FUTA Pharmaceuticals Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: Finding the Breaking Point

A/N: Fair warning: This chapter contains noncon and general rough play (there’s no blood/gore though if you’re worried about that.)


I was shocked from my coma by Cait’s angry yelling. “Wake the fuck up, whores! You sluts have made my life a living hell, so I’m going to return the fuckin’ favor!”

My blurred vision slowly refined itself as I woke up. My head felt like it was going to explode with pressure. I could only feel an intense aching in my temples, and Cait’s shouting came in and out of focus in time with my headache pulsing. I saw Cait pacing in front of me before letting my head slump so I could just focus on the white tile floor.

“Little! Eyes. On. Me! I want you to look into my eyes while I tell you all the things I am about to put you through.” Cait glared a hole through my soul when I lazily lifted my head to meet her gaze. “Look around yourselves. I want you all to see where Little’s stupidity got you.” I mustered just enough energy to turn my head left and right to take in my new view, and my breath got caught in my throat. Brittany and Sophia were on my left, and Lilith was on my right. All of us were shackled to a wall with our arms and legs locked in metal braces so we were all spread eagle in an arc with Cait at the center so we could easily see each other with minimal effort. The only thing any of us wore was a new thick metal collar around each of our necks.

“I hope you’re all happy with your decisions by the way, because the coming weeks are going to your personal hell and my personal playground. It’s only fair you know, because now the fucking headmistress is going to have my ass for having not one, but four, rejects.” Cait stopped pacing and stepped toward Lilith. She lifted her chin with a gloved hand, and spat, “What the hell did she say to you that morning anyway?”

Lilith tried to squirm away from Cait’s grip, but her grip was too firm. “You were going to slowly turn us into mindless slaves. What else did you expect us to do?” Lilith hoarsely replied.

“And where did you get that idea?!” Cait asked.

I chuckled quietly and said, “Your secret little night mission wasn’t as successful as you thought, I guess.”

Cait became visibly frustrated and stepped away to recenter herself between all of us. She clutched a radio mounted near her shoulder and spoke, “Get 54 in here.” She then looked at all of us, and said, “You stupid sluts, we’re still going to break your fucking minds. Now, it’s just going to be a lot harder for you all. It’s always easier to break your stupid selves when you play nice and do the fucking tests, but you wanted to do it the hard way I guess. Now I have to do the job myself.” She grinned at the last word.

The door behind her slid open and a skinny, short, Asian girl with short black hair was roughly shoved through by Doctor Werner. Gone was Allison’s usual cheery demeanor. Instead, she wore a scowl that would rival Cait’s usual expression. As soon as the new girl closed the distance to Cait, Allison forced her to her knees.

“Please!” She begged through her uncontrollable sobbing. “P- Please, I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have said anything! I- I didn’t mean to, I promise! It won’t happen ag-”

“Shut up!” Cait interjected. “I don’t give a fuck if you’re sorry, and you won’t be given the chance to fuck something up again. When you’re punishments are doled out in full, you will be reassigned to public fuckhole for your ‘sisters’. Your incompetence resulted in this.” She gestured to us with a sweep of her hand. “Do the honors, Doc.”

Doctor Werner reached into her lab coat and produced a collar just like the ones that we all wore and promptly locked it into place around the girl’s neck. Once it was secured, a small light turned green on the front of the collar. Allison roughly grabbed the steel ring around the girl’s neck and lifted her back to her feet. “Strip and get on the fucking wall, whore.” She snarled. The thin girl just looked at the doctor through teary eyes as she slowly removed her white jumpsuit. “54. If I do not see you on that wall in the next three seconds, I-” Allison didn’t need to finish her sentence as 54 quickly shed the rest of her suit and scrambled to an empty set of bindings on the other side of Lilith. I soon heard the bindings lock her into place, and I took a moment to examine her. She was probably somewhere in between me and Lilith in terms of height, but she was also about as skinny as me as well. A nice set of milky white C cup breasts rested on her chest which looked pretty big on her slight frame. A short-cut bob of jet black hair sat on her head which also sported a pair of deep brown almond shaped eyes, and a cute button nose. Most notable though, was her remarkably small cock. If I was being generous, it was maybe an inch and a half soft, and probably not a whole bigger when it grew to its full size.

