Fucked with a Cherry on Top

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Chizuri is an erotic eater, and makes videos for her fanbase which are streamed live for a fee, then edited for effect and sold for a chunk each. She and Sir made a good amount of money from this, and it provided for them a comfortable lifestyle. She used to do it on her own, cooking copious amounts of food for herself and eating till she was ready to pop. It wasn’t unusual, especially back then to eat so much that she puked, and somehow she gained followers just to see that happen. but she wasn’t making money off of it, and along with her normal grocery bill and renting on her own, she was hemorrhaging money. But then Sir contacted her with new ideas and money for equipment to make it all better. She hesitated at first, but was won over by him soon enough and after a few months they began to make a steady income.

It hit 7 o’ clock and Chizuri clicked play, letting her theme music play for the next 3 minutes while everyone settled into the live chat, starting talking among themselves. Cherry blossoms sprinkled the display screen that showed her what her followers saw. That’s something she liked about her following, which had reached 3K last week; they were chatty. They didn’t just come here to watch her eat and get fucked, they came to enjoy the community of others who also enjoyed her performances.

“Are you ready, Chi-chi?”

Sir smiled from across the kitchen, which just underwent a $30,000 remodel. One of the special features was a nook with a large circular platform on which she sat now, dressed in a tube top and a bikini bottom. It was a hard surface, but it made it easy to clean. In the middle of this platform was a chabudai, a Japanese style short legged table that allowed her to sit cross legged on a cushion while she ate. Behind her, two cherry blossom bonsai sat on low accent shelves. They accentuated her Japanese heritage. Her long straight black hair hung past her waist and pooled behind her, and short bangs framed her face.

“Ready as always, Sir!” she said, smiling up at him. He stepped to the camera, turned the studio lighting on, and pressed play. She saw her face fade into the screen set up on the floor by the raised platform, and gave everyone a cute wave, her manicured nails twinkling in the light.

“Hello everybody!!”

The chat ballooned with hearts and wave emotes, greeting her with passion.

“Chi-chi here, and today is a very special episode. Last week, as you know, we hit 3 thousand followers!” she smiled, waiting for everyone to have their comments. “That means we got a special new redecoration here, AND we let you guys vote on what I’d be eating today.” She reached out to the laptop she had on the table with her and brought up the poll she had running until yesterday morning. Chocolate cake was a winner by far. The chat exploded and she clapped dramatically. canlı bahis “Thank you so much for voting!”

In front of her, a little wrapped gift box lay, and she picked it up. “In celebration, I’ve got a new utensil set!”

Opening it, she pulled out a spoon, fork, and knife, and a set of chopsticks. All were made of pure silver, and decorated and carved with cherry blossoms. She held up the fork, which she would use today, and let everyone see it up close. “Thank you, Sir!” she shouted beyond the camera. He smiled back at her.

“Ok! So Sir has kindly made this cake for us from scratch. I don’t know anything about it but he says over a foot high, and the chocolate is from a local shop that imports high grade german chocolate.” the chat was getting antsy, and Sir brought over the large enclosed box, setting it on the table in front of her.

Chi pulled the ribbon, and slowly opened the box. She grinned and clapped. An entire 3 tiered cake sat before her, the bottom layer at least a 10 inch round, and each tier was a 3 layer cake.

Chi always made special preparations for her videos. For the past 6 months that she’s been doing the videos with Sir, she’s been on an entirely liquid diet. It made her ill in the beginning, but her body got used to the extreme change. And now she was healthy as she could be. She often drank at least a gallon of liquid meals in one sitting, teaching her stomach to stretch.

Now she sat behind a large cake almost the size of her torso. She knew she probably couldn’t finish all of it, but her viewers sure as hell liked to see her try. The camera view moved from the front to the side, getting a good view of the cage, and her whole body, including her belly. A hand came into view, and Chizuri gasped as Sir slipped a vibrator into her panties, a little rabbit style remote controlled vibrator. The little “ears” hugged each side of her clit, and she squirmed.

[Turn it on!!]

[make her scream]

[make her cum with a full mouth!]

Her followers were viscous. She laughed, but it was cut short when the vibrator buzzed on low. She shifted in her seat, and the viewers could see it buzzing in her bikini. She picked up her new spoon and dug right into the side of the cake, taking a gob of chocolate icing flower with it, and filling her mouth. She took intentionally large bites, her cheeks bulging cutely, her dimple accentuating with the stretch. She reached forward and clicked the donation button, which came up on the screen. “Sir says once we hit $1000, he will make me come.” she said, smiling. She saw donations begin to climb almost immediately.

