since I couldn’t pull away from his none too gentle touch, because I would have if I could have, it began to occur to me that he might think I liked his rough handling.

The black guy behind me had now placed the tip of his alleged 12 inch cock onto my extremely sore ass hole now. Even if the length was going to be a problem, and I knew it was, I was pretty sure that the girth would be easier than the fist fucking I had just received. I was pretty sure my ass hole was still partially open and relaxed enough to accommodate him somewhat easier after the fisting. Boy, was I ever wrong. As soon as he tried to shove that big thing in me, I realized it was going to be a very tight fit.

The width of his cock must be bigger than the other guy’s fist, cause as soon as he pushed it forward, it didn’t slide in like I expected. The blunt tip of his cock just pressed against my dry ass hole as he tried to force it in. The lotion that had been casino oyna used to lubricate me for the fist fucking, I had received moments earlier, had already dried up.

“Damn boy, we gonna have to juice that pussy hole up for you,” he growled at me sounding irritated, while I heard him spit into his hand.

He smeared his spittle filled hand into the cheeks of my ass and around my hole, attempting to lubricate me some for an easier penetration. When he was satisfied that he had me wet enough, he just wiped his nasty spit slick hand in my hair. Wiping his wet fingers back and forth in patches of my hair, he rubbed his hand over and over, until he was satisfied it was dry.

His cock touched my ass hole now and with a couple of hard pumps on his part, the thick head popped into me. I growled in pain and shoved my hips forward into the hole, trying to somehow delay his anal entry. That didn’t slow him down a bit though, as he forced more of his cock into my ass hole aggressively and impatiently.

“Don’t even try to pull away from me faggot. Just lay into that wall and take all my fat cock up your sissy pussy like a good little faggot,” he whispered ominously to me as he forced more cock up my ass.

I squirmed and bucked my hips hard into the hole in front of me, trying to pull my ass away from his quick entry. As he jammed more and more of his cock in my ass, I kept flinching and jabbing at the hole, knowing that any escape from his assault was impossible.

The guy on the other side obviously took this as a signal that I liked my cock and balls played with roughly. He let go of my semi hard cock and while it hung through the hole, he just slapped it with his open palm.

My cock was so numb and desensitized that it didn’t really hurt that much, so he started slapping it harder. I guess, that since I didn’t pull away from him, he must have thought I wanted it slapped even harder. He spanked my cock with his hand and crushed my nuts in his palm while I groaned as loud as I could into my underwear filled mouth. My muted grunts, through the wall, must have appeared as sighs of approval since he never saw me pull away or heard me ask him to stop.

While he battered my cock and mauled my balls, the black guy behind me kept jamming more cock into my captive ass. He pounded in and out as fast as he could, while I tried desperately to accommodate that huge appendage. This guy was just plain mean. I mean, he must have known that when he bottomed out in my ass, my flinching indicated discomfort. I could feel him hit the back of my anal cavity and I knew he had at least 3 inches left. Each downstroke he made into me, had me jerking and flinching my hips forward.

The guy on the other side of the wall completely misread my involuntary hip jerks. He now intensified his mauling of my cock and began to brutally pinch my ball sac with his fingernails. Each pinch felt like an electric shock in my balls and only made my hip jerking more erratic. The guy fucking my ass was loving my squirming around on his cock.

“Damn bitch, I ain’t never had no boy pussy move on my cock like you do. Most people complain I’m too damn big to get it all in, but I think you’re gonna handle all of this dick. Just a couple of more inches and I’m gonna fuck you long and hard,” he stupidly complimented me.

While he tried to jam the canlı casino remaining couple of inches up my ass, the guy on the other side was having his sadistic fun. He had stopped the pinching of my nut sac and while he still roughly twisted my cock in one hand, he thumped one of my balls hard with his finger. The first time he thumped me, I yelped and moaned as loud as I could through my gag. Tears came to my eyes and rolled down my cheeks as he mistakenly took this as my sign of approval. Over and over he took turns on each ball, thumping them and hearing me groan in accordance just spurned him on. Again, he must have thought I liked this or else I would have removed my cock from the hole in the wall.

I squeezed my eyes shut as hard as I could while the tears flowed down my cheeks. The guy behind me had now completely bottomed out in my ass and had started a steady grind. I felt his chest press into my back and his groin press into my ass cheeks. He placed his hands on the wall beside my face to steady himself, and I noticed he had the biggest hands I had ever seen. The skin on his huge hands was so very black and I could see the muscles in his wrists as he pounded his cock into my ass. I was really glad at this moment that he wasn’t into fisting my ass.

