Gloria Drops By for a Few Days

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As I mentioned in the first story about my High School friend Gloria, she did come by for a visit a couple days ago now. Now Gloria is one fine looking woman and she knows how to blow a man’s mind and cock. She is an absolute Goddess. The woman has more tricks up her sleeves than most magicians.

When Gloria arrived at my house, I introduced her to all the very pregnant women. She looked at me and asked if they were all mine? I told her that indeed it was true and that I was in one unique situation. She threw her head back in raucous laughter. She said, “I always knew you packed some serious heat in that dick of yours and though it’s been a lot of years, I can say that, that gun of yours is loaded and cocked.

All the girls looked at me with raised eyebrows but soon, we were sitting around the dinner table telling stories from Gloria and My High school days. The girls all wanted to know if Gloria and I ever hooked it up while in school and though we both said that we wanted to badly, nothing ever happened and then I was gone for 6 long years.

Gloria told them about our liaison right after I discharged from the navy after those same long 6 years. She told them how her neighbor had come in unannounced and seeing us fucking like mad, plunged his man meat deep in her snatch but lasted only about 4 strokes. The girls about died from laughing at the poor sap’s lack of stamina or control. Suzie then asked Gloria what she thought about my er um ‘special’ gift of being able to cum multiple times.

Gloria said that when she experienced that first hand, she was blown away at how much cum I could dump inside her. All the girls nodded in the affirmative while pointing at there every growing bellies. Gloria just shook her head and asked if they had been missing any since they got preggo. I forget which one of them said that since they have all gotten accustomed to the living arrangements, they have actually done quite well when I am not home. Big winks and giggles all around now. Gloria mentioned that she had never been with a woman before but that it surely sounded like fun.

Suzie spoke first on that point and asked Gloria if she wanted to give it a go after we finished eating. Gloria said she wanted to but only if I could be there to fuck her at the same time. Suzie laughed saying that they all felt the same way. I shook my head and said that I might be able to handle a couple of them but to take casino siteleri all 5 on at one time would be beyond even my particular set of gifts. We all had good laugh but it wasn’t long before I would be tested beyond my wildest dreams.

Gloria was led to the shower then the hot tub where all the girls relaxed and prepared themselves by fingering, kissing, fondling and performing various positions of cunnilingus. I was asked to give them the time to get to know Gloria first and once one or all could not stand it anymore I could join them. So, I spent the time in the shower getting as relaxed as possible. As I washed my hair, I got the soap in my eyes and was floundering around trying to find the shower spray. It’s always amazed me how we are standing under the spray, get soap in our eyes and all of a sudden the shower spray moves around for several seconds before we can finally get a hand on it. Well, this time, I bumped the shower door with my elbow and it must have startled the girls because in just a few seconds, I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders guiding me back to the spray. As I opened them, there was Suzie laughing her head off.

She grabbed me by the cock after I got the soap out of my eyes and guided me to the hot tub. As I stepped in to the water, Gloria slid over to where She could get hold of my growing shaft just as soon as she could. Suzie smiled at her and said, here you go girl, let’s see what you can do with this one. Immediately, Gloria’s lips were wrapped around my shaft sliding up and down sucking it with fervor. Suzie was rubbing my ass crack and after a couple seconds she replaced her fingers with her tongue.

Gloria sucked me to a massive explosion of cum but this time, she couldn’t keep up with the volume or intensity. So two other of my women rushed over to her and began licking the corners of Gloria’s mouth to catch all the cum. One of the women dived under the water to begin licking Gloria’s snatch which sent her in to hyper drive.

Suzie then moved around to straddle my cock and with one swift thrust, she had slid all the way down and was gyrating her hips creating a tidal wave of sorts in the hot tub. I looked over at Gloria and she was writhing around with her head tossed back breathing like she had just finished a marathon and as I watched she began shaking and trembling, signaling that her own orgasm was about to burst forth.