Cait laughed to herself canlı bahis before continuing, “From now on, all of you WILL comply with every command. If not, we will force you to comply by whatever means necessary. Observe. Little, you will refer to me as Mistress Cait from now on.”

“Fuck you.” I spat.

Cait just smiled to herself as she pulled a small tablet with some buttons on it from a pouch on her belt. With her other hand, she pressed a pink button on the tablet. My collar made a small beep before I felt a small prick in my neck underneath the cold metal. My senses were suddenly overwhelmed by a short a burst of pure lust. I moaned loudly as I felt a familiar intense warmth travel through my body, and my cock was soon as hard as diamonds. “What the hell…” I panted.

“I’m waiting, Little. Just. Call. Me. Mistress.” Cait emphasized.

“Go to he-” another surge of pleasure coursed through me before I could finish telling Cait off again. I lost control of myself as I groaned even louder than before. A few drops of precum started leaking from my tip, and I could feel my release mounting soon behind it. If she hit me with another dose, I knew that would be enough to send me over. “This is your master plan? Make us feel goooooo…” I trailed off and started uncontrollably drooling as yet another dose hit me. Then I felt it. The pressure in my dick mounted to a climax, and I awaited release, but it never happened. I was being held at the edge of cumming by some invisible force.

“W- what? Hnggg” My voice trailed off again as the immense pressure kept constant.

“Oh? Are you surprised? You really think I would just let you cum? You stupid slut.” Cait’s words would usually sting, but I couldn’t focus on anything other than cumming. She took a step forward and wrapped a hand around my length. Gently, she started tugging me. I panted heavier and heavier as the intensity built even further. Tears built up in my eyes as the pleasure quickly turned into pain. “P- Please. M- Mistress Cait. I need to c- cum.”

Cait smirked again before reaching to the tablet and pressing another button. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the slave girl drop from her bindings on the wall. “54! Get over here!” Cait commanded. The diminutive slave made her way over to Cait. With a swift kick to the back of her knees, the tiny Asian girl squealed as she was sent to her knees. Not a second passed before Cait replaced her boot to 54’s back and shoved the girl’s face forcefully onto my straining cock until her cute button nose was buried in my crotch. The sudden warmth enveloping my needy girlcock coaxed a long moan out of me as the pressure mounted even further. With another press of a button, the collar around my neck made another small beep. I felt the invisible dam disappear, and I screamed at the top of my lungs as I had the most amazing orgasm of my life. Endless thick ropes of cum left my cockhead and passed straight into the girls throat for what seemed like an eternity. When I was finally done, I just whimpered as a mix of shame and relief took over my mind.

Cait held 54’s head with my softening cock still in her mouth. I could still feel cum pooled in her cheeks just keeping me warm and wet. “If you spill a single drop” Cait said to the girl under her boot, “I will personally fuck you senseless.” She removed her boot from 54’s back. I could feel 54’s throat pulse around me as she reluctantly swallowed all the jizz in her mouth and swirled her tongue around my shaft to lick me clean before downing that too. With a pop, she finally let go of me. “What a good little slut. Maybe we won’t have to punish you as much, 54. Now, get back on that wall.” 54 smiled to herself before strutting back over to her position next to Lilith, and the cuffs locked her back into place. After my much needed release, all the strength in my body left me, and I went limp.

Cait took a step back to admire her handiwork before speaking to the rest of the girls. “Let this be an example of what I can do to you. I can break your resolve in a matter of seconds to get what I want. The next time someone decides to say ‘no’ to me in any way I won’t be as nice as I was to this skinny whore.”

Cait’s radio came to life and the voice on the other side began speaking, but I couldn’t focus on the words. “Got it. We’ll be there.” Cait spoke into it. Glancing back at us, she said, “I guess you girls got a lucky break. We’ll see you for dinner.” She then turned to speak to Doctor Werner. “Headmistress Snow wants to see us.” A moment later, we were left alone as the only door out locked behind them.

The short lived silence was broken by Lilith clearing her throat. “Annie.” She said.

I simply moaned in response.

“Hey. Are you okay?” she continued.

“No. Not really.” I began. “We’re all locked and strung up like meat, and it’s my fault. I- I’m sorry.” I started crying quietly to myself.

“Hey don’t blame yourself.” Brittany chimed. bahis siteleri “We all signed up for this on our own. Besides, they going to enslave us either way. No one could’ve predicted this.”

