Friend with Benefits Ch. 01

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Staring off into space I was wondering if I could feel any more lost than I did at this moment. The class I was suffering through had to rank as the most boring ones I could ever remember and that includes five plus years of college. Unfortunately it was a requirement for my new job and there was nothing I could do about it. As typical in a situation like this I began scanning the room looking at every female asking myself if she is one that I would like to fuck. As luck would have it not only was the class extremely boring the prospects of a fuck buddy were extremely limited.

The one girl that I had targeted was Laurie who just happened to be sitting at the same table as me. Not being suave or overly sophisticated my attempts at conversation were often awkward and uninteresting. When I was supposed to be contributing to group activities I quite often my mind shifting from work related thoughts to whether or not Laurie shaved her pubic hair, what does Laurie’s pussy juices taste like & what would my cock feel like rubbing between her full rounded tits. It would take all the self control I could find to not sneak off to pleasure myself during every lunch break.

The teachers were nice and understanding enough to let us out early on the last day of class. Since none of us wanted to go back to work, a group of us decided that we would head to the local hangout and start kicking back some frosty beers. With Laurie in my sights I convinced myself that I would make every effort to screw her. Managing to stay canlı bahis close, almost invasive of her personal space I was pressing for conversation and pressing to buy her as many drinks as she wanted. As with my recent track record with women Laurie saw right through me and before I could say my next uninspired line she informed me in no uncertain terms that she wanted nothing to do with me in a sexual manner.

Dejectedly I made my way to the bar where most of my classmates were hanging out. Not wanting to be caught doing the walk of shame I tried to nonchalantly mix in with the crowd. I thought that I had done a good job of it when Kara saddled up beside and in a half laughing voice looked at me and said “Crash and burn did you loser?”

Although the words cut a little, playing dumb, although “playing” could be questioned at times, I shot back “What the hell are you talking about?!”

“Captain Clueless! You wouldn’t know if a girl liked you if she was sitting on your face!”

“I may be a little slow but if a girl was sitting on my face I think I might know that she liked me”

“Oh really? Then why haven’t you seen me staring at you all week in class? Or why didn’t you notice that I put my phone number in your cell phone?”

With the tilt of my head and with a grin forming at the corner of my mouth replied “Maybe I am playing hard to get!”

Reaching down she quickly patted my crotch stated “Doesn’t seem like you are playing too hard!” And with that Kara turned and walked away bahis siteleri stopping only briefly after about ten steps to give a glance back.

Feeling blindsided from what had just transpired I ordered another beer and headed to the bathroom to take a leak. Imagine my surprise when I saw Kara standing outside the men’s room door. Walking down the hall towards her allowed me the opportunity to soak in what Kara was all about, She was about 5’4″ tall a little overweight for her height, long brown hair that fell halfway down her back, and breasts so big that they seemed to be testing the seams on her shirt. Stopping in front of her I looked into her eyes getting ready to say something witty but lost my thought as I stared into her eyes, wondering when I had seen brown eyes that soulful. I wasn’t really sure what was happening but instead of speaking I found myself going in for a kiss. Thankfully, Kara reciprocated and kissed me back.

Albeit a short kiss it was one that stirred something inside of me and Kara must have sensed this as she reached down again and all but laughing informed me “You are getting harder!”

Continuing to the bathroom as I sat at the urinal with my dick in my hand I couldn’t help but think of Kara. I hadn’t given her a second thought in class and although she would never be confused for a cover girl but she was starting to show that she was comfortable with her looks and she was exerting a raw sexual energy.

When back at the bar I grabbed my beer while trying to seek bahis şirketleri out Kara. Not seeing her I was startled by the sounds of her voice whispering in my ear “I want to feel the way your scruffy goatee feels when you are eating my shaved pussy!!”

Spitting the mouthful of beer all over the bar Kara followed that up with “You don’t have to worry about me, I love to swallow!”

Deciding that finishing my beer was no longer important I followed Kara out to her Ford Explorer where she turned and we were once again embraced in a kiss that definitely had me ready to fuck her right there. I started to grind her with my already fully erect cock to let her know that I was more than ready for action. This must have been just what she wanted as she buckled slightly at the knees.

Not to long after arriving back at her house I turned to put a CD on and when I turned around Kara was on the couch and naked from the waist down with one of he fingers hard at work working on her pussy. As I got closer to Kara she took her sticky finger into her mouth to lick of her juices. Pulling me down we were fighting each other to get me pants off. With my pants barely to my ankles she rolled over on top of me and wasted no time in taking my manhood into her dripping pussy. Wildly bucking I could see the pleasure on her face.

Collapsing towards me she groaned as she had her orgasm, as our bodies met I could feel the sheen of sweat that covered our bodies. With a goofy smile we were unable to speak so instead we just kissed and rolled over onto the couch were we lied what seemed like an eternity. I wasn’t sure of my feelings towards Kara but I knew one thing for sure I found a new fuck buddy and was looking forward to the next adventure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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