For a Moment

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After the first day of classes, there were too many people at the Open House party one of the new instructors decided to host. It felt like every time I moved I was bumping into someone. I raised my arms up holding my drink above my shoulders because I didn’t want to spill it on anyone as I turned around, thinking I would see if there was more space on the other side of the room.

That’s when I saw her. She was tall and slender with very dark hair and neatly arched eyebrows. I couldn’t tell if she was wearing jeans or a skirt, but she had on a white tee shirt with the name of the nearby university across the front. Someone in front of her bent over to pick up one of the snacks on the table and I saw the top of her slender figure. She had her hands on her hips as she looked around. That stance revealed her narrow waist and full breasts.

When her head turned to look across the room, for the first time, I saw her eyes. They were light blue, so light in color that from my distance they almost appeared to be white. I knew she hadn’t been in any of my classes that first day, I would have remembered those eyes.

Now that I could see her expression, I thought she might be a little older than most students. Maybe she was one of the younger professors, and like me was new to the campus. Then again, she might not be associated with the university. Many people had tee shirts from the fairly new university, which was accepting students to the two upper classes for the first time.

For a very long moment, we looked at each other. I don’t think we even breathed. I could not take my eyes from hers and I guess she was having a similar problem.

I walked parallel to her, sort of following her, as she moved toward one of the terrace doors. I was interested in this woman. She walked out the living room door as I walked out the dining room door.

When I got out to the terrace, she was leaning back against the railing looking up at the floors above. I walked over to stand in front of her, for a moment, just looking at the expressions moving across her face as she examined the building.

She finally lowered her chin and looked at me. Those eyes mesmerized me. Without much thought, I leaned forward and pressed my lips against hers. She parted her lips and sucked while my tongue pushed inside kadıköy escort her mouth. Mercy it was such a sudden reaction to a first kiss, I gasped as the kiss intensified.

I got a little aggressive, just to see if she would take it. I put my arms around her and slid my hands down to cup her bottom, almost lifting her off her feet. Sometime during that intense kiss, she parted her legs and I was lifting and lowering her body as we ground against each other.

She tilted her pelvis forward then back, and then forward again. God I loved it when a woman did that. She was grinding her crotch against mine as my cock continued to swell.

Her arms automatically went around me. Her hands moved up to the back of my head pressing our faces together when she opened her mouth farther around mine as if she was going to take a huge bite out of a delicious apple.

I couldn’t maintain the kiss much longer, I was going to have to take a deep breath, or I’d suffocate. I felt just a little light headed from the intensity of our kiss. My nose was pressing against her cheek. For a moment, I felt her breath exhaling against me.

She broke our kiss as her mouth moved to the soft skin under my jaw, muttering, “Oh Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord.”

I took a step backward thinking I’d look for a place to sit down so I could pull her onto my lap. My legs were weak. I had felt trembling in her thighs.

“No,” She said then lifted her chin for another kiss.

My body slammed against hers and the grinding started again. I felt her shudder. I wasn’t sure what it was, but it felt like a mini orgasm. She was trembling as she gave me more of her weight to support, as if she was suddenly weak at the knees.

I got one hand between us and moved it under her shirt, pushing upward until I could get my finger tips under the bottom of her bra, pushing it up, capturing one breast in the palm of my hand groaning at her softness.

She groaned and shuddered again as the doors behind us opened. More people started walking out to the terrace, talking and laughing.

Someone shouted, “Get a room.”

Her trembling had ceased and she was once again supporting her weight. She stepped away from me so quickly I almost lost üsküdar escort my balance, but she grabbed my hand and began to walk toward the door, pulling me behind her.

She was darting around people, steadily moving across the crowded room and I was right behind her. About half way across the room, someone bumped her and she let go of my hand. I pushed my shoulders forward and grabbed her wrist.

She pushed a short, overweight man out of the way and got the apartment door opened enough for us to squeeze through.

I didn’t know where she was taking me, but I was going along. I was determined to kiss her again, and for a very long time.

She stepped across the hall as she put her hand in her pocket and pulled out a key ring, inserted a key in a lock on the door in front of her and opened the door.

As soon as we were inside the other apartment, I could finally let go of her hand. She walked a little farther into the room, reached down and pulled her shirt over her head then let it fall to the floor, glancing back at me for a moment. I followed her example, pulling my own shirt off letting it fall a few steps farther down the hall.

As her hands went behind her back to unclasp her bra, I stopped long enough to pull one shoe off and tugged my sock off while I hopped another step.

She dropped her bra on the floor and stepped on the heel of one shoe, lifting her foot out of one of her shoes.

I leaned against the wall to pull my other shoe off and took that sock off.

She stepped on the heel of her other shoe to remove it while she was sliding her jeans down her hips, doing that little hip wiggle only women know how to do. She took another step into a room just a few feet down the hall.

I was peeling my jeans and boxer shorts down as she stopped beside a bed to step out of her jeans.

I don’t know if she had been wearing panties or had taken them off at the same time she removed her jeans. All I saw was a beautiful rounded bare bottom in front of me.

I had to stop for a moment to step out of my jeans. When I looked up, she was falling sideways on a bed, planting her feet on the bed to scoot her hips farther across the bed.

I looked at her for a moment, and then almost fell on top of her, right between tuzla escort her thighs as she grabbed my cock and swiped it through the wetness between her legs.

One or both of us moved. I was thrusting forward as she lifted her hips. In that one movement, I was buried so deeply in her wet heat that our pubic bones bumped against each other. I pulled back, slammed forward again, and paused for a moment.

“Please don’t stop,” she pleaded. I didn’t pause again. My hips began to pound against her.

I managed to get my hands on her breasts and my lips clamped to hers as she began to wail into my mouth when she shook as an intense orgasm went through her whole body. Her muscles squeezed my cock so hard it was almost painful.

A few seconds later, I knew it was too late to try to extend this glorious feeling. I shouted as cum burst from the end of my cock. Damn, I hadn’t asked if she wanted me to wear a condom.

She was panting as she lifted her hips bumping against me while a few more muscle contractions milked the final remnants of my climax.

She was panting and I was trying to take deep breaths as I lowered my body to rest on top of her.

Never before, in my whole life, had I ever had such an instantaneous reaction to a woman. Nor had I ever been so reckless.

I lifted my shoulders and looked down at those beautiful eyes, “I’m sorry.” I shook my head. “I really am sorry. I didn’t think about a condom, I just needed to be inside you.”

She raised her hand and brushed it across my cheek. “It’s okay. Really, it’s okay. I’m safe today.”

She started chuckling and lifted her head against me, planting a few small kisses at my throat. I shuddered, God I loved it when a woman did that, turned tender and sweet after I’d just abused her body with my rough lust.

Her stomach muscles contracted as she laughed and my softened cock slid out of her. I rolled to the side and she went with me, as if she, like me, did not want to be separated.

Our legs threaded between each other’s as I pulled her closer and told her, “I’ve never done that before.”

She looked up at me and I touched my lips to hers, then I said, “I’ve never made love to a woman without even knowing her name.”

“Neither have I,” she answered, and then added, “Paula.”

“Paul,” I couldn’t resist a chuckle of my own. “I think I’m already in love with you, Paula.”

“Yeah, Paul,” she answered, nodding, as she allowed a moment’s serious look to cross her face. She moved her mouth closer to mine, “We can leave that conversation ’til morning.”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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