Sophia grunted as she tried to break free of her cuffs. “Anyway, it could be worse. We still have a chance to avoid becoming little miss ’54’ over there.”

“Hey!” the slavegirl chirped. “There is no greater privilege than serving my mistresses. One day, you will all see that instead of mocking me.”

“Jesus Christ, she’s really gone.” Lilith intoned.

Sophia let out a defeated sigh as she finally stopped struggling against the bindings. “Well, don’t feel too sorry for her. That’s where we’re headed too if we don’t figure something out.”

“Don’t give up just yet.” I said. “There’s gotta be a way out.”

“Not to be a pessimist” Sophia said, “but I think you’re forgetting that, one: We’re literally shackled to a wall. Two: She can make us do anything with these fucking collars on if we want our sanities intact, and three: We have no idea how to get out even if we could run.”

54 chuckled and said, “Good luck with that. Even I don’t know how to get out of here, and I’ve been around for a couple years now. I don’t even know where we are to be honest.”

“Well, that’s terrifying.” Lilith said.

The weight of our situation became infinitely heavier knowing the worst case scenario, and we all just stood in silence for the next few hours until my tired body put me to sleep.


I was awoken to the sound of Cait’s boots and Allison’s heels marching into the room. True to Cait’s words, they joined us for what I assumed was dinner time. Cait and Allison strode through with a small box in the doctor’s hands similar to the ones that held our food in the previous room. “Dinner time, cumdumpsters!” Cait hollered. Allison reached her hand into the box and lifted a single tray of food out of it before tossing the box aside. Cait snickered and said, “who’s hungry?” All of us looked at the colorless food longingly. I don’t know how long it’s been since my last actual meal, but my stomach was telling me it needed something soon.

Before anyone could protest, Sophia called out, “Me. Please I’m so hun- AGHH!” She cried out in agony as her collar suddenly pulsed with electricity.

“Address us PROPERLY, whore.” Allison spat.

Sophia took a couple ragged breaths before trying again. “M- Mistresses, Please. I would like something to eat.”

“Much better.” Cait retorted. “But you have to earn it. Nothing is given for free now. Pick a friend to share with.” A wicked smile spread across her face as she finished her sentence.

Sophia looked puzzled, but eventually settled on saying, “Lilith?” She was probably betting that Lilith was least likely to care whether ‘sharing’ was good or bad. With a couple button presses on Cait’s tablet, the chosen girls’ cuffs became undone and their legs gave out as they hit the floor.

“Pathetic. Get up.” Allison sneered.

Sophia and Lilith both stood up on shaky legs, and took a step toward the center where the two dominatrixes were standing.

Allison then glared at Sophia before saying, “Since you’re the greedy little slut that wanted this” she nodded toward the tray with her head before unceremoniously dropping it. The tray slapped against the floor, but the heap of ‘food’ mostly remained in its pile on the tray. “You will be punished like the greedy slut you are.” Allison continued. She looked at Lilith next and said, “And you will be the lucky girl along for the ride.”

As if on cue, both Cait and Allison reached for their zippers, and promptly tugged them down until their tits popped free and their cocks unfurled from their confines. “Holy shit.” I muttered to myself. Both of their members were still soft, but they still looked a little bigger than me when I was hard. Underneath both members were a set of huge balls to match too. The hulking pillars of meat hung in front of the girls’ as they froze upon seeing their tormentor’s cocks.

Doctor Werner locked eyes with Sophia, and said , “I want this one, Cait.” before placing her hands on the starstruck brunette and forcing her to her knees. Lilith followed her example voluntarily, and the two hung women stepped in front of their chosen holes.

Evidently, Sophia’s first drug was still in full effect. Since it had been several hours since she last had sex, her pussy was already dripping wet. I think I actually saw her drool a little bit before placing one hand on the doctor’s shaft and promptly taking the tip in her mouth. After a few tugs, Sophia quickly evolved from simple licking and stroking to bobbing her head up down the shaft and twisting her hand in tandem to get Allison’s full hardened length.

Allison moaned in appreciation of Sophia’s enthusiasm and said, “What a good little cocksucker! It won’t take long at all to finish breaking you in.”

