Forest Walk

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The bush track along which I walk shows signs of disuse. The tree branches and the scrubby bushes are starting to encroach upon the path, no longer being held back by the regular tread of other walkers’ feet. Despite that, the track is still wide enough that I don’t need to concentrate too hard to avoid having my legs and ankles scratched.

I am totally immersed, my breathing deep and regular, my heart light with ease as I listen to the bush sounds around me – the cicadas with their high-pitched shimmying, birds cawing from deeper in the surrounding forest, and the scurry of the occasional ground-dwelling animal that I have inadvertently startled from their foraging. But most relaxing of all is the deep miasma of the forest smell, deep and earthy and so far removed from the hustle of my day-to-day city life that it conveys an other-worldliness to my usually stressed psyche. I realise as I walk that I have moved so far away from Nature in my life, and that my sudden need to go for a bush walk was a deeper part of me screaming for some contact with the real world. And so here I am, and for the first time in a long time I am not thinking about anything but what is directly about me – the track, the rainforest – and my senses are engaged solely in appreciation.

The day is overcast, rainclouds thick in the sky above, and I welcome that, too. The air is cool around me, and the darkened sky has a bruised look about it, which always fills me with the delicious anticipation of a potential storm. Bring it on, I say, to whomever may be listening.

When it does start to rain it begins with just a few thick drops that smack against my face and my arms. Within a minute I can hear the downpour begin in earnest, but the canopy of trees above me protect me from most of the fall. The new noise of the rain drumming on the foliage above and around me adds to my sense of overwhelming peace.

Of a sudden a small gap appears in the trees and bushes beside me, more a deficit of one tree than a true opening, and through it I can espy a small clearing. It is a greensward that seems somehow out of place with the surrounding bushland, for the grass here is lush and thick, and looks almost manicured as if attended to regularly by a gardener. The clearing is ringed by tall trees that serve to enclose is, such that the only easy entrance into it is through the small gap at which I now stand.

It is too tempting. I push through the narrow gap and into the clearing.

There is no roof here, the clearing is open wide to the sky above, and so the rain is much heavier here. I turn my face upward and catch the raindrops on my tongue. Within a few moments my clothes are saturated and suddenly there seems no point in wearing them at all. I strip off, throwing my forsaken garments and my backpack off to one side. Naked now, I stand for minutes in the deluge, delighting in the feel of the rain against my raw skin, as it seems to wash away my sins with its cold purity.

Eventually I sit down on the beautiful grass and close my eyes, letting myself drown in anadolu yakası escort the moment of the rain and the forest smells and the peace. Is this the state that meditation is meant to be?

When next I open my eyes I am startled to find that I am not alone in the clearing. Standing several metres away from me is a woman, as naked as I am, and she is gorgeous beyond belief. But it is her eyes that hold my attention, impossible to define their colour but they pierce me with a mixture of challenge and defiance and desire. It is an evident truth that she is part of this place, an element of the forest, but I cannot tell you why I know that. I just know.

I sit perfectly still, not wanting to startle her or make her feel threatened. But my penis betrays me, as the sudden and undeniable desire I have for her tingles through me and leads to my cock engorging and becoming rock hard with lust. I see her eyes shift down my body to see this reaction that she has had on me, and her smile shows she is satisfied.

With a few slow steps she comes to stand before me, and looks down upon me. The rain is cascading down her, through her hair, down her cheeks, running down her breasts and her belly, rivulets of water turning into a stream that turns into a small waterfall over her naked mons. I look up at her, past the flat plane of her belly and the pert swelling of her breasts with their stiffened nipples, and I ask her with my eyes. Her answer is as evident as my desire.

She parts her legs, opening her sex to me, and I shift my gaze to her beautiful cunt. Her inner labia are already swollen, and the water is now running over them and then pouring to the ground beneath her, so it looks as if she’s peeing. I lean forward, closing the few inches of distance between us, and bring my mouth to the stream, drinking the cold water that only a moment before had cascaded over her pussy. Lapping gently upward the tip of my tongue encounters the delicate folds of her labia, and I touch them softly, with reverence. Her hands entwine through my hair, holding me into her I feel her shudder her excitement at the caress of my tongue against her sex. I love the feeling of this softest of skin, the delicate petals that are the entrance to her inner self. And then I open wide and bring my mouth fully to her cunt and I suck. I draw her labia into my mouth gently, as my tongue swirls and feather-strokes between them. And then the taste and the temperature of the water changes, becomes salty and warm, and as I drink it down I realise that now she really is peeing, pissing into my mouth as I suckle her cunt, marking me as her own. I drink it all, relishing in this act of unadulterated animal lust.

I slide my hands up along the backs of her thighs, until I am cupping her sexy, taut buttocks, and I use this new grip to pull her even more firmly against my eager mouth. The flow of her urine slows and eventually stops, and when she is done I release my suck-hold on her pussy and begin to run my tongue backward and ataşehir escort forward along the beautiful folds of her labia. They are engorged from her lust and from my suckling, and now I can taste the sweet tang of her cunt juices coating my tongue as I explore. I delve my tongue between her lips and wriggle it against the entrance to her cunt. I manage to pierce into her a little, licking the front wall of her inner vagina and then sweeping forward slowly to lick tenderly at her engorged clitoris. Again and again I enter her with my tongue and then lap forward and over her clit, until her juices are pouring down my chin.

