Fulfilling an Old Fantasy

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We finally have a chance to get together. Life is always interrupting. Work, the military, your kids, real life has a way of complicating a simple rendezvous. I brought my camera along because we’ve teased each other about that so much and I still think you need some nice, well lit photos for your page. You look pretty much like I’ve imagined you, not a young girl anymore, more expression in your face and curve to your body. Still the tall one though. I’m pretty sure your shirt wasn’t that low cut last time I saw you, it looks like you ignored a few buttons, the skirt is a mid-range between provocative and conservative and the heels aren’t too tall either, guess you don’t want to look down on me. Good, I’m getting a bit thin on top these days.

We share a hug for the first time… ever I think. It’s nice to hold each other. But I’m not ready to get to serious yet so I tickle your ribs. You scream and pull back but I hold you tight. There’s no way I’m letting you get enough distance to launch a solid punch after what you’ve told me. Besides, it’s fun to hold onto you while you wiggle, I mean, struggle. When you finally calm down and inform me that there will be payback, I give you a kiss on the nose and a pat on the ass and you crack up again.

We start fooling around with my camera. That gets you looking all serious again so I concentrate on face shots so your eyes really come out. A few of you showing off your cleavage look like they’ll come out pretty well to. As we are standing on the porch looking at the review of the shots on the camera, I lean over and kiss you on the neck. You moan just a bit and tilt your head away to give me more access. So I take you up on it, kissing and nibbling your neck and ear. I’m still standing slightly to your side and I let one of my hands drift up over your body until it reaches the buttons of your shirt. When I start undoing the first one your eyes snap open and you grab my hand.

“What are you doing?” you ask me.

“Stripping you.” I reply.

“HERE?” your eyes darting to the street.

“Duh.” I give you my best shit eating grin and undo a second button.

“But this is in public not online.” you object as a third button gives way.

I slide my hand into your top cupping your breast in my hand. I can feel the nipple hard against my fingers through your bra, I look you right in the eye, and I give it a light pinch. “I could stop,” I say, “if you really want me to.”

But your eyes have closed and all the response I get is a light moan. I pull your mouth close to mine and we kiss. As our tongues caress each other, my hands caress your upper body and strip off your top allowing it to fall to the porch. I pull you close and run my finger nails up and down your back making you shiver before finally finding the zipper of your skirt and pushing it down. I start kissing, licking and nibbling your neck and shoulders again freeing your mouth. I start pushing your skirt down over your hips.

“You’re crazy!” you hiss into my ear.

“Probably.” I say as your skirt joins your blouse.

My hands are caressing the sides of your thighs and butt as we continue a hot and heavy make out session pressed up against the front of your house on the bostancı escort porch. You pull me tight against your nearly naked body. Your arms are tight around my neck and occasionally working one of your legs up along my body. I work one hand between our bodies, across your stomach and sliding slowly downward. I hear your breath getting quick and shallow as you anticipate where it will end up. My hand crosses the silky fabric of your panties, I love that feel. But then I veer to the side and run my fingernails down your inner thigh and then back up. “Goddamn it.” you moan, but the curse gives way to a gasp as my hand firmly cups your pussy. My middle finger settles into the seam between lips. You practically whimper as my finger curls up, tracing the lips, moving closer to your clit. I add gentle bites on your neck and shoulders. You pull me to you ferociously returning the bites and kisses with your own. Your nails practically claw my back the first time my finger flicks across your clit.

I’ve always been amazed that silk or satiny fabrics transmit touch so well. It’s practically better than skin to skin for some things. I drag my finger tip across your clit slowly, tracing it through the fabric. Experimenting with what stroke will work best on you. Should I stroke back and forth along your pussy lips and clit or circle it. A light or firm touch? I experiment on your body. I judge my technique based on your reaction. What makes your breathing change? When do you gasp or moan? When does your body clamp down on me like a vise. We continue to devour each other with our mouths as my fingers stir up your clit. I can feel your panties getting moist as I speed up my fingertips. Driving your body closer and closer to the edge. You begin to gasp for air as my fingers find the rhythm of your body. I stop teasing you and begin to apply myself fully to the orgasm that’s building in you. My fingers get faster and you begin to lose control. Your breath comes in gasps and your body starts to shake. You have a near death grip around my neck and your mouth is pressed near my ear. Suddenly your legs practically give way as they quiver. But I don’t stop yet. I keep stroking your clit as your body shakes through your orgasm pushing you further along. Finally, your legs clamp down on my hand and I can’t move it anymore.

As your body relaxes, I take you up in my arms and carry you inside, leaving your blouse and skirt on the porch.

I lay you down on the couch and we share a tender kiss as you feel the relaxation of a good orgasm come over you. You lie back with your eyes closed and enjoy the moment. I sit for a second enjoying the view. Your hair still down but slightly mussed. Your body flushed. You are laid back on the couch stretched out. I’m thinking that I could enjoy this view for a while when a thought occurs to me. Your eyes snap open at the sound of the shutter.

The look you give me is a mixture of amusement and irritation. I show you the shots on the screen and you get into the idea and begin vamping it up for the camera. You’d picked a nice set of underwear on the chance that you’d be showing it off anyway. We fool around with different angles. You show off your butt by büyükçekmece escort bending over the back of the couch. We recreate some of the poses we’ve seen in magazines and online. Then you pop the clasp on your bra. Suddenly you look better without a camera between us. I snap a few more shots as you cup your breasts and tweak your nipples with an evil grin, but some things will just have to wait. Our lips meet again. Our hands wander for a bit, you’re bare tits become a common stopping point.