Cait bahis şirketleri snapped her fingers to divert Lilith’s attention back to her and barked, “Get to it, cockmeat! It’s not going to get itself hard!” Before she could reach her control tablet, Cait’s cock was soon treated to the same attention that her colleague was enjoying. Side by side, Lilith and Sophia dutifully slurped, sucked, and tugged on their respective cocks. Soon both of their heads were pulled away from Cait and Allison’s crotches, and both kneeling girls took a moment to catch their breaths before seeing the monstrosities in front of them. Cait and Allison were both standing proud with their throbbing dicks sticking straight out. Without a doubt, they were each about nine or ten inches long with near wrist-thick girths to match.

Brittany and I knew what was going to happen next. Our friends were about to get raped in front of our eyes. My heart broke for them and I couldn’t help but cry to myself. I shut my eyes and turned my head away to avoid witnessing what was happening because of my mistake.

Only a couple seconds passed before I heard Cait laugh. “Pathetic. Open your eyes, Little!”

I was only able to shake my head in protest as my tears streamed down my face.

“Fine. Have it your way.” Cait responded.

I heard the collar around my neck emit a small beep before a short burst of electricity coursed through my body. I cried out in pain as my all of my muscles immediately contracted. I gasped for breath after the painful shock ceased.

I slowly opened my eyes and turned back to look at them to see they were both chuckling to themselves.

“Morning, sunshine. Now, enjoy the show.” Allison said.

Doctor Werner then placed her heel on Sophia’s chest and abruptly pushed her back to the floor. She pointed at Lilith and said, “69. Now.” Without a moment to waste, Lilith crawled on top of the smaller girl with her hard dick hovering over Sophia’s mouth and her head between Sophia’s thighs. Allison calmly kneeled between Sophia’s legs and Cait did the same behind Lilith’s rear. Sophia’s legs were soon bent upwards in a wide ‘V’ shape as the Allison took one in each hand and spread her wide. A smile slowly spread across the doctor’s face as she spoke to Lilith, “Line me up, slut.” Tentatively, Lilith grasped the impossibly large meat pillar and aligned it with her friend’s cunt. “Mmmm, lower.” Allison purred. The hand on her cock slowly moved to point it at the brunette’s pucker. As soon as she was able, Doctor Werner thrust forward to cram herself into the tight hole in a single swift motion. Sophia immediately screamed in a mix of ecstasy and pain as her ass was filled to its limits. The doctor held herself there as the hole wrapped around her convulsed with Sophia’s immediate orgasm.

“Oh my god, this little slut just came!” Allison exclaimed.

Sophia’s mewling and whimpering was muffled suddenly when her mouth was invaded by Lilith’s dripping prick as Cait shoved Lilith’s rear end down into Sophia. Without a moment of hesitation, Cait spread Lilith’s asscheeks apart with her hands, and speared her own pillar of girlcock into Lilith’s asshole. Cait’s pelvis slapping against Lilith’s assflesh was punctuated by a pained grunt from the impaled girl before her head was grabbed by the other domme and pushed toward Sophia’s unoccupied hole. With both bottom girls effectively muffled by each other’s cunt or cock, the two tops slowly withdrew until only an inch remained inside their respective fuckholes before slamming back in.

Cait and Allison laughed to themselves as they pumped in and out of their girls. With every long outward thrust, Lilith’s asshole visibly clung to the invading prick and lifted her ass a little bit with it to give Sophia time to take a breath before Cait hammered back into Lilith and forced the drooling brunette to deepthroat her friend’s cock again and again. On the other end, Doctor Allison rutted away at Sophia’s rear passage, forcing her clit to rock back and forth against Lilith’s outstretched tongue. The laughing turned into labored breathing as both women fucked the girls even faster. I was mesmerized by the sight of both of those incredibly long and thick cocks being buried to the hilt repeatedly. The occasional grunt or moan that emanated from the two girls devolved into a constant mewling sound as they were quickly being fucked out of their minds from the endless orgasms. Everytime Lilith’s member unsheathed itself from Sophia’s mouth a little bit of cum dripped from the corners of her lips, and with every thrust from Allion, Sophia’s pussy juices recoated Lilith’s tongue.

Through clenched teeth, Cait said, “Get ready for your first load, bitches.”

Soon after, both Cait and Allison fully sheathed themselves into their cocksleeves and released their loads deep inside the warm holes. After their cocks stopped pulsing, they both pulled out, and a thick deluge of cum followed after. True to Cait’s words, it seemed like another round of rough fucking was still on the table as both of the mammoth members were still standing tall.

“I’m taking the little bitch’s mouth next, Doc.” Cait said.

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