[foodix has donated $275]

“thank you for the donations!!” she said, her mouth full. She dug in again. She never waited for her mouth to be empty before loading her spoon again, always ready, the bites bahis siteleri always more than she can handle. It was 20 minutes into eating after she’d eaten half the middle tier that her donations hit $1000. She didn’t realize it at first until the vibrator suddenly turned on high, sending a shock wave through her pelvis that started with a very sensitive, swollen clit. Her pink bikini was thoroughly soaked by then, and viewers could see the sheen of wetness on the surface of her cushion. Now, she moaned as she swallowed, her hips actively gyrating, pushing forward to pin the vibrator against her tightly. She kept eating, chocolate icing sticking to the corners of her lips as she filled her mouth and moaned, muffled by the rich chocolate cake. Her breasts shook in their tube top. She fell back onto her elbows, her legs still crossed, and her hips gyrated heavily with the vibrations. With half a bite still in her mouth, her chin dropped and she came hard, fluids pouring through the cloth of her bikini and soaking her cushion. the vibrator slowed to a crawl again and she sat up, still twitching. Her head lolled slightly as an aftershock flowed up her spine. “Thank you guys!” she said, looking slightly drunken as she composed herself.

Shaking herself out of it, she straightened up, and picked up her spoon again. “Gosh, guys! Just trying to eat some cake…” She smiled.

[Oh ChiChi, we love you!]

[oh god what a nice ogasm]

[Man, she’s soaked!]

[Come on, Chichi! Take your top off!]

[I’ll stop watching if you don’t go topless]

[Lets see them tits chichi]

[fuck that, get naked, slut!]

[food slut!]

[Come visit me, I’ll let you lick anything off my feet, whore]

“Guys, guys! Come on now…” she said, reading as she devoured the top tier. “treat me like a proper whore, I’ll take my top off for some of your green.” she rubbed her thumb and fingers together in the universal “money” hand symbol. It always worked, promising them. After a few minutes, after the top tier was done, she pulled her top off, letting her tits pop free. Her dimple showed again as she smiled, posing behind the cake. Sir stood behind the camera that was still recording from the front but not streaming, and took a few photos from there. An enourmous chunk of the cake was gone, and she reached down and stroked her rounded belly where there had been flatness when she started. She stroked. “Do you guys like my food baby?” she said, winking down at the camera beside her. She shifted up onto her knees, and Sir changed the camera back to the first, but moved it to the side slightly to keep her body in full view around the cake.

[Eat with your fingers, like a good pig whore!]

[Such a fat bitch! Aren’t you full?]


She smiled, and put down her spoon, and began taking bahis şirketleri chunks of the cake with her fingers, tipping her head back to fill her mouth. Despite all her training, she was getting full, but she continued to eat, and her belly grew a bit more. She devoured the rest of the middle tier before she had to pause, and groaned, shifting on her knees. “I’m so full you guys…” she said.

[Eat till you upchuck, slut.] was a common theme amount the comments for the next minute or so.

Sir, who was watching the donations saw it hit 3000 and turned the vibrator on high again. She moaned out loud, her belly aching as her curvy hips gyrated in midair, itching for another orgasm. She leaned forward, scooping another large bite of cake with her fingers and filling mouth. She looked as if she was 3 or 4 months pregnant. She moaned, chewing and swallowing and as she did another orgasm hit her hard. She trembled, her breasts shaking freely this time.

[I hope she pukes…]

Sir came over while she convulsed against the table and removed the large cake before stepping up onto the daise, remaining standing and therefore no higher than his hips was visible.

[fuck her!]

[fill that soaked pussy]

[what a nasty pig]

He ran his hands through her hair, making the curtain of shiny black hair sway in his touch. He slowly guided her to his cock, which stood erect, and pushed it into her mouth and into her throat. Her mouth was small, and his cock long, penetrating halfway down her throat. He cupped her throat, stroking himself through her skin as he fucked her mercilessly. Saliva, browned with chocolate still sticking in her mouth, strung heavily from his cock, slicking down his balls. She convulsed on his cock, and he groaned, enjoying the tightness and the struggle the orgasms put on her.

She forgot the cameras when his cock came into view. She gagged heavily when he shoved his cock into her mouth, her sensitive reflex being one of the best parts of deepthroating her on her show. She struggled to relax, repeatedly gagging on his thickc cock. She felt the enormous desert she just had rising and falling in her esophagus. It wasn’t long before a thick stream of cum hit the back of her throat, though, and she retched hard, first white stringy cum pouring from her nose, before she threw up a good chunk of the cake she’d just eaten. It collided with his stomach as he pulled out of her throat, and she couched heavily, falling forward into the mess on his abdomen. Panting, she looked back at the viewers who blew up the chat so hard that she couldn’t keep up. She gave a tired smile, and waved to them before Sir helped her lay down, her hair sticking in the mess that coated the floor where she sat. The vibrations on her clit continued, and she was still twitching in her mess. Sir zoomed in on her face, her long hair coated in chocolate slime now, down her body to her still distended belly, to her slick, wet thighs and twitching hips. She waved goodbye, and blew a kiss from where she lay, and the cameras faded out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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