I let my hands drift down your body to your hips. Then a pull them forward towards me and out from under you on the couch. You collapse backwards with a little yelp but you recover quickly when you realize that now I’m positioned between your legs. You lift them up to my shoulders and I start kissing my way down them, or is it up them. How do you describe direction when the legs are upside down? Confusion about describing it aside, I know where this journey ends and so do you. I hook my fingers under the waistband of your panties and pull them up… down? your legs and for the first time, I see you completely naked.

I take a moment to enjoy the view. The aroma of your orgasm mixes with your perfume. I restart my journey behind your knee and run my tongue slowly along the inside of your thigh. Stopping occasionally to kiss and nibble. Your scent gets stronger and stronger, egging me on. I enjoy watching your anticipation build as I get closer and closer. Finally, I open my mouth wide and cover your pussy with it. My breath warms you as I run my tongue along the lips and flick your clit. Then I stab my tongue into your pussy. Tasting your excitement, exploring every fold. Running my tongue up to the bottom of your clit and using my tongue to draw it into my mouth. Sucking on your clit and rolling my tongue over it. Then I bring my teeth down to grip your clit, nibbling gently. While I continue to tease your clit in every way I can think of I slide two fingers inside you, finger fucking you while I flick my tongue across your clit recreating the motion that worked earlier with my fingers. My other hand explores your body caressing, stroking and squeezing your tits. Tweaking and pinching your nipples.

I pick up the pace, fucking you with my fingers and tongue. Stroking your body and your legs with my free hand. Running my fingertips across your body, stroking your breasts, your inner thighs. As your excitement builds I settle into a rhythm of what has been working. Steadily pushing you towards the edge.

As you get wilder in your motions I slip my free hand around behind you and begin stroking your asshole and probing it. As you you begin to cum, I slide my finger into your ass. I continue sucking your clit as your pussy floods my tongue.

After you come down from your orgasm we curl up together on the couch. Sharing gentle yet passionate kisses and caresses. You give me an accusing look and point out that I’m still completely dressed. “We’ll work on that in minute I’m sure” I reply as we continue cuddling.

But you don’t seem to want to wait. You start undoing my shirt turning your lips and tongue loose on me as you let your hands explore me and find the çapa escort buttons and zippers keeping my clothes on. Soon we are both naked and cuddling on your couch. Your hand is wrapped around my cock and gently strokes it.

As we make out on the couch, necking like teenagers, you run your fingertips over the head of my cock teasingly around the rim and playing with the pre cum. Your fingers also drift down to play with my balls, stroking and tickling them. Sometimes I spot a wicked grin on your face when we aren’t too busy devouring each other to notice. I spend a lot of time playing with your tits, occasionally bending down to suck on your nipples. They are hard as rocks. When my hands wander lower and stroke your clit, you jump. It’s still sensitive. When I tweak it between my thumb and forefinger, you practically come off of the couch. Your grip instinctively tightens around my cock and I remember your nails. I’m thinking I might not want to try that little stunt again to soon.

I find myself gasping for breath when you bend down and take my cock into your mouth. You seem quite talented. I don’t know if that’s because you practiced a lot whenever you had a lover or if you’ve just thought a lot about it. You run your tongue over the head and around the rim and then swallow it. Your hot wet mouth engulfs me. I can feel your tongue along the shaft. Then you add your hands to the mix. Your nails caress my balls and thighs. You start to get greedy. Your mouth is faster on my cock. It seems to go on forever; sometimes I have the presence of mind to stroke your ass. It’s driving me crazy. But I’m not going to feed you yet.

I try to pull you up, but you have a very firm grip on me. I finally have to grab you by the hair and pull you up. The air hits my cock wet from your mouth, after that heat the room temperature feels almost like ice. I can see a moment of objection in your eyes as I pull you to me for a kiss but it goes away as I pull you straddle on my lap and my cock rubs against your pussy. You kiss me deeply holding my face in your hands and scrunch your body up bringing your pussy lips to the head of my cock. In an instant, I’m inside you as you push yourself back down. I lift my hips up to meet yours and we grind ourselves together. Our kissing grows more passionate, you’re still holding my face and my hands are tangled in your hair. We push against each other. The fever swamp that your pussy has become grips my cock.

We hold each other tightly, nails down each other’s backs. Holding tight, you ride up on my cock bringing your breasts to my mouth. I catch a nipple between my teeth for a suck and nibble before you ride my cock back down. Your pussy grips me, milking me. I reach around and squeeze your ass, pulling you closer to me. We buck against each other almost like wild animals. Scratching and biting, we’ll be marked in the morning I think. I feel myself building to orgasm so I flip you onto your back, your legs up over my shoulders. I begin fucking you like crazy. Working my hips like a piston, I lean into your legs, lifting your ass off of the bed. We’re eye to eye as I fuck you. I can see the look on your face. We get crazier and crazier. I reach around your leg and down. I stroke your clit to drive you further and further. Finally we cum together. After all the teasing and pleasing I finally fill your pussy with my cum. I feel your body wrap around me convulsing.

We collapse together on the couch, covered in sweat and cum.

It’s quite a while before we can move more than a little.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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