Friendly Neighbors

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I live in a large apartment complex with at least 200 units. It’s a corporate community, and the company that owns the complex I live in also owns or manages at least two dozen others in the city. They’re nice for apartments, and the security they offer is worth the extra cost I pay. I’ve lived there for several years and don’t envision myself leaving anytime in the near future.

I was hanging out at the pool last summer when a young pretty Asian woman sat down on the lounge chair next to mine. Her name was Kim. She had to be in her early to mid twenties and looked to be in fantastic shape. We introduced ourselves and I discovered that she and her roommate lived in the apartment just above mine. After swimming, she invited me back to her apartment where we talked, shared drinks and ended up fucking each other like crazy.

We continued seeing each other off an on. Basically, we just used each other for sex, which was fine with both of us. Usually I would call her up and she would come downstairs or she would call and I would head upstairs. It was very convenient. This past Memorial Day weekend, Kim called me up late one night. It had to have been close to three or four in the morning. It was obvious that she had been drinking. She said that she was really horny and that I needed to get to her apartment before the mood left her. I grabbed some condoms and headed up the stairs.

When Kim met me at the door, she was wearing a white see-through robe that allowed me to see the dark patch of pubic hair between her legs. Her small breasts pushed against the fabric of the robe, displaying her dark nipples. She kissed me and ushered me in. She brought me into the den area of her apartment. It was casino oyna a small, sparsely decorated room that housed a sofa and chair and a small entertainment center.

Kim and her roommate, Gwen, pretty much only used the room for watching TV. Kim made me sit down in the chair. I noticed that the TV was on and that it was showing a porno movie. On the screen were two women who were getting it on with each other with another man. The women looked really to be in to doing themselves, and the man was just thrown in as a last thought or as a justification.

I then noticed that Gwen was sitting on the couch, wearing nothing but her underwear. Her hand was slowly stroking her crotch and she was watching the movie intently. My cock sprang to life immediately. Kim removed her robe and sat down next to Gwen. She looked directly at me and then, with one hand, grasped at Gwen’s breasts. She put the other hand on top of the one Gwen was using to play with herself. Together they softly stroked Gwen’s pussy. Gwen moaned with desire and spread her legs. Kim paused and unsnapped Gwen’s bra. Gwen shifted forward and the bra was tossed to the floor where it landed near an empty bottle of wine. Kim continued rubbing Gwen’s panty-clad pussy as she took one of Gwen’s nipples into her mouth. Gwen grunted and grabbed Kim’s hair with her free hand, pulling Kim against her chest. Kim switched nipples, and Gwen plunged her hand, along with Kim’s into her panties where they circled her clit.

I was taken aback by the scene in front of me. Kim had never expressed any bisexual tendencies or fantasies to me. To see her making out with her roommate was kind of a shock. But it was also incredibly exciting and arousing. I was canlı casino really hard. Kim pulled away from Gwen’s tits. She looked at me and asked what was taking me so long. Kim then turned her attention back to Gwen. She removed her hand from Gwen’s pussy and straddled one of her legs. Gwen kept her hand busy on her clit while Kim ground her own pussy into Gwen’s leg. They kissed, and I could tell their tongues were circling each other passionately. I undressed as fast asI ever have and joined them on the couch. My cock was rock-hard and twitching with excitement. Kim asked me to help Gwen to the floor.

I picked her up and laid her down on the carpet while Kim removed her panties. From the smell of sex that permeated the room, I knew they had to be soaked. Kim and I both began to suck on Gwen’s nipples, and I ran my hand down to finger Gwen’s wet slit. To my surprise, she was completely shaved. Gwen reached out and grabbed my cock and clumsily started pumping up and down the shaft. Her other hand was busy between Kim’s legs. I spread Gwen’s legs and moved down to start eating her out. To my surprise, Kim joined me. We licked up and down the length of Gwen’s hairless pussy and then I concentrated on the entrance of her love hole while Kim paid attention to Gwen’s clit. In no time at all Gwen announced that she was cumming. Kim continued to kiss and lick Gwen’s pussy.

I moved Kim onto her side and began to give her head. Kim loves oral sex and was soon thrashing about on the floor. As I pushed my tongue into her, I moved to give Gwen access to my cock. Soon her mouth was greedily swallowing every inch of my rod. We continued in this oral triangle on the floor for what seemed like hours. I’m sure kaçak casino it was only a manner of minutes. I didn’t want to cum yet, so I pulled myself away from the two ladies on the floor. Noticing that I had moved, the two of them positioned themselves into a sixty-nine in the middle of the room. Gwen was on top with her head buried between Kim’s lovely thighs. Kim was underneath, reaching up to kiss and finger Gwen’s bare cunt. They were really getting each other off. Gwen called out to me and told me that she needed to be fucked.

I quickly put on a condom and entered her from behind. I pounded in an out of her Gwen’s pussy while Kim below licked and bit at her hard clit. Each time as I plunged deeply into Gwen, I could feel Kim’s tongue busily at work. Occasionally, Kim would stop her licking of Gwen to kiss and suck my testicles into her mouth. Kim then pushed me out of Gwen and said that she needed to have some of her own. She pushed Gwen off of her and turned around to give me access to her love tunnel. I plunged in.

Gwen got up and straddled Kim’s mouth, facing me. I reached for her breasts and rubbed them savagely. I pinched her nipples as Kim snaked her tongue into Gwen’s pussy. Gwen and I kissed deeply and I could taste Kim’s love juices all over her face. I pounding into Kim like a jackhammer and I could feel the pressure of orgasm building up. I announced that I was going to cum. Kim cried from between Gwen’s legs that she wanted to taste my cum.

I pulled out of her and removed the condom. Kim then extracted herself from Gwen’s cunt and dove on my cock. Gwen knelt down and joined her and soon I was pumping my cum all over their faces. They laughed and began licking it off each other, pausing only to kiss passionately. I looked at the TV, and the screen was blue. The movie had ended and nobody had noticed. We adjourned to Kim’s queen-sized bed where we stayed for the rest of the weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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