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Big Tits

Since the holiday in my story “Holiday Park Slut” (She writes under her own name of slut Kathy on the Literotica site), Kathy and me have enjoyed quite an active sex life, carrying on her liking for gangbangs. She has had several sessions in car parks, local parkland, and at home. The last one being with a group of workmen who were sorting out the electricity at the end of the close.

I came home one lunchtime to find four men giving my naked wife a good shagging from each end. Apparently they had been having their tea and “crumpet” for morning and dinner breaks for the last few days. The one fucking her had a large cock, it must have been at least ten inches, and wasn’t he making Kathy scream as he rammed it in hard up to his balls every thrust. The others were telling him to fuck her brains out, which in the end we all did, they had a extra long lunch hour that day, and we all had second helpings this time up Kathy’s ass except the man with the large cock he was just to big for her ass, so Kathy sucked him off with him Cumming in her mouth and over her face.

This brings me to my main story about a now regular outing that we have most Friday nights at a pub quite a way out in the country.

It all started when we went out for a drink one Friday night and ended up at a pub way out of town into the country.

There was a small local dance going on, so we were soon both enjoying ourselves. As the night went on Kathy was getting more and more into the party mood, and was soon dancing with various men, and not only dancing as I could see the men groping her ass and tits, during one slow dance a man openly had his hand up her short dress and was fingering her cunt, her thong and cuntlips on show to everyone.

I sat back and watched for a while then went and had a few dances myself with different women, but ended up chatting with some guys and playing pool in another part of the pub.

The time went on and by the time we went back into the dance area the dance was over and all that was left was at least twenty or more of the hardened drinkers which had stayed on for the beer, there was no sign of Kathy.

We were up at the bar getting another beer, when this guy came in from outside and asked for a pint, the landlord said where the hell had he been, that he thought he had gone home which was unlike him. The guy laughed and said him and a few of his mates were outside giving this tart a good fucking, the others were still out there. The landlord shouted out “did you hear that men, how about if they bring the tart in hear as it must casino oyna be getting cold out there”. There was a cheer all round so the guy said yes why not and disappeared back outside.

I knew the tart he had been on about must be Kathy as she was not around and no other women were present. After 3-4 minuets the guy came back in with his five mates and Kathy in tow, boy didn’t she look good, this was shown in all the whistles and cheers that went up. Kathy was naked except for her high heels (the men had told her not to bother to dress as her clothes wouldn’t stay on for long anyway) and you could see she had been receiving a good shagging. Her nipples were hard and red from all the attention they had been getting and there was cum in her hair, on her face, tits, and running down the insides of her thighs from her asshole and cunt.

The landlord went over and told her she looked a right slut walking in like that so she was going to be treated like one. With that he cleared one of the tables of bottles and glasses and pushed Kathy on to her back on the dirty, beer covered table.

He pulled Kathy’s legs apart, opening up her smooth shaven cum filled cunt. “Like to shave and show of your cunt hey, just like whores do,” he said to her. “Ummm yes, guess that makes me a whore as well then,” Kathy moaned back at him as he began to thrust one, two, then three fingers, until he had most of his hand in her juicy cunt, then he began to wank her off. He told her she had a big cunt and she must have had a lot of cocks in her time boring it out. Kathy said she had and hoped it would see a lot more along with her other holes tonight. The landlord grinned and said she wouldn’t be able to walk with her legs together after tonight, as they were going to fuck her bandy, this brought a load of cheers all round.

After he had finished wanking Kathy to a climax, he took his cum covered fingers out and Kathy hungrily liked them clean, he then got his cock out and roughly shoved it in to the hilt up her cunt. Kathy was moaning and telling him to fuck her harder but she was soon silenced when another man shoved his cock in her mouth and began to fuck her mouth, yanking on her hair making Kathy deep throat him. “That’s it slag, suck on my cock and balls,” he ordered her. Kathy did, sucking and licking hard, taking each ball into her mouth, the guy groaned loudly as he finely shot a load of hot sticky cum down her throat and over her face.