As she relaxed a bit after canlı casino flooding the hot water with her own heated liquids, all the women got out of the water leaving me sitting alone and they headed to the bed. I gave them about 5 minutes before getting out and going to see what was happening. As I walked in to the bedroom, there on the bed was Gloria spread eagle with one woman with her face buried in her snatch, one sitting on her face and one on each boob. I started toward them and Suzie looking up waved me off with a wink. That told me that they wanted to pleasure Gloria and that my time would come very soon. Or at least I hoped it would.

My Mother in law who was not home that the time, returned to find me alone sitting in my recliner watching some mundane movie. She asked where the girls were and I nodded my head toward the stairs. She grinned and said “Oh OK, I think I will go check that out.” She bounded up the steps and was back down in about two minutes. She was flushed and speechless for a few moments.

Grinning at her now, I asked if there was a problem. She stammered a bit and said that what she just saw defied all descriptions. She said that when she walked in to the bedroom, there in the middle of the floor was 5 women all fucking each other’ asses with strap ons. She, said that they were almost in a perfect circle and each one was moaning and or grunting and there was enough pussy juice puddles all over the place. She then wanted to know why I wasn’t up there with them.

I explained the hot chocolate woman up there and how devilishly hot she was and that the girls wanted to pleasure her and get to know here better. With that my MILILF came and sat down on the arm of the recliner and asked if I was horny yet. I told her that I had been hornier than hell for hours and was about to pop. She reaches for my fly and unzips me and freed my raging hard on.

She bent over and began giving me some outstanding head and was really getting in to it when I reached around her and started rubbing her already wet pussy through her sweats. I managed to work my hand down inside and found that she had shaved and was smooth as a baby’s butt. I found that hotter than hot. I slipped first one then two and soon three fingers inside her snatch and within a couple minutes of finger fucking her, she was moaning her own pleasures.

We moved off the recliner to the floor where she got on her hands kaçak casino and knees and presented her pussy for me to pound from the back. So, I mounted her like a dog in heat and began impaling her like mad. I pounded that older pussy for all I was worth. All of a sudden, she arched her back up and flooded me with her gigantic tidal wave of an orgasm. I was so turned on that I started unloading my own pent up cum deposit. It felt like I was spraying her insides with a fire hose and she went wild when the first rope of cum hit her vaginal walls.

After we both had unloaded our cum rivers, we collapsed on the floor. I pulled out of her pussy and was reaching to help her up when she grabbed my cock and guided me to her wanting and waiting mouth. She instantly sucked me back to a very firm 9 inches again but instead of sucking me completely off, she wanted to ride me cow girl style. So, I laid back and in a flash she was impaled and riding hard. At one point, I reached around her and found her back door and started diddling it while she was rocking back and forth, bucking up and down and grinding her blazing hot pussy on my cock. I closed my eyes and was building rapidly to another cum explosion when I felt movement.

But before I opened my eyes, I felt soft hair brush across my nose and as I opened my eyes, to see who it was, all I could see was a dark pussy hovering over my mouth. Gloria had decided to come down and get me but when she walked in to the living room and saw us going after it, she said that she almost orgasmed again without touching herself. She slipped over undetected and sat down on my face. I about lost my nut right then but managed to hang in there. MIL tensed up, threw her head back, screamed in ecstasy, unloaded about a gallon of she cum on my cock, I exploded a string of cum up her twat and Gloria about broke my jaw when she let loose of her flood of girl goo.

As we all three came down from our cum highs, we just sort of crashed over to the floor breathing hard, heavy and fast. Suddenly we all sat up with a start to see the other women of the house cat calling and clapping. The all congratulated us on a sex show to end all sex shows.

I think I must have passed out because when I next opened my eyes, it was full day and a half later. I was out cold. Gloria asked as I roused around if there was anywhere near here that she could move in to. She said that with the sex that she had had over the course of the last couple days, she felt like she would like to stick around a while and see if she might find a way to fit in. I personally think she has proven that she is a perfect fit for my little family.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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