With my hands I pull her even harder against my face, and I spread her buttocks. I play the tip of my index finger to the place where my tongue and her pussy meet, and I wet it thoroughly with the mixture of my saliva and her juices. And then I swirl it upward and backward, caressing the area around her anus with my slippery digit. I stroke the sensitive skin there, pressing and tugging and tweaking the delicate nerves, and she groans her approval above me. When I shift the focus of my tongue’s caresses to only her clitoris I feel her body tense up, and I know she is going to cum. And at the moment before she goes over the brink I press my fingertip against the tightness of her asshole and I pierce into her anus. Her gasp of surprise is short-lasting, swiftly muting into the violent, quiet spasms of her orgasm, and I feel her anal sphincter clutch and release in rhythm contractions against my invading finger, just as her body writhes above me.

When she is spent, her legs are shaky and I ease her down so that she is sitting in my lap, her legs wrapped about my lower torso. My erection stands proud between us. She kisses me passionately, our tongues dancing within the others’ mouth, and I know that she can taste her pee and her cum juices on me. Her succulent breasts are pressed against my chest as we kiss, and I run one hand up between us to cup her left breast and grasp and stroke her tight nipple between my fingers. She moans into my mouth, and lifts herself up and then guides herself down, impaling herself on my cock, swallowing my shaft into the liquid heat of her cunt. It is my turn to groan my pleasure, as I feel her tightness envelop my hardness.

I lean backward, lying on the grass, and she comes down to me. We kiss passionately as she moves upon me, stroking my cock with her luscious cunt. I am so hard and the pleasure is so intense that I have to fight to hold my orgasm at bay. She lifts herself a little from me and shifts such that her succulent breasts are in my face. I bring my hands up to cup them, to squeeze them firmly as she rides me, to bring each nipple in turn to my eager lips and lick the raindrops off before I suckle them and stroke them with my tongue. Several delicious minutes of this hve us both panting, and my suckling becomes firmer, drawing more and more of her areolas into my mouth and making them hard in the vacuum of my mouth.

Suddenly she lifts farther, ümraniye escort sitting astride me. She slips a hand behind her and starts to touch and caress my balls as she fucks me. I know I’m going to cum, so I slip one hand between us and bring my thumb to her clit, to the wet place where we meet. I stroke her clit as she strokes my balls, and when I feel her start to cum I let myself go and cum with her, spurting my jism deep inside of her. Our orgasms are intense, as we writhe together in the release of the moment, and I relish the feeling of her pussy spasming and grasping around my cock.

When her convulsions have settled she lies back down on top of me, and we kiss, deeply and soulfully, disinhibited lovers who are spent but still burning with passion.

With the rain still falling, we rest side by side upon the lawn. We don’t talk, there isn’t any pressure or need to do so. Then I feel her hand move to my penis and start to stroke me back into hardness. When I am hard again she manoeuvres over me, turning herself and straddling my face and then lying down along me and bringing her mouth to my cock. The petals of her cunt are unfurled from our earlier fucking, and my cum is still seeping out of her, mingling with the rain as it runs down her pussy and drips off her clit. As I feel her warm, sucking mouth engulf my cockhead I bring my lips to her cunt and lap at her, tasting the mixture of our cum. I know she can taste the both of us on my cock, too.

I alternate between sucking the delicate folds of her pussy into my mouth and then stroking my firm tongue deeper between her folds to taste the deeper mixture of her cunt and my cum. I love this, love the passion she has released from me. I slip a thumb into her pussy and moisten it, make it slippery with her juices, and then I bring it up to her anus and press inward, probing into her delicate rosebud asshole as I return to licking her. I feel her moan her approval as she sucks my cock. I am tenderly thumbing her asshole and suckling her sex when she runs one of her hands between us and slips a finger into herself. I kiss and lick the intruding finger as she masturbates herself, but it short-lived — she has other ideas. She withdraws her finger, and the next thing I feel is the tip of her now-slippery fingertip pressing at my own anus, and then entering me. She strokes her finger slowly in and out, letting me get used to the feel of my asshole being penetrated, stroking my inner walls. Then her finger finds my prostate and she begins to massage it as she sucks my now-raging hard-on.

Neither of us last long with this kind of attention. When she cums her anal ring squeezes tight around my thumb, and her convulsing cunt squirts out the delicious mix of her pussy juices and my previous load of sperm. The lust that burns through me overtakes me then, and as she sucks my cock and caresses my prostate I erupt another load of cum, deep into her wanton mouth.

I am totally done in. She moves from on top of me and we nestle together on the lawn, and as the rain begins to ease we fall asleep.

When I wake she has gone, and I am not surprised. The rain has stopped and a weak sun shows itself overhead. I dress myself in my saturated clothes again, and find my way out of the glade. I wonder if I will ever meet her again, but it doesn’t really matter…today was for my soul, and it was delicious.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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