At this point we all formed a line and took it in turns to fuck Kathy’s cunt, ass, and mouth. Late into the night she was fucked on the canlı casino bar, across tables, and taken outside into the car park and fucked across car bonnets, picnic tables and on the floor in the outside men’s toilets. She was in heaven having all these cocks to play with, all these rough men using and abusing her naked body. I was enjoying watching her perform, listening to her moans of lust, her grunting like an animal and crying out over and over again that she was Cumming. Watching these strangers taking her in all positions, ramming their cocks in all her holes, three, four, and even five men at once forcing their hard sweaty cocks into her body, so she had to suck on two at once, or had two cocks buried in her cunt, or just each hole filled and cocks in each hand being wanked. They were making her do every obscene and perverted act they could think up to do to her and Kathy was ready to do it.

Several men also gave Kathy a good hard spanking which she loves, and one man bent her across the pool table and gave her ass a slapping with a table tennis bat, this made Kathy moan and shout out crude comments like do it harder, punish her for being such a cock hungry slut, and to keep on using and abusing her body. All the while Kathy was rubbing and fingering her cunt until she moaned out load and said she was cumming hard. Kathy told them it always made her cum hard when she was spanked and next time perhaps they could use a soft leather whip across her tits and cunt as well as her ass. The men eagerly agreed and said they would get one for the next session.

The men told her they had never seen a women take so much cock, especially up the ass, that she must be a real slut, a whore to like doing this. Kathy said a slut yes, but a whore charges she does it for free and enjoys it, so to get on and do it, fuck and whip her sluttish body some more. That was what it was for, what she was there for, to be used as a cum bucket. So they did.

The night was finished off with a mass wank and piss over Kathy while she was spread-eagled on the ground outside. She was dragged across the pub floor and outside into a muddy yard by her hair where she was dumped in a pile of rubbish. “You’re where you belong now, in with the trash, slut,” one of the older men shouted at her. They all got their cocks out and began pissing or wanking over her covering her from head to toe with their cum and smelly yellow piss. As they did she was rubbing it into her tits and the rest of her body and wanking herself off. She opened her mouth as they ordered her to as jets of piss were aimed kaçak casino at her face, filling her mouth to overflowing as others wanked into it mixing their cum with the piss in her mouth. I was looking down at this filthy cumslut, this forty year old women lying down there in the garbage naked, with about thirty men pissing and wanking over her including me and thinking what a dirty whore I have for a wife, but loving it.

After everybody had finished with her, she washed herself down outside and walked back into the pub still naked where all the men had gone back in to have a few more drinks. She sat down at the bar and the men brought her a few drinks until she decided it was about time to get home. Kathy got dressed and said her farewells. The landlord said she should “cum” every Friday, she could be their “Friday night entertainment” she agreed saying it would be fun, so most every Friday we go to this pub, in separate cars and Kathy going in first about ten minuets before me so as not to cause any problems, and I usually to find her stripped naked and being fucked bandy. Friday night is now a men only night at the pub.

Last Friday they asked her to turn up earlier as one of the younger men was having a stag party there so she would have some fun that night. When I got there about an hour later she was tied naked face up legs spread wide across a table and anybody could use her when they wanted to. The men were just going up to her and shoving their cocks into which ever orifice they wanted to, and I also saw her whipped across her tits and cunt like she wanted, it was hell of a horny sight to see Kathy writhing around and hearing her cry out in pleasure and pain, as the strips of leather came down across her tits, thighs, and smooth shaven cunt, and over the night she was wanked on and even pissed on and Kathy loved every minute of it. The landlord had taken some photos and said he was going to pin them up behind the bar, so if you are ever down south and come across this pub you will probably see her photographs, and if a Friday night who knows what you may see or get! (No names the pubs our secret you will just have to find it yourselves).

Kathy drove home naked that night so as not to get her clothes in a mess, and apparently quite a few long distance lorry drivers got a good eyeful of her at traffic lights and roundabouts.

Kathy told me that the landlord had other plans for her which she was looking forward to, one of them being was for him and a group of the men to take her into the next town late one evening and for her to strip naked and be fucked in various locations around the town being careful not to get caught by the law, and to take photos of her in action along the way, but that is another story and the end of this one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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