Friday Night Ch. 02

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When I awoke, I felt a little sluggish and decided to leave. As I walked out the mirrored theater doors, I noticed another couple behind me. They were leaving, too. I noted that the lithe looking female had long black hair.

We walked somewhat together to the parking lot. Since there car was about twenty yards closer than mine, our group walk did not last long.

When I got to my car, I looked back to the couple’s car, which was underneath a parking lot light. They were standing by the passenger door, side by side, with their backs to me, and not appearing to be in any hurry. Curious, I just stood my car and watched. After a minute or so, they both slightly turned their heads to look at me for a second. How strange I thought.

After another minute or so, the female, who was still standing by the male, surreptitiously raised her black dress over a small, shapely, smooth ass as she talked to the male. Strikingly, the moonbeams seemed to illuminate her sexy white ass. It was a remarkable sight that I shall never forget.

Her companion appeared not to notice, since he was looking the opposite way. She kept her dress up over her hindquarters for a few seconds and even quickly glanced at me before slowly lowering it.

As I slowly edged a little closer to them, the female walked to the back of their car, and without much ado, pulled up her dress, again!

This time, she held the hem of her skirt well above her naval. She then spread her feet and began urinating!

Her pee streamed forcefully out, arcing, before hitting the ground. I had never seen that done before. I was awestruck.

As I continued to move closer, she, with her dress casino oyna still bunched up around her waist, sat down on the trunk lid of the car. Her feet rested on the bumper and her thighs were splayed outward. Her companion just watched

In no time, I was in front of her staring down at her exposed, smooth pussy. Her friend had still not yet moved. (If he had, I would not have advanced. They were experienced because they knew this.)

I watched her eyes as I slowly reached into my shorts and began pulling out my semi-hard cock. Her eyes followed my hand and did not blink when she saw my cock.

“Can I put this in there,” I said to no one in particular. There was no response.

I stepped forward between her thighs and placed my now hard cock up against her pussy lips. She smiled demurely, grabbed my cock as I let go, and guided it into wet pussy.

It was very quiet in the parking lot. The only sounds came from her – quiet little murmurs as my cock pushed up and into her pussy. And, as we slowly began to fuck, she had noticeable intakes of breath whenever my cock went deep into her warm pussy.

I looked at her companion, who was looking out into the parking lot – standing guard if you will. I felt safe, but still my nerves got that better of me after a few minutes. I asked or suggested if we could move to a more secluded spot before continuing.

She opened her eyes as if from a trance and looked at me. Slowly her eyes began to focus and then she smiled and said, “Sure!” As her companion agreed, she continued, “But first, I need to get lubed!”

She reached into her purse and removed a tube. She opened it and asked her companion and me canlı casino to extend our hands, palms up. She then squirted jelly into her hands, turned around, bent over, and said, “Lube me, boys!” Her companion and I looked at each and smiled.

We took turns massaging the jelly onto her butt crack and then into her puckered brown anus with one finger, then two, etc., until it loosened.

The way her sphincter squeezed down on my fingers when I enter her, I knew I or we were going to be in for a real treat.

When she felt relaxed and confident, we walked back to the theater. This time we were all comfortable with each other and as walked, she would playfully bend over and shake her ass seductively. Once or twice she even spread her bare cheeks when she bent over. As if that were not enough, while facing us, she reached down with both hands and spread her pussy lips so far as to expose the head of her clit! I smiled and watched, letting the situation play out.

In the theater, we stood side by side for a minute or so, up against the back wall. Then she stepped in front of me, with her back to me, and pulled her dress up to her ass. I began rubbing her slick anus with my thumb as I pulled my cock out of my shorts. No hand stimulation was necessary nor did she have to bend over, since she was slightly taller.

I slipped my cock between her cheeks and pushed the big head through her little sphincter. Feeling the tight grip of the anal ring succumb to my swollen cockhead was always a thrill.

After a minute, she began to push back and I forward. Soon my cock was ceded all the way up her ass in the dark porn theater.

As we slowly rocked back kaçak casino and forth, I noticed that she had already begun fingering her pussy. In fact, I could tell from the sounds she made, she was going to climax quickly and she did.

She began to twitch, shudder, and jerk spasmodically while continuing to fuck me with her ass. When she came, her anal cavity grabbed my cock like vice grip. I could not move it.

When her spasms began to subside and she was able to relax her body, we started to rock and back and forth, again. In the meantime, her companion had unzipped and taken out his cock.

She jacked him until he was hard and then leaned her head down, placing her mouth over the head of his cock.

At first, she took him shallowly, but then she began taking him deeper and deeper into her mouth as she rapidly moved her head up and down his length.

When he began to moan, she wrapped her hand tightly around the base of his cock and began to jack him as she sucked it. It was quite a sight.

Alas, no man can last forever and all too soon I am guessing, he had to lean back with that ‘I am cumming’ look. He let it go with a loud moan as she continued sucking and jacking him.

When she had drained and swallowed every drop of his cum, he gently reached down and pulled her up. Then he kissed her and she returned his kiss – passionately. It was then I realized this was their fantasy, not mine.

I decided it was time for me to cum quickly after their kiss ended.

My orgasm was anti-climatical.

After I slowly eased out of her delightful cum soaked ass, I bent down, and kissed her freshly, fucked butthole good-bye.

I profusely thanked them and then walked away smiling. I occasionally licked and tasted my upper lip as I drove home that night.

I thought about them, especially her, often – and for a very long time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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