As I groaned and flinched on the abuse my balls were taking, my hips shook and bucked hard onto his deeply imbedded cock. Over and over he just slammed deep into my ass forcing me to accept every single centimeter of his long black cock.

“Yea faggot, work that pussy for your black daddy. I’m getting ready to spray my cum up your pussy hole,” he said demeaningly.

My ass was now relaxed and starting to get that good feeling again. The guy on the other side of the wall had stopped thumping my balls momentarily, and he now stroked his two calloused and spit slicked hands on my semi hard cock. I began to enjoy this a little bit more now, anything was better than the ball thumping. My cock never got completely hard, but it didn’t seem to matter to the guy handling it. He now allowed me to enjoy his manipulations as he roughly stroked both of his hands up and down my shaft in an attempt to milk my cum out.

Without the torture on my cock and balls, I began a concentrated coupling with my anal assaulter. We got into a steady rhythm as he sawed in and out, each time plunging until his blunt head poked the back of my anal wall. His cock really started to feel good as my balls began to draw up whatever little cum was left for the guy masturbating me.

Even though my cock never got fully hard this time, I felt a heavy orgasm start deep in my balls. I’m usually a very heavy cummer, maybe 8 to 12 spurts, but after the first spray or two from my cock, I felt like I was dry. I’m not sure anything else came out more than a dribble now. The sensation of the orgasm was pretty much the same, I just guess my balls were just drained dry. The pain and the pleasure of my cumming had me sobbing again as my ass was still being pounded.

“Yea, cry for that cum bitch. Cry like a baby that needs some milk. I got some white juice for you. Cry for me, I’m cumming now,” the guy whispered in my ear.

He took his hands off the wall and grabbed my hips, punching his 12 inches as hard as he could up my ass. I felt his fingernails dig deep into my waist as he puffed and panted behind me. kaçak casino As he poured his seed deep into my ass, I pushed back as hard as I could. Jet after jet of warm cum pumped deep into my ass as he finished his assault. I was glad it was over but felt sad and empty at the same time.

As he withdrew his cock from my ass I felt warm sprays of liquid hitting my cock and balls. I guess the guy that masturbated me had just sprayed his load onto me in his final gesture.

The guy behind me zipped up and before leaving said, “Nobody has ever taken all 12 inches of my cock up their ass. You’re the biggest faggot freak ever bitch.”

As he left my booth, I heard still someone else enter and lock the door behind them. Before leaving, the guy on the other side gave my balls one final swat with his hand. It was so hard, that as I screamed into my underwear filled mouth, I swear I saw stars. I think I blacked out for a second, maybe not, but the next thing I felt was a tongue in my ass cleaning and slurping all the cum out.

As someone now gently sucked my ass hole out, my drained balls and limp cock remained suspended in his now vacant booth. He took his time and licked the streams of cum that had dripped down my legs. Softly and slowly, he administered a thorough passionate but gentle cleaning of all the spent semen on my backside.

I can’t recall much else. Things got kind of blurry after that. For the next several hours men used my cock and ass hole. My tender but hungry ass was fucked at least a dozen more times. My sensitive cock and balls were sucked by an endless stream of cocksuckers. It seemed like someone was always nursing on my cock. I never got another hard on for them, even though I experienced more dry cum orgasms. I was fisted slowly and clumsily by an old man that jacked off on my ass while he used me. Honestly, I just can’t remember the order of what happened after the events I have told you so far.

I know I had gotten to the arcade about 9 in the morning and when the clerk untied me it was 8 in the evening. He had just come on his shift and another customer told him about a guy hanging up in a booth. He asked me about who had done this to me, or if I wanted to file charges against someone. I didn’t, I just wanted to get out of there.

The “Please fuck my hungry faggot ass everybody and anybody, I really need your cock badly” and the “I love to be fist fucked” signs that were written on my back, were finally discovered by my girlfriend. I scrubbed them as hard as I could, until I couldn’t see them in the mirror, but they had been put on with permanent markers. She read the faint outline of the words that were left on my back the next day. The huge hickeys gave me away, my collared shirt just wasn’t high enough on my neck.

For the next two days, I tried several lies before I finally told her the truth, but nothing worked. She left me a officially a few days after she had heard the truth. I still go to the arcade, more than I had before, and I’m also a very accomplished cocksucker now. I classify myself in my favorite category, “the bonafide faggot” category. I don’t care how big or small their cocks are, if they stick them through my hole I will swallow them to the root, impale my ass on them all the way and swallow every drop they can produce. I am now a bona fide faggot. I’ll still let them suck on my 10 inches, and I’ll still let them work their ass down my cock too, but I really prefer giving the head and ass up. Remember, you can’t always take, you got to give too. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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